Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am feeling old because I am feeling sick and felt inclined to tell ALL people what ails me like old people tends to do. Then suddenly I remembered my arwah grandmother who had paranoia and used to think that every single noise in the dead of the night was created solely in purpose to annoy/frightened/drive her further into paranoia.

I missed my grandmother. I reserved the right when I am old and cranky to spew out any nonsense I can, not (just) because I have paranoia, but just because I can.

My eyes caught a news item mentioning NUBE is collecting signatures to petition government in increasing the maternity leave from 60 days to 90 days. Anything that promotes holiday, I am all for it! Honestly, I was shocked to learn that Malaysia maternity leave (private sectors mostly), is only at 60 days. I really did thought before this that the maternity leave is 90 days minimum. (Nampak sangat tak baca employment contract betul-betul. Hehe). The thing is, I was browsing though people opinions regarding the matter and came across a blog where there was a discussion going on where the women commenting on it turned the topic to breastfeeding. Mainly their mad hate to women who bottle feed their babies.

Honestly, reading a few mummy blogs here and there, the hate towards women who don't breastfeed their children is ridiculous. You would think that these women are accusing that bottle-feeding is equivalent to giving babies cyanide. If I ever have a child and the need to bottle feed the baby ever arise, I would be afraid to buy baby formula milk in fear of women around the supermarket would suddenly come up together as a mob, pulled me by the hair outside and throw stones at me for abusing my poor child, Malena style.

Oh, today on the way to lunch I was walking behind a woman wearing skirt. As per usual, I am walking and reading at the same time and I noticed that a man staring intently at the woman in front of me. Which I then noticed the incredibly high slit at the back of her skirt almost to her buttocks. Suffice to say, I didn't continue my reading. I am totally perverted, I know. But seriously, a slit that high,  you just have to look .  It took me a while to snap out of my reverie , so I then walked a bit faster to walk ahead of her so that I would not be caught ogling at another person butts. Though I am sure people would only notice THE SLIT if they are behind her too.

Have now stopped using Himalaya skin products. It was ok at first, then after about a month, pimples come up like they are having a party. Gah! Not that I have baby smooth face, tapi the pimples come up reasonably. Sebelum period, pimples come up 1 or 2 at most. Fine. Its the course of life, womanhood, bla bla bla. But when I have 4 and 5 coming up at the same time, mulalah aku berdrama. I used my brother Oxy face wash first, and the pimples had back a retreat and continuing using Simple again . Bah!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Things seems to be moving slowly today huh?

Am really lazy today. Can't wait for the 3 days hols. Then no more public hols till May. Boo! Gotten  anemail on some impending works, and am afraid its gonna be more busy for me in a few days time, so better start blogging now, spewing some random stuffs out would work.

I am feeling shaky all day too. Nothing to it, probably would be ok tomorrow.

Had now move into the house. The kitchen is completed, I don't feel like showing pics because it just a place to cook and wash plates, and also a laundry area plus drying area plus kitties area. Want to see, come over to my house~! I can't cook (for people digestion, for my own I am fine with it) but at least I will have drinks.

Speaking of kitties, last night was my first night at the house. And just I was about to doze into sleep, I noticed at our bedroom window, this silhouette (bayang-bayang). 

 A poorly drawn depiction of Fasha hanging onto the grills. I didn't draw the grills, its not the focal point here.

She climbed up to the first floor of our bedroom window and demanded to be let in by mewing. So  when we let her in, she asked to be let out to go at the back of the house. Mengada ok. So I left the window ajar a bit before going back to bed again, so she can climb up again at the dead of the night and let herself in easily. Kurap we already had settled in our room, because she get agitated if there is no human around so she was sleeping on the bedside table beside me. But I woke up to the sound of Fasha in the room and when she realized I am awake, she quickly jump on the bed to bite me to let me know  " I wanna go outside now , thank you very much."

It feels weird having a whole house to our own. I am used living with my sisters or friends or family that a house with only the both of us, feels very grown uppish, and I myself am feeling like playing house. Ah well, the bad thing is housekeeping chores are on me now. Bah!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY trips like many other before me

So, I had finally made it to Cameron Highlands after 17 years last I had step there.

Nothing to say much here because I am sure many of you had gone there and know your way and experience more than me. As I make the trip , reached there morning and going back late afternoon.

Before even reaching Cameron I needed to make scenic stops to go to the restrooms. 

Above picture 1: Ridiculously 3 cute same colored cats whom were mewing quite loudly and is just so cute I wish I can adopt them all.

Above picture 2: A lovely sungai that make me wish I can dip in tapi tak sempat sebab nak gi Cameron. 

Above picture 3: A ridiculously lovely view from my toilet stall. I doubt there is a more scenic views in a toilet stall anywhere else. 

We reached Cameron at 10 am, after departing from KL close to 6 am. Massive jam ok. Memula rase nak patah balik je. Tayar bas tercabut, jam. Kete rusak, jam. Kete kena saman polis, jam. So we didn't make it in time to my husband's favorite breakfast spot there. Sampai-sampai je makcik tu cakap brusquely "Dah habis."

Muka monyok tak dapat makan roti canai dari kedai kesukaan. Aku ok je, asal makan. Went to Butterfly Farm. Nothing much to see, ok enough place. The butterflies dying all around was freaking me out a bit. But I find this dude looking out so haughtily, that I like him instantaneously and just have to show you guys him handsome profile.

There are similar dudes (lizards whatisname) like this in this pose around the glass case, but he stands out among the rest. 

Went to BOH tea centre where the road condition there almost make me faint in my fear of heights. 

Did the usual things, go take pics, factory tour, eat scones and drink tea at the cafe.

Got back, and just before buying loads of veggies at Kea Farm, drink strawberry juice and eat cakes with strawberries. Love the juice, the cake, is cake with strawberries. But the cakes is not that nice. 

Then we went to Ipoh straight away and have a massive of a headache trying to find a suitable room at a hotel that don't burn a hole at my pocket. Initially planning to stay at Casuarina (now named Impiana... bah.. I like the name Casuarina. Impiana is too generic ), but the room while the price is OK, the hotel served no complimentary breakfast. NOOOOO. A Malaysian hotel that don't include complimentary breakfast is a NO-NO in my book. I mean, you basically expect it to be mandatory. So we went to another hotel, Rega Lodge I think, (not before stopping at Regent Tower Hotel and was aghast to find out the room price at RM350++ for a basic 2 single bed per night. )

After lounging around and contemplating where to eat, we went to Kinta City for the sizzling mee. Favorite haunt during uni days.

Of course I forgot since the last time I went there that the stall now had changed its kuah a bit (I think they make it more watery which makes it meh, when previously it was awesome). Next time, I will REMEMBER that this sizzling mee had now become subpar and go to other place to eat.

And in the morning, after a substantial and satisfying buffet breakfast at the hotel, I went to the pasar pagi Ipoh, which I love, love, love because the junks that are being sold there is junk worthy and makes it nice to look and reminisce. 

I also looked for the stall that used to sell old books but couldn't find it anymore. Bah~! Am bummed but not too bummed because the night before I manage to go to Novel Hut at Ipoh Parade and bought 4 books ( 3 children's book, the other the famous To Kill A Mockingbird which I never read) all for RM24. Yeay!

Then we checked out to go to my ex-classmate wedding at Ayer Tawar. Selamat Pengantin Baru Pian! *waves hand at Pian even though he didn't read my blog*

Straight back to home afterwards. We did drive past UTP, but didn't stop and went through Batu Gajah to reminisce.

God, it had been 5 years since I got out from UTP? Seems like just last year we were traipsing to KFC at Batu Gajah whenever we had some KFC cravings. Now there is even a KFC at Taman Maju! Hoh!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Its been a while since I blog

Thinking to upload pics but then this laptop sucks so I need to get back at home first to edit my pic then posted it up.

Boring betul balik keje ni and the office is empty. Not really empty because boss is here. And my computer is also acting up. Idiot computer.

Was wanting to write some sorta review for a book, but I am feeling lazy so I am gonna skipped that, and hell, let me just write briefly that The Golden Compass trilogies of book: The Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass is awesomely complicated, somewhat disturbing sometimes and somewhat inappropriate read for children.

The first book was a lightweight, but by second and third it got heavy and there is nothing cheerful going on its a bit depressing. There's a lot of death among the characters children included so its not the usual children books that are  happy, happy, joy, joy.

But it is interesting and engrossing. But for me to believe that at age 13, you can experience A LOVE LIKE NO OTHER is a bit far fetched. Thinking again, Romeo and Juliet was written as 13 (Juliet) and 15 (Romeo). Though some do said both are twelve then. Hoh.


Monday, February 08, 2010


Random Sympathy
On the way to work this morning (at 10.50 am in the morning I might add), there was a lone lost stray dog stuck in the middle of a busy road  looking confusingly around him with cars whizzing on either side of him. My heart goes out to the dog. I wished I had the courage to stop my car in mid road mid traffic in the middle of the intersection of traffic lights and take that dog to a safe place. But I can only pray he found a safe way across the road to whatever greener patch on the other side of the road that he was heading to.

Ohhhh. I feel like snuggling to my kittehs now that I found myself thinking of the poor dog.

Random Rant
Somehow yesterday I was transfixed for a moment in front of tv showing Astro, Raja Lawak. I think its Raja Lawak based on the hosts and the weird people wearing costumes on stage. Then I got a sudden urge to punch the throat of the hosts.

Why ? The hosts was singingly berating (albeit jokingly but I don't find it funny AT ALL) the viewers for NOT voting or not voting ENOUGH of their favorite contestants. The hosts kinda goes like "Sebab y'all didn't sms enough, the person you like but DIDN'T VOTE ( or didn't vote enough) is now out and its ALL YOUR FAULT!". And you know what show I had also noticed that use these disgusting tactics? Akademi Fraktasia (AF).

Dammit. I feel like punching Astro next. You know why? Because they are using guilt to persuade viewers to give more money to Astro while the said viewers is also currently paying for their ASTRO subscription every month. It just seems like Astro wants viewers to waste more money for them to use Scrooge McDuck style.

In my head, Scrooge McDuck = Astro and the gold coins =  viewer's money.

Honestly, I couldn't care if the viewers watch or vote for their favorite celebrity wannabes ( most of the contestants does not qualified to be given the title 'artist'), but if you waste more than RM 2 to vote for your favorite wannabes, I am not so silently judging you (which is why I type this). If you waste RM10 for the said wannabes, that RM10 would serve a greater purpose in being used as a toilet paper.Because why i think its a waste to vote so much ( I heard people used RM30 to vote AF contestant per week. Are you insane?), you would help the artists more if you buy their work, or see them in concerts or shows.  Save your money on a more deserving artists will ya. This voting thing, is just a money grabbing opportunities from a big corporation who is constantly trying to up your subscription fees okeh.

Random plug to article(s) I like
You had heard GOOP right. To the unenlightened, it is kinda like a sophisticated blog (more like lifestyle entertainment page) created by Gwyneth Paltrow and her minions.

It  (at times) gives advice or tips or suggestions  to us Mundanes on how or what to exercise or eat or dress well or diet and give travel tips (which only Siti Nurhaliza could afford) on which is the best restaurants and hotels.

Well a writer is trying to "Goop" her way to the good life (those are her words), by following Gwyneth GOOP entries. I read a few, and it is hilarious. Take a look to here:

Random pic of kitteh because I want to

Currently Kurap 2nd favorite place for her to sleep while I am busy playing games or watching series at the computer. Before this I had a flat panel monitor, which is now RIP on the floor and currently replacing it is the my bro in law CRT monitor. I had been using that  (flat panel) monitor for almost 8 years. Good times. Time to buy new one. Anyway, with the flat panel monitor before, Kurap can position her montel body quite nicely for me to be able to watch series or play games while scratching her head at the same time (very the mengada punye kucing).

Now, I can't move the mouse because she keeps on putting her butt on the mouse and if not ;as you can see , her legs will keep on punching some random keys on the keyboard. So not really beneficial when playing Plants vs Zombies ya know. Need to find new monitor soonish.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

We like color, we like them a lot.

I took the above title blog line from a Barney song, I might add. That song stays annoyingly in your head. 

I did mentioned before our next project on the house improvement stuff is to paint the table. The previous owner left a drop-leaf table and some chairs. Because we are frugal (ran out of money after buying house) and my husband felt it is a shame to throw it away, we decided to keep it.

However I do believe previously the table had been used as a homework table, hence the artwork and doodles that adorned the table.

I could just imagine little tykes sitting on chair with multitudes of homework spread on the table and a mother watching from the kitchen or somewhere nearby making sure the tykes are sitting there doing their homework, while the said tykes are actually malevolently doodling on the table because they are missing out on some Ben 10. 

So we sandpaper the table and chairs and my husband plastered the table I think, (I think) . Then we painted the table.

And we painted the table and chair seat red. My husband then continue to spray paint the other part of the table and chairs black pulak.  Which the below is now the finished products. Tada!

Feels like brand new dan ade sedikit feeling tadika. The green and yellow walls had also been freshly painted by my husband.

Oh, I also painted the dresser half white. Didn't manage to snap pic out of it yet. We are waiting for the renovation works to finish then I can really see how the house and colors and furniture will come together. It may totally sucks as I may not necessarily have the best of taste, but it'll do.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

I will rambles about books and Matthew Reilly

I had finished Matthew Reilly Temple. My blog post don't need no introductory lines, so I delved right to the point. 

My husband didn't like it. He said it was boring at first. I asked him again when I was reading the book why he doesn't like it, it is actually because it is too fast and he can't keep up. Right.

Is it too fast? Maybe a bit faster than the Jack West series.

The synopsis of the book goes like this

Deep in the jungles of Peru, the hunt for a legendary Incan idol is underway - an idol that in the present day could be used as the basis for a highly destructive and terrifying weapon.
Guiding the US Army team is Professor William Race, a young linguist who must translate an ancient manuscript which contains the location of the idol.
What they find is an ominous stone temple, sealed tight. They open it - and soon discover that some doors are meant to remain unopened...

Now for point form thoughts because I am much too lazy to think of nice flowing sentences that  mesh together well.

  • The characters in the books are a bit meh. Like I said, so far from what I read in his books, Reilly does not have the talent (or I have yet to seen) in writing a character that he molded well enough for character development. 
  • The action does not disappoint. The plot moves fast and in parallel with the ancient manuscript story, so where one story lagged a bit, the other pick up. 
  • I do not like this hero so much. He started out too naive and innocent and suddenly he is all wise, fast acting and gun wielding pro all? I'm not buying it. I know he wants to make an ordinary man as a hero, but at times when the hero performed incredibly army-special-ops feat that you have to wonder if  it is a bit too much. 
  • Both story in a quest for treasure (or one interpretation of a treasure) is nicely set and remarkable and almost believable. But the government agents/agencies conspiracy theory is blah. I don't pay much attention to it. 
  • Summary: What you will expect of Reilly, good fun action book. Though I find the hero a bit annoying. But at least he is a bit better than cold, android-like Jake West Jr. I prefer the Contest hero (Dr. Stephen Swain) though.

Oh, by the way I was salivating at Borders today and just have to tear myself away from this book. I got my wish! Zombies book! Well, a compilation of short stories on zombies or the undead. Close enough.

Oh yeah, I am bringing out my coupon to Kinokuniya this weekend to see if its there.

Picture credits
Living Dead 

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

From Ampang to JB: A Foodies Journey

Somewhere at a gerai in Ampang Jaya

Laksa Sarawak. 
Decent. I prefer the Hadeeja Cafe one though. 

Mee kolo. V. nice. 
Better than the one at Hadeeja Cafe, though I tasted better at Sarawak of course.

Somewhere at Kampung Melayu Majidee, JB.

My favorite stall of ABC.
Pic quality kinda sucks here, but hey, it was dark and I used a cameraphone.

Yong taufu sup that is filled full with kangkung (I googled kangkung, and it is stated as water spinach in English. Really ar?)

Oh, the picture does not look much, but this is the best yong taufu sup ever. The soup is especially super tasty and their sauce just bring the right combination of spiciness in the soup. And I completely forgot to look again at which road this shop is situated in. I know how to get there but not its name. The yong taufu above I ate alll by myself. Nyam2. Didn't ordered otak-otak though because was too full.

Somewhere in Angsana, JB.


The famed Mee Rebus Haji Wahid. 
If its a holiday, there is a long queue at this stall. Manage to be there at 12 am, just before the lunch hour crowd settled at Angsana, and lucky for us that my mom taman perumahan is just next to Angsana.

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