Sunday, October 17, 2010

A friend lost

On Friday night, I couldn't sleep. My husband was away and as usual, it took me a while to get myself to close my eyes. So also as usual, before going to sleep, I checked FB. 

I was shocked to then saw the news of my friend passing due to cancer. He was an ex-schoolmate of mine. And he is now gone. It is heartbreaking to lost him so early in life, so suddenly. I'd been thinking if I should write about him. Then, I know I have to. I would loathe it if one day my memory of him would fade. So if it ever did, this blog post would remain.

Many people know him as one of the best young photographer around. If you ever seen his picture, I am sure you would agree. Even to my very amateurish eyes, his work was amazingly beautiful. He could find beauty in front of him and enhance it for us to appreciate. His talent would be sorely missed.

But for many of us, he was a friend. In our batch, he was the youngest. We are the child of 82s. He was a child of 83s. So we always joked around he is the 'adik' in the batch. My memory of him in school is just a simple memory. He was asking me curiously what I always carried around in my bag and he was gobsmacked when I laughingly shown the many, many things in there.

We do not become great friends. But among the many friends in school, he was one of the few who make the effort to keep in touch. For that I am grateful but I also wish I can make the time for the buka puasa last Ramadhan. I wish I had remembered to invite you. I wish I had make more of an effort. But that is all that left now. Empty wishes and regrets.

But for its worth, he was a good friend. Always went out of his way in asking an introverted me, how I am doing. He was a good late night conversationalist when I need to keep awake to watch the computer, and he needs to be awake for his exam.  That is just my story. On how good a friend he is. Other people stories might be as simple and nice or nicer because I know he had touched many lives wherever he had gone. So to lose a person like him, is heartbreaking to many of us.

Taufiq, your friends miss you and we certainly mourn you. I can't even imagine the pain your family and your beloved are facing right now. May God be with them in this hard time. We know you are in a better place and Allah loves you more. 


You'll be remembered in my prayers.

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