Sunday, November 22, 2015

Saif is 1

My second baby is now a year old. 

Lebam jatuh. Bukan ai dera please, Buat muka just before kentut.

Happy birthday. 

Don't have a lot of time to type out but will keep stuffs in point form je lah

No celebration sebab my husband already bought me a cake and it seems wasteful to buy another one. He don't understand birthday yet anyhow. 

We bought him some educational toy stuff which he really likes on Saturday. He is still playing with it on and off, so that is not a waste. Heh. 

Still no walking but getting there. He is a bit cautious. Takes like a very tentative step forward and then go down on all fours to crawl. Need to build up his confidence I guess. 

I had stopped breastfeeding him completely around 2 weeks back I  guess. During my last month at HP I found that my milk had run dry and I am feeling tired and irritated, he is getting longer to nurse and crankier too at night because my milk supply dropped. So I guess in the best interest of both he is now completely on formula. Heh. My breastfeeding journey with Saif is not as long as Aziz, but I am ok with it. 

Since starting with bottles, I am getting a little bit more sleep because Saif sleeps longer now because he is easily full. So that is a plus. I no longer have a baby tearing out my hairs and eyes at 3 or 4 am in the morning. 

He really loves nasi and sup. I still put out a bekal for him. In rotation it goes like nasi and sup , bubur and occasionally some makaroni stuffs. Though he does not like makaroni or spaghetti macam abang die. Aziz can't get enough of makaroni sup if I cooked, but Saif prefers rice. And if he don't eat rice for a day he will get cranky at night. LOL. Dasar tekak Melayu dah ni. Maybe his appetite will change later on. But now I am enjoying the phase where he eats a lot. 

He loves nursery rhymes videos. If in the morning and I am up and everybody is still asleep and Saif cried if I get myself off bed, I played the youtube videos and he is transfixed. Taylor Swift does not work on this boy though. 

Loves cartoons nowadays. If we open the car tv screens for the kids he will watched it and laughed and giggled until he fell asleep. 

Abang now gets a little taste how it feels like to be us,

Loves his big brother. Nowadays he sleeps in the crook of his brothers arm or at Aziz back. If we pat him to sleep, when he is groggy he will usually tried to look for his brother then fell asleep beside Aziz. Heh.

Sekarang dah kurang sikit die nak masak tah ape2 foreign object masuk dalam mulut. Still do that lah, but not that often. Don't have to fish things out of his mouth very often.

Anyway. That is all I can think of. Happy birthday to my sweet boy. Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh, berjaya di dunia dan diredhai Allah. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

On the brink of 33

Tomorrow is my birthday. 

This year I felt my birthday a little bit more because last year at the end of the day of my birthday, my contractions start and on the next day keluarlah my second child. Heh. I think I watched Hunger Games on that day. I will be watching Hunger Games tomorrow btw. Excited lah. Also told my husband that I dont wanna cook tomorrow. 

But also since it is gonna be Saif birthday on Sunday, I was thinking to cook nasi tomato. Not that Saif can eat nasi tomato, well  maybe a little bit, nasi tomato and probably a little kurma ayam for him kut.  But tengok lah guano. Mungkin maknye jugak akan malas on Sunday. 

Anyway I already knows what I want for my birthday. A robotic vacuum. You know some magazine or whoever will advise to let gift be something from the heart, but nothing is more from the heart than an appliance that will lessen my time for cleaning. It will be interesting to see how the cats react to it. There will probably be videos on Instagram. *rub hands gleefully*

Most probably a Neato because the reviews are good. I already highlighted to my husband the model that I want, so it is up to him lah. I AM SO EXCITED TO GET A VACUUM Y'ALL. 

And about the feeling of turning 33, it does feel scary. More like a lot of things are closing down on you and you don't get a lot of second chances now. Also need to clock in more time for ibadah y'all. Dosa tak muat 1 kontena. 

Anyway for 33 in Malaysians definition of years especially for women, not old, but older. Definitely not young. 33 in Malaysia is the age where you are bustling as a mother hen looking after your many children. Not far off the mark there realistically.. 33 in western world from what I know, still have shits need to sort out. And while realistically I felt like the usual Malaysian women of 33 years of age, insideI felt like the western 33 year olds, where I don't feel like I am settled and I still am figuring out my shits. 

However I don't feel restless anymore like I was in my 20s. Not settled yet, but not feeling like I want to take flight every couple of weeks. 

Happy birthday to me. May gravity treat me nicely and my metabolism does not need to feel like it should heads to early retirement. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

New things to get used to

I am slowly finding my place at the new place. Still 0 friends. No one asked me out for lunch except for first and second days. But that mainly because the place here is kinda like an island. There is one cafe to eat and one food truck. That is your options.

I usually don't really care to eat rice for lunch nowadays, so yeah, I don't mind not going out actually. Maybe one of these days I will go out to eat but it just feels like a hassle. So I brought my bekal and eat at the office and everyone seems to be doing the same. The tapau the food and eat at office. Apart from the no lunch mates, people here seems ok lah. Friendly enough. Though I could do without the 'kakak' 'abang' culture. I don't really like calling out seniority or maybe I just don't like the feeling of being old. Haha. No kakak pleasee.

But I am learning loads here even though I am just in my second weeks. Things I wouldnt learn if I still stay at my old company ( not the HP, HP was always just a temp job), though I miss the old company. Leaving the WFH and very flexi hours benefits hurts ok. Huhu. But I had learned that the old company is not getting better, no salary increase for those in my dept and they may even get the axed soon, so yes. It was never the question of should or should I leave, but more like when .. over there. 

Now.... the distance or the commute. This week is not bad. I keluar rumah kul 8 am reached here at 8.45 am. Not bad la kan. Maybe partly because of the traffic. If it is the usual school days no holiday, kenalah keluar 7.30 paling lewat. Heh.

But I mentioned to my husband that at least ( if there is no last minute work or no epic jam) I can reached home by  7 pm latest. So yeah, in term of the commute it is not that terrible, except kena tutup mata lah bayar tol. Rase macam air je bile swipe TnG. Maybe because the office here is so far away from things like Starbucks or Boost, it can be a good thing. No wastage of money on expensive beverages! More money spent on minyak and tolls instead. Boo. Memang ubah gaya hidup sungguh.

Tomorrow balik JB! Very brief trip balik to attend a friend wedding. All of my friends are super excited. We have matching baju and all. 

Friday, November 06, 2015

Why Not Me

I got another free credit from Audiobooks and I decided to use it for Mindy Kaling new book which is Why Not Me.

She had said earlier on it is not a memoir/autobiography and anyway, she already had another book on which dealt mostly on her life pre Hollywood and during the Office time. 

It feels more like a collection of blog posts though, like you are reading someone musings about life, outlook and whatthehellarepeoplethinking.. 

Since I got to know of Mindy Kaling when I start watching Mindy Project so I hugely enjoyed this since alot of the things that she wrote about is her experience during the show.

Like I said earlier I started to listen to audiobook mostly to kill the monotony of washing dishes, but after all the dishes had been washed, I still can't stop listening to it. 

There were ranting, there are funny anecdotes, there are friendship lessons that most people in their late 20s and 30s would totally understand and commencement speech that is hilarious and on the point.

The best part of the book came during her flirtations with Will. It feels like I was her and was being pulled into two direction by a guy. It brings back.. feelings. Heh. I even like this better than 'Soup Snakes'. 

In short you dont learn a lot about Mindy Kaling in Why Not Me, but you still laugh (while washing the dishes) reading this book . That is a plus point

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Another reviews

This month batch of reviews!

Late Night Talking

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

About a late night NYC talk show host whose topics mostly deal with etiquettes and day to day minor aggravations ( cutting queues, inconsiderate drivers etc).

It was ok. The story deals with how the main character deals with her past, romantic attachments and friendship. And her outlook on life basically.

Basic chick lit. Except it feels not quite there. The character feels like a caricature. I would be more interested to read about her best friend. Her struggle on her life is actually just.. common sense. Yes. I don't like the main characters and most of the time the banter between Jeannie and Nicholas went far too long which turn off the charm.

It all feels a little lackluster even if Jeannie is very passionate. Sorry. It all feels blah to me

The Goldsmith's Daughter

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A story of an Aztec girl during the height of Tenochtitlan era, just before the Spanish invasion. She was born from a twin, a brother who was prophesied to be great and she was prophesied to be nothing, and even to bring doom to all.

I like the story, I understand that it is not that historically accurate but whatever the author fabricate is quite wonderful.

The girl seems distant, but reachable. Her struggle is familiar even to us the modern women, that we are sympathetic for her but we never think of her as weak.

It is quite predictable on how the plot goes but the writing is fast, attention grabbing and end quite satisfactorily. So I enjoyed this book. Never dull.

Highly recommended as YA read.


My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Synopsis: Jan Willem Hendryk's legacy amounts to a staggering £40 million - £34 million to go to an agricultural college in Kenya's Rift Valley, and the remaining £6 million to be divided equally between his only surviving descendants: Dirk, a South African, and Henry, a young drop-out living in California. But a number of suspicious circumstances emerge, including a clause in the will stating that Dirk must spend one month of every year in Kenya. What seems at first a simple matter of greed gradually assumes sinister proportions.

Fast paced story. I like it enough though I mostly am never interested to read story if there is no women featured prominently, but I quite like this book.

I like how it gave the background on the Africas state at the time, it explained the complex history and politics of the Africas nation to something we can comprehend, and deliver the story in a climactic way.

It mostly feels more of an investigative novel, and then there is the big action scene at the end to wrap the story. No twist and turn, but I guess because of that I kind of enjoyed it. Good roundup characters and even the villains I felt sorry for. And the 'sinister proportions' is not that sinister to me. Haha.

Will not mind to read another book by the same author.

Monday, November 02, 2015

At my new job

Can't comment on the work yet because it is like only half a day. The would be colleagues seems ok kut. I don't get much of a friendly vibe, but mostly because I am cooped in the room. We'll see lah. 

The drive seems long. Took me an hour drive. Rase lama betul. Haha. Because usually I drive around 20 mins je untuk sampai ofis. But can't complain much, at least the parking is free. The person next to me is questioning is it worth it, LOL. I am so mengantuk so I am feeling like that also. Hehe. 

In this time and economy I guess we'll take what we can get, also I am curious on where the job will take me so ( in term of knowledge and skills).. that's that. Currently am reading up on the blueprints and various documents. 

Kite tengok perasaan saya lagi dalam 3 bulan! 

Tetiba rindu la pada anak2 dan bebulus. Later lah. 

Sunday, November 01, 2015

The Reluctant Politician

I was reading this during the month of the WSJ and Sarawak Report barrage of damning articles about 1MDB and Najib Razak. This makes for a thoughtful read. 

I wonder if the politicians then or now had failed us. 

The Reluctant Politician: Tun Dr Ismail and His Time

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the biography of the late Tun Dr Ismail.

I was mostly interested in this book because Tun Ismail was my distant relative. His grandmother is my great grandmother. So yes, personally I had listened to the family story ( not much to tell as I say... distant) so it feels like I should know more what he did.

However even without all the family ties that draws me to the book, I have to say I enjoyed it immensely. We don't know much about Tun Ismail in the history books. It is particularly interesting because this is the collection of men, Tun Abd Rahman, Tun Ismail, Tun Abd Razak that shaped Malaysia. All those policy that we are still debating today.. the ISA act, the education segregation (lets face it, it is segregation), bumiputera .. this all happened because of this group of men who at the time believed this is the best for us. (There are some I believes that was not good for us, but a necessary evil . A means to an end which forged a path to a highly corrupt system later on)

When I am reading this book, I kept on thinking, whatever he would say of Mahathir and Najib if he were still around. He certainly do not have a high opinion of Mahathir. No mention of Najib because during his lifetime Najib is still some green kid.

As for the narrative, it is written somewhat dully where some statements felt like it is being lifted from somewhere and put in the book. Tun Ismail life is presented in a very matter of fact kinda way and that shaped my thinking that he is a very matter of fact kinda person. There is no frills in this book but that does not deter us from enjoying it. It was not boring, but it is a bit dull. I wonder if there is a memoir personally written by the man himself it would be make a nice contrast read.

You might not learn Tun Ismail insight on the making of Malaysia, you will learn his contribution and development into making our country.


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