Saturday, January 31, 2015

Book reviews on books re a child, a criminal , a pair of twins and a sepulchre

A Theory of RelativityA Theory of Relativity by Jacquelyn Mitchard
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is a book I would not have normally picked up. But I was bored and at my sister house so I browsed through her bookshelves.

The story is about a custody fight of a child from a parent whose was adopted. Long story short it is not easy if you died and you were adopted, your child maybe fought after for custody.

The writing is too descriptive for my taste. I don't think so we need a lot of the histories or days of the secondary characters. There seems to be a lot of backstory that also dont really panned out or ended unsatisfactorily.

It was OK lah only in short. I can't seems to find a positive point in the book but it is readable.

The Racketeer

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

About: A man was wrongly imprisoned and while in prison a Federal Judge was murdered, and this man found this is as an opportunity for his second chance, a way out.

The book is just OK with me because I dont like the main character. He was double frame but cant he be any nicer? Boo hoo your luck sucks, but basically while he was innocent, trials in life just doesnt make him a good person.

The book is fast paced and you immediately knows what is going to happen next, though it is not as thrilling as other John Grisham. The details are good though.

Not sure if I had outgrew Grisham or I picked up one of his lesser books recently, but this and the last one I had just read is just blah la. Enjoyable but I can't wait to finish it off for better things.

Her Fearful Symmetry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A pair of twins moved into the apartment bequeathed to them after their aunt dies and came to know their interesting neighbors.

I love the story, it was a beautiful story, fanciful, wispy, ethereal.. there are all words that came to me when ready the book.

The twins together is a whole person, but apart is just a set of personality you get annoyed of. A lot of the scenes are set in graveyards, thus reminded me a little of Neil Gaiman The Graveyard Book, where the feel of the story is the same. Though Gaiman have a sense of humour in his books.

However the absence of humour does not mean I think it is bad. The book feels light and heavy at the same time, sadness and exultant. A good book, good story and beautifully written.

Sepulchre (Languedoc, #2)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

About891. Seventeen-year-old Léonie Vernier and her brother abandon Paris for the sanctuary of their aunt's isolated country house near Carcassonne, the Domaine de la Cade. But in the nearby woods, Léonie stumbles across a ruined sepulchre - and a timeless mystery whose traces are written in blood.
2007. Meredith Martin arrives at the Domaine de la Cade as part of her research for a biography she's writing. But Meredith is also seeking the key to her own complex legacy and soon becomes immersed in the story of a tragic love, a missing girl, a unique deck of tarot cards, an unquiet soul and the strange events of one cataclysmic night more than a century ago... ( as taken from Google Reads)

2 different women in 2 different era , brought together by an evil force that consumed one and threaten the other.

It was a good book. I read other reviews and many was not very favorable, but I like it enough. Some of the characters motivation seems a little weak to me, it feels like ... sheeesshhh overreaction much.. However I enjoyed the 2 characters.

I like both Leonie and Meredith. They are flawed but I like them. They feels human to me. Like Labyrinth the fantasy element also seems to be the weak link here. The danger from the supernatural evil doesn't feel threatening nor make much sense. I think it is either less is more or if you want to create a sorta history of the evil...there really should be more details, intricacies, and something that doesnt feel text bookish.

This still will not deter me to find the 3rd Languedoc series though. The supernatural element is weak IMO, but I like the characters she weaved.

Friday, January 30, 2015


Lepas balik dari pantang to I saw Brownie punye balls to gotten really big. And he is very chummy with a lovely calico stray depan rumah.

Selalu la lepak sama2 and tenung je si calico ni. Mesti hormone tengah nak warm up and figuring out what he should do. Haha. But I never noticed any mounting and sebelom start baik la hantar untuk spaying and neutering, 

So I buat the appointment at my usual vet whose rate is almost the same as klinik kembiri punye and I decided to spay calico ni sekali as to avoid her having kittens in front of the house again. Before this she ade kittens dekat rumah ni tapi after I balik pantang tadek dah kittens tu. Momma cat je ade. Probably ade orang amik the kittens because they are so fluffy and gebu. 

I nama kan die Siti btw.  She reminded me of Kurap due to the coloring of her fur. So I guess I have a little bit of affection to this cat and hence the TNR (trap neuter release) for her.

So hantar rabu lepas tu and baru amik Jumaat which is today.

I also brought the kitten from my sister house yang mata die nak kena operate to the same vet. Sebelom ni die macam sakit mata and around a week back my eldest sister perasan yang mata one of the kitten ni macam dah nak terkeluar. Horror. 

So long story short, the kitten need to have one of the eyes removed. At least the other eye are OK. So the kitten are operated the same day the cats I brought for mandul also. And boleh balik on Jumaat also. 

One of the eyes yang dah kena jahit since dah dibuang.

The kitten one eye tadek aside, is pretty much ok. Masuk cage di rumah my sis terus cari makan. Hope it continue to be ok. Brownie dah pretty much back to normal dah. Siti je la stress di dalam cage sebab she was a stray kan, mana biasa kena kurung. But she took it ok so far. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Hectic lah

Its Friday and I got a a lil bit of a flu here and Aziz is drinking Ribena while Saif is cooing away happily and NOT SLEEPING.
Sebab tadi Saif tanak tido. Tak sempat nak masak lunch for Aziz so I ordered pizza je. Beria nak pizza, then bile makan satu slic jee. Pffthhh. Sebab tengah duk makan, Saif nangis, I left the pizza box on the table and found Bobby manage to open the pizza box by nudging it open with his head dan tengah licked my sambal bilis pizza !!!

Pffftt. Bobby. The heck you did with my pizza!!

Anyway last week we went to Ikea dengan baby wear Saif and Aziz in stroller. Fuh. Went to buy new bookcase for moi ( I am running out of space ) and closet utk Aziz .

As for babywearing,  Ok la the baby wearing though I still need time to be really comfy with the wrap, tapi senang lagi dari handle 2 strollers. Bile Aziz dah tanak duduk dalam stroller, I put Saif in there pulak sebab after 2 or 3 hours in the Boba Wrap die dah bangun dan nak susu pulak.

Met another mother with 2 child in tow and wearing a  Boba wrap exactly like mine for her baby in an elevator and we smiled at each other.

Dalam nak bayar tu time tu la Aziz memekak and Saif pon dah start macam rimas in the wrap, so I headed to the benches and bough apple juice for Aziz and die minum sambil baring beside me and I BF Saif. I gotta say this is getting to be easier the second time around. The first time around, I can never BF in public.

There was some hot issue about this from what I can remember, but to me if the person is appropriately covered the whole time, it should be no issue. I think there is a baby room but I remembered baby room in IKEA with the smells and the poo and yeeeshhh I can't deal with that. Also Aziz wont be contented to be stuck in a room with me, so I just throw on my nursing cover and find someplace a little bit discreet and just BF.
Anyway talking about babywrap and BF ing , I had just watched this video

Funny and exactly of what we mothers are accustomed to... being judged at or judging people on. To me this video only covered a slice of what people with or without children keep on judging about how to raise kid/kids, but the gist of it is at the end of the day, the child is what matter.

Oh so time lunch tu sebab I am sick of nasi , went to Vivo for lunch. Ok la.

Vivo punye dessert murahh sebab tu I went there and the food is OK ish. Hmmm.. Brownie and ice cream. All in all it was a successful outing with 2 kids in tow. Hahaha.

Oh well. Saif dah start cranky die. Later dudettes.

What I am seeing now in front of the laptop.

Friday, January 16, 2015

SAHM in training

Since my pantang had already finished and my home had finished most of the renovation works, I am now at home to take up duties as SAHM. It is hard I tell you. And boring and monotonous. The cooking bits especially yang I selalu kelam kabut. Ikutkan hati nak aje beli tetiap hari, hahaha.. tapi bangkrap la laki nanti. Also lama2 muak gak. After a series of kedai food, nasi , telo dadar and kicap pon sodap aje. 

Also is tiring as the house feels kinda berdebu but husband cakap sebab the front porch area still debu and bising at me because I opened the door. Rimas la rumah tutup, tapi I dah mop satu rumah ( my czer stitches are throbbing now ) baru rase sedap sikit pijak rumah. There are still a tonne of things that needed to kemas. I just do what I can la in the little time I have. 

I had met my gynae for post natal checkup and all was good. Cam biasa die akan buat pap smear and she advised that the next kid .. should be 3 year ye gap. woah. Tapi I initially felt like that pon. Tengok la how rezeki kan, Also after my gynae checkup , bawak Saif for his rotavirus vaccine and his eczema. Last week eczema kat pipi die was really bad . 

It kinda looks painful too.  His paed prescribed Ezenide to be applied for 3 to 5 days . Lepas letak 3 days je dah OK! 

Hari ketiga dah tak merah. Lega! 

Also we can't see from pictures but currently his eyes are grey. Though I think it is slowly going to hazel. I think he is gonna take after his dad eyes. Aziz eyes are dark brown, so kite tengok Saif punye camne.

The cats are super glad I am home and I can see it from Wolly because she kept on giving me her belly to rub. The others just want wet food. And I still cant believe how big Brownie gotten. I think he is gonna be bigger than the other cats in the house. 

And Aziz had now started a new playschool! Sebelom ni die pergi nursery je, and since I am not sure when or if I am going to work , we started him on a half day playschool and tengahhari comes, I picked him up. He cried the first 2 days, sebab semua very foreign to him. Biasa la. But lepas tu he is OK. I think he enjoyed the new school and the teachers like him. 

Anak mommy dah besa

So at least my morning I have a little bit of a free time ( if Saif behaves) and manage to do some cleaning / housework. Lepas amik Aziz tu, kenkadang pening gak la nak juggle. Mostly it looks like this at home around during late afternoon.

My boys!
Excuse the mess, sometimes I just cant bother la. Haha. 

Thursday, January 08, 2015

A Dino Day

I was obsessed with dinosaur when I was small. I try to learn a lot of the dino names and the era though if you ask me now, I can't tell you anything because my mind is like a leaky sponge. 
Anyhow I always like to buy a lot of dino theme toys or clothes or books for my kids. So Aziz kinda likes dino too. Not obsessed but he enjoyed them. 

So when I saw in IG that Dila brought his son to Dinoscovery aku duk la beria ria cakap kat laki aku. ( Yang lagi excited nak tengoknye mak die bukan anak die) . Dekat je, as it is at Avenue K.

So we went there last Sunday ( it was also end of pantang days! ) and I enjoyed it and Aziz enjoyed it to an extent. 

Aziz sampai2 excited terus nampak badan dino ni. With ekor die gerak2. Dekat luar entrance tu ade board with some game ... Aziz sibuk nak main. 

Sebelom masuk entrance. I looked huge tapi walaupon I stress tapi I know the weight will shed off later on. Especially bile nak balik rumah dah ni. Try Boba Wrap and it is easy enough IF you wrapped it tightly around your body and the way doing it is you wrap it around you first and the material trailed di bawah.... Dan I didnt consider before how distressed I am trying to tie it around me at a parking lot sebab I don't like the idea the material trailing the dirty parking lot floor. I am somewhat of a germaphobe. So this thing is DISTRESSING I tell you and I felt like buying JUMPSAC because while the wrap is OK , I just can't handle the thought it had contacted a dirty floor. JUST CANT. ( My mild germaphobe flaring tu) . Ehem. Maybe I should practice without it trailing on the floor. 

Ehem. Anyway. Those interested in knowing the fee is 

With MyKid and MyKad 
Adult - RM25 
Kid - RM35

Those under 60 cm is free ... which is basically babies who can't walk yet. So Saif free! Yeay. Aku baru nak protest if Saif pon kena bayar. 

Adult cheaper sebab it have more activity for kids kan. So we entered and all except Saif were given a vest to wear and activity map and bracelet for the kid. Memula tu Aziz cuak sebab the Dino exhibit was dark and in the dark , animatronic Dinosaur must seems very realistic to a small kid. So awal2 tu die cuma nak clinged on to his father. Nangis2 bile Dino tu bukak mulut. Then bile sampai tempat activity for kids baru die warm up. It took him a while but he had fun in the end. So that is money well spent. 

Place where kids can dig through the sand la kekonon cari tulang dino. Aziz is more interested in digging and collecting sand rather than looking for bones.
Saif pon well behaved slept most of the dino exhibit time and woke up bile abang die dah sampai tempat activity. Manage to breastfed him at a corner while abang continue on. 

Wearing the vest and this is a spot where kids can colours . 

There are 6 activity spots for kids to play with addition to a 3D short movie and colouring area. Activity macam wall climbing and main tail dino tu Aziz takleh main lagi as he is much too small, but he did enjoyed himself on other. Ok lah. Ni kira as bawak die suka suka just before die kena enter playschool baru. 

I was surprised when he requested to climb this dino. Ingatkan memula die takut. Tinggi sebab kena naik tangga but ade orang kat situ boleh tolong and jaga die, so Aziz seems ok. Masa time pergi ni pon tak ramai orang so I like it sebab the kids tadekle berebut for their activity time. 

Tak lama kut sini. Dalam an hour lebih camtu, dengan kite orang gi makan Ah Cheng Laksa. Ok. Baby dah menjerit. :D

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