Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blur moment

I was in an one on one meeting with a manager . Ini manager mat salleh from a European country so.. yeah accent sedikit kuat.

We start the meeting by introducing myself and I told a bit about my baby. Then it was his turn and he said..

" as you know , I'm Gaayy."

I was speechless for about 10 secs while my mind was going... "okkkkkk... I am not sure why he is telling me that".

Then after he seen me silent for a while, he went on.. "yups.. I am gregory...".

Penat aku tahan gelak. Yela kan. Why the hell would people want to say that to their employees out of the blue. Telinga pokak.

I am now laughing about this with my colleague.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sometimes the best things in life is expensive

My expensive (for me la) lunch. Aku suke sangat O briens. Their bread is awesome and before this I ordered their salmon sandwich yg slathered with cream cheese and I fell out of love. Cheese is not meant to be eaten with salmon kut. It absolutely killed the taste.

So I ordered my favorite sandwich which is the sundried tomato one with ciabatta bread and my faith in O Briens had been restored. That great tomato taste which imo opinion most probably oven baked rather than sundried but hey with pollution level nowadays I am not complaining. Kemudian the cheese that goes into this sandwich just mesh well la. It is sticky gooey but not creamy. Just as I like it . Also makan apple pie which is not so great tapi tak kesah la. So this whole post is about a sandwich.  No wonder I tombam.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Update bulan March!

Kamon Dila jangan malas.

Last month sangatlah busy , selalu balik lewat. Fuh. Kenkadang kesian dengan anak. Takut die tak kenal mak pon ye jugak. Dah la bapak nye memang senantiasa tiada, ni mak pon selalu tadek sebab keje. Bulan lepas punye busy, balik rumah kul 9, makan, amik anak dari rumah akak, then tidurkan Ajis which usually die akan lena dalam 11.30 then sambung balik buat keje sampai kul 2 a.m. 

Lagi2 Ajis dah start makan, lagi la lewat tidur as I will cook his food so besok my maid will just panaskan je. I don't want her to cook because I had tasted her cooking and it is sooo salty. And I don't trust her to listen to me (because she usually don't) also it is always best food being cooked by mom itself no matter how simple or terrible. 

My waktu tidur nowadays is 3 a.m. I have no idea how time went by so fast. There were times I cried. Times I feel like I did not get enough support from my maid ( who is lazy as hell ), from my husband and yes I sometimes blame my infant son for not being supportive of mommy. However I am glad I live near my sister, I don't cook so I went to her house. As I don't trust my maid who is not a bad sort, only lazy and don't have a lot of common sense, I sent her to my sister house so at least there is another pair of eyes. She don't approve of this. However after I had told her many times the lantai at rumah needs mopping every day and she still don't do what I say, I don't think so I can trust her on other stuffs, when even things like mop rumah pon setelah berkali-kali diberitahu she can't do. She lied too, saying she did, when I know exactly that pieces of crumbs at the kitchen had been there for 2 days. Sigh. Maid. Hate em, but can't' live without em. However I am trying to find a way to live without em and aside from taking care of my kid, I honestly think I can because she does nothing else. I told my husband after her 1 year is up, sent her back. But by sending her back, I also do not know what other choices I have. Sigh. But I don't think so I can deal with maids again.

Ok. Sesi meluahkan perasaan sudah habis.

Now about Ajis. 

Tengah tengok makcik2 berbual sambil makan biskut

I think the last time I updated he baru nak golek. Hoi sekarang dah merangkak ok. Merangkak komando style la. But recently he had used his knees a lot. 

His uncle called him ulat bulu besar. And yes, his hair is like a toupee kan. Dr Vernon (his paed) , mentioned that he have Julius Caesar hair. 

Gambar malam tadi. Excuse the mess, mummy  die memang begitu.  Montelnye perut anak akuu. 

Herm... can't see it from this pic, but when he is at his naughtiest and his curl is all over the place, he does look like a mini Julius Caesar. Haha. 

He is not that fussy anymore selepas tahu merangkak. Can sleep easily nowadays, he will guling2 and sometimes I layan him, sing2 or ask him about stuffs, he loved it for approx 5 mins but then prefer to paling his muka to the other side ( tak ngadap mak la) macam die dah "ok enough lovin2 time Ajis wants some me time", then he babbles2 sendiri then tido. 

He lovess cats. He will tarik the ekor, telinga and bulu. So far the cats buat bodo je, but don't push your luck la kan. I always tell him no, but I wonder if knows what 'No' meant. But I also do not want to totally separate him and the cats so both will be familiar with each other. My sister pon sekarang have a cat, and if Ajis saw the cat he will merangkak to him so fast. 

Sibuk nak kejar si Asad tu ( Asad is the cat la)

As for food, I am cooking him bubur every day. Currently the menu is bubur + sup ayam + sayur2 puree or bubur + sup ikan tenggiri + sayur2 puree or bubur + sweet potato & raisin puree + ikan bilis. Sonang. Ikan pon setakat ni, ikan tenggiri je laa anak ye. Salmon cekik darah kut. Ikan tenggiri pon rase nak jerut leher tengok harga.

So food die penuh la dengan protein and carbs and not too much sayur. Pastu memang laaa anak tu nangis-nangis last weekend memerut. Kesian, berak taik keras. So now I also pesan my maid, after his food, he have to eat the fruits I provided. Sometimes it just betik yang dah dimash2 by maid or other fruit puree like mango and pear. Anak aku ni memang nganga je bile orang suap, so sekarang ni memang die tadek preference. Senang nak prepare makan. Tengok je la perut kat atas kan...

I was thinking to buy a slow cooker, tapi tak beli2 lagi takut membazir, also sebab nak tunggu husband ai balik la. Haha. Slow cooker pon kedekut nak beli, but itu la. I think it would be easier, because I don't have to cook things separately la. Tengok la wehh. Banyak je mende nak kena beli ni bile dah ade anak. Mak nye nak tengok baju kat poplook pon tak tengok2 lagi. 

Tapi kan sebab poplook ni pemes sangat ramai sangat orang ade the same baju. I try ordering from other online shop, gua beli size L kut, kecik dan senteng ok! Kecik tu ok lagi, tapi aku ni dah size S dah, kenapa baju tu senteng? What I like about poplook is because the model is my size, so aku boleh agak bile see the baju if it fits me or not. Ni kalau model tu yg anorexic diperagakan oleh Eastern European model, agak susah la aku nak imagine how the baju look on me. Yes, yes ukuran ade. Tapi rajin sangat ke aku ni nak ukur lilit diri sendiri. 

Eh, nanti I update about the cats pulak. No major updates pon for the cats. Semua sihat belaka. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Cloud Atlas

Saw it finally after I was excited seeing the trailer masa I pregnant dulu. Kenapa I excited... sebab ade Jim Sturgess laa. 

You should watch One Day, then read the book. The film is not all that, but the book... I don't know why, but there is something about British writers that I love. They don't pander. They get the story out, and still hit all the emotional notes. And One Day is a beautful story of friendship and love and life. It is predictable, but I love it nonetheless. Hoi baca je la One Day tu ok. 

And whyyyyy. Kenapa melalut cerita pasal One Day, tapi tajuk Cloud Atlas. Melalut kejab sebab Jim Sturgess is wonderful. He is my new James McAvoy. 

This film is around 3 hours. It took me 2 days as my free days is not as it is before. Heh. I heard that Cloud Atlas is a monster of a book. The story spans centuries, past , present and future. From 1849 to 2321. There are 6 stories in them. If not all, almost most of the actors have some roles in each stories, big or small. 

The one that is most memorable to me is the Sonmi story ( Jim Sturgess is an Asian! He kicks ass! He is romantic! Hellooooo ) and the Cambridge story. Sonmi story is wonderfully futuristic, lovely and sad. The action and set and effects is typical Wachowski. But the Cambridge story is about the life of a n impoverished musician, his love for a man is the one that moved me. I never care much about LGBT stories as I can't relate to it and I don't have any strong opinion on it ether. But this particular love story. Maybe it is the actors, but my heart breaks for them that it don't for others. If the other stories (some are yawn-ish, some are lovely and riveting), this one.. bring it home. 

I am itching to read the book because I don't get it. Tapi I don't think so I will read it. There are other books! Many others to be read! Anyway below are the observations and questions I had when I watch Cloud Atlas area. 

(Spoiler to those who cares)

Why Frobisher kill himself? I don't get it? 

Why is Sonmi is important? Exactly how did Gen Chang knows she is ? 

Why people choose to listen to  her? I don't get Sonmi. 

Why Cavendish brother locked him in nursing home? I don't get it. 

Isaac Sachs storyline into Luisa Rey is completely pointless. 

When Cavendish yells out "Soylent Green is people" in his storyline, I am not at all surprised on how the Sonmi story pan out. 

Sonmi and Gen Chang love story is cute and lovely and tragic, but Bae Doona made it so. Jim Sturgess I am sorry to say, can be turn into a mannequin for all I care and I hardly notice. He is heroic and regal and handsome... but why does he loves Sonmi so?? I don't get it. 

I love everything about the Frobisher story. The affair with Ayrs (or who the heck it is) is also kinda pointless, but aside from that, everything melodramatic about this story works.

I want to watch it again, but I don't think so I can larat go through 3 hours of it. Tapi nak tengok Jim Sturgess. Maybe I'll search for Upside Down next then for my Sturgess fix. 

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