Friday, October 31, 2014

Tak jadi la beli phone baru

Tak jadi sebab dah OK dah! After I posted that post then browsed several more phones I macam highly dissatisfied . Search through the forum and found the solution .  Need to manually reboot the phone to get it on again. So after this whenever it is off, need to manual reboot. Agak leceh asal bole on la. Nanti nak backup whatever left in this phone.

Lagi pon i sayang la nak tuka phone. Casing phone punye la banyak. Those  are the one that I found. Ade lagi scattered  around the house not pictured. At the very least kena bertahan sampai I pakai the one casing I bought not yet pakai. Hehe.

Anyway. I am in my 36 weeks now! Fuh. Moga2 tak beranak awal. The people yang nak kena approved my leave maseh membisu. Nyampah tul aku bile process leave jadi payah. Too many processes but macam tu gak leceh.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Note 2 sudah kong

My phone tetiba just refused to start. That is annoying. Husband had been asking me for the longest time if I want a new phone, I said kalau asyik tanye je, die je la beli sendiri for his own. Last2, he tertinggal his phone in a taxi, dan phone tu lesap and he bought a Z3. 

Then tak sampai sebulan my phone lak buat hal. I don't particularly love my Note 2, but I do think it is a good phone. It had served me well and I had a lot of memories with that phone. With the dropbox and all other cloud solutions, I am not too stressed out thinking of all the photos. Especially photos of my dead cat. But changing to another phone is something I am not ready to do yet, but seems like I must. I guess the life span of a phone nowadays is 2 years kut. Note 2 dah la mahal, I was trying to extend it to 3 years kut. Ah well. 

So what is there in the market. I am not too attached to Samsung. And I am an Android fan. So other than that I will not consider. I am now using my husband backup Nokia Lumia. It is a pretty good phone, but can be a bit frustrating at times. 

Had now prebooked the Honor 6 sebab the price and specs is just irresistible lah. The design is nothing to scream about, but I can just buy a casing. Going on and on about phone. First world problem betul. This is not the best time to buy a phone taw. Hoping my Note 2 will miraculously boot up again by the end of the week. 

It is really a headache trying to choose a phone because phone ni macam long time commitment taw. After all nowadays we are glued to that darn thing almost at all hours of all days. Weekend ni shopping!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Baru start keje tapi dah penat

Just got back from gynae appointment. Since the doctor had an emergency kena tunggu close to 2 hours, baru I get to meet her . Fuhh. Naseb baik keje start lewat, kalau tak aku tak keruan dah. It is not a usual occurence though so I am not mad. I can see my gynae went out and into her room saying "please inform I need to go to the labour room now". After all most of the time, here in PCMC we will be attended by our gynae if we go into labour. Tak tahu la pulak if nak beranak time tu jugak in the middle of the night. Haha. 

Anyway am in my 34 weeks now and the checkup went fine. Baby now weigh around 2.2 kg. Naik ful 1 kg dari last visit 3 weeks ago. Amboi sangat. Patut pon mak die time hujan2 ni pon peluh. I sometimes woke up in the middle of the night and felt my inner thigh is wet. Setiap kali tu cuak ingatkan my water tetiba break ke... tapi rupanye sweating jeeee. Haha. 

Doctor bising sikit sebab my hemoglobin and iron level dah low balik. Mampos padah tak makin pil hari2. So pasnih kena makan lagi hari2. Dapat extra pill lagi. Sheeshhh. 

Anyway, last week I decided tu tanye my mom how to make her pudding prune tu. At the time I was in Giant dan ingatkan nak beli la ingredients tu, tapi my mom dashed my cita2 since only a few specific brand of tepung jagung will do. Takleh pakai sebarang haippp! Nanti die jadi clumpy. I asked my brand she said ... the last time she can found it is in Jusco and she can't remembered the brand but she said it does have gambar jagung in front. I don't think my mom realised almost all of tepung jagung have picture of corn on their packaging. Haha. Tapi then few days back I went to Jusco and I found the brand my Mom mentioned. I kinda remembered seeing this brand in the house in JB usually, so I think this must be it. Try la buat. Aziz suke! Good dessert for kids because it is just milk pudding with prune syrup. Aku guna prune in a can je. Sape nak rajin nak buat prune syrup from scratch boleh aje. Just google recipe for milk pudding (though refrain the sugar or just put only a tiny bit because you are adding in something manis with syrup) and then you just add in prune syrup. Nanti nak buat with custard lak. Yang I buat ni milk pudding tu macam lembik sikit, kena betulkan sikit la die punye sukatan. 

Last weekend gak we went to Pavilion sebab kekonon nak gi Turkish fair. Padan tak google before sesuke hati pergi rupanye Turkish fair tu time weekdays. Poooohhh. Siapa pergi fair fair ni time weekdays ni wehhh. I don't really care to walk around in Pavilion because it is just an array of stuffs that I can't afford, tapi I am delighted that at last Fish & Co ade kat situ. Dulu ade kat OU je kan. Ade lagi rasenye outlet die kan , kan tempat lain. Suke sebab kids eat for free dan die sediakan activity punye paper and coloring pencil for kids. 

Dan topi shark untuk Aziz. Aziz suke. The food was good and not too expensive, so yeay. 

Sebab I dont want that I only went to Pavilion sekadar makan je, I suggested to husband kita try bawak Aziz tengok wayang. Haha. Alang2 ade cerita Book of Life ( boring, Aziz tak tengok pon... ) . Beli popcorn ngan air and bought tiket wayang yang duduk tepi sekali. Naseb baik row depan tu tadek orang sebab budak kecik ni duk panjant turun kerusi , bergayut kat kerusi depan, baling sisa popcorn kat seat depan. Naseb baikkkk 2 row depan kosong. Kalau ade orang I dah keluar dah wayang. Tapi boleh la bertahan sampai habis. He don't make much noise. Sekali sekala menjerit suke and sekali je die nangis sebab popcorn habes. . Hahaha. Tapi tu kejab je, cepat2 I distract die dengan air and sembunyi bekas popcorn yang dah empty tu. Anyway a lot of kids around since tu cerita kartun and most of the kids are very well behaved pon, I think I only noticed Aziz je kut who makes noises two and three times.

Nak bawak lagi tengok wayang? 2 tahun lagi kutttt. Haha. Atau bapak die bawak, sebab nanti mesti la mak die kena duk jaga baby. 

Gambar dalam wayang before movie started. Tengok la ceria Aziz tu. He was really excited at first asking us ape tu ape tu, sambil tunjuk the movie screen.

Ok. That's it for now lah. Later.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I am beginning to delete my personal files in the company laptop and came across this poster I made for Kurap when she went missing around 2 3 months back. I remembered being very sad about it and was super glad when I found her again. I think I posted it before in this blog.

I never got to post this poster though. The day I made the poster, that night I found her. I miss my Kurap.

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