Friday, December 24, 2010


I have no mood to type written words because well, I want to type and complain and such and such, but then I really do not care to be one of those bloggers aight.

So I'm gonna put the 2 makhluk berbulu pictures just for fun. *at the time I am typing this, I can hear they are killing each other downstairs and I assume spreading their bulu everywhere*

What is this disgusting looking picture you say? It is a mashed up telur pindang mixed with kicap. I love it. Those who are not familiar with telur pindang, don't like the smell (the taste is not any different from the usual telur rebus, maybe a tad bit 'rempahy'). I however as a Johorean to the core, absolutely love the smell and taste of it. Instead of eating it with nasi beriani, I like to make it as snack and eat as such. My husband nose would crinkled in disgust when he saw this. Maybe because telur pindang could also make you a bit gassy and his nose is just crinkling in disgust in anticipation of what to come. Hoho.

The blurry pic above is of Fasha trying to grab my snack. Fasha have a habit of being very interested in whatever I am eating. Never my husband, it is always me. If I brought home any snacks, even chocolates, and she heard the plastic crinkled as I opened the packaging, she will run like mad and be like this. 

Yups, she will sit in front of me until I finished eating hoping that I would at least give her some crumbs. Yes, I am watching Gossip Girl at the time. And yes, collar pink Fasha tu rupa sungguh mangy. I had changed it to another one more color appropriate to her (silver - blue). She was never suited for pink, but my husband kept on buying pink collar for her.

Bulu perut dah macam biri2

Kurap however is suited for pink, and here she is at her favorite place when I was working from home this past week, (besok tidak, aku datang opis). I think every day for this week, I took her pics in different poses (while I was bored doing work from home) at the same exact place.

Hoh. So sekian entri bergambar pasal kekucing saya. Kalau sudah ade kids jugak, I will make double entries, satu utk kucing satu utk anak.


dz said...

hehe..telur pindang.aku baru sebut smlm.

Dils said...

heheh.. kebetulan aku nak upload gamba kucing aku, aku nampak gamba aku amik masa aku mash up telor pindang tu . LOL.

mommy nazeef said...

aah...klu ade baby...kene kasi hapus itu kurap n fasha...bulu bertaburan di rumah.nakal!hahaha

Dils said...

tak bolehhh hapusss.. they're my babies. Haha..

Mungkin kena banish kat belakang je kut.

Ita Shadila said...

takbleh banish itu bebulu.. sayang wooo... btw bebulu perut mcm bebiri tu sgt bes utk digomol or ditarik oleh baby.. hahaha.. kesian koceng aku.. eh telor pindang tu aku wat cam kau.. it taste weird!! x lama lepas tu aku saket perut.. kesimpulannya telor pindang tu dah rotten dats y taste a bit weird.. padan muka sendiri

Dils said...

Telur pindang tu kalau if dah after 2 or 3 days, simpan dalam fridge. Telur pindang cepat busuk. (tapi perut aku kental, kenkdg telur tu tak brape ok pon aku bole mkn je)

banish ke belakang je kut kalo ade anak, meaning kenot masuk bilik. Lain2 tmpt boleh roaming. Tapi sayang nak buang weh kekucing tu. Itu lah pengubat hati lara time2 lonely ni.

Kucing Kertas said...

kucing anda the best!
eh..kucing sy pun the best jugak. huhu..

i x bleh makan telur itu. telur rebus biasa boleh le. tidak berjaya diserap di dalam diri walaupun dh 2 tahun dok johor.
okke. tetibe rase nk mkn pisang grg dgn sambal kicap. kat dungun takde. uhuk. rindu pontian plak.

Dils said...

boleh je nak buat kuah kicap tu, kalau teringin. Tak brape hingat how it goes, tapi pernah buat la, and walaupon tak brape sedap mcm beli kat Johor T_T, tapi memadai la for me yang kalau makan pisang goreng, mesti nak ade kuah kicap.

Try google , ade aje org upload.

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