Thursday, December 09, 2010

Kemalasan berblogging

Its been a while since I blog. Like really blog. Not like some crappy updates. But heck, all I ever do from the beginning is to give crappy updates. And you know what usually hindered me to blog, the thought of finding, editing and uploading pics. When I thought of blogging and updating pictures to it, I always goes like "Malasnyeeeerrrr"  and procrastinate.

I don't know about other people, but even the thought of finding relevant pics on the net kinda put me off blogging. All I want to do is type out random nonsense dammit.

 Then before this I always blog on a work hour. Before that work is unfulfilled and all that boring stuffs. Not that nowadays work is becoming awesome in every way, but I guess I am growing up and I think its more important for me to do the work first. Blogging rase tak senang when you got some codes still not sort out (padahal I got 2 services need sorting out ni tengah blogging ni ape cerita ni). 

Maybe I have time to blog more at home. Well, more later I guess.


FrH said...

dila aku pn lately rasa mcm tu .. hahaha.

skang mlm2 cpt2 paksa anak tido awal sbb nak online!! haha (internet da kene block kt ofis) huhu.

Dils said...

hahaha... ko tadek internet di opis and ade anak lasak, sbb tu ko rase camtuh jugak.

Aku ni nk bagi alasan ape yek.

Kasapsky said...

btul2. Kadang2 mmg malas nak upload gambar and tulis benda bukan2 xda makna... haha kalau nak update benda2 creepy n membebel sorg biasa aku wat kat haha membebel sorg2 macam org gila. Tp it's fun. Even nobody read it. Haha. For me blogging it's something info to sharing, some thought. Not creepy update like "saya xtdo lena malam ni, so nak tulis apa?" Tp macam luahan hati ke geram for something tu kira sharing info gak. Tapi lantak ar janji ade benda nak comment. haha i really miss zaman irc dulu masa kat utp.. keep spaming irc bot sampai channel crash, ah ni comment ke saja tampal entry dekat blog org.. Sory dils cheers

Dils said...

waahhhh... aku update mende bukan2 dan creepy. Hahaha.

Try twitter instead, I think twitter, you are more socially connected kut. Blogging ni mcm loner skit rasenye.

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