Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Tuka template sempena new year! Which is why I tutup jab blog.

Though, I don't particularly like this green color. Tapi it is clean and simple and I like its retro pic. So perhaps I will test it out a while. And if my eyes just can't stand the green, I will change it. Took it from a lovely site, that have all sorts of beautiful templates. Though I did change the girl sitting coquettishly at the header from blonde to brunette. Because I'm a brunette! So its kinda like me, sitting in front of a computer, minus boobs that big.

So in the mean time, the link list will not be filled out yet. As penat la nak duk add satu2. Tunggu confirm and by then bits by bits.


Yesterday decided to go to KLCC alone and catch a UK movie called "Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging". I always like UK movies, they have a fun sense of humour. And their movie is not too preachy. And I was right, it was hilarious. This movie is basically a tween movie about girl (Georgia) like boy, but boy like someone else but kinda like her too. You get the drift. Its kinda like Mean Girls, UK version.

Though I do think at times I feel way too old to watch this kinda movie (it is produced by Nickelodeon! Gad! I felt old when I saw that!), but the movie had its high moments. It was hilarious to see the kissing lessons. By the end of the kissing lessons the girl and the boy are covered by saliva. Saliva-ville!!! Yeuch!. And of course the sorta silly moments usually made by girls trying to impress boys.

I also like that the 'heroine' is just your typical girl next door. And when she turned gorgeous, it is a very stunning transformation. Tak la macam "She's All That", masa tak lawa because only she is wearing some frumpy clothes and glasses. Gah!

Also, I finally watched "Shaun of the Dead".

What? Yes, yes. I know as someone who loves zombie movies, your freakness is not complete without watching the hilarious "Shaun of the Dead". Oh and I was laughing and jumping. Yeah yeah. I still have that weird habit of jumping up and down whenever I watch a particularly..... what's the word? Exhilarating, spine tingling? When you know the monster is right behind that door and the girl is opening that door. Ah! So usually, that particular moment makes me jump up and down.

Oh, but I love this movie. Though it does have a lot of reference to British humour which I don't know, but its so side-splittingly funny. Favorite scene is that acting lessons on how to be a zombie as I like Di character. When watching, I kept on thinking, she is sooo familiar. Movie over and few clicks at IMDB.com makes me realize she is the droll Sara in Reaper. Heh. No wonder.

Well, this movie makes me all excited to watch for Simon Pegg other movie "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People" The trailer looks fun. Though I do hope they would not make it preachy la yek. Eh, but it had been released yek?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Not enough of a bargain

So I read that Malaysian Film Producers Association is proposing to up the price of Hollywood movie at the cinema at double the price.

Wow! That is just preposterous.

First of all, I do understand they want to protect local filmmakers. But putting the price at RM20 per ticket is kinda ludicrous.

It would seems like instead of protecting the local filmmakers, they are punishing moviegoers for not making the 'right' choice. There are all kinds of outrage, and some even avowed to avoid local movies altogether if this proposal is being made into reality.

Maybe they just up it to a few ringgit, is a bit OK (not more than half!!). It would give local filmmakers an advantage. Or try to increase their screening time, meaning, usually it is around 2 to 4 weeks that a local movie got its screen time at the local cinema. Some I notice only 2 weeks or less! Words of mouth on how good a local movie is kinda a slow momentum around here... Like I heard about a movie that is good, pastu bile nak tengok, not shown anymore! So they should actually increase it.

And of course the usual argument, make better movie! Which in our local filmmakers defense, they had heard us plea and gave us quite quality film even though with some holes in the middle. Though believe me, some just continue to spurn out nonsense. I watched Cicakman at cinema dulu and regretted it til my dying day for spending such an amount of time and money at such rubbish. And they expect us to go and see that sequel? Ugh. (Tho I don't really hate its soundtrack... kuar topic!)

I read some US study that shows, people are going to the movies while cutting on other leisure or entertainment activities during recession such as in the depression times because it is an affordable entertainment to be had and of course that feel good feeling. Increasing the price when times are getting tough just seems like punishing local viewers who also continue to watch local and Hollywood movies. And it would certainly make the 'underground pirated' clans clap their hands in glee.

Jeeeezzz. There are some movies I would fork out rm20 for Hollywood or not Hollywood, and I notice ramai je duk kelompok at local movie. Sometimes I really doubt it that it is the viewer faults. Kalo camnih, 'acquiring' je la yek.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Nak frolick, frolick

So I am at work today.

The mood in the office is a holiday one. The one who didn't get holiday are boringly poring over programming or systems. Of course not for long, as the connection here decided itself that it should be on holiday mood too, as it keep on doing its disappearance act.

It's very boring when you open a system and it keeps on getting disconnected ok. Make you feel like just packing up and go back home and play with my cat.

What's your plan for the 3 days holiday?

Nothing much for me. A whole lot of kemas-ing rumah and probably a movie later on with some japanese food. I kinda missed going out alone. So thinking of doing it alone nanti. Tataw lagi biler. Hehehe.

Ingatkan nak post gamba Melaka. But I left my camera at home. Nanti la. Nak kena edit jugak tu.

Haih. Malasnye. Nanti la update lagi. Jom lepak!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Congratulations to Ja and Remy


Gon, Seri and I (and also Seri's cousin) make a day trip to Ja's wedding last Saturday. Fuh. 10 hours in the car. Gon the driver mesti balik weng je rase.

Ja looked sweet but of course she still retain her 'kebrutalan' even on her wedding days. *groans* Everybody during tepung tawar was laughingly asking the pengantins to look ahead and smile and be still for the cameras. Hoho. Bole tak the groom duk kumat kamit kumat kamit mulut membebel while the bride siap angkat2 tangan lagi bercakap dengan orang while on the wedding dais tengah orang nak tepung tawar. Hehehe. Takpe. Sebab itu memang MekJa. Tapi masih sweet ok. Huhuhu.

So after few shots of pics, dapat jugak gamba die org yang ala-ala ayu. Yeay! Anyway the food was delish, daging adalah sangat sedap. Wooo... woooo. *lapar dah plak*


So on the way back we decided to singgah la kejab Ipoh. Sebab semua dalam kereta itu kepingin sizzling mee kat Jusco KC. It is not exactly as what I remembered it. But probably because of my fond memories of this sizzling mee, I just over exaggerate the delish taste in my mind. But last Saturday, I found it a bit cair and the egg ohhhh.... the egg had turned to fried egg. Before this the egg was delishly bubbling merrily whenever we brought the sizzling mee tray to our table. But now its just a boring fried egg. Bah! Takpe. Masih sedap.


Huhuhu, well we were laughing when we reached KC. There are a many bittersweet memories there. Gohan and I were wondering how the heck during uni days, we manage to spend 1 whole day there, without getting bored. Then keep on going back weekend after weekend, frequenting the same shops, looking at the same things. Huhuhu. I also wondered that its a miracle that the whole lot of UTP students are not wearing the same things as everyone else. Though I did remembered that most of the girls are wearing the shoes from Vincci or Nose at KC and we always would spot some UTPian girls wearing the the same shoes we bought there.

Ah well.

Macam la sekarang very shopping savvy pon. Hehe, but I guess we would be hard pressed to find somebody wearing the same shoes that we bought.

p/s: Gamba-gamba selebihnyer ade at my fotopages.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Its not just this

Perbuatan Jerit cabul hak asasi kanak-kanak

KUALA LUMPUR 21 Dis. – Tindakan pertubuhan tidak berdaftar, Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (Jerit) menggunakan kanak-kanak dalam programnya di Bangunan Parlimen minggu lalu, mencabuli hak asasi golongan tersebut.

Pengerusi Lembaga Penduduk dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara (LPPKN), Tan Sri Zaleha Ismail berkata, ia bukan sahaja melanggar Akta Kanak-Kanak 2001 malah menyalahi Konvensyen Hak Kanak-Kanak yang diamalkan di seluruh dunia.

Bekas Menteri Perpaduan Negara dan Pembangunan Masyarakat yang bertanggungjawab mencetuskan idea penggubalan Akta Kanak-Kanak 2001 berkata, hak yang digariskan di bawah undang-undang dan konvensyen itu tidak hanya tertakluk kepada kanak-kanak sekolah rendah tetapi meliputi bawah 18 tahun.

“Kanak-kanak ada hak asasinya sendiri. Sesiapa sahaja termasuk ibu bapa atau mana-mana pertubuhan yang menggunakan kanak-kanak dengan membawa mereka ke majlis seperti yang dilakukan oleh Jerit adalah satu perbuatan mengeksploitasi kanak-kanak,” katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Herm, they should also be concerned regarding children being used to ask for donations for charity. It pains me every time seeing kids asking for donation for certain charity or school or badan in the sweltering heat or around midnight walking from shop to shop, table to table or patron to patron asking to buy a certain product in the name of charity.

Especially during school days. But nothing is ever said for them.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Diet Pftthhhhhhh..... (sambil makan ayam goreng)

During the past months, I had been dieting. Intensely. Just to get into that wedding dress. My effort was rewarded as I manage to not look so pudgy and gabak in wedding dress. My baju kahwin also needs to be re-altered quite considerably due to this, and one baju tak sempat nak realter which cause it to look like baju pinjam. Ugh. Tapi it looked fine enough la. And you all seen the after pictures kan. Before picture? I was too depressed to take any pictures of meself. Hahaha.

Anyway, my dieting consisting of eating almost healthy food, thwarting the evil complex carbohydrates which I love dearly and reducing my food intakes. The first 2 months was pure torture cause those who knew me, knows I can wipe off 3 plates of food easily. However aging women (semuanye aging la kan, mane de immortal) all around have to admit that as they grow older, their metabolism sucks more, so food intake needs to be controlled. So there I was, not chewing lettuce nor carrot stick, but lunching solely on manga and jambu. Sampai rase nak pengsan pon ade.

Before other health fanatics shakes their fist at me, I do exercise too. Of course I know that dieting is not enough. *scoffs scoffs*

My aim is not to be anorexic nor to look like Charlize Theron. I set realistic aims which is at arr.. well my realistic aim is to shed off 5kg. So after that aim is satisfied, what is 3 kg more right. Then that aim is satisfied. Then what is 2 kg more right. So, I lost around 10 kg in about 3 or 4 months of usaha diet dan exercise.

I am beginning to think like an anorexic and it scares my fiance. Sampai cincin yang dah dibeli pon longgar ok. But I am not that afraid, as I know that an anorexic is a one thing I will never be. During that 'diet' pon I allowed myself some downtimes, I eat rice everyday. Just reduce the intakes. I still eat chocolates dengan banyaknyer. I decline myself from chips though. And I still enjoyed fast food and steaks and chicken chops and carbs quite indulgently. Just afterwards I exercise like mad.

But also during that period lah macam orang mengidam kan. Macam-macam la tetiba nak but I said to myself, nanti dulu. Therefore I think I can let go somewhat and begin to indulge meself quite normally again, cuma just watch more closely and maintain exercising (which I haven't done yet in a while) because I do like to see my somewhat slimmer self in the mirror and I love being able to fit into jeans without considerable breathing exercises. Though I do find afterwards, that I can't eat as much as I used too. Also that I kinda like salad. Sometimes salads lagi sedap dari the main course. Apakah~

Hurmph. No matter. So the list of foods yang kegianan kengidaman yang perlu dan mahu dipenuhi.

KFC Meltz Done
Sausage ESSO letak banyak2 relish Done
Wendy's milkshake Had a taste, didn't like it too much. I may try its burger later.
McDonald Milkshakes. Milkshakes are evil.
Prosperity Burgers.
Chillies Lamb Shoulder
KFC Snack Plate. Tanpa dikongsi dan dilapah sehingga licin termasuk la kulit ayam.
Fruity's Strawberry Cake
Burger King Whopper
Onion Rings
Nasi Lemak Bekfes with paru goreng yang sedap lagi ranggup.
Nasi Lemak City Garden
Nasi Lemak Mali Done tapi I don't know la, I went last time, gile tak sedap.
Domino's Pizza eaten while watching a movie at home.
Chiken Hartz Buffet. Hahahaha.
ABC Cekelat. Only in JB. Kak Chics jangan jeles.
Yong Tau Fu yang nyaman (bak kate orang Sarawak). Only in JB also. Hehe, tapi last time masin sikit. Nak lagiiiii....
Lidah masak pedas. Haha. Terpengaruh tengok belog orang. Nak rase la jugak.
Bento box set at Kiku Zakura or Kampachii or mana2 lagi la restoran jepon.
Megi goreng.

And I think banyak lagi laa. These are only what I could think off. Haih nanti kan sesia je diet kan? Hehehe... maybe maybe. Tapi you would do the same jugak kan?

p/s: Tapi agak cuak la kalo naik. Takpe takpe. I know I can't relentlessly did that strict regime of dieting macam dulu, but we can control and try to maintain ye?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Life Goes On

When I was a wee girl, I thought to myself that at 25 I should be a VERY grand lady, where dining and wining (ala sparkling drinks je) is a norm in life. There would be a few movie stars personas worshipping the ground I walked on while I pined away for someone truly awesome like James McAvoy (hihu) or Cary Grant (masa die muda2). If the guy is a small country prince is even more awesome. Anak2 datuk tak main la OK masa time berangan. If you can dream, dream big right?

Berangan over kan masa kecik2. What I want to be in term of career is of course somewhat vague. But from all the movie air stewardesses seems to have a lot of fun in my 9 year old mind so I used to think I would like to be that so movie stars entering the plane can easily notice me and worship the goddess I should be. Of course the notion of being an air stewardess is never serious as I continue to be short and get motion sickness very often. And of course it was deemed uncool among the 'smart' kids to be 'pramugari', so it is entirely just a fanciful whims then, though I do suspect even nowadays that air stewardess still get to have lots of fun (even more fun than what my innocent 9 year old would think eh).

Well, so my ambitions seems to be always somewhat vague, even today. But a guy that should worshipped the ground I tread upon is always in my mind. I dreamt of love in a grand scale when I was small. I declared (in my mind but still quite loudly) that no ordinary love would settle in my life. And always, always... I would end my dream as such most fairy tale end their stories. "So the maiden marry her prince and thus they live happily ever after".

How laughable. How pitiful pon my dreams are. So years later , past 25. Here I am. Certainette not an air stewardess. Most certainly not living a grand life. Fine dining and wining make me uncomfortable. And I certainly cannot see how any movie star even the local independent cikai made by college students one, would notice me much less fall for me. And love stories in my life, though some are somewhat quirky and some are just blergh, but nothing really extraordinary happened or do not happened. So my life somewhat summarize goes on boringly like studied, worked, get married.

So perhaps my 9 year old self would wrinkle her nose in disgust when she saw me now. But I got a husband whom I believe love me wholeheartedly in spite of all my failings and whinings. Its no love in a grand scale but it is somewhat daunting in itself as new experience goes. I was then thinking, so there, a chapter close. The fair maiden marries and ..... . Happily ever after does not translate to life. How much more time do I need to stress this.

I was thinking, what is next? What is in store for my life except kids, work, more kids, more works? Oh... I guess I am hanging by the little things in life between mundane life routines, work and kids. The hanging out with friends. The weekend outing with the one you loves. The laughing on the antics of your own demented self and others. The hope of getting little wish lists fulfilled. And dreams. Oh... let me be 50 and never get tired of dreaming.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Picture worth a thousand words?

Really? But I do not think that it translate to camwhoring pics, right? Ah well, I would still love word laden post more I think.

Hehehe... Sebab I had bought myself a spanking new camera as part of the wedding hantaran, it would be totally useless if I didn't put some bad photos in this blog wouldn't it. And of course I know, Dila would love it. (Kamon, you like post yg ade gamba kan...)

So went around town today, for some food tasting around Bintulu and some shopping. Decided at last to bring along my camera and snap pics like some camwhoring crazy bloggers. Hahahaha. Jahat.


Teh C Ais Special. Only in Sarawak. Tasted like air kathira. Blergh, pelik la. Ade syrup pandan in teh ais. I like Sarawak because of inside its Ice Lemon Tea are actually lemon and not lime. Tapi pahit sangat la orang di sini buat lemon tea.


Mee Kolok Sup. A bit bland. Taste like megi ayam. Patut pon orang Sarawak yang I know suke megi ayam. Now I know da reason lorrr.


Mee Kolok 'kering'. This one is nice I think, from the 1 suap that I ate. I think the meat played a huge part in its taste. Without it, its kinda bland. Maybe that's why the non-halal version that used pork is very much gushed about.


Chicken mushroom pau. The bakery there is noted for its delicious egg tarts, steaming bun and soft tasting bread. And of course you know I love pastries and breads with a passion. The memories of spring onion chicken bun from that bakery can make me drool. (Tapi yang tu tak amik gamba plak ) The pau here is not bad. But you can have only 1 I think. Because the chicken mushroom sauce is a bit thick and the bread macam kenyal sikit. Not the best I ever tasted, but OK enough la.

The best pau I ever tasted is still at a kampung in Ipoh. Nobody ever recommended it, we just happened upon it by chance. I doubt we would ever find it again. The best pau chicken I ever tasted anywhere. My husband and I would love to go to Ipoh and find it again.


At the same bakery, I bought egg tarts. Delish enough with enough filling to fill the insatiable. Kurang manis sikit je I think.

Oh and of course the spot of shopping I did here is just a tiny one. I had to buy a book! Had to! The book that I brought here which is Emily of New Moon had finished being read by moi and I was feeling pretty down when I realized I only had 1 chapter to go last night.

As I had been contemplating to buy this book lama dulu dah. Beli aje la. Itu pon took forever. I was tempted to buy 3 books! This book, that somewhat new Sophie Kinsella book and a compilation of horror stories by Horowitz. Tapi macam la tadek kedai buku je kat KL. Buat ape la nak beratkan beg. So I bought the cheapest one, and yeay! This book that I bought here is cheaper than the ones I had been eyeing at several bookstores in Peninsular. Wheee~ (Nasib ade diskaun kan).

The other thing that I bought is tikar Sarawak. Hehe. For our somewhat imaginary new tah bile home. Nope, tak amik gamba.

Gamba wedding? Ah. Tiada. You can head to my husband blog for 1 or 2 of the pictures though.

Maybe you would like this joget lambak sambil berpantun di malam gendang (bermukun) scenes. Its a sorta tradition there. Lively. Lagi lively kalau pukul 12 malam. Tapi I had already been asleep by then, kata esok nak bersanding.

Nah gamba orang yang berpantun dan bergendang. The black chick (somewhat) is called "Mak Gendang". In reality adalah she-he. Tapi suara kalah perempuan merdu die. This pic is taken from my husband camera and edited somewhat crudely by moi.


Adalah perlu jugak amik gamba abang-abang ipar and adik dipaksa joget lambak kan. Tapi asik duk pandang mak gendang je. Susah betul nak dapat face shot.



Hehe. Ok. Yar, adalah belog ini tidak akan menjadi camwhoring blog because I never could bear to put my up close shot of my face in here. Takpe, mari kite akhiri blog post with some cuteness. Here are my in law's kittens with its mother looking balefully up at me while I am snapping this.


Rase cam nak kidnap je yang oren tu masuk dalam handbag, bawak balik KL. Geram.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Been so busy the past days before cuti, that I didn't get to schedule my other blog posts. Ah well. The memes and the photos are at my laptop at home so lagi la malas hapdet.

Still at in laws house at Bintulu. Currently am using my husband laptop while he is snoring beside me and the battery is just about out. Will be back on Thursday, but will still be holiday-ing. So malas mode still rampaging on.

Later. Adieu.

Friday, December 05, 2008

The Generation Y tag

1. They spend around RM300-RM500 a month on entertainment and leisure
Hoh. Kaya tul. I never keep track of my expenditures, but I am pretty sure it is around RM200 a month. Lebih sikit je mula la kena ikat perut time lunch.

2. Their love for shopping has earned them the label of "dream consumers"
Maybe maybe. But I am not too excited on shopping ever since this whole getting married business. Sekali sekala when the mood strikes eh.

3. On a good day, they hang out at designer coffee outlets and indulge in good food, which easily comes to RM15 per meal
My boss likes to pay for our coffee at Starbucks. He usually held meetings there, so 'designer' coffees for free! But I never really like coffee so I don't frequent this place. But I do like to indulge in good food occasionally and it does surpass RM15 per meal. (Helllo... nasi ayam for 2 pon dah lebih RM20 ok sekarang)

4. Many own the newest handphones, equipped with the latest technology. Doesn't matter if they are not technologically savvy enough to utilize all the functions; what is important is that they own something at par with what their peers have.
Not really. I just like the design of a phone. I never care about 3g ke, bluetooth ke, because honestly, I don't use it. So I choose the cutest phone with the most affordable price.

5. Two-thirds know the price of an iPod, but three-quarters have no idea what a carton of milk costs.
I know how much milk cost OK. And I do know somewhat the price of an Ipod too.

6. They have hundreds of illegally downloaded songs

7. One in 20 spends more than RM200 a month on mobile phone bills
Nope. I spent about RM30 - Rm50 per month. For prepaid. Yeah, people don't call me much nor I call them.

8. A number of them have more than one phone
Hoh. 1 handphone pon asik tertinggal and rarely by my side. If 2? Ish ish ish.

9. Many do not read the newspapers, or watch the TV news
I like to read the Star on Sunday sebab ade cartoon strips and ruangan advise, hehehe. I watch news only when there are some things that piqued my interest such as watching the Taj terrorist attack live.
10. They are heavily dependent on 'helicopter parents' who hover protectively over their offspring
Ar? Ye ke? I don't think so. Though I do think sometimes I depend on my husband too much. Die la rajin nak service kereta and bayar insurance and whatsnot. Which remind me of my car insurance that I need to renew.

So, now I will officially start the tagging game. Hereby, I tag:
Sheema Aku taw ko bosan
SeriAs Kamon seri jangan malas.
Adek. Hehehehehe
Dueng (sebab Dueng and Adek mesti ade strong views about this also...)

Ah 4 je la.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Points in paragraph

Itching to blog with no apparent topic in head.

Will be going to Bintulu for the 'bertandang' session on the 4th of December and will be gone for about a week. Fear I will not be blogging in about a week too as I am not too sure on the internet connection there.

However, prolly I will schedule some meme I owe from Sue and also a few memes I just like.

My husband brought his PS to the house. Just gotten myself acquainted with Guitar Heroes (without es or with?). Kinda see how you can get yourself addicted to it. Didn't play it much as my bro-in-law was hogging it. Macam best je kalau beli guitar die.

Even I am kinda hooked on Piah Zadora, hehe. But most of the time, I have no ideas which blogger she meant. Macam baca Pancaindera nye blind item rasenyer.

I feel fat. Need to start eating healthy / exercising or whatever again. (Tetapi milkshakes di Wendy masih belum di rasa... hmmmmmmmmm )

Last Friday had a sorta company dinner at Hotel Imperial, then after that I had to rush straight to Pavilion for dinner with my family at Tony Romas (had the most delicious salad dish yang sampai sekarang leave my tastebud tingling for more). Then on Saturday, went for my project team BBQ feast then rushed for Ranhill company dinner. Now you know why I feel fat. Maybe I will update the pics of those artist tomorrow. Didn't bring my camera.

I am still feeling sluggish. Ohhh... macam tingin nak main Guitar Heroes pulak.

Ok lah. Cukup panjang la tuh. Kalu rajin I'll update more.

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