Sunday, November 27, 2005

Re -Tag

Lee had re-tagged me, so this is it a bit past the deadline I promised her. Since I am much too lazy to redo it again I will just paste it. Haha. . However, there are one other title that was not included earlier. So there it is below, the one that is not italicize.

Seven things you plan to do before you die:

1. Volunteer work

2. Go to Pompeii

3. Have mindless sex. No? Ok. Change that to getting married.

4. Watch Phantom of The Opera or Chicago, live! (That meant the grand ol stage baby!)

5. Learn back all my lost musical skills

6. Pay back my loans!

7. Look him at the eye at least once.

Seven things I cannot do (OK this is not included in the last post):

1. Sadly , cooking. But hey.. I am sure am a natural. Once I have the time. Or energy. Or do not burn the house. Or got over fear of fire.

2. Say No when somebody I like ask to do something. Bah!

3. Live without streamyx. Life would be so dull indeed when I cannot download things.

4. Show sympathy when the occasion rise for it. I just don't eh. Call me cold.

5. Lose weight to measly 45 kg. Bloody hell. (Why being underweight appeal to me. CLOTHES )

6. Swim. No matter how hard my dad used to drown me ajar swimming , I could not swim to save my life. But hey.. I do think fast when my life depends on it.

7. Go out with (currently there are 2 or 3 in the list) . No need to name em. Afraid will muntah darah or die of repugnance.

Seven things I could do ( I do not quite understand this part):

1. Give more to charities , not own clothes welfare Updates: (Am seriously lacking here)

2. Slim down more. OK. That is impossible. I change it to buy more expensive clothes! Updates: (More clothes, yes. Expensive..soon..soon)

3. Buy Chronicles of Narnia and finish it before the movie come out in December. Updates: (Yes , 2 more books to go. Kacang putih saja to finish it by next weekend)

4. Buy new handphone. Update: (Been there, done that)

5. Sleep less. Dream more. Update : ( Hopeless Dila. Cannot do this)

6. Go out with more peoples. Update: (1 or 2 more count eh?)

7. Go to Langkawi with my friends Updates: ( Oh man, I missed kak mel wedding)

Seven celebrity crushes:

1. Matsumoto Jun :: heart skip more than a beat I assure you ::

2. Fujiki Naohito :: swoon ::

3. Matthew McConaughey

4. Ashton Kutcher

5. Ryan Reynolds

6. Ewan McGregor

7. Angelina Jolie ( I know, I know.. but who wouldnt eh?)

Seven often repeated words:

1. Ape?

2. Whut?

3. Huh?

4. Hahahhaha

5. Hurmph

6. Eeeeeeewk~

7. .......................

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex :

1. Tall

2. A bit fair

3. Nicely built shoulder

4. Gorgeous soft hair. Not too slick, just enough that I can rumple.

5. Strong looking hand

6. That little smile

7. The half smiling eyes

Seven tags go to : None.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I spoke too soon

That birthday post if you noticed was posted in the morning.

Then during lunch hour, I got my birthday cake and the singing and blowing out candles. Yes. I was not spared. But it was sweet of them. The cake was great and one of my favorite. Blueberry Cheesecake. Eat your heart out. (Well only at that moment) Courtesy of the office and chose by Kran there.

They got a pretty agitated at first thinking that I had gone out for lunch. It was a surprise thingies if you guys had not figured it out yet. No worries... I had only set out to satisfy my dairy craving. On top of that I am not cake hungry anymore.

However got some more suprises.

Unpleasant one first. Got like a "bubble" ( some kind of voicemail ) from someone later that evening. After finishing work then I proceed to dial away to hear whatever that person wanna say. It turned out horrendous.

Oh no.. someone do not berated me or anything like that. Some guy was actually playing the guitar and warbled along to the Happy Birthday song! Worst. Birthday. Present. Ever.

Does he thinks it is cute? Or I would swoon? Or I would gush later on saying " how nice is your voice and I really like your singing "? Or I would be oh-so-smitten? Bleurgh. It boggles me thinking what he might be thinking.

How I cringed hearing it and hope I had never heard it before. Wipe the memory of my mind, please! ::wails:: It just spoilt my birthday! ::stomp feet:: ::stomp feet:: And realllllyyyy..... why does guys keep on saying
" Alaa... die wat camtuh.. nanti ko cair jugak ".

Really, YOU THINK? ::shake heads:: Sometimes there are something that guys just do not understand.. or how some other guys can really be such a pest (to put it mildly). Its not that I don't like him (Ok, I lied. I DON'T like him) It just that he is soo erm disturbing and makes me uncomfortable. Argh... Okay. This is turning out to a rant.

Turn back the ditsy mode back on. The more pleasant surprise. My friend from UTP, Snubby a.k.a Lan gave me a SMS saying he will be in KL later on this evening and ask to blanje dinner as birthday treat, later at night. I say night cause I know his time. Yeay!

Later on more surprises !
Syuk and Yoda was there too. ( I mistakenly thoughts Yoda was Iyayy) But both of them back then are roomies, always together and gayish , you can't actually think about one without thinking the other. Yoda is now traumatized by the comparison mistake. We then picked up Yunkies too . More Yeay! The girls are a bit tired, and the guys don't change a bit.

Its such a nice day ... thank you guys and girls.

Notes: Am Reading Narnia (Birthday Gifts) !!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me...


My birthday. I'm turning 23. Yeuch! Sounds so old... like can get married already.

My first birthday celebrated while working.. Eh, not really la. I had celebrated once during my industrial training. Still at that time my birthday was on the weekend, so can celebrate kaw kaw punye.

Now my birthday on Monday. Bluergh. Monday Blues. Thank Heaven I started work on Sunday. The blueness don't feel that bad. And I feel glad that no one at work remembered my birthday today. Cause I hate birthday songs sang to me ( I like to sing to others inaudibly) and blowing candles in front of others. I like to do them alone despite whatever Tiger Beer Advertisement might want to convey. (The best things in life are shared or you are a lone freak) I am sure their CEO don't feel that way. But I do like cakes, no matter whose birthday is that .. hermm.. will buy cakes if feel cake hungry at end of day and perhaps stick some post Raya 'bunga api' in a cake and sing to myself.

However I do like to thank you for those who wishes me a happy birthday ... started from midnight and till this morning. You guys and gals are sweet to remember my birthday and wishes me well even though I am a forgetful friend who always wishes those lucky one a belated birthdays and sometimes forget their birthday terus! My birthday resolution this year is to keep a list of my Friends birthdays and always try to at least wish them a belated birthday. Gambatte!

And I will just thank those in advance who will wishes me and come bearing gifts. I prefer them wrap in red ribbons and come in big boxes , thank you.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Phone and Me

My first ever handphone was being given by my ex-boyfriend. It was the Banana Nokia. And I always love to put its yellow cover on. So cute.

My first ever own number attached to my name was DiGi. Until now, I am with DiGi. Not with the first DiGi number laa. This is my 2nd number. 1st number got stolen by some lazy ass guy who is probably suffering from syphilis (If you don't ,I hope you do) and perhaps by selling off my handphone and stealing puny rm50 in wallet can buy medications for his venereal disease.

You can call me a loyal DiGi customer. I can be loyal if they treat me good.. And they treat me, very very good. Which had made me remembered *gasp* My birthday coming up. Need to top up soon so can get extra RM. Man.

Anyhow , my friends during Raya asked me about sms thingies. On why I rarely replied his sms. Laziness kicks in. I guess. But thinking back....

Then during phone-mania era where Dino Handphone was acceptable and 3210 was considered cool:

- Any call was welcome
When we heard that ring tones we always jump! Saying oooohh.. ahhh... Call Call.. Someone wanting to call me. Someone care. Yippee.

Yeah .. yeah.. I lack self-esteem.

- Any SMS was treated immediately
At that time any sms was treated irreverently. You can only send from 016 - 016. 012- 012. Pity the outsiders. I do not get much SMS because of this... since well.. I was using 016. Most of my friends was using 012.
The turnaround time to reply was immediately. If got no credit, then almost immediately after had top up. If somebody important sms ( you know what I meant) , the topup filling turnaround is also almost immediately.

-You are always wondering that missed calls are from whom
Got 1 missed calls, no lah. I do not call back. 2 or 3 I call you back la. But you at time wonders who's the number you missed calls.

- Missed Call meant that you miss them or a sign to contact me or kind like a game.
Used to have this boyfriend. Too stingy to call or sms. So he missed call. He says that whenever he misses me, he will missed call me. Kinda funny huh.
And some of my friends love to miss call one another to the point of distractions to the one staying in the same rooms with em.

- SMS was then always funny, jokelike, characters made to look like pictures showing that you care
You know you always got those SMS. Flying coffin rumors. The bear like or bird like characters saying something like Friendship Forever or I Miss You. Back then every one was wanting to have the most unique and complex like SMS texts. Weird. Count me out on that. But I did remember I like em well enough dulu.

- People can't tear themselves away from their handphone.
No need remarks like See It To Believe It. It must have happened to you. At the very least someone close to you.
Remembered when I was in Metana. Around 9pm to 12 pm there will be lots of girls around with phones plastered to their ears. Some speaking softly. Some gesturing wildly (yours truly). Many of us have our own favorite spots. The quiet one went under the stairs. The noisier walking around in front of the hostel. The more disturbing one sitting in front the view of our very own hostel lake (lombong).

- Most peoples are using the same models.
At that time, 3210 and the banana phone or the 3310 are the most commons. The only thing differentiating the phones are for the cover of the phones. Some are just plain red, grey, or blue. Some have cartoon pictures. Some have naked chicks on em.

Now is the time where handphone is the norms that even my 6 year old cousins have one.

- Anonymous / Unimportant call is unwelcome
No more jumping up and down when your phone ringing. No more rushing through at the speed of bullet. If it rings, so be it. Some call had been marked as "Ignore" or "That jackass". Only call that is to say "Going out or not?" is acceptable to my ears.. Wait. On 2nd thought, I don't think so. Only some peoples. Some random peoples calling up playing prank or joke on you is being received depending on moods. You can be damn sure most of the time that the mood aint sun and shine.

- Any SMS was treated immediately. Some. I guess
Okay. SMS like: "Jadi ke tak, ni", "Are you at home, I'm on my way," will be treated immediately. Some random SMS on some thoughts of Friendship? You do not give me any personalisation of your own words in that SMS, I would not consider to reply. I will just be secretly pleased inside. (Again I must stress for my own defense, for some peoples ).

At times when you got SMS, especially while you are shopping at juggling between your lemonade, handbags and your shopping bags.. you just call them back instead of replying. Faster. Easier to convey.

If your credit at your handphone had finished.... that is sooo rarely the case since well.. you rarely use your phone to call or sms what.

-You are always wondering that missed calls are from whom
That only happens now if you are unemployed or currently job huntings. If not , dismiss it. They will call you back if it is important.

- Missed Call meant that you miss them or a sign to contact me or kind like a game.
You do that to me now. You are sooooooooooo not getting a "Yes" to your "Do you want to go out with me?" questions.

And really... it is mind boggling enough to go through the grind of everyday life. But to 'tembak' each other thinking it now cute?

Please gentlemen, if you still doing it even after you had received a paycheck with a name and EPF of your own. Stop by the nearest hangout for high school girls and ask for their phone number. I wish you luck and all the happiness in the world.

- SMS was then always funny, jokelike, characters made to look like pictures showing that you *cough* care
See point above.

- People can't tear themselves away from their handphone.
Well.. this can still be the case. But not so much anyway. In UTP when I was in final year. I rarely find a girl lurking in any shadows or nooks or corners talking on the phone compare to when I was in Metana. Probably the IRC thingies had changed things I guess.

- Most peoples are using the different models different versions different covers
You named it. Samsung. LG. Nokia. Sony Ericson. Motorola. Heck, compare to then, the latest of all models is currently being owned by high school kids. Compared to my cikai phone ... their phone would lambasted the daylight out of mine.

Friday, November 11, 2005

No. 1

Okay. I won't promise if this will be an essay or not. I am pretty damn depressed. And typing this load of shit is guarantee to make me a whole lot sadder, more depressed and increase hallucination on suicidal thoughts. I am armed with a whole lot of really depressing shits from our great musician. I hence come armed, baby.

The King And I
No. Its not about stupid Anna and the Thai King. I meant come one, that is one lousy woman who do not know a thing about culture, busying' herself poking into somebody else business I guess. Probably was too bored teaching lazy ass royalties. Ok Ok.. I compose.

Everyday to get back to the castle up on the hill, he (his driver to be more exact) had to drive along the rows and rows of houses that is built on a grand scale. Perhaps to match the great castle in the backgroud?

"Commoners," he thought. He barely look outside from the car windows. The same scenery , same houses everyday.

He caught a glimpse. She was walking toward a house. Not the grand houses. A small picturesque little house.

Everyday for a month. He makes a point to look at that particular house. Sometimes he saw her. Sometimes he went home disappointed. What he sees so far, he like.

This went on. Day by day, the desire to see her come stronger and stronger. His mind is made up. He called his trusted assistants into his confidence. They know him well enough not to be surprise. They nodded indicating they understand.

ten next day, the little house received their grand visitors and the surprise of their life. The assistants make the wishes of their master known. The inhabitants of the house agrees. Some rejoiced.

The girl was called. She listened at first in great disbelief. Then doubts. The women's was calling her the luckiest woman in the country. She looked at the face of the men around her. Grim faces. She could not understand it. The impassive looks of the King's men frightened her even more. Her father take her arm, away in a corner, spoke slowly to her, away from everybody else. She looked into his eyes. His words are speaking something else, his eyes are telling her another. She just smiled weakly and nodded her head.

The other women take her away. Haste is important. The King's request is secrecy and the matters done quickly.

The wedding day came just a few days after the life changing event of the girl. It was a simple ceremony. They were wedded.

Night came when the husband meet her wife. Her heart was pounding fast. She could feel her head whirring. The King look at her in satisfaction. She is beautiful. Looking into her big round eyes, he never would have guessed that she was frightened out of her life. He came closer, she closed her eyes.

When she woke up the next morning, her bed is empty. She let out a sigh of relief. She let her eyes closed for a moment. Emptying her mind. She opened it up slowly. Half dragging her feet, she makes her way to the mirrors table. Never had she more hated the sight of herself than this morning.

Her eyes caught something on the table. A sob threaten to make a way out but she choked it back. Hands trembling she scanned the words on the paper.

A divorce statement.

Everything make sense to her now. She was nothing more than another pawn in a cruel game.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bitter Pill

Few days back a long lost IRC friend somehow got hold of my Friendster and contacted me. I was exposed~~

We used to chat around the time when I was in Form 5. Then I became an addicts. I meant addicted to Internet. Nowadays? Not so much now since I have to put myself as Away in almost all my Instant Messenger programs since I am too lazy to reply to some messages or I just plain do not like the user.

We got to talking and I was surprised to find out that how many chatters that I still keep in contact with from my Form 5 days~ Since back in those days we love to pair each others off and almost everyone is with someone we know. I should say was. But some of them still stay together after all these fickle years.

He was asking me questions regarding the lovelike state of my life now, I guess some of my remark put him to this question:

"You had been dissapointed in love?"

And hey... I did not make apparent remark like "Men sucks" or "Love is only a chemical reaction trigger by lust".

I just laughed (if you can described this :D as a laugh) and replied.

"You are asking a question which everybody would reply "Yes" to ."

It is just a known fact that it do not required any explanations. Any type of love from all kinds of peoples of all different walks of life , we will learn this lesson.

'Tis a bitter pill for everyone to swallow.

It makes me wanna compose 5 tragic (or somewhat tragic love stories). Let me see if I have the time and energy to do it. Try to guess which is true.

Monday, November 07, 2005


Tajuk di atas saja yang English. Tapi terasa macam nak berbelog lagi dalam Bahasa Melayu. Mungkin sebab terasa sentiment tu macam kena aje untuk Raya.

Malas la nak menaip panjang-panjang. Tengah kenyang. Baru lepas makan lemang. Lemang tipu bak kate abang ipar. Dalam bukan main lawa lagi, takde kesan macam kena bakar. Terletak je lemang tu, setakat asap tepi jalan je lebih. Sekadar hiasan agaknye. Ye la kan Malaysia pon baru je diwarwarkan antara pengeksport Uncle Ho yang terhebat. Alang- alang musim raya, lemang ketupat pon kalau boleh nak di'lanun'kan sekali.

Selalu cakap tak seronok dulu-dulu masa raya. Orang-orang tua cakap raya ni untuk budak-budak. Yang dah dewasa pening kepala sebab poket dah kering. Tahun ni lain pulak rasenye. Sebab tahun ni dah kena mula bagi duit-duit raya pada sedara mara.

Orang kata tak best la kan sebab dah tak dapat duit raya. Macam mana pun, ade jugak la rase seronok. Pertama kali nak memberi duit kononnye. Rase macam best je duk masuk-masukkan duit dalam sampul raya nak kasi untuk kanak- kanak comel dan adik- adik yang greedy. Selalunye Kak Watie die ni kedekut sangat-sangat kan. Haaa, time ni la nak 'pau'. Adik- adik mintak RM 100 paling kurang. Berangan la die orang. Tapi kesian la jugak pikirkan adik-adik laki yang kuat makan ni, kasi la lagi banyak dari yang die orang patut dapat. Bukan banyak sangat pon adik. Ade 2 orang je. Nasib baik la sedara mara / anak sedara pon tak ramai. Rasa macam kelakar la pulak nak kena bagi kat kazen mazen yang lebih kurang sama je umur. Dulu-dulu sama-sama pegi ke rumah sana sini mintak duit raya. Ni kena bagi duit raya kat die orang laks! Yang ade sorang kazen kecik ni tetiba tanye

" Kak Watie dah kahwin ke?"

Blur sats kena tanye soalan camtuh. Agak biasa la soalan tu dilontarkan sejak 2 menjak dah keje ni kan. Dasar budaya timur = Lumrah alam. Tapi masa terberhenti jugak la seketika bila kazen yg kecik pon tanye camtuh. Rupa-rupanye die konfius sebab setahu die orang dah kahwin je kasi duit. Mak die Chinese dan die memang rapat ngan 'KongKong' , so tersilap sangka la sebentar. Hai.. walau camne pon, memang tak best betul la kena letak dalam kategori tu sengaja tak sengaja pon. Saya masih muda ~ cewah!

Raya ni tak best satu je. BANYAKNYE MAKAN... MACAM MANA NAK KURUS NI!!

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