Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Last day here!

This is my last working day at HP. Yeps. I was contracted to HP Singapore actually. Heh. Kembali berkerja dengan HP balik. Well only for a while. Was contracted to about 6 months, but I think I only really do the work around 3 months. Lagi 3 months pure gaji buta.

Will be starting on a new job at Shah Alam on Nov. Wallawey. I am not looking forward to the commute I tell you.  Lagi2 dengan kenaikan harga tol . People are rightly pissed about it.

So I have around 2 weeks lebih gitu gitu utk poya2, clean house, and probably prepare some quick frozen foods for my sons (mostly for the little one too la).

It is always a bittersweet feeling whenever it is your last day in the job. I always second guess my decision, and well... ni nak second guess amende lagi kan since my contract dah ended. So I have to start afresh. The new place ni seems like a good challenge work wise, location wise is *sigh*. But we have to get the necessary experience first kan. Who knows, the commute actually maybe not be that bad at all. *fingers crossed!*
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We'll see how the new workplace will be at. Got all the usual anxiousness on the job expectations, colleagues and bosses. Hope I can do my job and blend in. Masa interview nampak the bosses seems nice... tapi interview semua macam tu kan. Haha.

Ah well.

I am gonna miss this place except for the parking . Parking at Damansara Heights is ridiculously expensive. More expensive than central KL.

But yes... the other things I like here. That I will miss. The food trucks. The loneliness. ( I like loneliness if there is work). The facilities ( for breastfeeding mom this place is kinda kewl. Except for the one time someone stole my Medela icepack -_- ) . The flexibility. I can come in at 9,30 am ok. Haha... that was a blessing. This coming new job I have to be at office at 8.30 am. I havent been to the office at 8,30 am like eons ago!

Bye HP.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Random Friday Talks

I am feeling really tired nowadays. Now whenever I watched tv series with my husband, I ended up dozing off after 15 minutes. Bile bangun dah habes. Annoying betul. Haha. 

I mainly bought Ephyra because people mentioned on how Ephyra gives them loads of energy. It does jackshit to me. Yes, I did read that it doesnt work that way for everybody and I think need to consume extra vitamin, so I sekarang on and off je consume Ephyra. Haha. Too expensive too maintain, only drink it now to finish it and it taste kinda nice. 

Home cooked dash
Yesterday manage to cook daging masak hitam guna Liza punye masak hitam paste tu. Hoi sedap betul. Lain kali borong lagi. MIL pon last time macam banyak ni je ke beli.. haha. I didn't buy much sebab kenkadang I ni jarang masak . Tapi should have buy more sebab that thing is very easy peasy. Sekarang pon I ok je nak masak daging. Selalu malas sebab daging kan lambat defrost and is you got the daging biasa ( bukan batang pinang ) it will be really tough and chewy. So I selalu je keluarkan my pressure cooker tu. My pressure cooker is solely for my daging. Sebab I can't potong daging for shits. I always got confused, do you cut it bertentang dengan urat daging tu or ikut urat daging tu?? ( nampak sangat fail memasak)

Semalam pon I decided that instead of usually preparing Saif food earlier and my husband will heat up the food after he picked up the kids up after work, I will cook for him. Sebab malam before that I am much too tired and alang2 I terus prepare dinner. Just cooked some sup sayur and goreng ikan tenggiri to get the isi tenggiri for Saif. Saif was screaming blue murder sebab kul 7.30 baru siap makanan. Hahaha. Die biasa makan kul 6pm kan. I pulak sampai rumah 6.40 camtuh. Next time kena jugak prepare awal2.

A mother love knows no bound
On Wednesday early morning I saw a wee puppy roaming around in front of the house. Cars and motorcycles have to swerve around him. So my neighbor who loves animal, picked up the puppy and put in a carrier. Then she went to work. Soon after that, the mom came looking for her puppy. Because the puppy and the mom are howling for each other, I went into my neighbor house and then took the puppy from the carrier and brought to the mom with some trepidation. Hoping the mom would not lunge for my throat because I dare to touch her pup . But she just wait politely from the other side of the road. When I see that she wouldnt move as long as I am there, ( and the puppy is busy sniffing around my feet. Yes kena la samak kaki pagi2) , I went inside the house. Soon I saw the mum guide her puppy off to the end of the road.

Balik keje tu I saw the mom waiting in front of our house barking and looking around the house. My neighbor is outside. I explained to my neighbor that I released the puppy and they get it, but it seems like the mom who looked like a doberman, had lost her puppy and thinks that we took the puppy because the last time the puppy was caged here.

The look on her face is so pathetic. And not once was she ever aggresive to us. She just barks as a means of communication. So yesterday the whole day she just wait in front of the house. Ade la sekali tu some mean person on a bike tried to run her over. Cilaka betul orang perangai macam ni. She waits and barks for some time and howled a bit. We talked to the dog and said that her puppy is not here. It was here and but you took him back and somebody must have taken your puppy. I hope she understands and my maternal heart breaks for her maternal heartbroken one. 
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Also some PSA.. If you saw a puppy or kittens and they are too cute and pathetic and you feel like you must bring them home, tried to wait/ look for a while for the mom. Because separating them is cruel. If the mom is together, then adopt both together ok.  

Thursday, October 08, 2015

All about zombies

Most people know I love zombies genre. I gobbled the series, movies, comics about zombies without get bored of them . Though yes, it is becoming too mainstream.

This is why when there is a book about zombies I would always want to read about it.

Some of these books I had read a while back, more than 2 years for like the compilation of short stories in the Living Dead. I think it would be easier if I just grouped my zombies book review in one place.

I am not gonna place the synopsis, because most of these stories are just about zombies and zombies apocalypse survivors. 

The Living Dead (The Living Dead, #1)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I am putting it to 3 stars because there are some I likes and some I don't like. I had read this book on and off for years and I had now just manage to finish it ( by skipping the last story because .. honestly I can't just be bothered anymore) .

There were wonderful stories, bad stories and disturbing stories. I like the writers tried to twist the zombie tales to something quite different . Like in Followed where the dead do not eat your brains. They just follow you... like a pet dog. There are another story in ala Shaun of the Dead "Meathouse Zombies" written by George R. R. Martin is kinda bittersweet, where zombies are put to work... Some are a bit too sickening for me. So I won't mentioned those.

The best zombie short story for me in this book is This Year's Class Picture by Dan Simmons. To me it is the most beautiful zombie story I had ever read. I love it. Endurance, madness, hopelessness and love. I felt the love the teacher had for her students, undead or not.

It is a good compilation except for the last zombie story, I just can't read those... but I am not going to read the The Living Dead #2.

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I watched the movie first, and know there is a book somewhere. Since I like the movie, I felt like I have to read the book too. I also know the book is wayyy different than the movie.

And yes, the book is great. It is a compilation of eyewitness account of World War Z (war of the zombies so to speak). It is written in a chronological sorta way. Where it first started supposedly in China in some old cities , then the crop of unexplained dead rising here and there globally.

Then it continues on the people survival in fleeing or surviving, and the world apocalypse and eventually how the people fight back.

It was an enjoyable read. We are not chained to just one perspective. We got the 360 degrees of the stories and even then it feels like it is not enough. Like the east coast college who manage to fortify their campus and defend themselves. I would like a movie out of that please!

Highly recommended.

Zombie Apocalypse! (Zombie Apocalypse, #1)Zombie Apocalypse! by Stephen Jones
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

At first I thought I am gonna get the civilian outtake of the zombie outbreak in the UK, but it worked a little bit like the excellent World War Z, where there are different people narrating their experience.

I had read this a while back, and can't really remember how the story goes but it is a bit unremarkable. I think I remember the schoolkids who survived with another family. It was kinda tragic and sweet story. The other story is just a blur in my mind.

There is a lot of how they are going to outrun and survive the zombies outbreak which is the part I always enjoyed so I remember enjoying this book and felt like I will not be opposed to read the sequel.

Zombie Apocalypse! Fightback (Zombie Apocalypse, #2)

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

The sequel was a mistake. Where the previous book mostly concentrated on the accounts of the survivor, this book focus is on how the zombies created and one mastermind thinking zombie which just exasperated me,

This book tried to explain the origins of zombies it in a supernatural way, which is kinda lame and make me lose interest in the plot.. very fast. It got very boring.

And when it was shown this way, I really hated it. Maybe it is unfair to expect every zombie story , the reason of the infection should be vague but this .. it kinda dont make sense and irritating. That then also affected the characters where it made everyone looks weak. We don't stand a chance. What is a zombie story when all hope is lost. Boring I tell you.

I am not faulting the writing but I can't just get behind this telling of the origins of the zombies and the supposedly world domination of the zombies. A zombie who can think, is just lame. He is just like any other monster then.

Hate this book.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The kids

He fell asleep , Brownie saw him there and plopped right next to him. Brownie is also a big cuddly teddy bear. 

Aziz is in his Upin and Ipin attachment phase. Balik sekolah kalau boleh selalu nak berUpin and berIpin. Gah. I need to distract him to do more worthwhile stuffs but sometimes I am so busy I just let him be, also sometimes so malas too. He watched Upin and Ipin so much he is beginning to sound like them. 

Reading about anak Filla punye imaginary friend, I remembered now that Aziz had one too. He called him 'Kun' which to me sounded a lot like a name a Jin would have. So I don't really encourage this behavior though I do ask some. I am fine with imaginary friends, I have some, but at the time I was older and I am lonely and needed something to be attached to. So I create some imaginary friends but am well aware it is my creations. He don't really play with his 'Kun' anymore because I think his real life friends at his playschool is more satisfactory and also he make believed that Upin and Ipin friends are his friends. So I am ok with that. 

Still seeing ghosts. Though half the time I am not sure if its real or not. But sometimes the terror in his eyes are real, so its unfair to not be unsympathetic to this ( also very scary to me late at night). 

Makan still payah but nowadays since adik die dah start makan nasi, aku terus bagi sekaligus untuk dua orang. This makes it easier for both of us, since he likes to eat bile ade 'geng' and cut down my feeding time to the kids. Though now he is beginning to be picky where before this tadek pon. Tetiba taknak makan sayur hijau or 'daun' as he said it. Then 2 hari lepas he said .. "no carrot" terus kena sergah dengan mak die. Pandai pon telan and now makan je carrot tanpa banyak cerita. Haha. I can't stand picky eater lah. 

Very much attached to his father. Hari Jumaat tu I have to WFH because Saif is sick and instead of his father as usual, I picked him up . Memula excited because .."yeay.. school habis!" then... "mana ayahhh.. aziz nak ayah.. ayah best". Haha. Well I have to admit his father do play with him a lot more than I. Tunggu la nanti ayah kena outstation. 

Kena barricade so nangis sebab takleh pass through, cannot go.. have to be there crying his eyes out. Excuse the mess, I was harried. And I am in the process of wrapping my books so books are everywhere!

Saif baru je baik from his salmonella poisoning sekarang selsema pulak. I think it is the combination of the haze and jangkit from mommy. This is why I have to WFH on Friday. Saif was so excited to have his mom the whole day that he refused to sleep! My husband have to come back just before lunch hour because I tinggalkan my power adapter at the office so he helped to drive me and Saif to my office and then I drop him at his. Saif tido for a little while kat dalam kereta so he felt that is enough and spent the whole afternoon playing. Huhu. Naseb baik la I don't really have to work, only just be online. 

Saif also is at the stage where it is a joy to feed him because mulut bagaikan gua. He will gobble everything up. Makan banyak. Minum susu sikit. 

He is also an early riser, pukul 6 lebih die akan cranky bangun nak susu and pukul 7 dah happy merangkak sana sini at his cot or the bed. He like his abang is now sleeping through the night after a 10 or 11 pm feeding. I am so relieved at this. I was so cranky when I was waking up every 2 hours for feeding time. 

Clingy yang amat. Whenever he saw me he will cried asking to be carried, but he is then happy to be doing his own stuff just as long as I am near. If I manage to get away unnotice to wash the dishes then he will continue happily, if he noticed i bergerak gi tempat lain, nanti die merangkak2 ikut sambil nangis2. Huhu.. 

Not yet walking but pandai berdiri. He had started to stand or pulled himself up and hang onto furnitures way earlier, I think around 7 months camtuh. Then it stopped a while when he was sick for a long time. Now he is practicing to stand again and he looks so delighted whenever he found out that he can stand without holding on to anything. My baby is gonna walk soon. 

Saif is gonna be 1 year old next month. Wow. How time flies. 

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