Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I got a job! Yeay... Wait, havent I posted that like a month ago? Oh yeah.. I did. I got another job. Hehehe.. Yups yups.. so its true aight. Fresh graduate tend to job-hop. But hey.. the pay was kinda lousy. The work is dull. (any work is dull).. but this will be a better experience for me since I will be dealing with McAfee antivirus support. So I will opt for this even though the work will be hard.

I went for the interview last week. Every one in the office knew I went for an interview. So of course I have just got to get it! At first I went, I was mildly apprehensive since the receptionist are both chinese. Then I look around me only about 5 malays around. All the rest are non-malays. And only 2 of em including me wearing a tudung. When I thought that all we had to do before the interview is to fill out the usual form.. name, education,siblings..etc etc, The cute chinese receptionist gave me another form. A test on our knowledge of virus, network and Internet! So.. I was thankful for the chance of being an ex UTP IRC OP. Campuses offered us aplenty of education apart from classes aight? Then we were called into a room, and were tested on our grammar, listening skills, pronunciation, customer service and typing skills. The lady who took my mark on typing skils was mildly impressed since I got 100% accuracy and my typing skill is an advanced level. Hahahhaha.. at long last.. a recognition in being a manic chatter for almost 7 years.

The interview is not that bad. He is an Australian. I used to live in Australia briefly. We chatted along marvellously once I got through the nervousness. So... its not that bad overall. I rarely did badly pon at interview usually. Except for the Schlumberger interview masa training dulu. That was a complete disaster, and I knew I did't get it right away. But hey... it all depends on how confident you might be feeling aight.

Oh.. I forgot.. My workplace will be around KLCC. But don't think so I will enjoy my time as in industrial training dulu, since I will be working in shift. Oh.. takutnye~

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Benson and Hedges dream almost came true

Eh.. friendster had started blog thingies rite? Herm.. it is cool when most peoples would read ur blog.. but how can u 'umpat' a certain peoples eh? hihu

I am tired.. It had been a most .. something something week. Haha.. for once I can't put a word to something. No worries.. I was called yesterday for an interview. I am sure most of you would had laugh when they heard the position they ask me to filled in. Somewhat like a kayak instructor. I was strangely surprised, yet.. it was like.. for a while.. I was like.. wow.. A chance to get away from it all. And be one with nature. Well.. my dream is not be one with nature. But.. imagined that if I got the position. I would thin of course, but really really sunburnt. I was tempted to tell the interviewer that this is my chance to get thin and slim. Oh yeahh.. I went along for the ride (interview, I meant) , I was like.. whut the heck. If I got through the 2nd stage of interview, I would be sponsored to go to Langkawi for another interview.

It was really2 tempting for a while. If it were not for my family, I would probably had said yes... on the spot and said "take me now". They gave us an aparment in some resort. And learn all things that nature in Langkawi could give us. I would be able to really contribute something to humanity, since they are also involved in a lot of charity event. AND i would be able to kayak from one island to the other, which are one of my Benson and Hedges dreams of all time. And now.. a company is giving me a chance to experience all that, and get paid for it. Wow~

Yet.. we are always tied down with something. I have already got a job. I have my family. I have to be with my sister now since she will be alone soon. My mom is already freaking out when she heard that. She was like.. "what are you going to do up there".. bla bla bla. I still remembered when the first time I told her I was going to entered a 2 days long kayak expedition. I told her after I had undergone the 1st day training. She rant and said " Kalo kena baham ngan buaya padan muka kau". Hahahha.. I was and still thankful she do not have a 'mulut masin' or I would had probably been a croc lunch.

So.. my family is vehemently against it. Except for my eldest. She told me to do it if I really want it. But.. do I really want it that bad? To leave the family? Leave all my friends? Be one with nature as in get bitten by mosquito all the time, rarely taking bath, hair smelling like longkang?
But its really2 tempting.. wouldnt you be? But.. I probably won;t get the job anyway. But its really gave you something to think about eh? Really way out of line from your comfortable zone.

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