Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Questions and bafflement

Thanks to Jannah for introducing me.. I just bought the book Stardust by Neil Gaiman from Kino. But unlike her.. I don't want to pay yet a lot for this author's work. So I bought a quite cheap paperback version. Seeing its cheap.. why not eh. Lemme see if I could get myself hook too. So more thoughts on the book later... after like I had read it. Haha.. Or seen the movie.

Speaking of movie. I just got back from seeing the movie The Invisible.

I seen the trailer. And I like the trailer. And.. I think I like just the trailer. That's all there is to it. What's more.. the trailer kinda spoil the movie. I can just comfortably tell you the whole story since everything happens, the surprises, the whole thing were compacted to the trailer.Dang trailer! Lulling us to believe that there is more to this story..a lots more to be told..

The movie is about this guy Nick who is a bit dark and like writing poem, wanting to become a writer (ain't we all..). He had a run in with this girl, who is like really bad news. Long story short, she kinda killed him and dump his body somewhere on the woods. His spirit or whatever.. roaming around the place watching other people trying to find him. But the twist here.. (it should had been a twist if the trailer hadn't become a spoiler),is that he's actually not really dead; just at the brink of death. And he found out.. only that girl.. that girl who nearly killed him is the only one who can hear him and so he have to haunt her to let her know that he is still alive and please please save his sorry ass.

So that's the story. And not a minute when I watched would I believe that he won't survive this ordeal.

I read a review last week stating that this movie would be ok if the script wouldn't try to inject some character development in it. I hate to agree with any reviewer, but I do agree with whatever his/her opinion. But I don't agree that they should completely forget about character development, but flesh it out a little and tells us what the hell's is wrong with all these characters and what's make em tick and do things. When the credits rolled after the last scene.. my head popped a "Huh?"

Its like the scriptwriter have this brilliant idea.The he proposed the idea to whoever would agree to make this movie. Then after writing in all the characters traits and introduction, its as if he was tired and just completely forgot about them. I don't know what's actually gone wrong with this scriptwriter life at the moment he was writing this movie, but it just feel like the story have a long beginning and a rash ending.

All in all, its not really bad. The acting was not bad. Justin Chatwin (the lead role, Nick) is cute and showed some depth in showing Nick. The actress... I'm not too sure. Kinda one dimensional. One angry chick, and suddenly become this chick wracking with guilt. Looks like a young Amy Brenneman. The soundtrack is great though. I'll be listening back on the songs to see if its .. my type.

Friday, July 27, 2007

of Potteria and that tiny little blonde

Yawn. You know. I should count on how many posts I started with Yawn. A lot. Maybe I don't need to count.

If anyone notice (which I think none), I usually blogged when I am bored, or sluggish or I felt obligated when seeing the dates on the latest entry did not change. The thing is ,sometimes when I'm walking, soaking in the surrounding environment or squashed in the LRT or driving and cursing the stupid drivers who is trying to ram you down since they don't use their obviously useless signal lights and sideview mirrors...and in my head, I then would have spew about 2 pages of blog posts all ready to be transformed to verbs, nouns, grammars and functional sentences.

Then when I plopped myself in front of the computer, all I have the energy to do is click around unenergetically reading on the drama inducing lives which are Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. See my problem here? My muse is probably one lazy bugger. Okay muse, I am kicking your arse to give me something to ramble about.

So the hoopla which is Harry Potter still continues. No.. I'm not gonna discuss about the books, for those who do, well... let's start it going on. Haha. Ehem. MPH, (Opps.. Borders was actually selling.. my mistake, someone told me that Saturday that Borders ain't selling), and the other 3 bookstores, ONLY NOW decide to sell it. Duh much?

Also it irritated me a bit that people around kept on bashing Harry Potter and his fans. Yeah, yeah... you are such a literary genius who only reads NY Times best critic lauded books.. yada yada. Shut up about it and leaves us to our phenomenon. My argument, this is one of the books that have the best dialogue ever amongst characters and of course children books had always been a favorite genre of mine. Hehe.. rant a lil bit. But its fine whatever people wants to put on their blog or thought about the book or the author.. (I don't think Dan Brown or Candice Bergen or Sidney Sheldon is that great of a writer too, but may I add and say I think Michael Crichton can all kick these writers ass). But the assumptions that Potter fans are a stupid lot (well to be fair.....some actually are based on how they are behaving.. but I am ranting on those who are over generalizing) and just like it because its the in thing... well.. that rattled me a bit. Ehem. So end my tiny rant here.

Okay... sooo I finally, finally, finally finished watching all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes. Woohooo and Phew! . The DvDs I bought before was actually lacking in half of the Season 2 episodes. Disgrace! Season 2 is great... because Angel is baad! So, fortunately when I went back to JB few weeks back I found a shop that have only Season 2 of Buffy. Bought and bag it. So I finished the remaining Season 2 episodes I didn't manage to watch before

It takes me a year to finish. It should take me less than that actually, but the last 3 season is dark and depressing. So it takes a bit of time to go through that. I actually had to alternate Sex and the City and Buffy a bit. But I am currently at... nah. I don't know which season of Sex and the City I'm watching now. Since sometimes I do found SaTC a bit crude, and for the antidote for such crudeness, I then changed my taste to savour the manly goodness that is known as Jensen Ackles by watching Supernatural.

Summary of Buffy. The best of Buffy is definitely the first four seasons. The last three, maybe because Michelle Trachtenberg is in it and she is such a brat, that it does kinda dragged a little. The only time I'm loving it is during the musical episode (that was one of the best Buffy eps) and when Buffy and Spike together. I am a Buffy and Spike shippers so just shut up about Angel. I do like Angel when he is with Cordelia. (Now I sound like some hormonal teen-craze Joss Whedon fans)

With no more Buffy to watch and Angel series just itching to be watched, I'd been contemplating if I should order the Buffy comics; Season 8 (so called), The Long Way Home Issue 1 - 4 (I believe the Issue 5 had also now been published, but different title), since I can't find it in Malaysia or Singapore. Those who do know if it is available somewhere in Malaysia, do tell.

Hah. I am rambling. Okay, to quote evil Willow.. "Bored now."... actually more like "Major headache now" thus forced me to quote a once my favorite deejay radio in Singapore "I'm ghost."

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I got the book

Yeay... I had bought the final installment of Harry Potter. It is now sitting beside me at my workstation gleaming, tantalizing... I can smell the papers from here. Oh... the ecstasy!

MPH, Borders, Times and Popular ain't selling. I was going to buy it at MPH at first since it is on my way to work and I want to get the RM10 voucher (I didn't pre booked since I was flat broke for 2 months). But then, with the protest against Carrefour and Tesco for selling the book at a very, very, low price at RM69.90 had then forced me to buy at Carrefour.

I meant of course I think its kinda not fair of em to sell at RM69.90, and if MPH chose to sell the books, I would had bought it from MPH, since I kinda weird like that. But the next nearest available point for me to buy is at Carrefour. And between the choice of no book and a book to read before everyone inundated me with spoilers, I bought the book at Carrefour. (And yes.. the miserly part of me, is kinda happy that I bought it at a very cheap price).

I had only started a few pages, since I freaking have to work today, but the sight of it soothes me and my lips keep on quirking to turn into a smile. Now... not anyone nor anything can make me feel like that eh..

Happy reading y'all. I won't inundated you guys with spoilers this time nor you guys should inundated to anyone else who had not read it. I promise..

I finished it! I surprised myself on how quickly I finished it. Is this the longest book? I don't think it takes me that less of a time.

How was it? Nah... I won't review it this time. But I can't wait for it to be make to a movie. And really.... you really need to refresh your memory again by reading the Half Blood Prince. Damn. I am now itching to read the Half Blood Prince again. My brother kidnapped it to ITM. Penat cari high and low, rupanye kat my brother who before this never read any book. LOL.

I am now brooding.. cause there's no more Harry Potter tales to come.

p/s: gile malas nk buat new post, since I won't review or talk or discuss about it... so I know I don't have much to say.

p/s 2: I am REALLY disappointed in HP and HP and the Order of Phoenix movie, that they didn't put the scene of the lots goin to St Mungo's. The scene where Harry, Ron, Hermione found Neville's family and his awkwardness in meeting them is one of my favoritest (is there such a word.. ) and nearly brought me to tears everytime I read it. High pity, they didn't manage to squeeze it in.

Not the best of the movie franchise, but watching Imelda Staunton is joy indeed. And I have to some of the scenes are marvellous and well acted.

Lovin Neville to bits!

Friday, July 20, 2007

A tale acoming to rest


Bookshops everywhere around the world have hundreds or thousands of Harry Potter Deathly Hallows now ready stocked in their lil store rooms or warehouses. All shiny and glossy and smell of those crisp new paper-books.

By midnight, these books would be carefully put for display and on the various shelves and tables lining up especially for them.

Those who await, gleefully waiting in wanting to read and burrow themselves in this concluding chapter.

Before this, I am not so mad nor half wild to get the book as soon as possible in my hand.

But today, I can't wait for tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tok Mak

Tok Mak was what we called our only grandmother. Was is the word.

She passed away last Saturday on the 14th of July 2007. Around subuh. I only got back from JB yesterday.

It saddened me that we are not there to see her for the last time before she died. But I am glad anyway that I felt the urgency to go back to Johor Bahru last week and saw her for the last time. I knew she wanted to see the engagement pics so bad and I'm thankful that I came before it is too late.

It surprised me to see her so frail and thin when I saw her last time and even more so during her death. But it's great to know that she still manage to grab a bite of her favorite food.. goreng pisang, before she became too ill to down any solids.

What is to become of her old home I wonder? From what is being discussed by the elders, it is more sensible to sell it since the upkeep of an old house is getting too expensive. Sighing, the insensible part of me wishing it would not be let go, but it would be too depressing to see it go to ruins.

It is sad that she can't be there during my wedding day. I know how wedding preparations and gathering makes her happy. To see all the clans brought together.

Sigh.. Al Fatihah

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Brief Stopover of Saigon

So I went back to Vietnam. Strictly shopping only. And languishing away.

Actually its more of a shopping trip.. and maybe eating trip. But mind you I didn't eat any of the local dish.. I would love to tho. Me and glorious food. Its a like a great grand ol' love affair. However its pretty hard to find halal food. So mostly its home cooked meals or restaurant that have Malaysian or Singaporean food for me.

Oohhh.. but not forgetting the various breads I had there. Damn it, they have kick ass pastries and breads. I don't know why, probably they used to be a French colonial country (as many explained but macam tak masuk akal cause not all the baker is French eh), but their bread taste so good OK. Even the healthy wholewheat bread, that usually leaves a bad taste in our mouth and soo chewy; tastes great. Sheesshhh... and the croissant. Oh.. the croissannnttt... Even when I burned the croissant in the oven at the hotel dining room ( and with scarlet face I shamefully I scrapped back the burnt croissant from the bread oven) , it still taste magnifique. Now I geddit why the French are so obsessed with bread.

Since the last time I went to Vietnam, there was a whole lot of things I wrote about. Well this time, it didn't differs much. My visit I meant and the places I went. Therefore this post, gonna be much shorter. I think.

I was staying at a different place tho. Norfolk Mansion. Its more like serviced apartmen but have the facilities of a hotel. Free breakfast , pool, and such. Their library is comfy. My niece forget all about her desire to poo when I bring her in there. Haa! Nasib baik tak kena basuh berak. Ehem..

This time my sister and I discover a new shopping place. Well.. not new.. but much much much cheaper. Bin Thanh is overrated and a tad bit overpriced.. Its called ICT Shopping Centre, and you can get the bags there much more cheaper (about half price than the one in Bin Thanh).

However this should not deter you from going to Bin Thanh. This is the place for you to find the abundance of shirts, shoes, bags, ornaments and many more. Didn't went there every day like last time... ( probably because my mom did not follow this time).

The only difference. I ate out a lot more... bought a whole lot thing a lot more.. (but still I didn't feel it was enough. LOL). And this time, I manage to squeeze in a visit to the War Remnants Museum.

This museum, serves as a reminder on how truly cruel war is for all. I still love the Tunnels I went to last year, but this museum its quite ok. Its mostly a photographic museum, with several replicas of the torture instruments, war tanks and planes, pieces of bombs and many remembrances.

Okay. Di mana kah lagi tempat aku melara... Ohhh, I also went to Minh Long.

Don't attempt to ask me the exact location. I am hopeless on things like that. All I know that it is located at the far edge of Ho Chi Minh city. Actually even further than the city since I got headachy from the long bumpy ride and there is sights of village and out of town sceneries. I was expecting some pasar-like building. But I was greeted of a sight of polished looking green building with this teapot fountain at the front. How cute! For a building that is situated in a middle of nowhere, it is surprisingly posh.

I didn't manage to explore much here...since I only went at the back shop there.... blakang wall biru tu. Why ek? Sebab..the only reason I am here pon.. is because of..

Little ceramic miniature thingies stuffs! (Whatisitcalledlaweh?)

Some might go like.. "Huh.." but there's a lot of this these things. And it really kerr-aiii! Rows... and rows.. and rowss.. of them.. I picked myself a lot of miniature food thingies. The love of my life. Then, I also picked up some miniature sheeps and lambs. ehhh... people who knew me best know why..

Ehem.. okay. I think I am out of things to say.. or places of visit to mention.

To finish off this post.. I will recap the things I bought for myself.. arr.. those I can remember ...

  1. Those miniature thingies..

  2. Baju Vietnam 1

  3. Blouse

  4. Bag.. erm.. I think 3.. or maybe 4.. or maybe more....

  5. Terompah (what? what?)

  6. Book ( I left my book at Malaysia. I got so forlorn on the thought that I don't have any book to read that I hunt for bookshops in Ho Chi Minh. The books are really cheap. And yes.. I am a book-a-holic)

  7. An embroidered purse.. I just couldn't resist~

  8. Another baju.... wait.. make it 2 Baju. Not a blouse, more like a shirt.

  9. Embroidered tudung

  10. DVDs. Angel and Medium. (All the frickin seasons too for the price of 1 season in Malaysia. )

Tak ingat lagi dah.. herm.. tadek la banyak sgt pon. Most of the things I bought (that are not mentioned above ) are for my friends or my friends ask me to buy for them.

p/s: Ah... shorter post! see!

p/s 2: hoh.. update pong..

p/s 3: those are crappy camera phone quality like pics .. and i won't apologize for it.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

That Empty Spot

I was blogging about my trip to Vietnam earlier. But there are some things that are left unfinished. So it is still in draft state. No worries.

Anyway.. I am feeling a tad bit melancholy. And a whole lot of sleepy. Being sleepy can usually make me melancholy. And why should I be melancholy and sleepy..., well.. this is because my big sister, the eldest had just gone to Qatar with her husband and daughter, yesterday morning. Embarking on a new life as expats at a UAE country.

My sister had been a big part of my life these past few years. Backing me off financially (thihihi, eh some part je taw!), travel-wise (gi sana sini ikut akak...) and a bit of emotional support (Gahh.. the callous part in me, hate the word emotion). Not to mention that my niece is usually the source of entertainment when computer games felt bland, TVs are boring and there is nothing to do. (Jentik2 3 year old is fun !).

It's a bit sad to see the empty bedroom, the house isn't littered with toys, and the absence of a shrill little voice. Sigh.. Not to mention I won't be able to borrow my sister's clothes anymore. My clothes amount had diminished! Its gonna take a while to get use to NOT see my sister bustling around the house picking up things and cookings and the mini me careening everywhere with her little stroller and begging me to go and buy 'goreng pisang'.

Oh well.. at least I still have another sister at home. And probably would be able to travel to Egypt very soon with the whole family or at the very least Doha itself. Yeay.. ! (If I am not broke )

p/s: Hoh.. bau nasi goreng kampung dalam ofis.. Ni yg lapa ni wehh...

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