Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Great Malaysia Sales

Malaysian and sales. It is like a long standing love affair. No matter what time of year it is, we could always see the Sales sign being put up. I do not really put much stock into all these sales. Unless I saw a sign saying "Clearance Stock". Then my eyes light up, and I will always leave the place with a great looking blouse/bag/pants that cost less than RM30. My friends always wonder at my ability to spot great bargains. I guess you must be born one. ::Toss Hair::

Anyway... Back to the title above. I had scoured through KLCC. Nothing capture my interest. Except bags, few pants. Thats it. None nothing. So because of course it is the GREAT Malaysia Sale... I must make a list on:

###What to Buy###

  • Light colour high heels - preferably white. Not looking so much like a nurse in training
  • Any Blouse - (Just realized do not have much on those)
  • Work Pants - Got only 3 at the moment. Perhaps 4 if I am striving for that almost casual but not so much look.
  • Bag - Because..... I want, I want

###Things that had caught my attention###

  • Red Bag from Seed - High Priority this one
  • Red Lil H/Bag from Seed - Not so much, since cannot match with lotsa things
  • Red Bag from Vincci - Cheaper than Seed, but the strap not so nice (I see a definite pattern here)
  • Striped Blouse from - Nicole

Thats it. And the things that is most important like work blouse and work pants, caught not my attention. And I entered Vincci with apparent boredom while other womans are trying to catch the eye of the harass looking salespersons at Vincci. KLCC, nothing much to see.

Let's go to Bukit Bintang Area next! Ohhh... And I am hoping to buy some books to make use of my voucher buying HBP.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I was bored. I have no idea on which site I would surf on. How ironic that when you finally get unlimited access to Internet you lose interest to search on the topics you want to search when you were connected to Dial Up and do not have Internet at work. So I opened Google and Yahoo! and begun to type in randomly the word:

So I found out the above. The picture is an armband for a band name .. well it is that obvious to you aight! The band, it seems to me is a:

So.. it is like a punk band. They were playing around the late 70s. Click on the above picture to get more information about the band.

And the other not so cool info I gathered on Google about my particular nick Dils is DILS 2005 — Data Integration in the Life Sciences; like new forum to gather all those research. But hey.. science is sometimes cool too.

Well.. thats all folks. I could not get more boring than this.

I am hungry. In search for food.

Disclaimer:: All pictures are taken from this site. Just for information and partly deco purposes::

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Island

Today I don't feel so hot. No idea why. Anyway, last night just went to see The Island. Nice movie better than Fantastic 4. Definitely the money to waste here.

It started cool enough, with all these clones living in a seclusion believing they will go to the Island. Then one person starts questioning is there more than the Island? Why are they all so monotonous, wear whites, wear same dress, shoes everyday. Then boom.. reality hit and out they goes running. You can almost say typical.

Nonetheless, it is a nice typical movies with plenty of boom and action. Not like Fantastic 4 where I was waiting where the real action gonna start and seen that it had already finished. Someone mentioned that the car chase would be something worth to watch as in the last Matrix. But.. it is not that cool as some car chases like Italian Job or Matrix. It is just nice. Told you it is a nice typical movie. But since I am a gal.. so probably I am not that great a judge regarding special effects. But.. in these movies it is kinda lacking. Probably they are going for the times before CG makes a great impact in special effects. Everything was fast. You could not see what they were doing while chasing each other. Everything is like a blur to me and makes me kinda dizzy. I was feeling like puking by the end of the movie.

Anyway, I would paid RM 11 (in my case) to watch Ewan Mcgregor with Scottish accent. It is kinda fake... nonetheless he is just too cute. Scarlett Johansson looks.. almost too perfect.. kinda like plastic to me. But they does goes well together. Hermm.. Ewan Mcgregor do looks great with icy blonde beauty.

So.. I think I know why I am not feeling so hot today... must be the after effects watching The Island. I also had just finish reading the 2nd time reading Half Blood Prince. Shocking aight dila. Just to gain more perspective. The outcome? I did.

Friday, July 22, 2005


kanak2 ribena

sigh i miss em

Thursday, July 21, 2005


I have this problem. I have a commitment problem. Hah! Sure it is that obvious to those who knew me. But.. Noooo.. I won't be talking about my commitment problems with men. How dreary those subject are.

No.. Let just say I have an issue in getting close to people. Either they irk me. Or I irked them. Thats what I think. Anyway.. I don't really mind about this irk-issues that I have now. I have accepted it. Saying to myself as I got older and wiser(bluergh~) that nobody is perfect, and you can't have peoples matching to your high expectation. So now, I normally got along fine with most peoples rather than when I was younger.

Now.. but sometimes, somehow... they are always peoples who irk.. Let me rephrase.. ALWAYS CONSTANTLY irked you. Feeling like.. you wish you rather be sitting in a lorry full of smelly fish rather than sit by them.

I meant one of them are this girl.. who I went to school with. At first, I got along just fine with her. My classmate actually. But as our relationship grew and flourish then flounder.. I found her rather annoying. It is like having a miniature shadow of yourself. Everywhere I goes, she must goes too. Everything I do, she will follow. Evrything I like, she will agree on liking almost immediately. Whenever she near me I have the urge to elbow her into the nearest longkang (drain). Get a life already, girl! Tiresome.. thats what she is. I managed to get out from her clutch by going the opposite way determinedly.

Now... what about the other persons? Oh.. I sometimes have em too. But that naturally fade away, or I like them sufficiently enough to get rid of those feelings. But there is also whom you always wish to keep a distance away from them. Say like 1 km?

I won't mind peoples looking up what I am doing hourly.... but do it without interrupting me! No.. you do not have to include me in your conversation. I do not appreciate being included in a conversation that is as not actually inviting me to talk but repeatedly using my name as examples to tell lame jokes about within hearing vicinity . And I do not like seeing people making smooching noises when they are looking at me. It is just too damn perverted and almost make me sick!!!! And yes.. I do appreciate your help... but do not then go overboard by spitting your gladness to talk to my eyes (ugh.. I can't get over that) and invading my own personal space as in trying to stand too close so that I can charged you with sexual harassment.

Arghh... so would you blamed me for trying to avoid them wherever I goes? Arghhhhh..
God grant me patience in dealing with these peoples.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I bought the book. I read it. Must had set a record for speed reading. And I had finish reading it. Therefore those who do not like spoilers, and wants to read the book. STOP READING MY BLOG RIGHT NOW!!!! Go and do something useful like brush your cat teeth or something.

You had been warned. SPOILERS AHEAD.

I wont do a summary of the book or gave any introduction. Most of you know or have an inkling on why does peoples suddenly become a nerd and read on some wizard kid name Harry Potter. And with the movies being made, I will just save myself from a whole lot of typing. Those who doesnt know Harry Potter... well why are you reading my blog anyway?

****** What do I think of the book?********
I am dying for the next book!!! I am at unrest. Never had I been so hot and bothered about a book. Arr.. I meant bothered.

****** my other opinions that does not matter ******

Compare to the other Harry Potter series, these book is dark and not so funny. Before this with the other books, we always had a funny moment like Ron or Neville or whomever doing something stupid. With these books, they are some funny moments... but not so memorable as the others books. I only laughed out loud once. Something must be lacking. I guess I just miss Fred and George. They are my favorite characters... they lent such colors to life.

There is also too much lovemaking here (No.. the characters havent start having sex with each other). Only that suddenly there is a lot of love affairs going around that it is kinda bewildering to keep up with all of them.

And I missed the classroom scenes. Not that there arent any. Only that not so much. We only see the class in action for Potions with Professor Slughorn... I want to know what they are doing at the other classes too!!

But.. lo behold!

***** REAL SPOILERS AHEAD.. Close the page while you still have the chance ******


I feel so frustrated Dumbledore died!!! Yes he died.. I was expecting that. But I expected that for the last book. Not for the 2nd last book. It is just too cruel. I almost cry. Shame on me. Dumbledore is just a spledid character. Exactly like whut a grandpapa should be. Genial, wise, understanding, and a bit wacko. I will certainette miss him.

And it is a shock to know that the perpetrator is Snape. Oh yes. I meant, I was ready to believe Dumbledore too. That Snape must be a lil good too. But as in the end, Harry had thought that in his way, Snape is as evil as Voldermort. As for Malfoy, I liked it that JK Rowling had made the way Harry see Malfoy. I was half hoping that Malfoy might be the one that had been slain in this book. (Since it Rowling kept on telling someONE will died on this book). But I am glad in the end she kept Malfoy alive. There is much to expand on his character.

I was a bit dissapointed to know about the identity of the Half Blood Prince. I guessed most of us are expecting grandeur or somekind. While I was reading the book, I kept on pondering on why does it being titled so. Only truly at the end we kinda see on what the title of the book is trying to convey.

As for the love affairs... well.. I think in the end I am a bit confused on whether Ron and Hermione is dating. Yes we will see a lot adolescent puppy love in this book. We will see that Harry is much wiser now in term of girls. And I am right on. I know it that Harry will be with Ginny. Seeing her character changes at the last book, I know that the author had her heroine made now.

**** Expectation of the next last book ********

Expect it will be really really dark, dangerous, not much funny scenes and less time for sleeping (thats for me lor).

At the end, Harry said he's not going back to Hogwarts. Ron and Hermione are going to follow him to kill Voldemort souls. But... to not have Hogwarts at the book. I am not sure on how to take it!! Whenever I read Harry Potter, whataver his adventure is.. only when he had started on his term on Hogwarts then I believed the book really take off or start.

But it will be interesting to see on how the stories will be created without any Hogwarts...

Also am going to expect Neville will be with Luna.. added another love affair.

Going to expect some character being killed... of course Voldemort. Not too sure about Snape.

Not sure on Ron or Hermione getting killed.. peoples will howl if they died!! Maybe Harry will died. Hermmm.... you never know with authors aight..

More twist and turn for the characters!

**** Overall *****

If I am not in love with the Harry Potters books.. I would say it is an OK book. But since I am.. shucks.. I love it. I dont have much sleeping time because of it. And will read it again to get all the savoury feeling. I had left out the savoury feeling before because I was hungry for that book.
I do hope JK Rowling would write faster. Wait for 2 years? Torture

A bit depressed. Favorite book character being killed can do that to you. Need to search through my hard drive for beloved laugh inducing Friends series for antidote. Cheerios.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Now, I am not sure.. Another Hurdles and Obstacles Part II

Today, after work, I went to KLCC first. Doesn't met much "hurdles and obstacles" along the way. But.. when I think all is safe and sound. Came another shock of the day.

I was cornered. I was walking past Strudels, close to the shop. Suddenly these 2 girls came at me with the GRIN. I was like.. Nooo. This should not had happened. The 2 girls plead.."

" Ala.. 2 minit aje..2 minit.."

Since as I type above. I was cornered. There's nothing I can do but just bear and listen... And this is I think is what she said

"Awak interested tak nak jadi model?"

I was dumbstruck at the moment. Is she insane? Or am I going insane because I am hearing things?

I just replied;

" No... I'm not interested".

She just said "Oh.." and then looked kinda disappointed. Pretty cute girl. Feels a lil bad in letting her down.

But I did not ask further on what type modelling is that. Just to spare myself from an insult. Probably it is a model for the "Do Not..". You know the one like..

"Do you want to look like these?"
"Listless,oily,pudgy, a deterrant to all humankind.."
"Then.. buy our slimming tea which have all the extra nutrients AND you don't have to chomp on anything!!!!!"

Yeah. I think probably thats it.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hurdles and Obstacles

Imagine walking along a dark alley, trying hard to not stare at anyone eyes. Blending with the environment, being invisible, so you will not be stalked, do not render attention from anyone. You see a suspicious looking guy watching you up as contemplating being a potential victim. . Heart stop. Walk faster. Damn! Heels caught in a drain. Yank! Yank! Stupid 2 1/2 inch heel as per company regulation.

This is what we have to go through everyday. Sometimes when we least expected it, they sprang at us after laying their trap, calculating our movements. Sly, oh yes they are. They are after all the menace of our free fun loving days. Yes.. they are the... come right at your face salesman.

Oh, I don't really despise them. Only... its kinda hard to be wary all the time when you want to shop and dream and chatters away. I meant... some people have to make a living right? So I would not actually condemn them , kut. But.. really lah.. sometimes I wish they would just bugger off. Sometimes after work, I went to KLCC. During my walk there, thanks to the shit droppings near Avenue K, I am fully alert enough to contemplate a strategy to be repellant to salesman. It had become thus that teruk(bad). The salesmans are littered from the middle eskalator from Avenue K until you are safe to step onto the eskalator going into KLCC. And these salesmans have these tactics. Yes, they pretend to be that friend who you think you might had shared a meal/dormitory/textbook with. Woe be fell at me, since I am generally naive and forgetful. Ahh.. they are not that wilful. Only out of nowhere while you are contemplating to either buy that strappy sandals or that buckled high heels, suddenly a face came LOOMING up at you. Grinning. Like a damn cheshire cat. They have this big grin you know. First thing came to my mind

1. Do I know him? ...................... Then...
2. My school/UTP fren kah?
3. Some obscure 3 or 4 remove cousin remove?
4. Pervert.. arrrrr .

Run Run Run. Being blocked. And then.. "Kakak/Adik... kami ade promosi bla bla bla bla"

5. Damn.. salesman.

Tooo late. Fine. Walk at the opposite direction. Was pursued. Replied

" Not interested" mumbled repeatedly while distractedly looking or waiting for some interruption/mobile phone to ring/someone yelling out "hey dils!!"/earthquake to happen/salesman being swallowed by alien with tripod.

None. Nothing. Null. Nil. All of these things could had happen ANYTIME but no.. the circumstances chose to desert me. So.. I have to chose to be rude and detached since I am unwilling to detach myself from my money on buying things I don't need (e.g. pen attached together with some kind of digital clock) and buy things I do need (e.g. blouse, shoes, glorious food).

I was also sometimes am a tiny bit curious to see what they are promoting. One time.. these guy la.. stop me. Offering me something. Not particularly being late at anything. I chose to stop. I am curious pon. What could he possibly say.. to tempt me. He was making unnecessary chat. I stop him.
" Get to the point"
I was in no hurry, yes, but I do have something more fun to do. He was a bit taken aback. Don't expect that from a little demure(?) looking short speky girl huh? He got to the point. Ah.. he was asking for a contribution for the WWF (not to be confused with big testosterone filled with steroid looking fella humping another big testosterone filled with steroid looking fella). WWF....yes I think I somewhat support that. I don't litter. Wait.. wrong organization. Anyhow.. it was asking for your bank account number or your credit card number.. WTH!!! I leave him after hearing that.

So now.. I am older and wiser. Say. A salesman comes up to you..discreetly..wearing that I-am-next-close-to-your-best-friend-grin. He is just starting to open his mouth.... What would you say/do?
  1. "Been there, done that."
  2. (Talk to the hand....literally)
  3. Take out your handphone.... Chatter away like there's no tomorrow. If there's a call or sms that I am suppose to make on that day... I would always conveniently choose that time.
  4. Look at him sulkily from the corner of your eye... and ignore him like our national soccer team might ignore the tiang gol.
  5. Run.. and scream, damn it. As if a bloody axe murderer might chase you with his swinging axe dripping with blood and maniacal cackling laugh.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Added some links

I had discovered TV Smith (mcm some extinct creature laks), while I was bored and much too lazy ass to do my Final Year projects back in carefree-toomuchtime-on-hands-eat-watchmuvi-alldatime days. Those days are passed now with much hair-pulling-out-feels-like-choking-customer-with-phone-if-can. But my blog reading day is not in the least danger of being extinct. And by just signing in as Petaling St bloggers newbies.. life had become more interesting. I can LOL in offices (while ignoring peoples puzzled looks) and my stress level dropped. By further discovering Dr Liew, life is much much better also.

Enjoyable reads.... so I added those links here at my site, to let you guys discovered them too and malas already to go to other websites and click on their link from there. Soooooo... there they are.

Friday, July 01, 2005

The encounter with scary smelly ol man

There's this crazy ol man. He is always around at the bus stop next to the Avenue K bus stop. He seems crazy because he talks loudly to himself while pointing to the sky. Almost every morning, I need to wakened myself up sufficiently (I sometimes walk as in dreams) so I can place where did he shit everyday so I can walk a decent distance from that shit. It is certainly unpleasant to step in shit, especially human one. When I told peoples that there is this crazy ol man shitting all over the place in the vicinity of places such as KLCC and Avenue K, peoples asked... How you know it is not dog shit? Unless the dog is a huge breedlike kinda dog like German Shepherd or something similar running around there. Doubtful.

Today from the LRT, I decided to buy a takeaway burger from Burger King. I usually skip my lunch or just eat a sandwich or pastry during lunch. However, next Monday I will be working 7 a.m , so different food will be required once I change my shift. Anyhow I walk toward my office coming out from Avenue K ... And when I came near the crazy ol man... He was trying to grab my lunch bag!!!! But since I walked very fast... He was not successful, I only heard he shouted angrily afterwards.Not exactly a life and death experience, yet... it would ruin my day/lunch if he did manage to get away with my BK!!

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