Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I had been thinking to get another cat for a while but I was looking for a female cat. So kalau female cat kurang sikit perang di dalam rumah. However I think I had mentioned regarding a male cat that kept on coming for food. He is the picture above and the most cutest and manja little furry thing ever. 

At first I was just contented to just feed him, then I noticed he had a little limp. Brought him to the vet and all is well again so I let him out again and continue just feeding him outside the house.\

Then one night before going to bed I heard some cat fighting so I open the door a bit. Without realizing Puteh sneaks in and I went straight to bed with my other 2 cats. Bile aku turun ke bawah, disaster. There were pee and blood everywhere. Puteh had an infection so he was peeing blood. Vigorous cleaning was needed and 2 cushion sacrified. ( One of them I secretly wanna throw away anyway ). At the very least, Puteh didn't peed on the sofa or my armchair. At the very worst, he peed a little at the edge of the carpet, which needed 2 products to take off the smell (and that product is awesome and I'll always buy it now). 

Anyway he already went to the vet and  got him the medication so he is all better now. I was not too worried because Fasha had gone through the same thing because Fasha likes to eat trash then. So I guess being a stray and you can't be too choosy, Puteh suffers the same fate. It takes a lot more time though for Puteh to get  better. I am still on my guard whenever he is around because the habit of peeing everywhere is still there for him because he had associated peeing as something painful. (It takes monthsss for us to break Fasha of that habit and she still do it sometimes but very rarely nowadays, I am grim to think what I might face with Puteh). However he is slowly doing better by always looking for the litter box nowadays. 

Looking for a pat on the head

He is an affectionate little thing, so if I called him to sit in front of me ( so I can watch him better while watching TV ) he'll plop down and used my leg or feet as a pillow. I got a soft spot for cat of this coloring because I used to have an affectionate Siamese cat when I was small. 

This are the closest these 3 have been together so far. Kurap is still keeping her distance while Fasha is curious

Fasha and Kurap does not take too kindly of the newcomer. Fasha is quickly adjusting but Puteh is always on  edge around Fasha because Fasha likes to jump on him (also Kurap) whenever she is in the mood to play. Fasha plays rough too so Puteh is a bit afraid of her. Puteh however is petrified of Kurap. Kurap looks like a ferocious animal whenever Puteh is around. It always amaze me to see this transformation because Kurap always look like a docile fat little buttercup. So whenever these 2 furry females are around, Puteh likes to sidle to me. I am hoping Kurap can adjust better, so Puteh won't be too terrified of her. 

So that's that of the newcomer. I am still unsure if I want to keep, but in the mean time I am keeping him to keep from being terrorized by the other male cats outside (so being in the house being bullied by 2 territorial females is only slightly better) and I can keep on eye on what he ate. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011


There's this tag going on in Twitter where people reminisce about their Dad and how wonderful they are. Or sometimes, how not wonderful they're. 

I want to join in but it seems it is already too late. And also it maybe too long, because I decided to tell a story that had been told a lot among the family and which tickled my husband greatly. 

When I was living in Kelantan, I got to know a girl who have a horse. I always came around to her home to see and stroke the horse. The horse was a great big brown horse. Normal really, maybe not that big, but to a 10 year old eyes, it was the biggest animal she had ever set her eyes on. The horse was gentle and it seems lonely. 

So everyday after I got back home, I always talk about the horse and my mother told me that I cajole everybody to let me take the horse because the owner of the horse wants to sell it. My father heard me talked about it everyday was tempted to buy it for me seeing how I seems to love the horse or maybe the idea of having a horse to talk to. (I like to talk to animals like an insane person). In my mind then, I just want the horse but not to ride it, but feed it, take it home and talk to it.

Unfortch or fortunately my mother dissuaded my father to not let me influence him into buying the horse because obviously there is an added cost of stable and so on. My father died later that year. So it is quite fortunately we don't have a horse as an added worries to my mother. 

So there's the story. Of how my father who wanted to buy things that make his daughter happy even if the thing is ludicrous. 

The saddest thing is, is not that I didn't get the horse ( I hope the horse gotten a nice owner and live a long prosperous life ). No. The saddest thing is that I can't remember that my father wants to buy the horse for me. Nor remember on how long I talk of the horse to my father.  I only know this because my mother told me. 

I am sure there is a lesson in this story. But I am not gonna hit you over the head regarding it. Just think of it yourselves. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 30 - Your favorite book of all time

I think I had gushed about Anne a lot by now so it should be no surprise to anybody by this time that my favorite book of all time is Anne of Green Gables.

It is a book that I had read countless time. I love it throughout my childhood and even well into adulthood I find the book as delightful as the first time I read it. 

I really try to find another book for this list on my most favorite book, but no other stories beat this. I mean no other book that I had bought again because the pages had fallen apart due to repetitive reading. So choosing this book as my ultimate favorite is really the only choice there is. 

I won't say much about it, because I think I had already said a lot earlier, and it will become repetitive, but I never grew tired of reading about Anne and I don't expect I will be. A story about a lonely orphan girl with an over imaginative mind is one of those books that will always have a special place in my heart and my shelf. 

Thus end this really long book meme which Sue and Adek have long since abandon. Teehee. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011


This is one of my most favorite TV first kiss ever. Felicity and Ben both looks dazed. It was awesome. I remembered squealing. Heck, years later watching this, I still feel a bit dizzy watching it. So. Much. Chemistry. (btw, both of them dated for a while during the series run)

Currently am watching Felicity which sent me into vapours at time due to the hotness that was Scott Speedman. I mean he is hot, cute and endearing. 

I remembered loving the series way back when I was in school. The first pic above is their first kiss. And the last one is where Ben is waiting for Felicity to make a decision on who she would choose. I remembered groaning when the episode end then and going wild trying to think out who she chose. I remembered rooting for Noel then, because I always have a soft spot for dorks, but was also slightly conflicted because I always think Noel have kinda greasy hair. While Ben, is perfection. I mean really. Look at him. Ugh.

I think this is the only series that really deals with college ( I didn't watch Hellcats) . Again, I kept on asking, why not more series deal with college? It is an interesting time, all those freedom going through a young person head, the expectations being put upon, friends set for life. So much drama to be tapped into.


Just got back from a movie session with friends and while driving in the neighbourhood noticed a pair of elderly Chinese couple taking a really early morning walk.

During my call center days where I have to work at 4 a.m. I always noticed them on the way to work, and 4 years later, here they are still doing the same routine.

I wonder what time they go to bed. I wonder what time they start their routine. I wonder who woke up first and woke which one first. It must be a nice feeling if you can be them.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Day 29 - A book everyone hated but you liked

This is called cheating, or maybe as the list progresses, I can't wait to get to the end. But honestly, raking my head for a few days, and even from the start of the list, I can't think of a book that everyone hated but I liked. Maybe one person hate it, but there is another person who likes it. Taste is subjective. Not everyone can universally dislike a book ( Even the Mein Kampf as hated as it is now, was celebrated by those deeply Aryan people. So even if the book deserved to be hated, there'll be always someone else that like it). 

There is a plenty of books that everyone like but I hate though. Some like the Shopaholic series, any books by Clive Barker or Ruth Rendell. 

So for this one, I am raising a white flag here. 

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Day 28 - Favorite title

This time I just gonna put in a book that I have yet to read, nor own. 

Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire

I love the title, but maybe because the title just make me feel like really reading the book (remembered that I love fairy tale re-imaginings ) but I am having some pause because Wicked was so boringgg. (It was kinda good on some parts, but half the time I felt like dozing off when reading it). 

So for a book I never read, what can I say more? 

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Day 27 - The most surprising plot twist or ending

 I somewhat pride myself in always knowing how the plot story or ending beforehand. And no, most of the time, I did not peek at the end to see how it turned out. My husband think watching a movie with me is annoying because I always know who the villain is by the middle of the story. Heck in Watchmen, I even know who killed the Comedian right from the start (and I never wiki nor read the graphic novel beforehand). 

So I am rarely surprise by an ending nowadays because I can see how the story going to pan out, either A or B, but that does not deter me from enjoying it though. 

But one book did surprised me, and even after sometime, when  think about the book I kinda smiled and thought to myself, I never did see that coming. 

That book is Instance of the  Fingerpost. 

I am not gonna say more about the story because I had thoroughly reviewed the book. So if you are ever so interested, you can read it here.

But it leave me in no doubt that this book deservedly get the most surprising plot twist or ending.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Day 26 - A book that changed your opinion about something

This is one of the harder topics. I don't really read the 'smart' stuffs or serious stuffs. I tend to choose escapism in my choice of reading. 

However Jean Sasson books is one of an eye opener for me. I read it at an early age, since my mom likes it dulu. So it is stuck in my memory. I guess, this book open my eyes that the people in the Middle East where 'our' people like to look up to, is not really good example of a true Muslim. It shows me at the very least, women here enjoy a lot of freedom compare to the female counterparts there. 

There's a lot of issues to be brought up of the books, but I had read it more than 15 years ago so I can't remember all the details. All I know is that, the world is not what people say it is then. 

p/s: The book maybe an exaggerated biography (as some would say) but you can't say there is a grain of truth in there. 

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