Friday, July 30, 2010

Post tiada tujuan

Oh satu minggu yang amat busy ni, kurang sikit busy hari jumaat. Muehehe. I loike. Tak masuk akal ape aku type ni.
Oh aku dah start main third position in the violin which I like. Ape itu third position? Welll.... mcm mana aku nak explain ni.

Ok. Before this when playing, my fingers are place at the red area, now I am learning to play at the green area.

Perbezaan adalah kecil pada mata pandangan. Tetapi my pinkie finger does not have to suffer much in that green area and I can move my fingers comfortably. While in the red area, kadang-kadang lepas habis lesson tu cramp fingers aku. And aku terpaksa flex my fingers slowly back to its natural straight position.  Obvs. I. AM. NOT. DOIN. IT. RITE.

Speaking of violin, I am thrilled. THRILLED I tell you, that my husband had agreed to rent a lorry from JB to KL for us to get my organ and our wedding bed. Now the organ would not be left languishing gathering dust at JB. And my mom can't wait to get rid of the bed since it is taking a lot of space in the little bedroom below. My mom said all of us bile balik raya can sleep on duvet aje. Hehehe.

Eh. Nak pergi berjalan-jalan kat Midvalley la.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Putting in word verification

Because the spam is getting a bit ridiculous. Before this it was once a week, which I can deal. Now it is around 2 or 3 times a day. 

And honestly? Does any of the spams really work ? Especially now? It boggles the mind. 

Very, very busy this week. No mood to blog. But still feeling like adding a couple of words in. 

I read recently about some bloggers calling Nuffnang racist. Personally I don't think so ( the winners are deserving of their prize because the quality and thoughts put into it clearly shows) , though I do think that Nuffnang is a bit bias in term of the people they keep on handing exclusive invites to. But hey, I don't care. See Nuffnang in my blog? No. I tried it once and just felt like I can't blog. Sekarang pon rase cannot blog jugak, tak boleh blame Nuffnang jugak kan? Heh. 

It is a personal choice what kinda things you want to do with your blog and if you want to generate money from it. Sure thing. But if the purpose of you blogging is to get money, then I guess you can get pretty bitter from your writing. Hence the accusation to Nuffnang. Do I think Nuffnang bias? Yes. Do I think they are being unfair? No. Its the nature of business. Do the bloggers who want their blog to be about money and prizes are thinking that instead of its a privilege, it is their rights? Then they are the idiots because they are not thinking business-wise too. 

So blog and be free. *mode ala-ala hippie sambil melepaskan dove ke angkasa*

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday, I write

What can I say, I am redundant in making list regarding tvs and films stuffs.

The day seems to go by so fast nowadays.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Good things must come to an end

Re: Manga
Onemanga is shutting down or at the very least deleting most of its content. It distressed me HUGELY. I had just started reading again manga. Before this I am just confining myself to a couple of mangas and recently I am curiously trying to read as many as I can find and this have to happen. Gah! Am currently reading Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai. Ok enough lar. To be honest it is boring. I have no idea why I am still reading it though. Must be a habit where if I started reading something, I MUST FINISH IT!

Re: Book
I have not been posting book reviews because I am still trying to finish the Inkheart trilogy. Though I did manage to sneak in and finished few other books in between reading Inkheart. I think the next time, I will not be buying a 3 in 1 kinda books again. It is a pain to bring the book even downstairs to read. Hence the 'lembapness' in reading time. While Inkheart is kinda like a bore, Inkspell is getting to be interesting. Probably since I had seen the movie before? The movie does follow the book quite closely so I got a little bored reading the book. 

Re: Series
I had finished watching Medium. And my night time allocation for series watching had suddenly become so free. Now I am rewatching SATC. My husband had been sucked into it too. Though he actually just sit next to me while playing computer games. Once in a while when there's a scene that is really KILLING me, I would interrupt him because he just NEED to watch this. But I know he sucked into the series already. Hah!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Post yang membebel-bebel pasal tah hape

And its Friday, and aku macam tak happy je. Amacam?

I think its more on the list of neverending defects in my list. Tak ke down kalau tak boleh solve defects tu sebab issue2 remeh2 (e.g. kenot access the page).

Anyway, yesterday I was off sick for half a day. Around lunch hour got back home, eat my sandwich, down the medicine, then kemas-kemas sikit dapur yang macam tongkang pecah, do some laundry ( unfortch I love buying clothes that needs hand washing) dan gosok baju while watching SATC. Gile productive time MC. Cuba weekend, mesti nak comatose atas sofa. The cats pon nampak je I balik terus meluru masuk rumah untuk lounging di atas sofa.

It does feel good taking a sick day off, considering for this year, I had not taken an MC yet. I am rarely sick enough for an MC usually. If I do get sick, tu macam dah nak kena hospitalized dah tuh.

By the way I found my cloche hat, Yipeee! Tapi kat mana aku nak pakai topi ituuuu. Ini nak buat overseas trip ni. Tak ke gatal nak gi overseas semata-mata nak justify nak pakai topi.

Oklah. Kembali debugging.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I will parrot what others had blogged.

Go in there blind and you'll be blown away.

Each and everyone one of the cast is incredibly GREAT in the their roles and it is hard to think of a single bad thing to say in this movie.

And can I also add, how incredibly awesome Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this role. I am just a little bit in love with him.

Go watch it!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hari ini tadek Tuesday Post

Actually ade, tapi serupa macam tadek.


Edited: Also the decision to drop Edward Norton from The Avengers, make me vowed not to watch The Avengers (at the cinemas at the very least. Teehee). Which is not much of a loss since I never watch Iron Man (both movies) anyway. And the only reason I was midly anticipating The Avengers is the addition of Norton.

I heart you Edward Norton! But I would still not watching you played a crackhead.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Emmy noms are in

And most people don't care a hoot. I generally do not care. But I get pretty excited when I heard the leads in Friday Night Lights finally getting some recognition and Archie Panjabi is nominated. She is the best thing that happened in The Good Wife.

What I most excited about is that Dylan Baker is nominated in the guest star. I loved his story in The Good Wife. That story is gripping, incredibly acted upon and just make me sway wildly throughout the whole hour. Guilty, no, yes, definitely guilty, but he can't possibly be too cliche and guilty, but he can be guilty just look at his eyessss!!!! Awesome episodes.

That's all I wanna say. It is Friday and I am contemplating either to buy a hat or a jigsaw puzzle. It's really a very hard decision to make upon.

p/s: Herm.. I am loving my new Sony Walkman. TQVM.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hormones on the rise today?

I was buying a Sony Walkman a few hours back, ( I think having a wish list is dangerous, it keeps on reminding you of things you want to buy. I am not doing it again! I think).

The the salesperson who attended me, went to the computer to check if the model I want is available while I walked slightly further away watching "Disaster Movie" (God, that movie is horrendous) on play in those new TVs, then I glanced back at the salesperson who now have another salesperson sitting on his knee and both are giggling. Oh yes, both salesperson are guys.

I quickly averted my eyes, as if macam I am watching something private. Which of course, yes. Tapiiii... perlukah berlaku di dalam kedai time you tengah working and a customer is waiting?


Was driving to work today and in front of me is a couple on a bike. I usually hate couple on bike because usually they are slow especially kalau orang yang bawak awek baru ni dan nak tunjuk pemandangan. On a busy, fast road.

Well this couple is no better. A bit faster than the usual, but while I am behind them I wish I could flog the girl! She was actually tickling her boyfriend on the bike and the bike went careening right and left for a while. And jolting me into braking so as not to make mincemeat of them on the road.


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tuesday, the usual.

Some thoughts on other form of lit:

Talking about that, I remembered that my husband is picking the The Walking Dead Vol 1 & 2 at Kino today, and I had bought Kick Ass. Have not had time to read it yet, but will. Sooner or later. Tralalala. Boleh buang 2 mende dari wish list dah. Hah!

Updated : Seems like there is a problem with Blogger comments. Hoh. So I received your comments in the email, but it does not come up in the blog. Hurm, that seems to bring down the fun in blogging and commenting eh.

Anyway Effi re your question, yeah, I went to Kino on Sunday still got a few copies left.

Comments working now.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

From Perlis to Langkawi then briefly Penang

Last 2 weeks, we went on a family holiday. Perlis, Langkawi then Penang.

First I went to Perlis for my cousin solemnization. My cousin is the guy there holding the hand of his v.cute newlywed. Congrats to the both!

The wedding went on smoothly and the food is awesomely delish.

Also went to: Padang Besar and I didn't take any photos because I am too busy choosing what I wanna buy and also Wang Kelian.

Material goods manage to acquire by giving a fistful of cash to various sellers:
- Batik
- Tikar
- T-shirt
- Blouses
- Foods
- Brooches
Among other things. Don't think that I bought too many. I think.

Summary of both:
- Padang Besar have more range if you want to buy clothes goods seperti baju or bags and such.
- Wang Kelian is cheaper if you are looking for household things.

Oh and also, on the last day at Perlis we were at Putra Palace Hotel, (If its true.) And there was some event Malam Veteran going on, so a lot of senimans and seniwati there including Aziz Sattar! Manage to waylaid Datuk Jins Shamsuddin and asked him if he would be so kind to take a picture with us. Hihihi. Malu, tapi WTH la kan. I meant, he is a legend !

So after a couple of day at Perlis attending wedding at going to the borders of Malaysia/Thailand, we sailed to Langkawi via the ferry (and I almost threw up. I still maintained that if a genie appeared to grant 3 wishes, one of them would be a cure for motion sickness. )

We stay at Sunset Beach Resort at Pantai Tengah.

The hotel is pretty great actually.

Pros : Right next to Pantai Tengah and the beach is lovely, Set in chalet style where they provide hanger for you to hang dry your clothes outside, breakfast place is right next to the beach where you have an awesome view while munching your bread with eggs, the staffs are super friendly, walking distance to shops and Underwater World (which I didn't go)

Cons: The room can get pretty sandy, a rug would be nice. The family room is big but the Sunset 1 is pretty cramped, no telephone at room so the only way to reach reception is going there itself which is no big deal but can be a pain if its raining, mosquitoes but the room does have ubat nyamuk elektrik .

Among the activities at Langkawi

1. Cable car

Budak kecik yang suke berada on the bridge as its quite cool. And I guess the cable car is worth the knee shaking height in getting view such as these.

Flare aside, the view is very picturesque. The sea looks like it just drop off to the horizon.

2. Mandi laut
The waves at Pantai Tengah is quite ferocious. We had a great time playing and bathing with the strong waves unfurling around us.

Though I guess sometimes it can be quite dangerous if you are not too careful. I read in the news last week that a couple drowned at the same spot we were bathing.

3. Shopping at the Zone and Kuah.
Sempat beli tonnes of chocolates and a perfume. My mom was obsessed looking for Corelle.

4. Some sight seeing / shopping while sight seeing.

5. Makan various seafood sampai berat naik 4kg T_T.
The cendol near the airport tu adalah sangat sedap! Laksa die quite nice also, agak berlemak. And at Langkawi memang seafood galore. Cheaper than Kuala Perlis and we have quite a feast at Alia Seafood. I especially like the Udang Masak Rempah there. Hurmmmm.... *dreaming of eating seafood gluttonishly*

And adalah tidak sempat island hopping sebab hujan T_T and also we ran out of time since we were only there for a couple of days. Bah! Maybe next time. We went there on Monday and went back on Wednesday. Tuesday itu hujan woo. Ah well. Like I said, maybe another time.

We did went to Penang to visit some relatives and singgah at Batu Ferringhi to look for my series. Heh. Sempat la singgah Hard Rock Hotel to buy a shirt. Tapi lupa amik gamba. Haha. Ah well. So, there the trip.

You could say mostly its a shopping trip and tailored to the family needs so not much can be done, but many things are bought. It was fun. 

Hah. So that's that. Nothing much to tell pon. 

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Wish List

A new MP3 player. 512MB MP3 player will not cut it anymore nowadays. (yes, I am still using it). I am leaning towards Sony because I have no interest in joining the Apple bandwagon. (I gave away my lucky draw prize 1GB Ipod Shuffle to my sis since I am not interested in using it).

Kick Ass graphic novel.

The Walking Dead graphic novel. Its a bitch to find the Book 1 or Vol 1.

A cardigan.

New jeans.

New pants for work/casual. That can work for both.

Hair treatment.

Gustav Klimt painting. Ok. I am just settling for the jigsaw puzzle of the painting.

A new cat. ( Improbable, but I'll just throw it in the list)
Baju baru. Tsk. Tsk. Its a woman mystery where, your almari is almost bursting with clothes, but you still don't have anything to wear.

Lining untuk baju kurung. Need to do this ASAP untuk tempah baju raya. 

Medium Season 6 DVDs. Damn it pirate sellers in KL, you disappoint me!

Cloche hat. It is insanely out of place, but I do so yearn one! And if I find one, I am so buying one!

Ok. I am setting up a new labels topic for this so I can look and see if I got what I wants.

Updated 3rd July: lalala.

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