Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Letter To For The 16 Year Old ME

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Hi 16 year ol' me,

This letter should find it way in to your hand around November aight, when you turned 16?

Fine. I don't believe in regrets pon and I do believe the good and the bad that comes in life mold us on who we are and who we befriended and try to be. So do what you set out to do cause you never deign to listen to advice pon kan? Dasar kepala batu gitu.

But, I think around this time, you are preparing to dump a guy because he was an arse right? I mean, helloooo... what kinda boyfriend mentioned that he raked up the phone bill because he is calling OTHER girl but he NEVER called you. Yeps, so dump his loserish ass. I support you in this decision and he left no dent in your life either. Believe me, you will keep on forgetting he used to be your boyfriend. But next time, keep the gifts from the ex boyfriends k? Macam best je tunjuk kat your husband later on for you to have your laughs out.

Also, try to be a little less bitchy, because I am beginning to be a mega bitch. But heck, I think it started even from early secondary school phase, so whatever la. Just be a little kinder to that weird akward big boned girl from the next dorm ok. You will regret for being unkind to others, no matter how heartless you looked. And you will feel the twinge of guilt later, not sooner.

Hmmmm. Around this time, SPM seems like million years away. I wish I could goad you to study harder, but I doubt you would listen. Sigh. But a little less sleep, daydreaming, main-main and a little more studying could probably make you feel less than a moron OK? Especially the science subjects. Don't just concentrate on History because it is more interesting.

There would be circumstances in life later that you wish you could change, if you insist or resist hard enough. Maybe, maybe. Maybe if the choices are different, there are life changing moments that I can't predict of. Maybe it would be for the good, maybe it would be for the bad. Who knows? After all, reality is not Sliding Doors. But wouldn't it be interesting if it is aight?

But let's not worry your 16 year old head on this... In the mean time, enjoy the cake that your loser soon-to-be ex boyfriend asked your friend to bake for you. Well, at least he got a few good points, better than some of your will-be boyfriends in the future. So maybe my last piece of advice, dump his ass, but be a little less bitchy about it k?

Your slightly bigger and tired looking future self.


Who should I tagged?

Beranikah aku mahu tag Pn. Chics yang gelemer itu?

Or does tired Shu would want to do this, to take her mind off her tiredness and her new home, and back to Sains Kota Tinggi days?

Or Dila, where even though she is a mom, she just feels like a little sister to me? (hehe...)

Or does En. Effi would want to advice his previous self on how to catch chicks? (Yes, I know En. Effi another pemes beloger turn up his nose on tag)

My husband? I will asked him personally la :P

Or Pn Sheema or Cik Seri mahu update belog mereka yang berhabuk itu with this tag?

Oh, the above I mentioned is the one I would like to tag.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

I had never read the novel nor watch it. What I did read was the Disney version story book for kids, and I love the Red Queens. I never thought she was evil then (because p'raps Disney had filtered out the violence heavily) just really interesting.

The movie is coming out and is directed by Tim Burton. Alice would be played by a relatively unknown actress, but other big stars are Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter. The batch of pictures are now going around the web and are really purty. My fav one is this

I just go 'Ohhhhhhhhh'. Count me in for a ticket on March 10, 2010. Yeah, a long way off.


Felt tired.

Ache all over and I hate it.

Eh. Found RM1 in big bag today. Happy!

Strangely I felt like I had just eaten petai even though I haven't had petai today.

Balik kerja kan nak main UNO la. Hehe. Semua ni sebab Sheema la reintroduce. Our version of playing UNO is more brutal and take longer to win. Tengok lah if all agree.

Will post later regarding the weekend. This is a filler post y'all and a short one at that.

Malas Monday.

Friday, June 26, 2009

2 Deaths

So people are talking about the death of MJ and to a lesser extent Farrah Fawcett. So Melissa Joan Hart should probably be relieved that she died NOT during her (MJH) big cover shoot release for People magz? (Those who do not understand, MJH was reportedly saying to someone that she hope Farrah Fawcett won't died when her front cover shoot is scheduled to release)

Its very sudden news and somewhat sad (somewhat because I don't personally know them) for all of us here. Mix.FM is currently playing all songs from Michael Jackson and one of my colleague is playing MIX.FM stream out loudly.

MJ died reportedly of a cardiac arrest, but no official report yet stated on his cause of death. Farrah Fawcett died after her long struggle with cancer. Both are very sudden to me. Farrah because last I heard she was getting a bit better and MJ, well, he was planning for a concert aight?

Got me to thinking to too, would you want to know your own death. Between cancer and a freak accident? Which horrified you more? But of course talking about it wouldn't help as we couldn't possibly choose our own death (unless you are stupid and opt for suicide). And even if we are diagnosed with cancer, apart from fighting cancer, we can also died anytime ... say you trip and broke your neck when you wake up and go to the dresser to take your medication. So... takde point. Just how unpredictable death is.

Yups, bleary Friday. Even workwise is not too good as we are struggling with an issue which at first I thought originate from me, but I found out later this may not be the case. A little sigh of relief (because I know I always triple checked the damn thing before releasing it) but that just a small solace sebab aku maseeehh tak tahu knape and people are asking me when it can be fixed!

Aku takkk tahuuuuu. Aku a moron.

Nak gi beli ciken la. Stress.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eh hari ni Rabu?

Mati-mati aku ingat Selasa.

Its raining, SEMESTINYE Jln Sultan Ismail jammed. Aku mencie.

And I am mengantuk after devouring a heavy lunch. Tapi very satisfied. Stelah sekian lama, dapat pon kerabu perut. *Muka penuh bliss*

I kept on waking late these past days, just felt immensely tired. Sampai alarm handphone berbunyi pon susah bangun. My cat even came to my side and pointed her paws toward the phone. She must found it annoying too.

And ugh.... ah. Malas la nak repeat myself. I JUST FIND IT FREAKING ANNOYING K.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Few things before

... that I used to think was ultimate kewlness. (The term kewlness I took from Taqi, who likes to use that term)

Disclaimer: Hey, Maybe these things still rock your boats or not, but this is my personal opinion on these and I don't judge people if they want them (Ok. Maybe a little). Fine?

Dahulu, aku terpengaruh tengok cite hape tah where someone said ".. but heels make my butt looked slimmer". And I am sold! Anything to minimize this mega-butt of mine. I also used to think that, as long as you are young and not pregnant and spinal tulang masih belom bengkok, you need to rock that heels. So dulu stupidly I will buy a cheap pair of heels (tho quite attractive) and when it pinches and blistered I will just grit my teeth and tahan. All in the name of looking 0.0001 percent prettier. WTF right?

Now... Not so much. I could count with 1 hand how many times I had wore heels this year. And wearing heels while lugging your laptop around? Menyakitkan. Nak berjalan laju-laju ke sana sini? Orang yang super klutz like me slalunye mestiiii ade peristiwa yang akan memalukan diri sendri. Pakai selipar pon I fall quite regularly, apatah lagi heels.

But! This does not mean I abhor heels. I just don't think it is the kewlest thing ever or a thing I need to wear constantly. As there are some clothes looked nicer with heels and jika ke function a little heels would be darn nice, I'll wear it once in a while. But nowadays I will make sure my pretty clothes goes with a comfortable, sensible, pair of heels.

Designer Bags
Few years back when I looked outside Marc Jacobs or Tods stores, mulalah salivating and promise to myself "I will buy this!" "I will!", all rapt and shining eyes.

Sekarang. Yes, masih jua teruja tengok designer bags yang mahal-mahal ini. But I am feeling blah about it. Every Minah, Ah Siew and Kamala seems to have LV or Couch or ape2 lak yang riban riban. Macam affordable pulak tengok sume orang pakai.

Kenkonon I am too kewl for words, so buying designer bags when everyone is doing so is sooo not my thing k (bimbo mode sekejab) . Also *looked at dompet*, which 7-11 nak aku rompak for me to afford an LV. Angan-angan bimbo squashed. Then kalo dah beli beg ribu ribu itu, kalo aku tapaw nasi lemak + sambal ikan bilis petai (tidak, aku tak masak, beli semata-mata) and masuk ke dalam beg for my breakfast consumption...

Dengan itu, I am comfortable to buy my usual cheap bags ala-ala Sg Wang mali or the one I bought in Vietnam. Ada Coach keluarkan beg yang ade bling-bling, embroidered butterflies and flowers bagai ? Nope, I don't think so. If there are indeed, I can also easily retract my statement as I don't fancy wasting my surfing time to browse over their site.

So the thing is buying designer handbags is getting less tempting day by day, as I am just as satisfied with a cheap and pretty one. Or just cheap, as honestly unless I have a few Ks to spare every months, I just couldn't afford it. And with all things I can't afford, I don't really care about it. Yups, this goes also for expensive clothes.

Expensive Skin Care Products
I used to envy people who wear things such as SKII, Dermalogica, Biotherm and the likes.

Then I though why should I? My skin while nothing to shout about I think it is ok enough using RM20 and RM10 products. And sometimes when I bought this moisturizer la, cream and all that, I rarely used it pon. Hmmm.

So in the mean time, I will wear my pharmacy bought inexpensive products and bile rase dah kurang jelita I will fork out more. Unless husband mahu support untuk kasik wife lebey jelita? Hehe.

Keeping up with the Kardashians Latest Music and Bands
When I was young I thought that it is imperative that my music is up to date or at the very least be active in finding out which songs or bands you might like. *Also I remembered when I was teenager that I listened regularly to the top 40s and top 20s. Then I will be REALLY excited when my favorite song get to be No. 1. Really excited as in jumping up and down clapping hand excited. Yes, it was .... I don't know how to explain that. Weird, idiotic, embarassing?*

Now... meh. I am content to hear lagu-lagu yang I had heard 10 times every week from 10 years ago. I wondered if I am even musically backwards. The thing that I like usually comes from soundtracks. So I will google it up, if I remembered it. Local bands jangan cakap la. I have no idea who MUH is, not until this year.

So, if I like it enough I will look for it. If not, I will just listen to my Radiohead mp3 for the umpteenth time.

p/s: The * sentence I had just added a few hours after this post been published, because I had just remembered I totally did this. Heh.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rambles of a Moron

Random 1
I had been reading Lucy Maud Montgomery short stories in the Gutenberg site for a few years now, whenever I have a free lunchtime with foods in hand. Cause food taste better with words swimming around your eyes. I had now finished reading all her short stories.

I noticed however a few of her short stories is

1. Recurrent
2. Word to word the same as some of the stories told in the Anne series and Emily series. With names changed, but nothing else.

Hmmmmm... That makes me a bit blah. Heh... but then, she did write quite a number of books and short stories to make a living of, so the rehash a bit of story when ideas run out is understandable. Have to say her short stories is enjoyable, some are too wayyy romantic and some are a bit racist. However, those are the old days. We accept the stories as the way that they live then. I love the Anne series and the Emily series. But the Blue Castle, is a personal favorite of mine too.

Random 2
I have a problem. Or maybe you(or someone) have a problem.

My problem is, I do not like people invading my personal place, excepting my husband as he had paid dearly for that space. :P Anyway, back to the point. I get it that you want to ask something, but randomly showing up and tetiba buat muka kiut (NOT) right in front of of laptop monitor is

1. Startling
2. Unnerving
3. Annoying
4. Creepy

So, not OK. I also get that sometimes, when explaining things, you need to type something on my keyboard but anyone, when doing this please say

1. Excuse me
2. Sorry
3. Can I?

and Do.Not.Hover.Closely.Really.Closely.Next.To.Me when you want to show me stuffs. I feel like screaming.

Sorry. Like I said, I do not like people invading my personal space.

Random 3
I need to stop buying books. I think I had bought more than a 2 year supply of books. Must. Stop. Buying. Books. Especially those books that are being sold cheap online. Ugh

Random 4
Online peeve of mine. When you asked people to comment, reply back will ya? If you malas, then don't bitch that people don't comment on your blog?

Random 5
I am a moron.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A birthday, wedding and a trip to Bentong.

Okeh. Pictorial post ahead.

Because last week is my brother birthday, haruslah my sis beli kek sebab die paksa. Heh. Well sebab Alisha nak tengok gamba kek ni, and I forgot to put it up earlier, so I bundle gamba2 ni dalam 1 post.

So the kek.

Then sebab birthday boy memang jenis takkan tiup lilin, haruslah si kecik di rumah tu stand in untuk meniup.

Expression cheeky sungguh bile dapat pegang pisau potong kek. So the cake was cut and everybody eated. Very the nice cake, bought from Bread History.

That was on Wednesday kut. Or Tuesday? Can't remember.

Then on Saturday, menemani Gohan terchenta for our unimates wedding (Napie)at Muar. We bring along wide eyed Iyayy right after he had finished his night work shift.

The wedding is at Parit Besar, Muar. Tho I am a Johorian, I have never been to Muar. Heh. So kami sesat mesat di sana sini mencari direction ke Parit Besar and we had almost given up hope ever finding the house. Setelah resigned to our fate and mahu berenti mana-mana makan goreng pisang, we found the correct route and found our way in to Napie's house.

Selamat Pengantin Baru Napie and wife. I like the white and red combination. Nice. Oh, and during the kenduri feast, the ayam golek was heavenly. Rugi aku tak amik banyak-banyak.

After melepak at his house for the sanding ceremony and memotong kek, we headed back to KL. Singgah for a while at Simpang Ampat for some goreng pisang with kuah kicap cili, and cendol.

Esok tu pulak, pergi ke Chamang which is at Bentong with the whole family. Plan kuar rumah kul 9 am. Last-last almost 10.30 kut baru kuar. Hehehe.

Our family used to live at Bentong for a few years when I was around 6 and 7 years old. Before headed to Chamang, we drive past our old home at Sungai Marong to see how much had changed. Not much changed in the neighbourhood as I recognized some of the houses still, though our old house had changed a lot. From a little bungalow, it had now been renovated to monstrous mansion of a house. Aku lupa pulak nak tangkap gambar. Well after that, we drove the highly berliku-liku road to Chamang.

There were quite a lots of people there due to the school holiday, so our spot was less than perfect. We make do though. My mom and sis had cooked nasi lemak and bihun for the trip, so foodwise we are all settled.

The waterfall was just like what I remembered, though they had changed quite a lot in the surrounding. Yelah, time kite orang pergi dulu we are the only people there including a few army person. The view of the waterfall was beautiful, though people are not allowed to climb upwards those rocks above. Few tried when I was there then keluarlah satu pakcik ni bawak keluar siren die and megaphone out loud "Jangan melepasi kawasan larangan!".

Nice place actually. Lain kali datang awal sikit amik spot okeh (planning2 yang aku utarakan earlier kepada Adek). There are a few dangerous spot on the waters marked on a signboard. Many people do not take heed on such things though and just blithely swam around the dangerous areas.

Oh, bawak budak Abid ni masuk air. At first muka berkerut, bila masuk lagi dalam mula la meraung. Though he didn't throw such a fit compare to the other toddlers there, he was more content to only have a lil bit of his feet wet, thank you very much.

Muka before masuk air. Tidak mensuspek auntie die akan memperkenalkan air sungai yang sejuk untuk rekreasi die tengahhari itu. Not his idea of fun. Tak sempat amik gamba die melolong. Hoh. Also, I didn't manage to capture loads of pics pon of other family members. Ye la kan. Having fun in waterfall and eating delish foods vs capturing pics? Akak dan Alisha bole head to Some nye Facebook for more pics galore though.

Inching towards late afternoon, we packed up and pergi to the Kem Tentera where our father dulu pernah based at untuk mengusha-usha.

We were surprised to find that the barracks and camp tengah dirobohkan. Rupanye dalam proses of major 'renovation'

Sign pon dah tadek

Then, after my mom duk bertanya kat guard tentera tu we went to pekan Bentong for ABC. Dulu kedai kopi ini ade ABC picture on their signboard complete with a cherry on top. Sekarang dah replace with gamba Mickey Mouse. Hoh!

It doesn't look much, but a lot of people frequent there. The owner remembered my mom and she pointed out her children to him. He smiled widely and said he had opened this shop for 36 years . When we were living in Bentong, we used to go this shop frequently for the ABC.

We ordered the ABC special and we got this.

Suspect. Something like Cendol with Ice Cream. It is delish of course and the ice cream is exquisite, tapi tadek rupa ABC? Hurmph. Oh well, next time pergi lagi, try order balik ABC and Cendol Ice Cream to see ade different ke atau kite org silap order?

Oh at the front, there is a freezer for ice cream which you can choose. All of their ice creams are home made (or shop made). So when my brothers after finishing our cendol ice cream, beli another round of ice cream to go, they opted for Peanuts and Banana. The Banana tasted something like Pengat Pisang.

Apo with ice cream banana die

Jan dengan ice cream peanut. Abid rase ice cream Apo and like it so much, so his father bought another ice cream pisang for him which he later refused to share.

Heh. And the Peanuts macam grounded ground nuts. Unique tasting I say. Even the Ice Cream Coffee taste a bit bitter, compare to the usual supermarket variety. Oh those ice cream and cone is RM2 a piece.

Afterwards back to KL and semua kepenatan.

p/s: Ok. Panjang dah post ni. Penat.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Filler Post dengan Fasha Sebagai Model

Friday Fluff!

My sister informed, when she first saw Fasha after she had taken her bath, she was confused whose cat is that.

Rupa huduh aje kan.

Bile lepas mandi, I always taunt her "Mangy cur!", though cur is reserved for the doggies, it just suited that creature above perfectly. There is another picture of perfect disdainful look I manage
to capture, except it is really blurred as when wet, she will be frantically licking her fur.

After she had reasonably dried, I put her on the sofa. There she continue to nap fitfully dengan various poses until almost nighttime. Macam penat sangat je kena mandi.

Fasha with all her fluffy glory. Membuta dengan meng-'conquer' a 2 seat sofa for herself the whole afternoon.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SBP days made bearable

I have a hankering to do some post on the past. So I guess I will scrap something up regarding the SBP days.

Gah! I hate my SBP.Especially the rules. I hate there's a schedule when we need to study , when to wake up, when to play, when to watch TV. It was driving me insane. But it is partly my fault, I thought it was going to be fun. Hah! Padan muka sendri kan. But its not all bad. I just hated the schedule when to do this and when to do that. Macam the warden felt if left to our own devices we would have organize a Pesta Buih and trashed the whole dorm upside down.

Anyway, I feel like just mentioning a few things, the day to day stuffs that we went through. As sometimes we raked our memories of the truly good times and bad times we have of a place, we completely forgot the ordinary, nice day to day stuffs that we go through which makes life in the boarding place tengah-tengah tempat jin tendang tu more bearable.

Cream Crackers Galore
After Isya' we would drop by the dewan makan for some biscuits and Milo. If there is no biscuits or we don't feel like hanging out at dewan makan, the cup of Milo would be brought to our dorm room and we would melepak la di tengah2 dorm beramai, with balang cream crackers and biscuit Marie, bergossip. It would be an even more bising if it is nearing the end of semester and we must finished all those cream crackers. So even more balang of biscuits in the middle of the dorm, with even more time spent laughing and giggling over stories or gossips.

When you have a boyfriend in another school, letters is such a nice way to keep in touch. I used to write insanely long letters. 6 PAGES LONG in average! He used to say that he loved receiving those. But then he dumped me. So tah la? Prolly he hated it. Heh. Anyway, he used to write quite long letters too, and at the end, there would usually be some nonsensical babble written. I showed them to my friend and she helped me figure out those stuffs as it is written in code kinda like 1 4 3 is I Love You. Yeah. *snickers* Corny. Whatever.

But receiving those letters was the grand highlight of the week. You never know if you would receive the letter because the wardens were filtering letters sent to students to make sure no hanky panky is going on, so any suspicious letter would be simpan by the warden.

The Prep Time
I hate those prep time. But I also love them because this is the time that I usually go to the next class to gossip. Usually nearing the end of prep time when people would get a little bit restless, the students would then go from one class to another to just joke around, gelak-gelak and be completely annoying to those goody 2 shoes yang asyik "Shhhhh" even when someone cough. And yeah, I don't study much during those prep time. Bile warden or the teacher in charge datang, mula la semua bertempiaran lari. Especially kapel-kapel yang jumpa discreetly di depan class or tepi tangga ituuuuu.

Balik from bercuti
Its not exactly fun to be back from home and face the strict regime of boarding school life. But the highlight was when the kids brought back home-cooked/made food courtesy of their mother. Bile malam/petang tu masing-masing kumpul all yang mom dah bagi, Nasi Ayam, Ayam Sambal, Nasi Lemak and all that to have a mini feast on the dorm. Each tasting a lil bit of everything. I also remembered one of my friend; I think Kureng, (we called her Kureng, her name is perfectly lovely) whose mom always gave her this REALLY ULTRA DELISH homemade pineapple jam. It was incredibly gooood. We finished her jam in about a week, slathering it generously on our cream crackers.

Okay, those are the few ones I could think of and the post is getting a tad bit long anyway. I think Shu and Aidil would have a few things they would agree or disagree on what they think was fun on the day to day life during SBP kan kan kan?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Poos Pooh

Nah. Post untuk Dila. Heh. Eh for y'all too, tapi especially for her sebab die mention die suke post Fasha. Haha. I think I need to have a separate labels for Fasha now.

Back to the tale. Fasha cirit birit smalam. Yesterday bile tuan die panggil dari kat belakang, "Fasha, balik!". Die buat tak endah je and just duduk melanguk di tangga rumah belakang. Kucing durhaka. Huhu... So malam tadi, instead of sleeping in our room as usual, die berjaya melepaskan diri dan berjimba-jimba di belakang rumah sepanjang malam.

Then pagi tadi dengar my sis memekak kate Fasha cirit birit and her ekor is full of taik. Hunting her down pagi tadi, she is lazing on top of my sis shoes and her smell is... well.. as you would expect what taik kucing would smell like. I think die gi berak bersepah tah mana2 outside. Blergh. Picking her up, I saw the poo smears on her tail

My MSPAINT skill is infinitely better than Perez Hilton, thank you very much.

I have half a mind to put her in the middle of the lawn and hosed her down. But that would only leave the grass wet and my cat out of sight, terrified for her life. So terpaksalah I picked her up and with the maid, we close the door and proceed to wash the dried poo out in the bathroom. Had to use my fingers to pry some of the poo out of her fur ok. Ugh.

And the puss is not grateful at all. She scratched and meowed loudly throughout the whole ordeal. Oh, I had given her bath before, she scratched and meowed too but this time as we need to really scrub her, she protested way more harder I guess. At one time she even gripped one of toes painfully with her claw.

After an invigorating bath and some scrubbing from the towel, I put her in her cage so she will not run off into the nearest sand or dirt.

The box I drew there is her cage. I would be insane to draw her cage bars. She was not happy at all, and kept on giving me disgusted looks while protestingly meowing. Haaa, tu la. Keluar sepanjang malam and makan tah hape. Kena la duduk dalam cage dendiam.

So there. After that I just scrubbed clean my hand and bersiap to go to work pulak.

p/s: Heh. Aku tak kuasa nak amik gamba la kan so I drew this for fun to add more colors (walaupon gamba itu tidak berwarna).

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

This blogger is not in the mood

to be all around joyous.

I feel

... tired.
... disillusioned.
... angry. (for no apparent reason)
... useless.
... ronery.
... sick of it all.

But where's my mood to blog nowadays. I can cranked up a long post full of words easily back in the days. Now, it seems hard. Do not want to badmouth people I know in here. Do not feel like I need to tell people on how I feel. Do not have the energy to update what I do in the day to day basis, cause that would bored you and me both to death. Nothing interesting. Nothing I am passionate about. Nothing to keep MY world revolve in brightly coloured hue ( a metaphor I used loosely, so I have no idea what it even means).

Tah la kan. Maybe I am just feeling a tad blues. Hurmp. Maybe tomorrow is a better day since today is so grey.

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