Thursday, July 30, 2015

Finished several books so...

Short reviews sebab not feeling wordy . Hehe. I like that I am reading a lot btw. Though I think I may have to start being choosy in what I read.

The BrokerThe Broker by John Grisham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Synopsis from Wiki:
The Broker is a suspense novel written by American author John Grisham and published in the United States on January 11, 2005. The novel follows the story of Joel Backman, a newly pardoned prisoner who had tried to broker a deal to sell the world's most powerful satellite surveillance system to the highest bidder.

- Simple quick read. Enjoyable.

- The main question or the plot device does not make any sense. But I enjoyed the book so I dont care much about the plot device.

- Characters are ok enough. Not fleshed out enuogh. I probably like Luigi more.

- The book just makes me want to go to Italy and hungry. Maybe John Grisham wrote this when he was in Bologna because je made Bologna sounds appealing and that is the only thing that stands out in this book.

Kill Zone (Kyle Swanson Sniper, #1)Kill Zone by Jack Coughlin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Synopsis from Goodreads:
Gunnery Sgt. Kyle Swanson, a top Marine sniper, is vacationing on a yacht in the Mediterranean when he receives orders to mount a top secret mission to rescue the general. But as the Marines prepare to land in the Syrian desert, they fall victim to a terrible accident. Swanson, the only survivor, then discovers they were also flying into an ambush. How did the enemy have details of a mission known only to a few top American government officials?   

Swanson takes off across the desert alone to find the captured general and realizes he is fighting a particularly ruthless and dangerous enemy: American mercenaries working for a very-high-level group of U.S. officials with ties to the White House itself, part of a clandestine conspiracy whose hidden goal is nothing less than total control of the American military. Their sworn enemy is the captured general whose fate now rests in Swanson’s hands.   

- The intro was horrible. I almost put the book down. Kyle Swanson was introduced kinda clumsily and it took a long time for me to warm up to him.

- The female characters is eye rollingly bad. But I don't expect much so I guess it was as good as I can get for this type of books.

- Once the action gets to the desert then the fun started! I believed it when it is stated the author used to be a marine, because the middle part of the book is the core strength of the book. The gritty actions, the wait, the suspense, the training. It feels real and believable and I can pictured it clearly.

- Would not be opposed to read his work again since the action part of the book is highly enjoyable.

- I howver have to really roll my eyes when a seemingly respectable army officer decidedly to take off her clothes and have sex with her superior ( not reporting superior but still... ) It is so random and sexist! I hate that and feels like a typical man fantasy. This only happened in porn lah.

To Catch an Heiress (Agents of the Crown, #1)To Catch an Heiress by Julia Quinn
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Synopsis from Goodreads:
When Caroline Trent is kidnapped by Blake Ravenscroft, she doesn’t even try to elude this dangerously handsome agent of the crown. After all, she’s been running from unwanted marriage proposals. Yes, Blake believes she’s a notorious spy named Carlotta De Leon, but for six weeks until her twenty-first birthday, when she’ll gain control of her own fortune, hiding out in the titillating company of a mysterious captor is awfully convenient—and maybe just a little romantic, too.

Blake Ravenscroft’s mission is to bring “Carlotta” to justice, not to fall in love. His heart has been hardened by years of intrigue, but this little temptress proves oddly disarming and thoroughly kissable. And suddenly the unthinkable becomes possible—that this mismatched couple might be destined for love

I maybe am tired of Julia Quinn. I don't know. The last few books by her I read, it just makes me want to squash something.

I think I may have pinpoint my problem with Julia Quinn books.

She tried too hard to make her characters witty.

She pushed the funny part too long.

The plot device that supposedly delay the 2 main characters to be together as soon as possible ... like in the first 2 chapter is getting more ridiculous by each book I read.

Not all girls have to be innocent = worthy of love. I think that is just my gripe with the whole chic lit/romance books in general.

The spy stuff is lame. I am sorry it is. If the hero.. can't remember his name ,is a spy, then I am a duck. He is lame. God!

I would enjoy more if the book heroine is Carlotta I guess.

It is just a list full of complaints because I cant seem to find a positive thing to talk about this book. Sorry Julia.

Daisy MillerDaisy Miller by Henry James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Synopsis from Wiki:
It portrays the courtship of the beautiful American girl Daisy Miller by Winterbourne, a sophisticated compatriot of hers. His pursuit of her is hampered by her own flirtatiousness, which is frowned upon by the other expatriates when they meet in Switzerland and Italy

I love this sweet little book.

Daisy Miller is a whirlwind. Even though the author wrote this a really long time ago, Daisy Miller even in the 21st century digital age, feels refreshing as a character, as a woman.

A woman who knows her own mind, who may wavers but can quickly made up her mind and stick to it. I love her.

The writing is simple, beautiful. The characters are evolved, complex even in their simplicity. A good simple quick read and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to read classic but feels a classic book may overwhelm them.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Masih ramai yang cuti ka. 

Anyway. Selamat Hari Raya. Just got back to work today. So masih lemau. Not helping is that I am still loya2 dari my plane flight. Hehehe. Puked a lot in front of Aziz, and he was like .. "eiiii Mommy ni.. naseb baik la tak kena Aziz." . It was a smooth flight actually but I think I was not feeling too well due to the many air gas consumed during raya. I am also a little bit sick of kek lapis at the moment. 

But I am getting ahead of myself. Didnt take a lot of photos, dont know why exactly. Raya tahun ni pon I rase macam kurang meriah at Balingian.  Maybe adik beradik my husband semua tadek kut. But on the upside it doesnt take a long time to wait for bilik air to be available. LOL. 

Amik gamba berempat pon tak sempat. Which is a shame. Maybe when pergi beraya somewhere this weekend kut I'll try. I am not big on taking pictures of myself so I always forgot when I am tired or harried from carrying Saif in my arm and feeding Aziz. 

Gambar di first raya. Tu pon I suruh duduk situ tangkap gamba then I forgot about myself. LOL. Saif tu semua orang ingat girl sebab baju die macam baju kurung, tapi it is actually a baju Melayu kurta. Hehe. 

Raya dish it was rendang and ketupat palas and laksa sarawak. I macam malas nak rebus I punye instant ketupat nasi sebab ade laksa sarawak, so it was ok je. Then later pon I pergi beraya rumah sape tah die ade serve ketupat nasi. So I was set! 

That being said, I am kinda homesick of Johor raya food, tengok la weekend ni if I nak buat lodeh for my own consumption. Huhu. You people may called it lontong, it is sayur lodeh for us. I am not too clear on the difference though I noticed an abundance of vegetable in sayur lodeh. 

Kek lapis on display. That is just one of 2 bekas kek. Yang paling sedap is kek milo yang dekat kiri sekali where Saif hands are holding the penutup. Semua pon sedap. The thing I like about raya in Sarawak, you can bet all of their kek lapis are made by themselves. Kueh raya mungkin tak, but kek lapis ye. 

Lepas solat raya and  bersalam-salaman we went to beraya around the kampung. I selalu cuak motor2 ni kalau bawak laju atas titi around the kampung ni. 

Sebab raya tahun ni tak lama pon at Sarawak, by raya ketiga we headed back to Bintulu. My husband punye family belah ayah die have a big family gathering on Monday. But our car broke down in the middle of the dirt road. 

 The dirt road and our car yang dipinjamkan.

 We were worried because 1. it was not our car 2. the cost. But the owner was  nice about it and the repair surprisingly tak mahal pon. So small blessings in mishap. The kids sedap je tido dalam kereta masa kereta tu rosak, in the middle of nowhere. Nasib baik we convoy with my MIL and PIL. So the kids and I got into my PIL car while my husband waited there for the tow truck. The tow truck cost is exorbitant but cannot be helped because it was raya weekend and jauh dalam hutan. Huhu. 

On Monday tu ade gathering satu family of my PIL. Kira my husband datuk got about 11 kids, and most if not all are gathered at Li Hua Hotel for raya feast and just fun. It was interesting. I have a small family and being in the room where most of the people there are my husband cousins is overwhelming. Aziz had fun and we even managed to win 2 lucky draw prizes. 

Dekat rumah atuk die pon Aziz and his 2 cousins had the ultimate time running around so I have to say my kid had fun. Saif pon jadi attention as ramai je offer nak dukung. At one time he was the main entertainment for a group of guests. Suke la anak aku tu. 

It was a good hari raya but nothing beat home even though rupa rumah sekarang macam tongkang pecah and I think my husband is wearing his ultimate patience hat jaga 2 kids sebab nursery tutup. I asked him to call a cleaning service to clean the house this Friday because frankly we don't have the time and he have a lot on his plate jugak. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Update before Eid

Well then... our country is certainly being very silly kan. Dari top to bottom. Malas komen lebih. 

I think a lot of people are going balik kampung. Even the boys punye taska pon dah tutup. Ayah la mengambik cuti and take care of the kids. And taska tu cuti up to end of next week. Kesian husband. But I can't take a long leave, dapat cuti ni pon cukup baik. I think I maybe a little bit excited for raya now. Mainly because the food. 

This Ramadhan has been like a new low for me. I feel tired and sleepy most of the time. Very not energetic.  Maybe mood akan extra sikit lepas balik cuti. Though I will be busy, have to work the whole weekend end of this month, which I am not too pleased about sebab bulan raya kan. But to think of it, it is not like I get a lot of invitation raya pon. 

Also told husband I taknak cook la this remainder Ramadhan. Heh. I am blessed that my husband never really pushed I cook if I don't feel like it ( and many time I don't feel like it ), but still lagi tengah kemas barang nak balik Sarawak. And only finished kemas baju bebudak ni. Next is my baju and the little little things like food, milks, botol susu, brush, toiletries all those thing yang you akan tertinggal if don't think real hard. 

If balik JB I tak rase cemas sangat if I tertinggal something sebab I am at my territory so I know what I can get. Lagipun everyone in Bandar Baru Uda knows that, Pasaraya Q&Q will stay open even if there is a zombie apocalypse happening. There are only closed on the eve before CNY for their big dinner. But I am excited for this Raya food and though I may have to buy at least 1 small packet of instant ketupat for moi sebab I je makan firstly at my husband kampung and I can't eat ketupat palas like others in huge amount because nanti I sebu. 

Hoping also this raya I and the kids would not get sick. Last time we did not bring any medicine, this time semua spesis ubat bawak! Other than that I am looking forward for the many kek lapis I will be eating in the next few days. Hello newly expanding waistline, 

Next time bersiaran , probably after Ramadhan. So I will wish my Muslim readers, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and maaf if anything I write here or anywhere that is hurtful to you. I sincerely apologized. 

Tu Aziz playing with his reflections while Saif looking weirdly at his big brother. Had to stop him from licking the window. Euw Aziz. 

And hey,, I think this is the second ke first Ramadhan in yearsss that I get to puasa penuh. But heyyy.. still ade 2 days to go, With my propensity to get pukey on airplane, maybe macam tahun lepas, satu hari burn jugak. Ah well. 

Selamat Hari Raya y'all! Have a good celebration and drive safely. 

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

A turbulent time

I am updating blog like I used to do. Ramble and ramble. I think it is good. Well I did this because I have no work lor. Dulu ade juga keje. Tunggu kerja esok sampai! Kerja here ni bile time ade keje, busy tak menang tangan. Bile tadek, tadeekk langsung. 

Sekarang ni Malaysians people are so engrossed at their phone reading up on the WSJ allegations regarding our PM. From my understanding, what is highlighted by WSJ was actually in the earlier AG reports which the higher up deemed classified and should not be released to public. That just showed the level of corruption in our country. Because after WSJ make light of this, then it seems like all sorts of actions and questions are being undertaken.

There are many theories that can be thrown out, however bear in mind that the authorities had already warned we rakyat marhaen to not spread this. All I can say is that while all of us at the edge of our seat to see what unravels next, in my sinking heart, I feel like there can never be change. No one seems to be taking corruption seriously. It took newspaper abroad that the authorities seems to bristle up and take some sorta action. And in the case of MARA , almost no action at all. 

I don't talk politics in my blog because frankly, most of it is hard to keep up and you need to read a lot to give a sound opinion. This is not a sound opinion, but rather a simple opinion made by a simple person reading about serious mishandling of money being done by the top people who supposedly have our best interest at heart. 

No wonder people are leaving Malaysia left and right. Frankly I am disappointed. I also believed this is a turning point in Malaysia's politic. If no change are made now, if the people at the top still believe they are invisible , then we are doomed. If investigation are being done properly, information transparent, actual people in power being held accountable, then we can move forward. Our country can heal. If not, we will continue to bleed and then cripple. 

Wow. That is heavy. Now I don't feel like writing anything light. Tomorrow then. Today we wallow in the news ( that legal letter is hilarious and inept btw ) and we pray that our economy will bounce back and an effective and honest leader will lead the country, 

Monday, July 06, 2015

The rush before Raya

You can see it everywhere. 

Last weekend was occupied with finding a jubah for my MIL. Since she requested a certain color, so we went out looking for it.  We went there after buka puasa kat Thaba Village. Seronok je aku request owner Thaba Village to make Masala Tea and he prepared a jug for anyone who wants it, dan berchapatti dan nan dengan seronok. 

I always like Thaba Village food. It feels like homemade food. Kali ni mahal sikit.  Sekarang dah RM45. Tak stay lama pon sebab dah tua nak makan banyak2 pon tak lepas. Hahaha. Like I said, I got to taste the pulut and kari ayam ( sedap gilo) , nan, chapatti, mutton masala and chicken, vege dhal ( my all time favorite dish whenever I go there ), sayur bendi masak with kelapa kering, kari ikan. Ade sup ayam I didn't taste and kueh2 . Ok la spread die. Oh nasi mandy pon ade.

Tengok gamba ni rase nak pegi lagi. We don't go there very often but dalam setahun tu at least 2 kali kut. And setiap Ramadhan mesti pergi situ.

Anyway lepas buka puasa , we went into every available boutique at Wangsa Melawati and took a picture of jubah turquoise yang mungkin my MIL likes. Oh, I heard that the boutiques in Bangi memang penuh dengan wanita. Sebab I am not secekal wanita2 lain, we just looked area Wangsa Melawati tu je. Was looking for blouse tapi yang I berkenan kat Elle Zada takde my size. Last2 the blouse I beli kat AU2, Dah beli rase besarrr plak.. macam pregnant T_T . Bantai la. I already have the baju kurung for the turquoises theme this year. Tapi sebab it is a baju kurung moden so ketat sikit and susah sikit la nak menyusu.  

Nak beli satu lagi baju kurung macam malas, so ingatkan pakai blouse je. If not, I pakai blouse tu petang je. Sebab petang baru pergi beraya selalunye. 
After searching for the blouses tu, dah kehausan. I cakap nak Starbucks so my husband drove towards Gombak, boleh plak I cakap.. eh gi IKEA terus la. Time tu dah 9.30 . I google tengok IKEA tutup pukul 11 pm. So sempat la nak gi beli the stuffs that we want. Pukul 10.30 malam kat IKEA tu ramai gile orang! Dan boleh pulak Starbucks tepi IKEA tu dah tutup at 11pm. Ceh. I am kat KLCC and Great Eastern Mall sampai pukul 12 ke 2 ??? Tapi at the end husband singgah jugak at the drive through one. Ramai betul orang berdrive trough Starbucks at the time.

So besok to baru decide nak beli the jubah after my MIL. We singgah Zawara after shopping at AU2 for my blouse and budak2 ni punye seluar pelikat. If at that night I thought ramai at Zawara, yesterday lagi ramai. People are disappointed left and right because there are no sizes for their preferred jubah/baju. I pon boleh pulak berkenan pada jubah batik die. Pon tadek size. Last2 aku beli online. . Tengok la kalau sempat sampai.

Ugh. Pagi tadi bangun kul 5.56 am. Which means no sahur. So parched! Bertahanlah.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Point form

- Masih tidak sempat amik gamba juadah berbuka pose, but hey, I reached home usually at 6.30 or 6.40 then solat, then terus masak. Takde nak pic bagai. 

- Semalam masak labu masak lemak and telo masak kicap je. Sahur tadi bangun lewat. Husband makan roti je. I memang roti je, sambil2 tu roti aku kena sambar dek Saif. Die macam Aziz gak masa kecik. He will wakes up if I wakes up. Huhu. Bawak la koala bear tu sekali sahur. 

- Had a major battle with Aziz today. He throws a huge fuss in waking up more than usual and refuse to wear his school uniform. Because I dah tak larat dah, I asked him what he wants to wear and he tunjuk t-shirt spiderman. So die pegi sekolah pakai lah baju spiderman and seluar sekolah. Jangan sekolah rendah buat perangai macam tu. Cikgu disiplin tak heran ok!  

- I am really hankering after sushi. More importantly sushi zanmai for no apparent reason. Maybe sushi king. Dulu ade kedai jepun bukak kat Ukay Boulevard but dah tutup tak sampai beberapa bulan bukak. I really feel bad for kedai2 there. The only thing that seems to thrive there is Pegaga. Kafe Skrin pon not bad gak. 

- Punye le malas goreng donut pon kat airfryer. I suke sebenarnye. This is actually the frozen donut and I like how it turned out, rase die padat. Not as fluffy as I like, but ini pon sodap. 

- Working here, company ade provided nursing room which is great. But bulan puasa ni I prefer to pam susu at surau because I can strecth out and rest my eyes. I am actually very careful in not letting myself fall asleep because that means a massive headache when I woke up from my nap. I don't like that. So I deal with the sleepiness with just relaxing and playing Candy Crush (Helloo!! Level 1000 now ok . ) . Sometimes if I had run out of lives, I will read books. I can't deal with being stuck at the desk all the time. Gile pening. Time like this I miss my old company and Midvalley. Haha. 

- Oohh.. and I didn't mentioned it here but my Medela ice pack got stoler from the nursing fridge freezer. I am so mad whenever I think about it. I don't label the icepack because well, normally I see people dont label it and if we put it there at a certain spot.. then it is ours la. Lebih kurang like that. Then bile petang tu nak amik , it is gone. I put up a note requesting it back,... but tadek okeh! Meaning that person memang steals the icepack. Gah! I like to think breastfeeding mothers as people who wished the best for their child, which also in turn should makes them pretty decent human being. What kinda makes me furious is the knowledge that a mother would do this, steal stuffs. Ugh. Pro tip: If you left your ice pack and needs em to bring your breast milk back home. Use ICE!. Or buy ice! You should realized you are missing an icepack early on the day sebab nak pergi pump or nak letak dalam freezer kan.. so you should have plenty of times to make ice. I had done this several time sebab I memang pelupa, but I basically have plastic bags or ziplocks in my drawers and I will put ice in them as a temporary ice pack for the milk. Simple je kann... tak payah resort to mencuri other people stuffs. *feeling all riled up*

- Hmmm... 

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