Thursday, September 23, 2010


It takes some time to readjust to working non-bulan puasa again. You're not as hungry as during lunch, but you're sure as heck wanting to get a big dinner after work. The mentality to always go home early is still there, while I manage to get out of the office door at 6.45pm, today I am resolute to go back at 6.15pm since I think I had closed down a respectable amount of defects and I have some shopping to do. And I still loathe to go back late. Not unless the bosses goes "The DEADLINE is NEAR. FINISH yer work, yer lazy lass". Tah bile boss aku jadi Scottish pon aku tataw. 

However I sure missed having breakfast, and chowing down on some kueh keria or home made peanut butter sandwich with my cup of coffee or tea and reading blogs, sure is a great start of the day. Bliss is the simple things in life. And one of those things is breakfast. For weekend, I like to munch my heavy breakfast (if I am incline to go out and tapau) or my light breakfast (if I can only muster to pour myself a cereal) or my so-so breakfast (fried sausages, scrambled eggs, the usual) while watching my teen-angst series in the morning. 

Well, that's that. Now I had filled my head with delicious breakfast foods, I am itching to get some food for teas pulak. I am thinking keropok lekor. Used to be when my office was at Maju Junction, senang je nak pergi beli keropok lekor since dekat dengan Jalan TAR. Keropok lekor kat Midvalley? Boleh save bayar duit parking kut untuk puas hati makan.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

you go home at 6pm!? yikes! i'm already out of the office at 5pm sharp! can't stand the traffic

Dils said...

Yeah. The traffic is insane. My twitter is peppered with profanities with complaints on the traffic.

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