Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Briefly to Melaka

Ok. You can't have it either way is it? Either the job is relaxed and you don't learned anything or super stressful but learning a lot. Huhu. Though I am beginning to feel a lot of dissatisfaction .  And tired. So tired. 

Anyway. Last week we went to the Bayou Lagoon Melaka for some family gathering. It is only for one night but the kids had fun. 

They are absolutely no pictures taken when we are at Bayou Melaka. LOL. 

There are pictured of the kids munching on nuggets though. It was jam all the way and we settled for some KFC on the go. Since KFC nuggets is really good the kids enjoyed it. Saif lah paling suke. He hates rice nowadays. 

We reached Melaka just in time for check in. Petang tu terus bawak bebudak gi mandi, and because I didn't bring an extra pair of underwears ( terrible I know), I pon malas la masuk pool. Have to buy some bikini underwears from the hotel later on. LOL. 

Semua orang malas keluar hotel. My sister and BIL went out to tapaw seafood for us, and even then I am incredibly full sebab my mom dah bawak bekal nasi lemak banyak. Malam tu some of us decided to go out to Bandar Melaka. Kekonon nak gi Jonker Walk, tapi Jonker Walk tutup, nan hado. Haha. I didn't go out pon sebab I am too mengantuk, preferring to just sleep with Saif. 

Then besok pagi tu after breakfast, the kids played in the pool and I kemas2 barang2 untuk checkout. Sekejab je kan. Then my sister ajak pergi Freeport. But start masuk Alor Gajah , jam ok nak gi Freeport. My eldest sister patah balik makan cendol bakar je which is on the way back, sebab die tak jumpa parking. The others found parking including us and decided to go terus. Alang2 dah bersesak. 

Sebab it is like the middle of the month and I had just spent money on clothes, was not too keen to go shopping pon. It was ok la. Exactly like JPO, as for the stores , I don't know. I think I prefer Mitsui Outlet, just because the stuffs there are more affordable and .. air conditioned. Haha.. My husband bought a shirt and that is it. But memang ramai manusia, and they have food trucks at the entrance which is good because I remembered going to JPO during lunch hour masa awal2 bukak dulu and we don't have much choice either you eat at food court which don't offer much or expensive restaurants. The food truck were a big hit. They also have some ice coffee/frap stands which is a good idea since it is a hot day. 

Balik tu kite orang makan durian sebab I dah excited nampak durian.

It is still not cheap. We bought durian sultan I think.. which is for rm36 kut. It was good durian, but I had better. My sister ingatkan stall ni yang buffet durian tu, Haha. No lah, I think my limit untuk makan durian adalah 2 biji kut. That is on a good day. Nowadays 1 durian pon dah cukup. Aziz taknak makan, Saif is eager for more than just a few taste, tapi I tak berapa bagi sangat. Haha,

Hari jumaat petang tu dah sampai KL. Tu pon lewat sikit sebab I nak ikut jalan lama2 sebab on the way pergi Melaka the day before tu I perasan ade orang jual daging salai. 

Terus beli 1 kg worth of daging salai. I tak tahu la mahal ke murah, but cheaper than the packed one in Jusco, which sells around RM20 for sekali makan ( for 2-4 people). 

Yang ni die bagi RM40 per 1 kg. So I bought 1 kg and gave half to my sister. Cukup la untuk 4 kali buat masak lemak. Daging salai selain with kerabu or masak lemak , untuk lauk ape lagi ek? 

My sister said kena simpan dalam freezer kalau tak berbulu. Huhu. So this is all the one going to the freezer. 

Ok. Will promise to update more. Heh. 

Monday, December 07, 2015

BBW 2015

LOL. My husband is like... "but you said you don't want to go because you had shopped a lot during the viva popular sale".  But the books beckoned, and hence I came. 

This year I do not get a preview pass because simply I never try to win any. Huhu. I had foreseen I dont think so I can take leave for the preview pass. And I felt during my last preview pass shopping, macam.. eh.. no big deal lah. 

So I told my husband I feel like going because Aziz is sleeping at my sister house so we only have 1 child that keep us distracted. So by 7.30 am I had changed and bathed Saif jugak sebab die poo poo so nak taknak, mandikan terus. Sampai at MIECC around 8 am, and we found out Saif pooped again. Yessh. Manage to clean him up lah before looking for books. 

We got out of there around 10 am, just nice before the crowd settled in. 

Reached home and picked up Aziz and Aziz was excited to find brand new books.

Ade pakai utk wrist. Aziz so excited. Turned out tadek battery. 
Aziz do love books. 

So for a somewhat clearer look, those are the children books that were chosen by my husband mostly,

Some of Saif books. 

And the big guys/girls books as below. 

This time I was surprised that the amount is over RM400. I spent way less on the other sale. My husband pointed out that we takes a lot of children book this time. I guess so. Also I noticed most of the books at the BBW is at RM10 instead of RM8 of yesteryears. Still cheap, but more. Understandable because our currency is really weak now. 

Glad After Dead is there because I am 1 book and a half away from finishing Sookie Stackhouse series. I am so gonna miss Sookie soon. 

The coffee table books my husband bought. Bobby sibuk nak jadi model. I kinda miss Kurap whenever I bought big bags of shopping home. No cat is more kepochi than her. 

Ok. That's it. I am so mengantuk. Gonna sleep naw. 

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Last weekend stuffs

A bit tired because yesterday Monday was cruel. It was closing payroll time so everything has to be urgent and things that cant be solved immediately will be escalated even to the CEO. Cruel I'll tell you. But at the end of the day everyone was happy, well somewhat. 

Last weekend was Aziz and Saif performance and review day. Aziz was supposed along with his class mates to sing and dance and clap and jump. But he do none of that. Instead he stand in a corner and lift up his shirt looking like he doesnt want to be there. Ade la masa2 he will go and play with the tabir kat belakang. Actually most of the kids refused to sing. LOL. The teacher kinda like embarassingly apologized saying that they had practice but I don't mind lah. You can't really force a bunch of 3 and 2 year olds to do stuffs when they don't want to. I think they are a bit overwhelmed by the crowds. At least no one is kicking and screaming. Actually there was 2 incident , but he refused to be on stage and the other one, was a girl who very enthusiastically try to jump and fail and cried. Poor baby. But I like it that they try nonetheless. 

Looked at all the tots. Just seeing them on stage is enough. Hehe.

Afterwards it was review session of the kids. Macam the last one, Aziz received loads of praises because he is a cheerful playful little guy. A little naughty but to be expected lah. Saif however we were informed is a bit tantrumy, clingy and refused to do much except wants to be carried. Which is a bit of a surprise because at home he can be everywhere. Maybe he is a bit overwhelmed by the kids. But the tantrum , yes, Saif nowadays is a bit of tantrum thrower. He will scream and lie down and kicked if he doesn't get his ways or throw things to the floor if he doesn't like the things or pissed at you. I am trying to get him to give things nicely now.

The teacher also said Saif eats a lot, so now I had tuka their punye bekas makanan lagi besar sebab die makan nasi separuh pinggan. The baby thermos just wouldnt fit all of the rice I tried to put in.

Makan pau kacang merah dalam kereta. Comot sebelom sampai. Kena tuka baju. 
On Sunday pulak we had to attend a wedding at Senawang on my husband side. I am always pleased if I got an invitation to a wedding because I love wedding food. Hehe. And this wedding it does not disappoint. Ade sambal sotong kering and keropok lekor! Keropok lekor die plentiful and sodap. Weekend tu plak I tetiba terasa cravings nak keropok lekor. So nice when what you want is suddenly presented to you. Alhamdullilah. 

Then we went singgah at Mitsui Outlet to see what the fuss is all about. I have to say it is nicer than JPO because the choice between brands which we can afford is greater and they have air conditioned so we are not exactly sweating in between shops. My husband likes it because there are a lot of those street brand name shoes that he likes in there. The restaurants also looks nicer. Maybe I will go there again but it is so out of the way that it can only happened rarely lah. We don't buy anything pon. I am looking for another pair of work pants, but couldn't find the one I want. Last2 beli toy untuk Aziz je. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Saif is 1

My second baby is now a year old. 

Lebam jatuh. Bukan ai dera please, Buat muka just before kentut.

Happy birthday. 

Don't have a lot of time to type out but will keep stuffs in point form je lah

No celebration sebab my husband already bought me a cake and it seems wasteful to buy another one. He don't understand birthday yet anyhow. 

We bought him some educational toy stuff which he really likes on Saturday. He is still playing with it on and off, so that is not a waste. Heh. 

Still no walking but getting there. He is a bit cautious. Takes like a very tentative step forward and then go down on all fours to crawl. Need to build up his confidence I guess. 

I had stopped breastfeeding him completely around 2 weeks back I  guess. During my last month at HP I found that my milk had run dry and I am feeling tired and irritated, he is getting longer to nurse and crankier too at night because my milk supply dropped. So I guess in the best interest of both he is now completely on formula. Heh. My breastfeeding journey with Saif is not as long as Aziz, but I am ok with it. 

Since starting with bottles, I am getting a little bit more sleep because Saif sleeps longer now because he is easily full. So that is a plus. I no longer have a baby tearing out my hairs and eyes at 3 or 4 am in the morning. 

He really loves nasi and sup. I still put out a bekal for him. In rotation it goes like nasi and sup , bubur and occasionally some makaroni stuffs. Though he does not like makaroni or spaghetti macam abang die. Aziz can't get enough of makaroni sup if I cooked, but Saif prefers rice. And if he don't eat rice for a day he will get cranky at night. LOL. Dasar tekak Melayu dah ni. Maybe his appetite will change later on. But now I am enjoying the phase where he eats a lot. 

He loves nursery rhymes videos. If in the morning and I am up and everybody is still asleep and Saif cried if I get myself off bed, I played the youtube videos and he is transfixed. Taylor Swift does not work on this boy though. 

Loves cartoons nowadays. If we open the car tv screens for the kids he will watched it and laughed and giggled until he fell asleep. 

Abang now gets a little taste how it feels like to be us,

Loves his big brother. Nowadays he sleeps in the crook of his brothers arm or at Aziz back. If we pat him to sleep, when he is groggy he will usually tried to look for his brother then fell asleep beside Aziz. Heh.

Sekarang dah kurang sikit die nak masak tah ape2 foreign object masuk dalam mulut. Still do that lah, but not that often. Don't have to fish things out of his mouth very often.

Anyway. That is all I can think of. Happy birthday to my sweet boy. Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh, berjaya di dunia dan diredhai Allah. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

On the brink of 33

Tomorrow is my birthday. 

This year I felt my birthday a little bit more because last year at the end of the day of my birthday, my contractions start and on the next day keluarlah my second child. Heh. I think I watched Hunger Games on that day. I will be watching Hunger Games tomorrow btw. Excited lah. Also told my husband that I dont wanna cook tomorrow. 

But also since it is gonna be Saif birthday on Sunday, I was thinking to cook nasi tomato. Not that Saif can eat nasi tomato, well  maybe a little bit, nasi tomato and probably a little kurma ayam for him kut.  But tengok lah guano. Mungkin maknye jugak akan malas on Sunday. 

Anyway I already knows what I want for my birthday. A robotic vacuum. You know some magazine or whoever will advise to let gift be something from the heart, but nothing is more from the heart than an appliance that will lessen my time for cleaning. It will be interesting to see how the cats react to it. There will probably be videos on Instagram. *rub hands gleefully*

Most probably a Neato because the reviews are good. I already highlighted to my husband the model that I want, so it is up to him lah. I AM SO EXCITED TO GET A VACUUM Y'ALL. 

And about the feeling of turning 33, it does feel scary. More like a lot of things are closing down on you and you don't get a lot of second chances now. Also need to clock in more time for ibadah y'all. Dosa tak muat 1 kontena. 

Anyway for 33 in Malaysians definition of years especially for women, not old, but older. Definitely not young. 33 in Malaysia is the age where you are bustling as a mother hen looking after your many children. Not far off the mark there realistically.. 33 in western world from what I know, still have shits need to sort out. And while realistically I felt like the usual Malaysian women of 33 years of age, insideI felt like the western 33 year olds, where I don't feel like I am settled and I still am figuring out my shits. 

However I don't feel restless anymore like I was in my 20s. Not settled yet, but not feeling like I want to take flight every couple of weeks. 

Happy birthday to me. May gravity treat me nicely and my metabolism does not need to feel like it should heads to early retirement. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

New things to get used to

I am slowly finding my place at the new place. Still 0 friends. No one asked me out for lunch except for first and second days. But that mainly because the place here is kinda like an island. There is one cafe to eat and one food truck. That is your options.

I usually don't really care to eat rice for lunch nowadays, so yeah, I don't mind not going out actually. Maybe one of these days I will go out to eat but it just feels like a hassle. So I brought my bekal and eat at the office and everyone seems to be doing the same. The tapau the food and eat at office. Apart from the no lunch mates, people here seems ok lah. Friendly enough. Though I could do without the 'kakak' 'abang' culture. I don't really like calling out seniority or maybe I just don't like the feeling of being old. Haha. No kakak pleasee.

But I am learning loads here even though I am just in my second weeks. Things I wouldnt learn if I still stay at my old company ( not the HP, HP was always just a temp job), though I miss the old company. Leaving the WFH and very flexi hours benefits hurts ok. Huhu. But I had learned that the old company is not getting better, no salary increase for those in my dept and they may even get the axed soon, so yes. It was never the question of should or should I leave, but more like when .. over there. 

Now.... the distance or the commute. This week is not bad. I keluar rumah kul 8 am reached here at 8.45 am. Not bad la kan. Maybe partly because of the traffic. If it is the usual school days no holiday, kenalah keluar 7.30 paling lewat. Heh.

But I mentioned to my husband that at least ( if there is no last minute work or no epic jam) I can reached home by  7 pm latest. So yeah, in term of the commute it is not that terrible, except kena tutup mata lah bayar tol. Rase macam air je bile swipe TnG. Maybe because the office here is so far away from things like Starbucks or Boost, it can be a good thing. No wastage of money on expensive beverages! More money spent on minyak and tolls instead. Boo. Memang ubah gaya hidup sungguh.

Tomorrow balik JB! Very brief trip balik to attend a friend wedding. All of my friends are super excited. We have matching baju and all. 

Friday, November 06, 2015

Why Not Me

I got another free credit from Audiobooks and I decided to use it for Mindy Kaling new book which is Why Not Me.

She had said earlier on it is not a memoir/autobiography and anyway, she already had another book on which dealt mostly on her life pre Hollywood and during the Office time. 

It feels more like a collection of blog posts though, like you are reading someone musings about life, outlook and whatthehellarepeoplethinking.. 

Since I got to know of Mindy Kaling when I start watching Mindy Project so I hugely enjoyed this since alot of the things that she wrote about is her experience during the show.

Like I said earlier I started to listen to audiobook mostly to kill the monotony of washing dishes, but after all the dishes had been washed, I still can't stop listening to it. 

There were ranting, there are funny anecdotes, there are friendship lessons that most people in their late 20s and 30s would totally understand and commencement speech that is hilarious and on the point.

The best part of the book came during her flirtations with Will. It feels like I was her and was being pulled into two direction by a guy. It brings back.. feelings. Heh. I even like this better than 'Soup Snakes'. 

In short you dont learn a lot about Mindy Kaling in Why Not Me, but you still laugh (while washing the dishes) reading this book . That is a plus point

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Another reviews

This month batch of reviews!

Late Night Talking

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

About a late night NYC talk show host whose topics mostly deal with etiquettes and day to day minor aggravations ( cutting queues, inconsiderate drivers etc).

It was ok. The story deals with how the main character deals with her past, romantic attachments and friendship. And her outlook on life basically.

Basic chick lit. Except it feels not quite there. The character feels like a caricature. I would be more interested to read about her best friend. Her struggle on her life is actually just.. common sense. Yes. I don't like the main characters and most of the time the banter between Jeannie and Nicholas went far too long which turn off the charm.

It all feels a little lackluster even if Jeannie is very passionate. Sorry. It all feels blah to me

The Goldsmith's Daughter

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A story of an Aztec girl during the height of Tenochtitlan era, just before the Spanish invasion. She was born from a twin, a brother who was prophesied to be great and she was prophesied to be nothing, and even to bring doom to all.

I like the story, I understand that it is not that historically accurate but whatever the author fabricate is quite wonderful.

The girl seems distant, but reachable. Her struggle is familiar even to us the modern women, that we are sympathetic for her but we never think of her as weak.

It is quite predictable on how the plot goes but the writing is fast, attention grabbing and end quite satisfactorily. So I enjoyed this book. Never dull.

Highly recommended as YA read.


My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Synopsis: Jan Willem Hendryk's legacy amounts to a staggering £40 million - £34 million to go to an agricultural college in Kenya's Rift Valley, and the remaining £6 million to be divided equally between his only surviving descendants: Dirk, a South African, and Henry, a young drop-out living in California. But a number of suspicious circumstances emerge, including a clause in the will stating that Dirk must spend one month of every year in Kenya. What seems at first a simple matter of greed gradually assumes sinister proportions.

Fast paced story. I like it enough though I mostly am never interested to read story if there is no women featured prominently, but I quite like this book.

I like how it gave the background on the Africas state at the time, it explained the complex history and politics of the Africas nation to something we can comprehend, and deliver the story in a climactic way.

It mostly feels more of an investigative novel, and then there is the big action scene at the end to wrap the story. No twist and turn, but I guess because of that I kind of enjoyed it. Good roundup characters and even the villains I felt sorry for. And the 'sinister proportions' is not that sinister to me. Haha.

Will not mind to read another book by the same author.

Monday, November 02, 2015

At my new job

Can't comment on the work yet because it is like only half a day. The would be colleagues seems ok kut. I don't get much of a friendly vibe, but mostly because I am cooped in the room. We'll see lah. 

The drive seems long. Took me an hour drive. Rase lama betul. Haha. Because usually I drive around 20 mins je untuk sampai ofis. But can't complain much, at least the parking is free. The person next to me is questioning is it worth it, LOL. I am so mengantuk so I am feeling like that also. Hehe. 

In this time and economy I guess we'll take what we can get, also I am curious on where the job will take me so ( in term of knowledge and skills).. that's that. Currently am reading up on the blueprints and various documents. 

Kite tengok perasaan saya lagi dalam 3 bulan! 

Tetiba rindu la pada anak2 dan bebulus. Later lah. 

Sunday, November 01, 2015

The Reluctant Politician

I was reading this during the month of the WSJ and Sarawak Report barrage of damning articles about 1MDB and Najib Razak. This makes for a thoughtful read. 

I wonder if the politicians then or now had failed us. 

The Reluctant Politician: Tun Dr Ismail and His Time

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the biography of the late Tun Dr Ismail.

I was mostly interested in this book because Tun Ismail was my distant relative. His grandmother is my great grandmother. So yes, personally I had listened to the family story ( not much to tell as I say... distant) so it feels like I should know more what he did.

However even without all the family ties that draws me to the book, I have to say I enjoyed it immensely. We don't know much about Tun Ismail in the history books. It is particularly interesting because this is the collection of men, Tun Abd Rahman, Tun Ismail, Tun Abd Razak that shaped Malaysia. All those policy that we are still debating today.. the ISA act, the education segregation (lets face it, it is segregation), bumiputera .. this all happened because of this group of men who at the time believed this is the best for us. (There are some I believes that was not good for us, but a necessary evil . A means to an end which forged a path to a highly corrupt system later on)

When I am reading this book, I kept on thinking, whatever he would say of Mahathir and Najib if he were still around. He certainly do not have a high opinion of Mahathir. No mention of Najib because during his lifetime Najib is still some green kid.

As for the narrative, it is written somewhat dully where some statements felt like it is being lifted from somewhere and put in the book. Tun Ismail life is presented in a very matter of fact kinda way and that shaped my thinking that he is a very matter of fact kinda person. There is no frills in this book but that does not deter us from enjoying it. It was not boring, but it is a bit dull. I wonder if there is a memoir personally written by the man himself it would be make a nice contrast read.

You might not learn Tun Ismail insight on the making of Malaysia, you will learn his contribution and development into making our country.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Last day here!

This is my last working day at HP. Yeps. I was contracted to HP Singapore actually. Heh. Kembali berkerja dengan HP balik. Well only for a while. Was contracted to about 6 months, but I think I only really do the work around 3 months. Lagi 3 months pure gaji buta.

Will be starting on a new job at Shah Alam on Nov. Wallawey. I am not looking forward to the commute I tell you.  Lagi2 dengan kenaikan harga tol . People are rightly pissed about it.

So I have around 2 weeks lebih gitu gitu utk poya2, clean house, and probably prepare some quick frozen foods for my sons (mostly for the little one too la).

It is always a bittersweet feeling whenever it is your last day in the job. I always second guess my decision, and well... ni nak second guess amende lagi kan since my contract dah ended. So I have to start afresh. The new place ni seems like a good challenge work wise, location wise is *sigh*. But we have to get the necessary experience first kan. Who knows, the commute actually maybe not be that bad at all. *fingers crossed!*
A photo posted by @witherthorne on

We'll see how the new workplace will be at. Got all the usual anxiousness on the job expectations, colleagues and bosses. Hope I can do my job and blend in. Masa interview nampak the bosses seems nice... tapi interview semua macam tu kan. Haha.

Ah well.

I am gonna miss this place except for the parking . Parking at Damansara Heights is ridiculously expensive. More expensive than central KL.

But yes... the other things I like here. That I will miss. The food trucks. The loneliness. ( I like loneliness if there is work). The facilities ( for breastfeeding mom this place is kinda kewl. Except for the one time someone stole my Medela icepack -_- ) . The flexibility. I can come in at 9,30 am ok. Haha... that was a blessing. This coming new job I have to be at office at 8.30 am. I havent been to the office at 8,30 am like eons ago!

Bye HP.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Random Friday Talks

I am feeling really tired nowadays. Now whenever I watched tv series with my husband, I ended up dozing off after 15 minutes. Bile bangun dah habes. Annoying betul. Haha. 

I mainly bought Ephyra because people mentioned on how Ephyra gives them loads of energy. It does jackshit to me. Yes, I did read that it doesnt work that way for everybody and I think need to consume extra vitamin, so I sekarang on and off je consume Ephyra. Haha. Too expensive too maintain, only drink it now to finish it and it taste kinda nice. 

Home cooked dash
Yesterday manage to cook daging masak hitam guna Liza punye masak hitam paste tu. Hoi sedap betul. Lain kali borong lagi. MIL pon last time macam banyak ni je ke beli.. haha. I didn't buy much sebab kenkadang I ni jarang masak . Tapi should have buy more sebab that thing is very easy peasy. Sekarang pon I ok je nak masak daging. Selalu malas sebab daging kan lambat defrost and is you got the daging biasa ( bukan batang pinang ) it will be really tough and chewy. So I selalu je keluarkan my pressure cooker tu. My pressure cooker is solely for my daging. Sebab I can't potong daging for shits. I always got confused, do you cut it bertentang dengan urat daging tu or ikut urat daging tu?? ( nampak sangat fail memasak)

Semalam pon I decided that instead of usually preparing Saif food earlier and my husband will heat up the food after he picked up the kids up after work, I will cook for him. Sebab malam before that I am much too tired and alang2 I terus prepare dinner. Just cooked some sup sayur and goreng ikan tenggiri to get the isi tenggiri for Saif. Saif was screaming blue murder sebab kul 7.30 baru siap makanan. Hahaha. Die biasa makan kul 6pm kan. I pulak sampai rumah 6.40 camtuh. Next time kena jugak prepare awal2.

A mother love knows no bound
On Wednesday early morning I saw a wee puppy roaming around in front of the house. Cars and motorcycles have to swerve around him. So my neighbor who loves animal, picked up the puppy and put in a carrier. Then she went to work. Soon after that, the mom came looking for her puppy. Because the puppy and the mom are howling for each other, I went into my neighbor house and then took the puppy from the carrier and brought to the mom with some trepidation. Hoping the mom would not lunge for my throat because I dare to touch her pup . But she just wait politely from the other side of the road. When I see that she wouldnt move as long as I am there, ( and the puppy is busy sniffing around my feet. Yes kena la samak kaki pagi2) , I went inside the house. Soon I saw the mum guide her puppy off to the end of the road.

Balik keje tu I saw the mom waiting in front of our house barking and looking around the house. My neighbor is outside. I explained to my neighbor that I released the puppy and they get it, but it seems like the mom who looked like a doberman, had lost her puppy and thinks that we took the puppy because the last time the puppy was caged here.

The look on her face is so pathetic. And not once was she ever aggresive to us. She just barks as a means of communication. So yesterday the whole day she just wait in front of the house. Ade la sekali tu some mean person on a bike tried to run her over. Cilaka betul orang perangai macam ni. She waits and barks for some time and howled a bit. We talked to the dog and said that her puppy is not here. It was here and but you took him back and somebody must have taken your puppy. I hope she understands and my maternal heart breaks for her maternal heartbroken one. 
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Also some PSA.. If you saw a puppy or kittens and they are too cute and pathetic and you feel like you must bring them home, tried to wait/ look for a while for the mom. Because separating them is cruel. If the mom is together, then adopt both together ok.  

Thursday, October 08, 2015

All about zombies

Most people know I love zombies genre. I gobbled the series, movies, comics about zombies without get bored of them . Though yes, it is becoming too mainstream.

This is why when there is a book about zombies I would always want to read about it.

Some of these books I had read a while back, more than 2 years for like the compilation of short stories in the Living Dead. I think it would be easier if I just grouped my zombies book review in one place.

I am not gonna place the synopsis, because most of these stories are just about zombies and zombies apocalypse survivors. 

The Living Dead (The Living Dead, #1)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I am putting it to 3 stars because there are some I likes and some I don't like. I had read this book on and off for years and I had now just manage to finish it ( by skipping the last story because .. honestly I can't just be bothered anymore) .

There were wonderful stories, bad stories and disturbing stories. I like the writers tried to twist the zombie tales to something quite different . Like in Followed where the dead do not eat your brains. They just follow you... like a pet dog. There are another story in ala Shaun of the Dead "Meathouse Zombies" written by George R. R. Martin is kinda bittersweet, where zombies are put to work... Some are a bit too sickening for me. So I won't mentioned those.

The best zombie short story for me in this book is This Year's Class Picture by Dan Simmons. To me it is the most beautiful zombie story I had ever read. I love it. Endurance, madness, hopelessness and love. I felt the love the teacher had for her students, undead or not.

It is a good compilation except for the last zombie story, I just can't read those... but I am not going to read the The Living Dead #2.

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I watched the movie first, and know there is a book somewhere. Since I like the movie, I felt like I have to read the book too. I also know the book is wayyy different than the movie.

And yes, the book is great. It is a compilation of eyewitness account of World War Z (war of the zombies so to speak). It is written in a chronological sorta way. Where it first started supposedly in China in some old cities , then the crop of unexplained dead rising here and there globally.

Then it continues on the people survival in fleeing or surviving, and the world apocalypse and eventually how the people fight back.

It was an enjoyable read. We are not chained to just one perspective. We got the 360 degrees of the stories and even then it feels like it is not enough. Like the east coast college who manage to fortify their campus and defend themselves. I would like a movie out of that please!

Highly recommended.

Zombie Apocalypse! (Zombie Apocalypse, #1)Zombie Apocalypse! by Stephen Jones
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

At first I thought I am gonna get the civilian outtake of the zombie outbreak in the UK, but it worked a little bit like the excellent World War Z, where there are different people narrating their experience.

I had read this a while back, and can't really remember how the story goes but it is a bit unremarkable. I think I remember the schoolkids who survived with another family. It was kinda tragic and sweet story. The other story is just a blur in my mind.

There is a lot of how they are going to outrun and survive the zombies outbreak which is the part I always enjoyed so I remember enjoying this book and felt like I will not be opposed to read the sequel.

Zombie Apocalypse! Fightback (Zombie Apocalypse, #2)

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

The sequel was a mistake. Where the previous book mostly concentrated on the accounts of the survivor, this book focus is on how the zombies created and one mastermind thinking zombie which just exasperated me,

This book tried to explain the origins of zombies it in a supernatural way, which is kinda lame and make me lose interest in the plot.. very fast. It got very boring.

And when it was shown this way, I really hated it. Maybe it is unfair to expect every zombie story , the reason of the infection should be vague but this .. it kinda dont make sense and irritating. That then also affected the characters where it made everyone looks weak. We don't stand a chance. What is a zombie story when all hope is lost. Boring I tell you.

I am not faulting the writing but I can't just get behind this telling of the origins of the zombies and the supposedly world domination of the zombies. A zombie who can think, is just lame. He is just like any other monster then.

Hate this book.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The kids

He fell asleep , Brownie saw him there and plopped right next to him. Brownie is also a big cuddly teddy bear. 

Aziz is in his Upin and Ipin attachment phase. Balik sekolah kalau boleh selalu nak berUpin and berIpin. Gah. I need to distract him to do more worthwhile stuffs but sometimes I am so busy I just let him be, also sometimes so malas too. He watched Upin and Ipin so much he is beginning to sound like them. 

Reading about anak Filla punye imaginary friend, I remembered now that Aziz had one too. He called him 'Kun' which to me sounded a lot like a name a Jin would have. So I don't really encourage this behavior though I do ask some. I am fine with imaginary friends, I have some, but at the time I was older and I am lonely and needed something to be attached to. So I create some imaginary friends but am well aware it is my creations. He don't really play with his 'Kun' anymore because I think his real life friends at his playschool is more satisfactory and also he make believed that Upin and Ipin friends are his friends. So I am ok with that. 

Still seeing ghosts. Though half the time I am not sure if its real or not. But sometimes the terror in his eyes are real, so its unfair to not be unsympathetic to this ( also very scary to me late at night). 

Makan still payah but nowadays since adik die dah start makan nasi, aku terus bagi sekaligus untuk dua orang. This makes it easier for both of us, since he likes to eat bile ade 'geng' and cut down my feeding time to the kids. Though now he is beginning to be picky where before this tadek pon. Tetiba taknak makan sayur hijau or 'daun' as he said it. Then 2 hari lepas he said .. "no carrot" terus kena sergah dengan mak die. Pandai pon telan and now makan je carrot tanpa banyak cerita. Haha. I can't stand picky eater lah. 

Very much attached to his father. Hari Jumaat tu I have to WFH because Saif is sick and instead of his father as usual, I picked him up . Memula excited because .."yeay.. school habis!" then... "mana ayahhh.. aziz nak ayah.. ayah best". Haha. Well I have to admit his father do play with him a lot more than I. Tunggu la nanti ayah kena outstation. 

Kena barricade so nangis sebab takleh pass through, cannot go.. have to be there crying his eyes out. Excuse the mess, I was harried. And I am in the process of wrapping my books so books are everywhere!

Saif baru je baik from his salmonella poisoning sekarang selsema pulak. I think it is the combination of the haze and jangkit from mommy. This is why I have to WFH on Friday. Saif was so excited to have his mom the whole day that he refused to sleep! My husband have to come back just before lunch hour because I tinggalkan my power adapter at the office so he helped to drive me and Saif to my office and then I drop him at his. Saif tido for a little while kat dalam kereta so he felt that is enough and spent the whole afternoon playing. Huhu. Naseb baik la I don't really have to work, only just be online. 

Saif also is at the stage where it is a joy to feed him because mulut bagaikan gua. He will gobble everything up. Makan banyak. Minum susu sikit. 

He is also an early riser, pukul 6 lebih die akan cranky bangun nak susu and pukul 7 dah happy merangkak sana sini at his cot or the bed. He like his abang is now sleeping through the night after a 10 or 11 pm feeding. I am so relieved at this. I was so cranky when I was waking up every 2 hours for feeding time. 

Clingy yang amat. Whenever he saw me he will cried asking to be carried, but he is then happy to be doing his own stuff just as long as I am near. If I manage to get away unnotice to wash the dishes then he will continue happily, if he noticed i bergerak gi tempat lain, nanti die merangkak2 ikut sambil nangis2. Huhu.. 

Not yet walking but pandai berdiri. He had started to stand or pulled himself up and hang onto furnitures way earlier, I think around 7 months camtuh. Then it stopped a while when he was sick for a long time. Now he is practicing to stand again and he looks so delighted whenever he found out that he can stand without holding on to anything. My baby is gonna walk soon. 

Saif is gonna be 1 year old next month. Wow. How time flies. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Popular Warehouse Book Sales

I am always thrilled to be in a book warehouse sales. As you all should know by now. 

Also I am not too thrilled about the Big Bad Wolf Sales nowadays because of the crowd. And their promotions. Someone mentioned that people are almost killing themselves in order to win the passes to get to the preview sales and they don't win any prizes either. True. Throw those people a bone la at least. 

On the other hand, they are geniuses in not having to do much for promotion because the fans who hope to get the passes will do it for them. 

Hehe. While I was one of em, but last year, I went for the preview passes and the crowd is just as maddening if I go to other days, so this year I macam malas beria to win the passes. 

Anyway, not dissing the BBW because I want to talk about the Popular Book Warehouse sales. Because I like variety. Also there are some redundant authors in some book warehouse sales, which I believe some publishing houses are not available in the BBW or MPH sales or even Penguin sales. 

Also... I haven't been to a Penguin Warehouse book sales for the longest time. Ade lagi ke? 

Regressed again! 

Last week my sister informed me that Viva Mall had these Popular Book Warehouse Sales ongoing where the books are at RM5. Dirt cheap. The cheapest ever. Ok. 

I remembered that last year I was planning to go when it was held on November, but hari nak pergi tu.. terberanak pulak. LOL. So didn't manage to go. 

And I wouldnt know about this if my sister didn't mentioned it to me, because didn't see this advertised anywhere else. I would have assume it would be held in November like last year. After this, this event would go up my radar. 

Because RM5 people! 

The place was airy, spacious and they provided trolleys!

The place was kinda organized, where it sectioned off the area to Teens, Romance, SciFi, Romance, Autobiography etc.. etc..

Pretty spacious and big eh.

Some of the book selections. The teen section have pretty good YA. It also have psstt.. A banned book section, where I got my Chuck Palahniuk book.

They also sold cheap stationeries where I bought a children picnic table for RM15 and these storage stool that Aziz make use as imaginary car and slide for RM30.

And the books I bought.
For the kids which is like RM5 for 2. 
Cheap kan and this is the only things I bought for the kids partly also, they have loads at home and Aziz seems always want to read the same books over and over again, so biar la dulu. No need to tambah.

Mommy die not content in reading the same book over and over again and the belows are my book.

Because of Jackie Collins recent death and reading of all the kind words that people wrote about her, I feel like maybe I need to be introduced to one of her work. I heard Hollywood Diaries was quite good so .. I picked this. There wre few other Jackie Collins there.

Angela's Ashes .. don't play play. One of the classic books that I feel like.. maybe I will need to read this for the betterment of my literary knowledge.

A few YA I picked at random because it looked interesting 

I tertinggal this book in the pic so I just lift the image from Google to include here because you know I like to keep track of my books. 
I counted, these are around 31 books plus 2 children books.

And I can't resist taking this too because the movie is cheesy fun and I hope the books are so too. And it must be like RM10 tops because the total of all these books are RM170. 

Those are crazy cheap. I had around RM250 on my wallet and was prepared to use the plastic cards, but when the tell me the amout, I was like. Huh.. I should have bought more. 

But I can't because Saif was screaming blue murder because he was hungry and Aziz was tearing up the place like what a bored 3 years old wont to do...  so I didn't have much time to browse ( and my trolley was overflowing) . 

But even in that short amount of time it was so worth the shopping trip! 

I would have up this blog post much sooner but I myself only knows this sale way too late, so I guess, til next year then!. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Another option for cheap books

A while ago I tried Book Depository to buy some books that I am unable to find here. Actually I was so charmed watching Austenland ( if its in Astro, watch it because it is a charming chick lit), I felt like I have to get the novel too which is written by Shannon Hale btw . The cheapest option then was buying it from Book Depository and alang2 buying books online of course it have to be more than 1. Save duit parking and tol and minyak also! 

Anyway.. the other book that I bought is Libba Bray Gemma Doyle trilogy. Felt like, maybe I should buy one first to see if I like it. Then bought it later on. Also only the first book have discount. Hehe. 
Anyway, I read the first book and love it ( though it have its weaknesses), and bile time I nak beli the other 2 books, book depository still do not offer any discounts for these 2 book sequels. And our currency had gone down so much against the USD that it became reallly expensive. 

I tried searching locally but it was still expensive compare if I can buy it online, so I tried different online book sites and stumbled into BetterWorldBooks. From what little I read of it , it sells books but also generate social impact by recycling and promoting literacy around the world. I think for every book bought, it will donate a book to those who need it. So yeah, I am always behind organization that place importance on social responsibility and am happy to try this out. It have new and secondhand books in stocks.

I opted for the secondhand books for both of my books, because why pay more if you have the options to pay less kan. It does state in the page on the used book conditions, if its either have some signs of wear or some definite wear. Both of my books that I want, the books are in good used conditions so I am hoping it will be delivered to me that way. 

I am not gonna provide instructions because anyone which include my 11 year old niece knows how to purchase stuffs online. I used PayPal for my transactions. I was wringing my hands before buying because I don't know if I should buy it now or wait for the MYR currency to go up a bit, but I am glad I didnt wait because the MYR have yet to improve. Sigh. When I bought it was 3.89 MYR = 1 USD. Today is 4.40 MYR to 1 USD. Holy cow. Everyone is worried here in Malaysia on our economic state I tell you. Anyway... this is not what I want to blog about! 

It took a while but that is understandable for international shipping ( and the shipping is like book depository is also free!). Took around a month for it to be delivered to my front step. Literally. The postman put it right by my door last week. 

Mini cars not included

And this is the condition of the books that I bought. 

Yeah. I can live with that. Gonna wrap the book soon and the wear at the edges won't be so annoying.

I like that I have options beside the usual. Also during my online browsing for book sites online, found one locally Book Up, but I couldnt find the books that I want there. But I want to try out selling my books there. My bookshelves are running out of space. Will up a post on how it goes if I do end up selling. 

Ok. Thought of writing the book shopping spree I had done last Saturday, but this post is getting too long. 


Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday random post

Ever since I sync my phone up with Google it is way easier to post pictures here. Tapiii limit gamba aku kat Google dah tak banyak, really need to find other way. Tunggu lah bile rajin nanti. 

So this Monday edition of a random post goes like 

When I got back from the hospital on Friday tu, baru lah dapat bermesra-mesra dengan the cats. However while the others bese2 je, found that Gollywolly just want to sit on the sofa. There is something wrong with Wolly when she wants to be on the sofa because that is not her favorite place. 

Rupanye demam. Can feel her body temp is warmer than usual. So the whole Saturday was spent on her terbongkang di atas sofa where all of us sit on the floor instead. The cats reign supreme at this house. I dah berkira2 if on Sunday she is still melepek tak bermaya I will bring her to the vet. Because I can see she is drinking and eating and her taik ok je (tak runny) . Anak kandung sakit, anak bulus pon sakit. 

But naseb baik on Sunday she seems ok. She still does not want to go out, but berjalan2 di rumah macam biasa and no longer as warm as on Saturday. Tak payah gi vet! Yes! 

Kurus sikit. Poor Wolly. My sister said tah2 die rindu kan mommy die. Heh. But dont think so, it is probably the haze. Wolly ni memang prone to sickness if the air is bad. 

Saif Condition.
Thank you for the well wishes and he is out of the hospital! Yeay finally discharged to my relief. All those days at the hospital make me really lethargic the whole weekend. And Saif is not 100% yet too. He is still pooping I think around once every 4 hrs. The doctor did say it would take sometime for him to fully recover. Poor baby! Hoping that he would get better as soon as possible. Thank God that is also the school holiday, so nursery die pon tutup seminggu. In the mean time he will be at home recuperating lah. 

Sekarang ni my husband WFH and take care of him, I will be on leave on Wed and Friday to take care of the kids plak. So harap by that time he will stop the non stop pooping. 

Time ni baru balik dari hospital . Immediately terus nak merangkak ke sana ke sini. We sampai rumah at the time around 2pm. I ingatkan nak put him to sleep la kan. Tadek. Sibuk die nak kesana ke sini . Lepaskan geram merangkak after being chained to the iv drip kut. Last2 die pengsan tertidur sendiri tengah2 ruang tamu. 

The doctor and nurses said to give him plent of fluids but tu pon susah amat. He only wants to direct feed kan, and I give him porridge kt rumah semua tolak. Last2 in frustration I give him nasi lembik dgn ayam kurma, baru la selera. Dan teh o pekat. Hahaha. Bagi tu solid la kejab taik die. 

Baru je recently watched 50 Shades of Grey. I avoided the book because reading about how a girl submit herself so readily to a man can make me all ragey but I am still curious for the movie because well,, it will consume less of my time. 

So sambil aku melipat baju and kemas baju, I tengok la the movie. And the critics are right . Sam Taylor Johnson, elevate the material, made it to a decent movie. Dakota Johnson makes us girls/women like Anastasia Steele as she is charming and lovable and sweet here even during the erotic scenes. And the weak link here is Jamie Dornan, Mr Grey himself. He was gile handsome masa Once Upon A Time, but here die macam meh. He is not convincing as a confident man. Basically he does not own the room he walked in. As for the naughty bits itself, it was meh la. Nothing really shocking and when Anastasia asked the worst of the BDSM, and that's it? Lepas tu die nangis when she should know what it is by now. Saying her feelings got hurt? I don't know y'all . You ask for it. And no.. it does not feel rape to me, but is it? is it? I guess it is about punishment and feeling shamed. 

I am so confused . 

I guess its the typical romantic heroine lead wants to change a guy who refused to commit. It only worked in the literary/rom com world. In the real world, you may turn out to be like that poor girl in Mont Kiara who died of asphyxiation. 


Friday, September 18, 2015

Mom's guilt

From Monday Saif was warded at hospital. 

It started from Thursday, like I said earlier when the nursery teacher informed he had a fever. But it then turned to full blown diarrhea and pukes all over the house. 

Husband brought him to the clinic and the doctor said it most probably is food poisoning. 

But the weekend he didnt get any better. And by Monday he was looking like this 

Which scares me. My sister said if the eyes looked sunken, that is a clear sign of dehydration. Brought him to the paeds and immediately the paeds saw him and his face is all serious instead of his usual jokey self and said to ward him.

Giving him random stuffs so he have things to play with.

Saif the next day and his cheek is getting fuller again to my relief. By this time he had refused bottle and only want to directly feed. Which is soooo annoying because we can't give him his ORS. Die punye other medicine pon we have to put quite an effort to force him to swallow it. And the ORS which is for me personally I HATE apatah lagi for baby. So he do not want his formula milk or plain water or glucose water. I can only force like half an oz of ORS water and that took a lot of effort. I even put a bit on his porridge lepas tu die rijek ok. And food is the only thing he wants aside from BM, which is actually pretty oklah . 

Anyway...  during the whole stay at the hospital he is still pooping every 2 3 hrs. Sehari standard berak dalam 10 kali ok. So the doctor is very reluctant to release him. He was tested for rotavirus but that aint it. And today the doctor said that Saif actually had salmonella poisoning to my horror. He can be discharged today, but he may still be pooping every 3 4 hrs. We need to strong armed him more to force the ORS water down his throat then. 

I think most people knows what salmonella poisoning is and the most probable culprit is improper handling of food ( usually from meat or chicken) , which place the blame on me because I also bekalkan food to him at nursery. I am very anal in washing hands and making sure my meat/chicken are cooked thoroughly. Who knows maybe the chicken was not cooked thoroughly. Oh dear.. or it can be from other people.  I am actually at a loss on where/when he does get it, but I also knows 

1. Needs more hand washing before and after preparing food and bagi food. 
2. Proper food handling. 

Sigh. Today I feel very inept as a mother. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Keep Calm and Carry On , so overused yet so apt

Got nothing to do at office. Still wrapping stuffs. Oh my contract work here is gonna end soon and only 2 out of 4 people I believed are offered to continue. But I am fine about it because I don't think this is the job for me and am happy for the other 2 because this is great opportunity for them. It was always stated that they hired us so there are more people on hands during the business downtime tu.

I may or maybe not have a job after this. Waiting on an offer. Not too psyched about it, but I also do not want to complain much because people are losing their jobs right and left in this economy and soo many companies especially the one I want in KL are now in a hiring freeze. But like I said, there is no official offer yet, lets seen. In the mean time duduk ofis and keep calm and wrap books on.

The nursery teacher whatsapp me informing me that Saif have a fever and bile sampai rumah found him fussing and crying and with a high temp. He was being very clingy. So mengantuk. He kept on pooping every 2 or 3 hours with intermittent muntah all over me sebab die nak tidur atas mommy die. Husband offered to take EL so I datang lah ofis and he takes care of baby. Saif at the cliniic now I guess. 

Aziz macam biasa die la. We are still trying to toilet train him, tapi sebab we all sendiri tak konsisten so tak berapa nak jadi. But during raya haji nanti the nursery and preschool tutup for a week, and we decided at the time. Tapi die resisted jugak . Macam last weekend tak pakaikan diapers kat die. Die punye lah marah. He came down to the living room and gave me his diaper cakap " Aziz bukan big boy!" Sebab bapak die cakap.. big boy tak pakai pampers. He was so uncomfortable not wearing diaper so we give him undie to wear. Haha. Ah well.. tengok camne lah nanti. 


MINE! ALL MINE! Husband punye teammates mana yang balik dari Turkmenistan bring back this whole plastic of chocolates for me. I especially love that Alpen Gold. I told him beli yang Alpen tu je, yang lain2 tadek takpe. Hehe.

My morning drink. Dan gua ni cheapskate. I don't use the whole packet in one mug, I usually used only half and keep it for another day or later in the day. Partly cheapskate partly I memang suke watery drinks. Haha.

Dan semalam I went to a cafe at my office to enjoy a chicken chop all by my lonesome. Sebab bile keluar dengan bebudak I usually akan order benda yang senang I nak makan satu tangan, satu tangan lagi sebuk pegang budak la ape la especially Saif clingy tu, So nak makan chicken chop kena la pandai cari time. Gitu. Haha. 

Huh. Semalam macam banyak je mende nak update. Tapi bile ade idea tu, time tu sibuk nak balik. SO malas. Heh. Laters then. 

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