Friday, August 29, 2008

Merdeka Weekend!

Rejoice oh good people. As long weekend are here. Phew!

Not opting to balik kampung this weekend, rather stay here in KL. Got a few plans in mind, but nothing really worth spouting off here.
This week had been a bit blah. A few people pisses me off or kinda make me feel sad a bit. But also nothing worth to be spouting off here. Not in a rant mode maybe, but I do feel some people should be less of an arse a bit, or think a little before typing or doing anything. Ok? Paham sedara sedari? Ok. Tamoh cakap lebeh2.

So a picture laden post. Not my pics. Obviously.

First of all, fiance brought back from US...

As I said, it is expensive to buy Georgette Heyer books here. I love her book to bits. Hehe. I love Regency romance books. Its make a fun read. And he bought 5!~ I said only one lor. Not my fault he bought it all. And he bought Neil Gaiman's graphic novels. I was waiting for The Graveyard Book, not yet in stores unfortch, so he bought these instead. Inside of "The Last Temptations" is like rows and rows of strips of black and white comic drawing. (I will add the picture tonight ) Woohh. Macam pening je nak baca. But try je la. Though the last time I try to read a comic book like that, (Doraemon, Slam Dunk and Dr Slump tak kira), I end up puking. Pening lor.

Now... 2 weeks in a row, I had eaten at a very chio pizza place in KL. I am the type of person, who got arrested by weird cravings every day. So last week I found myself walking around dazedly in the back alley of KL to find that pizza place where I see everyday on my way to work. (Not really back alley la, but I rarely walked down that small roads pon). Fiance laughed at me and said I am obviously guided to go there by smell as he knows how terrible I am at finding a place and deciphering directions.

Well, my first trip, I had the half baked potatoes with sour cream and chives. It is also topped with bits of beef bacon. ( I may forget the exact name). A bit oily. Soak the oil with a paper towel, if you like. But really best eaten when hot. Especially topped with the cold sour cream. I like it. Though I did wish it left some of the isi potato a bit more. They scooped out the isi from the potatoes and filled it with cheese. Sape yang suke cheese mesti akan orgasmic. Even moi yang kureng dengan cheese admit that their cheese memang sedap.

I ordered the pizza to go because adalah sangat gile mentekedarah if I were to eat 6 of those potatoes halves and 1 whole pizza alone during lunch hour. So the pizza (Beef Pepperoni and Mushroom) re-baked telah dikongsi bersama at home, with my sis and her husband. I took the smallest size 10". Tapi after 2 slices telah cukup. 3 slices sangat kenyang. Their small size is comparable to Domino's regular one. So...
  • Pizza RM23++
  • Potato Halves RM12++ (It's a bit expensive than I think necessary tapi I like it so much I forgive the price)

So the fiance pulak heard me gush, ask me to drag him towards the place yesterday. This time, I knew already the shortest route possible, I did not think twice to said yes. Was tempted to bought the potato halves it would be a tad too much. So we just ordered the pizza instead (The smallest size again. The fiance with a gleam in his eyes, of course wanted the one with the most topping so we ordered the NY Finest pizza (It have some green and red bell peppers, beef pepperoni, beef grounds, chicken ,onions dan tah hape2 lagi la).

Delicious. But I was really, really full. The topping adalah sangat banyak.

This time is an improvement from the last time I went, as there is now air-conditioning! Fuh... Ambience? He like the place because it played loads of old songs goodness. Don't expect fine dining experience, as they just gave you plastic cups and plates and self service aje. I couldn't care less though, but I like the exterior and interior. Yellow! Like my little car! It even have cute little yellow Vespa to deliver their pizzas. Kewl.

But macam dah muak sikit dengan pizza dah. Kenyang bangat semalam. But takpe, fasting month is coming in close. Lepas raya month maybe I would give it a try again. *grin*

Update: Aku NaK rant!!!! Macam celaka taw client ni. Labels beza 10 baris pon ko nak berkira. hangin tul aku. Dah la aku kena kaji 1500 baris labels per document. Ko taw ade brape document. 8. Tu baru 1 country. Belom lagi berpuluh country. So what la kalo ade yg tak termasuk. Bukan aku dah cakap ke... tak perlu... korang tak guna, takyah nk susahkan diri. Tapi degil tak mat salleh ni. Nak jugak masukkan... nak emo emo, knape tak translated.

Bile bagi document straight from system mengamuk plak. Cakap susah nak baca la. Ape la. Tahu pon ko kan. Yang ko ingat yg susun lawa2 tu sape? Pastu nak suh.. URGENT URGENT.

Eiii eiii.. geram geram...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

La Vie En Rose




Had just finished watching the incredibly talented Marion Cotillard in La Vie en Rose or La Môme. And I have to say, that she surpasses Cate Blanchett in portraying a famous icon.

The film gives us the story of Edith Piaf turbulent life and highlighting the high and low points of her life. Raised in a brothel and a circus. Performing in streets and discovered by a club manager, this story tells of her life; childhood, her fame, her loves, her tragedies and the most incredible of all her singing.

The film is c'est magnifique and Marion Cotillard deserves her award. I viewed some of Edith Piaf performance in YouTube and found that Cotillard movement and posture in the movie is spot on. The film itself, it got a bit confusing at first as the film goes back and forth from when she was old and she was young. However after 30 minutes of viewing I believed the director made the right choice in doing this as this brings the viewer different sorts of feelings, tumultuous, happy, sad, pity, all going up and down, up and down throughout the 2 hours.

One of the best biographical ( I don't really know what these kinda movie called) movie I ever watched. And also what amazed me is the make up. Marion Cotillard a beautiful 32 year old, played a 40++ year old woman who looked like she is 70 so convincingly, that I have to look at to see if there is another actress playing the older Piaf. Before this when I watched a movie and an actress who have to age herself 20 or 30 years, it always failed. Either they look the same except for some really unconvincing white hair (Love in the Time of Cholera ... I am looking at you). Or the actresses and actors, just look like they had just apply an unnatural layer of foundation on their face and etched some line into that mountains of foundation.

What I love about French films, they always gives great soundtrack. I don't understand what they are wailing about, but it tugged at your heart just the same. And of course a film about one of the greatest singer, guarantee a great soundtrack. Currently am listening to some of Edith Piaf many many songs, and I have to say I love it. Absolutely love it. Some of my favorite from the movie are Milord, Non je ne regrette rien and La Foule.

Marion Cotillard performance alone warranted a must see and then you found yourself wanting to keep on hearing Edith Piaf songs.


Monday, August 25, 2008

In the 80s: We used to watch and have these....

Part 3 & 4: What we used to watch and what we used to have

Part 1: We used to eat

Part 2: We used to play

What we used to watch...

(Though I do think this is more of an early 90s cartoon)

Dragonball. I don't watch these.

Yups. I think those are the Power Rangers. I did watched it. It is quite as lame ass as Ultraman, but it is kinda a guilty pleasure. After the cast started to leave, starting from Amy Jo Johnson then I stopped watching.

Nothing in Power Rangers is cool. Especially after you watched your brothers re-enact those battle scenes.

Hikhikhik. Til today if there is Doraemon on tv, I would watch it. "Doraemon and Poket Ajaibnye". Love it. Especially the comic. Though the cartoonist kinda a paedo pervert for his persistent drawing of Sizuka in the bath or changing clothes.

It also make me always excited to see dorayaki. I will be always... OMG, OMG, Doraemon favorite food!

He-Man. Yeah. It was one of those cartoons muscle clad heroes wearing speedos loincloth waving around their sword.

Also I much prefer She-Ra. I was a feminist, even back then.

"I'm Popeye the Sailor Man..."

A tune that will forever emblazoned in your mind. Also I believe the only cartoons that make children wants to eat spinach willingly even though they grimaced whenever they are downing it.

I am one of those person. But I am also the type of child who have to clean her plates, so in order to do that I will imagine that those vegetables are something else altogether. e.g. Broccoli and cauliflower - I imagine I am a giant and I am eating trees as snack.

I used to love TMNT. But I always have difficulties in accepting them as heroes and salivating after April because they are turtles. And why are there turtles in the sewage again.

Guys swore by it.

I never really care about it. When I was small I was always annoyed whenever there is Transformers on. I would think why, why they keep on showing this while they could show Jem!

Little Smurfs. I could not remember why the villain keep on trying to catch them little blue people.

I did like it. But not so much. It kinda bored me abit.

I love Tom & Jerry. I never think Tom is bad. I think he is cute. I especially love the Tom & Jerry Kids, when Tom is a kitten and Jerry... well a lil mouse.

Tom is the cutest cat ever.

Thunder... thunder.... thundercat!

Remembered waking up early when I was in Australia to watch this.

Special Mentions:
Gummy Bear!
Denver the Last Dinosaur
Gargoyles (I love that)
Jem and the Holograms
The Jetsons
The Flintstones (Hate the movie though)

What we used to have...

Don't think so that I ever have the 'fruits' eraser as its a bit expensive.

I remember having the flag one. Slalu frust when you have to erase something cause it would ruin the eraser.

My pencil box was normal, but if a classmate have this pencil case, the kids would usually pinjam and menggodeh the pencil case opening up every nook and crannies.

I usually rearrange their things to places its not suppose to just to just annoy them. Heh.

Actually I am not too sure what this picture suppose to show. Pemadam pen yg hampes, yang hanya boleh koyakkan kertas? Or lousy metal pencil box that always dent and rust. Or those pencils? Or those little stickers which I admit I love.

Special Mention:
Autograph Books (I treasure my autograph book)
Name cards (Why would a 12 year old need a name card amaze me even now)

p/s: malas plak nak carik pics for the Special Mention.

Friday, August 22, 2008

In the 80s: We used to play...

The second part commence.

The first part: In the 80s: We used to eat

Nope. Never played this. Though I do like to pick up these toys from the floor or by the road. Sometimes I would imagine if my father would looked like this ( My late father was in the army) There is always these toy soldier toys lying around everywhere back in the days. Painful when trodden upon. Ugh.

I used marbles for congkak. I love the sounds it make when there is only one or two marbles being dropped into the holes. I kinda missed playing congkak. Would love to play it again.

Didn't play with this type of cards either.

Tapi kad ini saya layan. I still love playing this. Especially with my brother. He likes boardgames and cards. The fiance sometimes have to layan me and played with Boggles. He usually lose. Which is why he rather reluctant to play Boggles with me nowadays.

Remembered the times when you valiantly tried to do all those yoyo tricks you saw on TV?

It frustrated me to no end and by the end of the day, I declared that my piece of yoyo must be cheap and crap, therefore do not have the same 'power' as those the one in TV.

I like the first one as it stings when you shoot someone. *gleeful*

The second one kinda sucks as the suction does not work. ( Heh. That is a contradiction) We used it for reenactment of various TVs shows and ads, by sticking the suction on somebody forehead. THEN we pretended to shoot at em. Lame.

My sisters used to have this. My eldest sister then always made sure that her toys is in pristine condition. She said when they gave it all to me, I would most certainly break it or jadi ranap.

Super Mario! We would memorized where all the hidden bricks and gold are. The furthest I got is Level 8

The Western Bar thing... I only remembered playing the Sega one.

I can't remember what's it called. But basically we buy this little tube inside which have this rubbery stuff and put a bit at the end of the 'straw' provided and blow in the straw to create as what the picture depicted. How I love that. Making it to different shape, large and small.

The inane Ding dong and Tora toys. Like I said before, I was never a fan of them, and I always think it is lousy. But I remembered thinking that I wouldn't mind it too because all other kids wants one. Peer pressure at its best! But I have to say I never bought the stuff with my tiny allowance.

Of all the lousy and excellent toys in the list. This is the best! It is free (just shred the middle papers of your exercise book) and we just made up anything to put in there. Its kinda like "Make Your Own Adventures". Except much shorter and very silly. Girls usually put things on who do you like and what you like and if you are pretty. And the girls would usually coloured the paper nicely to make it much more presentable.

Eh... I don't play rock, paper, scissors as a game. More like penentuan. Who is going to go first. But come to think about, I did like to play this with my brother. Though he always maintain that 'pistol' sign is absolutely legit in this game.

I don't play this. These are guysss stuffssss.

The paper plane only did it in class when extremely bored.

Even today, I like to blow bubbles. Like to see children played with them. And it is also oh so pretty. I always nearly stop whenever I see someone blowing bubbles ( you know the salesman yang menjual pistol bubbles tu di tepi jalan-jalan yang sesak). It is just so pretty to gawk at.

Teng-Teng. It makes me wonder if my nieces and nephews would know of this when they get to be 8 and 9 years old. Apart from the usual plane 'design', we also berlumba-lumba to invent other's design for Teng-Teng. Like ice-cream cone design, square design, weird L shape design, and some design that is just too preposterous to hop about with just one leg on.

Special Mention:

Picture source
Lompat getah is also one of my favorites. It is a jump rope made entirely of rubber bands. Love it!. I always practice to achieve the highest jump, 2 jengkal dari kepala. Totally keji. But its the rule. Ade yang mendengki, nak buat 4 jengkal, but us head honchos stamp our feet and said 2 jengkal is more than enough.

We also usually had an argument with the boys in my KB (Kota Bharu) neighbourhood as they keep bugging us to let them play the getah too. We were adamant, saying this is a girl's game, but we relented.

I remembered during time SPM, we were so frustrated and stress at the asrama (boarding school), that we decided to play lompat getah. Unlucky for us, one of my friend sprained her ankle during the one of the jump. Even at 17 we were not as agile as when we were 7 eh. Knowing that our strict warden would lecture us for hours for acting like little girls, we lied and said that she fell in the toilet. Poor her have to hobble through the SPM weeks. That is the last time I ever play getah I think.

Picture Source: Kampung Boy by Lat
Galah panjang. The reason we relented for the guys to play getah back then because they were needed for us to team with in galah panjang. The picture alone warranted no explanation. Hehe.

I am one of the favorites to be pick as a team members back then, as I can run quite fast and was tall, so adalah sangat bangga. (My height today is almost the same when I was 11 ok)

Picture source
Batu Seremban not one of my favorite, but after practice and understanding on how the game is played, I am quite adept okeh. Haha (Mende-mende meraban cepat je tangkap and nak je practice).

I think it is usually played unti Batu 10. But we take it further to 15. There are even Batu 20. It involved some pretty complicated juggling tricks.

I guess there are others such as bottle caps, tuju/baling selipar, cucuk-cucuk taik lembu (or is that just me) , tin throwing, konda kondi and sepak bulu ayam but I never or rarely played those games. Talking about these games, make me remembers stuff I had previously forgotten. Good times indeed.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

In the 80s: We used to eat...

I got the below from an email and although I kinda detest copy and pasting lame jokes onto blog, these I cannot resist (and its not even a joke anyway). It just make me smile.

It is so long and there would be some finger-scrolling exercises to do but it is all in pictures! So don't lose heart! Update: As it is quite long, I think I am going to divide it to 3 parts. 1 part per post. This would be easier for moi to update.

Also I couldn't be bothered to edit it nicely to put the pictures in 1 nice row and I rather want to put own comments next to the pictures...

I remembered a whole lots of junk foods that we would just shuddered if we would want to eat it now, but selalu berulang alik kedai makcik, scraping at our tabung to buy some of these stuffs.

I love gums. I love them even today. I have a whole 'container' filled with gums in work place.
These 'bear' gums is da best when blowing bubbles. Always bought them at show off my skills in blowing bubble to my little brother who then had not yet master the skill.

*confession* I penah stole that 'grape gum' from a supermarket. *shamefaced*

Coklat ni masa kecik-kecik macam best biler dimakan. Sebab die slightly mahal sikit dari biasa. And it tasted a whole lot better than Tora.

Even when I was a kid I was not impressed with "Tora datang lagi" nor "Ding dong". The toys are lousy. The chocolates 'lemau' and I think it cost RM1, which exceeded my daily allowance of 20 cent per day. It is pitiful, but enough to buy a polluted glass of 'air sirap' and seketul kueh at the canteen (This was Kelantan. You can get things dirt cheap there). My mom ever the economical preferring her children to bring their own food. So sometimes I used the 20 cent to buy ice cream shown below.

*I even volunteered at the "Free Food for Poor Children" scheme in giving out food for the poor kids every recess time as volunteer gets to eat the food too* :D Even when I was small I was an opportunist and like to eat.

Put it in a freezer to make an ice lollies! It is too sweet, but nice only when it is chilled or frozen.

How do I eat my biscuit icing (What do you call this?)
1. I grabbed a handful.
2. I ate all the colorful 'icing' first.
3. Then I proceed to eat the biscuit

I have no idea what this is nor do I ever had seen it. Anyone knows?

Special Mention: These are not in the email I received, but I love these junk foods to bits except for Choki Choki.

I never like sweet chocolate. I like my chocolates kinda bitter. But these are my friend's favorite. But after they finished with it, UGH. Looks yucky meh.

One of my all time favorites. The amount of coloring and whatever stuffs in there can make a health freak, freaks. But this is seriously nice. I indulge in it too once in a while. When the mood strikes, selalu beli from bai roti.

Favorite flavour: Milo
Second favorite: Asam boi

Heavenly especially after coming back from school in that harsh afternoon sun. Dan juga time-time ponteng puasa di belakang rumah makcik makan aiskrim beramai-ramai di tepi longkang.

Note: Serias, I took your aiskrim picture from your Fotopages yar. Her mom is one of these entrepreneur. Slalu suke amik satu dalam fridge whenever we singgah at her home.

p/s: Part 2 coming in tomorrow. Malas dah menaip. It would be nice to make this into a tag, but the amount of copying and pasting pictures would put people off for sure. But it would be nice to read what is their memories on this junk food.

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