Friday, October 29, 2010

Am not feeling well.

Which is the reason on the lack of posts and tweets. 

I was just remarking on I had just used up only a day of my medical leave. Tak reti aku nak gi jumpa doktor pura2 sakit y'all. Zaman call center dulu adalah, kerna gigih interview sana sini. So kenalah utilize mc. Hehe. 
So tetiba this week, demam and selsema, jenis wants to curl up into a ball and have morbid thoughts if I am gonna die la. So dapat la chalked up another day of MC for this year.

Dah la kucing-kucing tak membantu. Kucing gemok semalam emo pasal ape tah. So die kena kurung kat belakang. Kucing belang duk merayau-rayau and since I opened my window to get fresh air into my phlegm infested chest, she then after who knows what hour, crept in and slept right next to me. Dan bangun pukul 6 sebab lapar. Which is then kucing gemok berlari masuk when I opened the pintu belakang to let kucing belang to eat. So kucing gemok occupied the end spot of the bed from 6 am to 9 am. Gile precise aku nak chronicle cerita pasal kucing-kucing aku. Makes you wonder if I have kids I am gonna be as banal. 

So this weekend, duduk rumah main computer game aje. Am currently obsessed with Chocolatier games. Not as fun as Plants vs Zombies, tapi engaging juga.

And I still haven't watch last week Supernatural. Its been kinda a bit of a blah to me lately. So does Gossip Girl. I am over the whole Chuck and Blair things.

I think my cough is scaring the office. And the flu is highly contagious, my sis house almost the whole house demam and selsema, including the 2 baby boys, walaupon tadek rupa selsema. Berlari2 seperti biasa, except ade hingus meleleh sekali. Maybe my husband turn pulak nanti kena. Did I mentioned he was ever so kind to dash out and buy those Kool Fever at midnight yesterday, because I kept on tossing and turning and complaining how uncomfortable I am because of the fever and flu. Am rarely gushy (muntah darah pls), but your wife really appreciate it. Sebab after he tepek the Kool Fever on my forehead, I went straight to sleep.

Hikhik. Ugh, kenapa masih bukan pukul 6pm. Head hurts whenever I cough. I have to hold my head while coughing which makes I look like some kind of escaped asylum lunatics who kept hearing voices in head, but really are just really sick and delusional.


Obefiend Weiland said...

chuk and blair broke up in real life

yay blake!


get well soon ok dils!

ashikin said...

oi. cepat sket elok ok. gargle up listerine always works for me. tak pun togak 100+ 3 botol. demam ok tp tatau la kencing manis.

Dils said...

thanks all.

Hahaha. Listerine tu sebab rase mcm ubat batuk, sama ingredients kut? Hehehe..

ska_ocean said...

bile bace post ni with xtvt ko tu, aku cam dapat bygkan. sbb sebijik mcm husb aku.. gaming, comic, books and movie...

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