Friday, October 30, 2009

TV Thingies I Watch for Year 2009

Its been awhile since new series started and compare to last year, this year new series kurang sikit aku acquire. So the below are the new series that I watched.

The Good Wife

Picture taken from

What's it about?
A wife of a public figurehead whom husband had been caught in a big sex and corruption scandal goes back to the workforce working in a legal firm after 15 years she last quit her job.

Why I Watch?
  • Got Chris Noth playing Mr Big albeit with different character name.
  • Julianna Margulies

Do I Like It?
  • Pretty well.
  • I like the supporting character Kalinda. Had not met strong Asian character for a while, and this is a plus.
  • The case is not boring and the series is not too heavy nor too light, so its the perfect watch for my in-between mood.


Picture taken from

What's it about?
All humanity suffered a blackout where in this blackout they saw their future in the next 6 months. A group of people tried to find out what that meant on who/what behind it.

And a sidenote, all this people suffered a most if not incredible at least eye opening future on how they change. If it were me, it would probably consist of me just watching tv.

Why I Watch?
  • My husband wanted to watch it.
  • Got John Cho.

Do I Like It?
  • Kinda meh so far.
  • Interesting premise, wondered how it gonna keep up without viewers losing interest or when 6 months had come.

Vampire Diaries

Picture taken from

What's it about?
A girl fall for a vampire. And that vampire have a brother who is also a vampire and also like the girl. Much writing about feeling in journal ensues.

Why I Watch?

Do I Like It?
  • Sappy soapy series that make you roll your eyes a lot.
  • But still watching it for who knows what reason. Hoping the characters would get interesting?
  • Tho Ian Somerhalder is fun to watch. His character. His prettiness also does not make it too bad.

The Beautiful Life

Picture taken from

What's it about?
Life of various models.

Why I Watch?
  • No longer! Because it'd been cancelled.

Do I Liked it?
  • Kinda. It was filled with pretty people and I like Sara Paxton.
  • Hard to tell if the story is any good because after 2 eps it had been cancelled.

And yes, I am still keeping up with Greys, Ugly Betty, Heroes, Supernatural, Chuck, Gossip Girl, 90210 (And I swear season 2 is BETTER AND TRASHIER), Fringe, Dollhouse and Private Practice. And occasionally House and Medium and various others once I bought the dvds.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kucing aku ni banyak drama taw

Baru je kelmarin, my mom puji cakap Fasha ni baik je, duk diam je. Then yesterday got back from work, my brother said macam ade kucing terperangkap in the roof wall on top of my sister's room.

When I went into my sis's room and heard mewing, recognized it was Fasha. Just to be certain, I called her at the back of the house, (tempat lepak bersama kucing jalanan yang lain) I can't hear her telltale bell. Sah la tu memang die la kat situ.

Somehow, she had found an access inside the roof and can't get her way out so she is mewing around the top of room because she heard our voices there. Bertuah punyer kucing. At first we are at a loss how to get to her because we suspected she went on top of the roof and found some way in. It would be too dangerous for us kerana tinggi, susah nak naik dan dah gelap.

So my sister ke brother think for a moment and bukak one of the lampu and see if she's truly there. Mana la taw kucing lain ke or tempat lain ke, and tak semena-mena terjadi lagi ke kesah maggots itu. Yeuch!

Then nampak la collar die yang glow in the dark itu ( which she manage to hilangkan this morning. Hoh).

And terus she poked her face out trying to get out to no avail sebab if you can see the picture below, ade macam besi to hold the lampu yang make it too sempit for her to wriggle herself out.

Called up my husband and die lah tolong bukak the besi thing. Yeah. I have no idea what is it called.

Then out the cat goes from the ceiling.

Nasib baik ade lubang lampu, kalo tak jadila macam Flowers Pets in the Attic. Keluar je terus berlari-lari cari makanan dan bersin 10 kali. Nak sangat jadi Fasha the Explorer kan.

Tiap-tiap minggu ade-ade je kucing-kucing ni taw. Tunggu plak next week, prolly another entry in the Kitteh Bitteh department, di mana Kurap akan dimandulkan pulak. Sorry readers, my love life is well... marriage life la, work is too depressing to always harp about and anak pon tiada. Terpaksa la Kitteh Bitteh department ni penuh dengan tales.

You know what, mommy bloggers is full of persatuan-persatuan dan geng-geng mereka. Pet owners bloggers di mana pets die org banyak karenah ni tadek geng-geng ka?

Owh and don't worry Abg Adam and Kak Liza, we got the besi and lampu back to its place. Kalo Fasha tu gemuk lagi, mungkin abes la kena pecahkan siling. Hahaha.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Before I forgot that I went to KK

Here's a post. Anyway, with my KK trip last week (seems like eons ago), I had now went to every state in Malaysia and spent at least a night there! Yeay! Now tell me, who else had done the same ( I am sure many, but hey, I asked a few and none of them can say the same)

Anyway will not make a REALLY long post out of it. Sebab aku malas and keje banyak. Sobs!

Day 1

We took a flight there on Friday and reached there petang.

Went straight to the pasar, because I went there with my mom and my nenek saudara and she is itching to cook. We reserved Marina Courts Condominium as we know the apartment comes with kitchen attached.

Bile balik apartment after walking around the pasar and membeli pelbagai makanan (the sayur is fresh and ridiculously cheap too), masak some prawns and sotong masak hitam. Fresh seafood! Yummeh!

Day 2

We went to Pulau Manukan for a spot of snorkelling and some seaside bathing. Yeay!

The beach was lovely but not as lovely as I thought it would be. But the corals was pretty.

Balik masam masin tu, we straight go to Jamilah Jewellery is it? That my brother and some few relatives recommend for some pretty pearl and crystal jewellery shopping. I bought a strand of grey pearls and made 3 similar looking bracelets for me and my sisters. I forgot to take gamba of shopping.

Tiba malam we went for food at Ocean Seafood Village.

The buttered prawns was kind of awesome and so does the sotong goreng tepung. But I maybe bias because I LOVE SOTONGS especially SOTONG GORENG TEPUNG. The other was so-so. A bit pricey though our total meal that night. Pengsan. Tapi for 8 orang makan, ok lah tu. Hehe.

Day 3

Went to Kundasang and Kinabalu Park very early in the morning.

The view was breathtakingly lovely and it was cold. We went to Timpohon gate, where most climbers start their climb up Kinabalu and had our cold KFC there. People went there to climb up Kinabalu, we went there to make our cholesterol level higher.

Afterwards we went to Kundasang and visited the memorial garden there. It was really beautiful. Separated to 3 gardens, it had an English garden, Borneo garden and an Australian garden.

Afterwards we went to there rows of stalls there and spent a whole much on foods and fruits. Di situ jugak we tasted and bought some local never seen before fruits. And I love buah tarap and those red durian. It was deliciously delicious.

Balik dari Kundasang straight to Tanjung Aru for some lunch, fruit juices and sayap!

Day 4

Went to UMS for my brother konvo. Lama gile ok. So we basically spent almost a day there. And ops, lupa plak nak include gamba and it is not in this pc. So malam ni, I will put another pic down here on my brother convocation. Most of the pics are in my husband camera tho. So only those yang I have je I put up. Which prolly amount to 2.

After the convocation went to 1Borneo sebentar untuk makan. Makan di Pizza Hut aje and let me warn you DON'T GO THERE ! The pizza sucks and the chicken wings tasted weird. Malam pulak my mom cooked some ketam and sotong and can't remember. Didn't take pics.

Night time setelah dinner, my husband and I decided to go to Tanjung Aru again untuk sayap, bontot ayam and avocado juice. The avocado juice is creamy and heavenly. The other drink itu adalah Teh Madras and quite good too. Aku menyesal tidak amik juice avocado gelas besar, sebab before this I can never finish the gelas besar. But that night I know if I order one, I can.

Day 5

Went to laundry back and fro kerana duk push push awek tu suruh bagi laundry awal sikit since we are going back that afternoon. Hantar hari sabtu, hari selasa masih tak siap lagi2. Hoh.

Overall, KK was super lovely, got tonnes to do but this was a family trip too and time was limited. Anyway we had fun and I love to go there again.

That's that folks!

Updated 24/10: Added pic of my bro's convo a bit. Itu je ade.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Stray Kitten

Heard her wailing for the whole night and woke me up several times. Come morning went out looking and I found the source standing shivering, soaking wet near the drain. It rained heavily last night kan.

I think its a her. Usually I just know without needing to look at the backside for the telltale bump.

Bath her for a bit, which she does not appreciate (ye lah kan, dah la mandi hujan malam tadi, bile pagi mandi lagi), then I blow dry her with a hair dryer her which she does not also appreciate. Miau macam petir ok. Badan je kecik, bergema-gema rumah bile die miau. I left her to dry on a pile of old rags.

Don't think so will be keeping her as my sister had voiced out disapproval. So I pesan to the maid, bile dah kering, put her outside back again. Before I went to work, she was sleeping on the rags.

Sigh. Macam SPCA pulak kan. Tapi comel. Macam Fasha masa kecik-kecik.

Updated on 22/10: Kitteh after sudah dried was let go and never seen since. Prolly back to her momma. (And I hope that is the case)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Adik Abid

Still no post about KK. Later la. Tak upload gamba in computer lagi.

Anyway. Semalam my sis selamat melahirkan her second baby boy around 4 pm. Dedua sihat setakat ini.

Nama: Maseh unknown. Tak tahu la kalo my bro in law dah decide hari ini. Anyway, inilah adik abid.

Montel ok. Berat 3.7 kg. Hihihi. And definitely my bro in law's nose so the little un did not inherit hidung kemek my family. Too bad Abid you are stuck with one. Hehe.

Brief post aje.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Am back

And my eyes hurt as hell. I mean that literally. Bukan sebab ade perkara tidak senonoh mahupon menggelikan berlaku di depan mata.

I think there's something there and it hurts when blinking. Why am I telling you this? Why the hell not.

Budak opis gelak-gelak je cakap balik keje 1 hari jee la dalam minggu ni. Esok dah cuti balik. Sebab itu aku suke. Hehe. So semestinye mood nak keje tu kurang, tapi kene la sedar diri yang diri ini senang untuk direplace so kena la berkerja sket kan.

Anyway will belog about KK later. Not much to blog sebab semua orang taw what KK looks like and done far more exciting thing than moi there. So kalo sempat aku belog la. Tak sempat. Too bad. Tapi bukan hari ni. Hari ni.... tah.


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Freaks and Geeks

Never seen the series but heard it was cool.

Anyway, I was hanging around some other people blog when we came upon a discussion on online dating and one of the guy mentioning he is doing something in neuroscience. Genius y'all!

Now, not here to talk about online dating, but the neuroscience bit. Basically the blogger gave an option of 4 boys to choose from and one of them mentioning he's doing the neuroscience bit and many girls in the comment agreed that the blogger should pick the neuroscience guy. Obvs, contrary to popular belief, geeks rule.

I myself have a soft spot for geeks or the really awkward guy. Seeing them all bumbling, shy and smiling nervously make my heart melts and I usually like to talk and joke with them. But the thing is, usually these geeks only have the hots for really gorgeous girls dan aku hanyalah sekadar the ears to hear their woe. Heh!

Anyway, hear my tale! Few years back dolu-dolu, I met a guy at my first workplace. He was nice enough, shy and bumbling. I like him but I don't like LIKE him. But I treated him nicely, as well as any friend might do to another friend. Then he resigned to work at another place and as usual with many resigning colleagues, phone number exhanges are being done with promises keeping in touch that are never kept. But he did kept in touch with me when he move to another office.

At first it was fine enough. Then he began to get annoying. First the random missed call at random times. You know how it is, people missed call you with the intention of the call should be MISSED. Annoying aight. But I was fine with it. A few times I called him back asking if anything was the matter or if there's anything he want. But it is always the occasional "how are you" bla bla bla things.

Then he began to ask me out vaguely. Like " You are free ke this weekend?", "Tadek plan ke esok..." But I always make up excuses. I had no interest in him and I do not want to hurt him by going out with him and me still being uninterested.

One fine day, I remembered it clearly, I was at KLCC. Noticed a missed call from him again. I just sms again asking, if anything the matter. Then I got a shocking sms along this line of "Jom la kite beromen". Wow!

If indeed I was in the mood for 'beromen' I don't think so I will be persuaded by that kinda line wouldn't I? I deleted his sms and blocked and ignored his calls from then on. About a few weeks of me not replying to any of his forms of communication he kinda get it and leave me alone afterwards.

I am not sure of his intentions of the sms, if its a joke or not, but I was put off by it. Not to mention insulted. Just show you that sometimes even the awkwards geeks or freaks have their douche moments.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Cormac McCarthy : The Road

Mencuri masa membuat book review sebentar, before I totally forget it. I had been meaning to write, but forgot because I finished reading the book during Raya holiday. When Kasapsky mentioned about writing book review, then I remembered!

About a year ago when I was IMDBing Viggo Mortensen, I heard that a film was being made based on a book from Cormac McCarthy, The Road. I never heard of the author before, but the synopsis caught my eyes.

Post apocalyptic tale of a journey taken by a father and his young son over a period of several months, across a landscape blasted by an unnamed cataclysm that destroyed all civilization and, apparently, most life on earth.
Synopsis from wiki.

Post apocalyptic tale intrigued me (One of the reason why I love zombies film). I couldn't say much about the plot or story because they way it played out is exactly how you picture it. Father and son, walking on a road in search of a better world. I can even guess how the ending went.

But the point of the book I believe is not for thrill or mystery. This book gave me nightmare. It sucked you in, make you feel hopeless and the world is empty and devoid of humanity when time get desperate. There are time, when I have to literally put the book down because I feel suffocated reading it. Maybe it is my overactive imagination. But I tell you, I find it rare that a book can evoke so much hopelessness when reading it.

The character in the book does not have names. It is just The Man and The Boy. As if when the world end, nothing about you matter but survival. There are many other pointed symbolism in the book, but I am not going to act all clever and comment it out (You should read a comment from a smart ass in IMDB, it just boggles the mind). Some I kinda get, some I don't but that is a discussion best for book clubs. And I couldn't be bothered to join one.

Summary of review: A book like this is hard to recommend. It is worth it when reading it, you get why this book the Pulitzer, but I would say read it for the experience of reading it.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Penguin Warehouse Sales Loot!

Gotten Gaiman new book, Graveyard Book for RM15!

Gotten M is for Magic for RM15? Or RM10? Can't remember but still cheap!

Gotten Kitchen Confidential for RM10!

Gotten both of Holly's Inbox and its sequel for RM15 each!

Gotten The Tales of Beedle the Bard for RM10!

Bought Little Women sequels for both books at RM10 each!

The other books I am a little less excited about but am truly interested in trying out Trudi Canavan Black Magician Trilogy. Got that at RM10 a piece.

This time at my husband insistence I brought along a shopping bag (the free cloth bag you usually get when you go out shopping) to put the books I want to buy there. When the bag feel heavy I know it is time to stop. Also going there a bit more sensible in trying to find books by authors I really like, and limiting the books I wanna try so I won't regret when I find myself reading books that are a bit 'meh'.

V. happy. At least I can cross off some of my book's wish list.

1. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
2. The Wolves in the Wall by Neil Gaiman (though this is because I can't find it)
3. M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman
4. Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman (yes, we detect a pattern here. But with the number 4, end the Neil Gaiman books that I want)
5. Holly's Inbox by Holly Denham. (And its sequel)
6. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame Smith.
7. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
8. Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain
9. Comics: Fables Vol 5 (currently) by Bill Willingham and so forth
10. 1001 Tales of Arabian Night (In Kinokuniya this is selling for RM800++. Insane. But this is the 18th century unabridged one which also made for some painful reading).

Man. A lot that I had crossed off. Though, Fables is still ongoing so I never going to cross that off, and Persepolis I haven't finished reading yet because Borders is not stacking it anymore (Pbth! Ya think they're onto me now? ) and 1001 Tales of Arabian Night I kinda got with the classic edition of the compilation for some of the tales. Wow. Maybe I need some new list? Believe me that I had already started on that starting from Maud Hart Lovelace's on her Betsy-Tacy books.

Anyway, see this stack of books again and I think it is worth it.

Not pictured are 2 children's books I bought for my anak-anak buah and 1 recipe book. When queuing up to pay my husband looked at me and said "Buku-buku ni cukup setahun ok,". Geeezz. I promise to not buy any books for a year unless tetiba I found Matthew Reilly's new book that are selling cheap or Mary Janice Davidson vampire series that I am collecting or some really cheap authors from my wish list and Fables doesn't count. Hah!

You guys can still go there. The warehouse book sale is there till 11th Oct. Eyeris blog include a map on the location of the warehouse sale. Thank God I am going to KK the next weekend or I will be tempted to singgah there again.

Friday, October 02, 2009

The post of no concluding point but one

Its been a few years down the line with this blog.

Honestly, I don't know what to talk about in this blog as I now choose to keep most family and personal matters out of ere( so that people reading this blog wouldn't be offended but I may talked about some. Heh),. But we had rehashed this topic already aight. I will keep on spewing whatever stuffs I can muster about. Those of you who cares enough to read and stay and comment, will continue to do so until you feel bored about the whole thing and move on to the next more interesting thing.

Now, I want to talk about other blogs. Let's be honest. Before this I used to read other blogs religiously. Popular blogs like Suanie, Waitterrant, Kenny and Xiaxue. Suanie up to this point, I enjoyed but she blogged less and less now. All the others and some other notables I am not mentioning I had stopped because mainly of the 'celeb' status or Nuffnang. Waiterrant have good writing style still and so does the others. I am not here to hanker on their writing or blog style because you all know I have none.

I am of course only a person out of a million who blogs. But the thing is, nowadays I am enjoying reading blogs that have none of the followers of these 'celeb' bloggers do. I even like Xiaxue. I find her crass, opinionated, thoughtless but damn she is entertaining. But the thing I found that turned me off is the 'adverts'.

I kinda cringe when seeing 'adverts' on people blogs. The bigger they are, the worse it looked to me. But I totally understand that people wants free $$ so I unclench and STFU and just continue reading. I 'clenched' further when these big ass adverts now come animated. Moving, getting bigger when scroll over, and some even with sounds. Sigh.

But the worst is when the advertorial post come in.Its fine with one or two post in a month. But it seems to be nowadays, out of 10 post. 8 are advertorial, 2 are not. A bit much. Then the invites to events because they are 'celebs' blogger. Invite to restaurants. Invite to parties. Invite to premieres. While they are saying it is fun, it just scream adverts to me. I am a bit turn off by this. Maybe jealousy? Maybe, because I know I can't have what they have. But dudes, it is just not interesting anymore.

Back in the days, people are getting excited if their traffic generated 100 hits per day. (I have yet to achieve this, and resigned myself to always having 20 readers per day. Teehee) Nowadays, people are clamoring over Nuffnang (which is the BIG thing now) in blog posting, to get invites and adverts and such. Now before people start screaming "YOU ARE JUST JEALOUS and IF YOU DO NOT LIKE OUR BLOG, STOP READING." (Ain't that the mantra for bloggers nowadays? ) I did state, maybe I am jealous and I still like your blog.

But I am just getting sick of adverts.

Which is the reason I stopped reading Kenny Sia. And some other notables. This is even a don't do or do kinda post. I am just whining that I don't like reading advertorial post because I know I can't have these stuffs for free yet I am too 'mengade' to not subscribe to Nuffnang and my post is mediocre.

Geeez. The point is again?

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