Monday, May 29, 2006

The One with the Snakes

I am suffering from a bad headache because of oversleeping. I do not slept much during the weekend due to lots of activities! So now I am sleeping and typing. Sleeping and typing. How do I do that?

Niece birthday, wedding, shopping since FCUK got a to die for sale. (Psstt... 50 and 60% off. Jeans that cost RM400 now cost RM140++)

Yesterday, due to sheer boredomness, and since watching Animal Hotel MASKargo is cracking me up so much (sheer boredom remembered) that it is becoming annoying, I turned to watch documentary on snakes. Eik,ugh. I hate snakes. Their cold scaly skin. Eiii... I remembered holding em and feeling the snake coiling and slithering on top of my palm and on my neck. Yuck yuck. But you got to admit they are beautiful. In a morbid disgusting kinda way.

I then remembered that, I have close (near death?) and frightening encounters with snake. Twice. It was the time when my family were living in Bentong. We lived in this bungalow beside the hill with jungle spruce and the wilds just beyond the road. It was the late 80s then.

When I was around six, I liked to make a mess downstairs (the living room). It was the holiday then . Played with my toys and running around. Ain't life simple then. Since my mum had just delivered by brother, she was staying upstairs in her room most of the time and I can make a pretty mess without being told off. However, by afternoon I was getting tired by all of the mess and decided to 'clean it up' a bit. My version of cleaning up then meant to throw all of my toys into a big basket.

So I then picked up my toys one by one and put it into the red basket. Around three quarter of my toys are now in the basket. Alas, I can see the floor and rugs again. Then I noticed something funny about the rug. There is something under the rug. To better describe it, its like a long big rope which make the rug bunches a bit. Now.. that should be a clue to most of you. However, that thought don't invade into my 6 year old brains. Thinking it must be one of toy, I pick up the rug. Lo and behold. A living breathing 1 metre plus long brown-black snake. It hisses and try to lunge at me poor self. But I was already running and soon with the snake at my heel and quickly went up screaming up the stairs thinking, snakes don't have legs, so surely it can't climb stairs.

Told my mom about the snake, but she was a bit skeptic. So I gingerly went downstairs again with my Mom , looking for that darn snake. I found it all curled up, sleeping under our side table. So it got itself a new home after a kid had upset its scrathcy kangaroo skins lair. My mom then called the Pet Control. Nahh. My father I think. Because about half an hour later 3 or 4 army guys came to our house. They chased the snakes around while exasperatingly told me to get lost since I was all excited wanting to watch the action. The end? Happy Ending. No life was harmed except the snake. The snake ended up at the bottom of our garbage can.

The second incident. I was around 7 then and have a cat name Combi. It is a cute striped brown cat which was adored by the whole family. So everytime I got home after eating my lunch, I would then search for my cat if he had not make his appearance.

One fine afternoon, after lunch I joyfully went at the back of the house calling my cat. My steps froze when realizing in front of me was a cobra. Its head with its hood spread was going round and round like . It is like something you saw of a Snake Charmer or performer played the music to the cobra and its head went round and round as if following the music. Only this is without music but I was hypnotized as if the snake itself was the charmer this time. Last time, I got away by running fast. This time I was horrofully fascinated by the snake. After what I felt like a lifetime, my cat, Combi came running to me and pounced on the cobra. Snapped out of my reverie, I went running back to the front. Looking back, I saw Combi happily playing with the snake;pawing it , circling the snake, while the snake was furiously hissing and lunging but missing Combi everytime.

My lil cat, the hero of the day later on just nonchalantly went back indoor in search of food. Later that day, I looked for the cobra again but it was gone. It was the last time I had snake problems at my home in Bentong again. But it is probably because we moved the end of that year.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Testing Testing

Testing tgk. Mengong laks rase.

Lalala. So now I changed. The theme. Yeay. Blergh. I really want to change before this. I guess cyan really was not into me. Nor does the girl terdampar at the top. This is pretty OK.

At least is not pink (Hear Hear Marq) . I meant I was thinking, pink can be the way to go. But then if I look at my pink colored blog everyday , I might just scratch my eyeballs out, so I opt not to use Pink colored blog as my theme.

And I really like 3 column blog. Ever since I used the last one. I kinda like can put anything I like beside my entries. My very own personal bookmark. I don't even have to worry if I changed computer. Gasp!

So I am b ack to my true origin which is kinda purplish. Whut do you guys called this color? Dark, dreary, depressing. But with a hint of flower to give a false presence of cheeriness. Yups. Perfect. Just like me.

Yawn~ Today is Supernatural . Eik.. Yeay. I don't really like Jared Padalecki. I still thought of him as Rory's loserish ex boyfriend. But Jensen Ackles (Dean) is HOT. He looks short beside tall lanky Jared, but he have the longest eyelashes. I have a thing with guys having long eyelashes (Note: The guy working at Apple stores at a mall make me almost dizzy to be swoon. No.. I am not going to tell you what or where the mall is.. since it will be a dead giveaway, and I liked to ogle him alone)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Grease Lightning

I got chills, they're multiplyin', and I'm losin' control. Cause the power you're supplyin', it's electrifyin' .

Sounds familiar? Well that is because that is the lyric from Grease, You're the One That I Want. Shoots. I had always love Grease. I remembered watching it when I was small and prancing around afterwards. I also stumbled on my aunts book on Grease which have the lyrics and all the pictures from the movie which I loved to pore over. John Travolta was the hottest in the movie.

When someone mentioned to me months ago that they'll be performing in KL, this is a DEFINITE NOT to be missed opportunity. My all time favorite movie, my all time favorite song, Summer Night (tell me more, tell me more..). A must see for self-professed Grease lover . So I bought the ticket that I can most afford so as to let myself really enjoy it. So got myself a seat that is not so shabby and can see the stage oh so clearly.

So just got back. It was marvellous. Spectacular. Lovely. I was laughing along. Entertaining. My head is filled with its songs, and the dance moves. Its electrifying! Great musical experience for a first timer like me.

The show started with the casts asking us viewers to get on the stage and have some Rock and Roll Time and dance your heart out. The one giving it all, got prizes! Then the show started immediately with Grease,Summer Nights among the few. I have to restraint myself from roaring out the words of Summer Nights too and jumping up and down cheering them on. Need. To. Be. Matured, Self-Possesed . Young Woman. and Watch Nonchalantly looking like I had been to musicals from diapers.

But by golly, the peps of "Danny" is like wow. He got great bod. Ehem. Of course, he gave great performance. And "Vince Fontaine" popping out now and then giving anecdotes and filling out the storyline is hugely entertaining. You also got to drool over admire all the tight fitting clothes the cast is wearing."Rizzo" have the longest legs. And she seems to be wearing those short tight tight most of the time. I think cast-wise, it would be the most fun to play her. She get to have all the fun part and all those great dance moves too. Can see with own eyes, real life swinging, legs all around the abs move, twirling, men picking up women effortlessly (I meant that literally of course).

The set is simple, but effective. The transition are quick and don't leave audience hanging. Of course they are expert, and have been doing this, since I did not exist in the world. (Misc Fact: The musical started at 1971). So this is kacang to them right? Yeps yeps. And it shows on the energy shown by the cast.

However I believe the main thing that people are coming to see this musical for is for the timeless catchy vibrant songs and its cool 50s dance moves and of course to relive Grease!

What can I say..... Grease Lightning!

p/s: Yeah. The pics, I took it from I did take some. But camera phone is so lousy and my damn cable have the habit of dissapearing. And for those asking for me to videotape it. Sori. No can do. I would probably be thrown out and fined. But I'll see if my friend managed it. But what the pics shown is as it is tonight.

Friday, May 19, 2006

To Change or Not?

Kinda thinking.. to change my blog template.. but malasnye~

Since I couldn't be bothered to ponder and squint on my blog coding and make new designs, so I am looking for templates... Honestly either the design is way simple or some are just too wacky. Sigh~ Beggars can't be choosers I guess.

I like this one. Herm. Maybe I will wait.. or just try one just for the heck of it. Maybe maybe.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


I just got back from watching Mission Impossible 3. What? The title above do not match? Of course since I will not be talking about Mission Impossible. Anyhow just to add in my 1 cent worth, Mission Impossible is a good action flick. Great action, and all the showmanship of technology and Tom Cruise still rock as Ethan Hunt, also his wrinkles kinda suit him. Wink. Dunno if a gal around my age who now think wrinkles for guy looks becoming, is either showing a sign of maturity or it is just sad.However I do wish I get to see Jonathan Rhys Meyer to have more action. His crooked smile is cute.

Anyhow, last Friday night I got an itch to see Poseidon.

So I asked my friends who's readily available and one of my friend agreed out of boredom. I had always love the 1972 The Poseidon Adventure. I am not necessarily a fan of old movies, but this one I like. So when I heard they were gonna do a remake of the movie, I felt thrilled. I am not like some of those pessimist who think any remake is a bad idea. I like remake. I can make comparison and see how they can improvise. The Poseidon Adventure was or is hailed as one of the first disaster flick movies which spurred Hollywood into a disaster movie making frenzy. I remembered watching the movie when I was 10 and was awed. And who can forget Shelley Winters performance as Bell Rosen. Sigh.

So I went to see the movie without high expectation. That doesn't sound right. Well, I just wanted to enjoy myself and I know its gonna be not bad.

For the clueless, the Poseidon Adventure 1972 was basically about a luxury cruise ship which is celebrating New Year Eve. During the partying and celebration , came a rogue wave which overturned the ship. The ship was then upside down. The celebration is held at the hall which is the at the top of the ship. So now, most of the peoples are stuck at the bottom after the ship overturned. Then came a reverend, which are concerned for their safety, (cause you know.. it is never a good idea to stay so long without any clue on the bottom of an upturned boat)asked for the survivors in the hall to join him to go up to safety. Where he can see the stars and be reassured by it (I made that last sentence up, but the main point was he want to get up there on the bottom?hull? of the boat to get help). This was met in doubt and some protest by the already dazed and many injured passengers. The captain assured them that they would be safe staying where they are, and thats as good enough to them. However a few survivors, heed the reverend advice and went up clamoring to safety. Thus then came the Poseidon adventure where they must make their way up against the flooding of sea waters, fire, and wreckage.

In the new movie; Poseidon, it is basically the same thing. New Year celebration, rogue wave, ship overturned, only a handful of survivors went up to safety to get help. The main difference here is instead of the goody reverend who is determined to save them all which act like a leader to the group of survivors, this Poseidon picture have Josh Lucas as a reluctant leader , which are forced to lead the few survivors who are also not convinced the boat is safe anymore. We got the same plot, but different characters.

What I think about it? As many people says, there are no character development. There is little time for us to familiarize with the characters.Thus we do not get attached to the character, so when they died, its kinda like we were thinking, "Ok. One died. Moving on..,". Somehow it did not manage to tap into the human tragedy of it as what Titanic had done. However for us to really get familiarize with the almost a dozen characters can be a tad bit hard to achieve in so lil time, so I guess those who are looking for a good cry, can go somewhere else to get their fix.

But the script. Oh. Dear. God. Was horrendous. It is kinda painful to see good actors and actresses actually saying this kinda,sometimes corny line. I think Kurt Russell was right and probably knew the script was really bad, when he said jokingly before the premiere that Poseidon should be made into a silent movie for people to appreciate it. The character is saying all the wrong thing at the wrong time. But I love Kurt Russell character though as Robert Ramsey. He looks so.. sad at times. Josh Lucas did an OK job too, but I don't see the bad rogue turn moralistic ethically conscience transition. Its kinda like, he was a good person from the start and have problems trying to show the bad side of him.

I got all the bad thing aside. Now , in term of suspense and action packed. You want an action flick. This is the one you should go. The wave came pretty early in the movie. And it is from then just non stop until the end. You got all of the flooding of waters you want. People getting fried. You also get jumping around and wreckage of ship being flung down, fire, flash fire. You are hooked to your seat (Not there is anywhere to go since I had paid for the ticket) and sometimes gripping to your seat to watch how they get through the obstacles one by one.

As for the special effect.. well the wave one.. its not exactly The Perfect Storm material. But it was OK enough of a job. I do love the part when it showed just when the wave crashed into the ship. The wrecking of the ship is being done spectacularly. And lots and lots of bodies lying around in a grotesque manner.

I don't particularly like it when they are showing around the ship just right when the movie started. The exterior shot of the ship shown is lovely, but look just too ... computer generated I should say. Not much interior shot tho. The camera go round and round. It make me dizzy. But it should be a great to see it in IMAX since all the fire and underwater scenes can thus be truly appreciated.

As far as comparison goes, I can't say if the The Poseidon Adventure 1972 was better than what Wolfgang Petersen direct. It wouldn't be fair to compare it to since the storyline of the characters are different, but since it is somewhat like a remake, we tend to compare it for those who loved the old movie. There are its pro and cons. The Poseidon Adventure strong point is Shelley Winters. Heh. But Poseidon stand on its own too. It would be a good movie to watch again. But not the one you reminiscence fondly of.

If I were to give it a rating, I will gave it 3 out of 5. For all of the good old action packed adventure it gave you non stop.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Who? You?

What is it ? Is it a bug? A virus? A trend suddenly catching up? People are ignoring other reason unknown as rampant as leggings on celebrities today.

I was asked by a person , heh, (don't want to put name la here) what make a guy ignored a girl. One day he can oh so lovey dovey and all. The next day , *poof*. He will disappear into thin air that you are suddenly thinking; are you not dreaming of that moment with him yesterday.

I also find out that this do not just happens to guy. Or girl. Guys too have this moment. One day, everything seems fine, he think it is fine. The next day, the girl won't pick up the sms, call him back or admit that he exist in the same planet as her.

People kept on asking why, why? We human are equipped with a brain and intelligence that we could not let this matter rest. What? I slurped my coffee too loudly? I laughed like a hyenas? I bored you to sleep? Or as one zany bachelorette put her view oh so clearly in public TV when she is not hand picked by the bachelor. "You don't find me attractive?, I'm too short?, I have small boobs?, what?"

Dating in the 20s. It just sucks. Girls are so.. lets get married, I wanna settle down period. Guys are like. Whoa~ I don't ask for it. I specifically said I don't want this kinda thing period. I might just get married suddenly. To get away from it all. Who who? Scott Speedman is still single since Ewan McGregor is married? Will ya take me?

Oh, I won't put my own experience here. The experience is too .... Let just say the wound still sting. I afraid I might lash out more than either of us could handle. So I just.. let it be.

I informed them. Let it be. Most probably they have someone else. If not, but they keep on playing that kinda game, for the heck of it , or as some idiot might say , the chase is gone so does the thrill and there goes the love. Or.. they are just idiot. Full Stop. I don't know. If I know, I would be writing another book " He/She is just not that into you. Part II: For the Real Dummies", be widely successful, live in a penthouse with an indoor swimming pool and puffing out cigars smoke to the face of my suitors.

It is just not worth it. Its not worth it if the people we thought we love don't give a damn of a time to think how we must have felt. So have fun. Be busy. Don't think about it. There are other decent people aplenty. All you need to do is dig 6 feet since they are all dead. Kidding. They ARE decent people. I am kinda decent. In an odd, slightly neurotic kinda way. So does, (counting with fingers on hand and wrinkling nose and forehead to think of other decent people).............

Right? Say I'm right.

But don't you wish you can just shake the truth out of them. Like a really stubborn pepper shaker. *shake* *shake*. Damnit. Out with it already.

p/s: dah apdet

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tidbits of Ho Chi Minh

About my trip to Vietnam. I would't tire myself (nor bored you) by reminiscing day to day thingies. I will just write whatever.

My journey there ain't that bad. Went to KLIA for our flight. Remembered my last post when I said I hate travelling becoz it would make puke. I never puke once! Yeay.

Eeekkyy stuff aside now. The MAS flight food was surprisingly good. Even though I was kinda amazed they put "bendir" in our nasi lemak. Probably kacang cost too much?

We arrived at Ho Chi Minh near 10 a.m. However Immigration process takes forever so I was out of the airport near 11 a.m. The Immigration Officer there does look really apt in scrutunizing our face if it match the one in the passport though.

You can say my trip to Vietnam is mostly a shopping trip. Lament, lament. I know I should go atravelling with younger personas. Nonetheless, I love shopping so that ain't bad either.

Stepping into Ho Chi Minh city, the first thing you thought. They are many, many, many motorcycles. And there are very little traffic lights . Most cars there are either chauffeur driven or taxis. Honking loudly and often seems to be a normal way of telling other motorist "Hey I am going down this road now, get out of my way,". The Ho Chi Minh drivers would most certainly survived KL roads. I am terrified in crossing the roads the first day I was there.

Saigon River & Ho Chi Minh from the view of our hotel.

Okay. Basically I had divided my blog telling into Shopping, Trip to Chu Chi Tunnel and Misc. What can I say, I had been trained to write in points by my History teacher.


Since their embroidered kain, clothes and bags are very much a steal and are pretty with great quality, I went into a shopping spree.. Wheee~ Their lacquer stuffs are pretty good too. But since I am not setting up a home or anything , so I don't give it a second glance. My money ain't that much, to buy too much things you know.

One of the places which my sister loved to bring us is the Ben Thanh Market. Its kinda like Padang Besar. This is a place I identified in buying bags and some little clothes. The choices are... gasping. Embroidered bags, beads bag, small tote bags, wristlet.... None of course leather. The type of clothes, ranging from fake branded stuffs to lovely traditional Vietnamese garbs. I also managed to custom made my very own traditional Vietnam clothes. Wondered when I will wear it. The tailors/seamstresses near the market are super fast. They can usually finish up your clothes in 24 hours time.

Of course clothes is not the only thing there. It have a wet market, which I briefly visit with my sister to buy some veggies, some food stalls which robbed you blind, little trinkets stuff which ranges from pottery, lacquer, wood carving, painting to crytallized bangles.

During one of our trip there, we also managed to witness a mini catfight between 2 madam shop owners. Dunno what they were fighting about. One of them were flailing around a water jug to hit the other while being restrained by their their friends/colleague.

Ben Thanh market. The sales peoples there like to take you by the hand and ask to go and look into their stalls

We also tend to gape on the mini ships teak carvings. These are scattered around the city. Our particular haunt is just at the back of the hotel. They even include the historical story of the ship they carved. Also they have other mini vehicles carvings like helicopter,train, fighter jet. Heh. I bought myself a Jeep. I love the fire truck teak carving though. It have a ladder which you can slide it up and down. But its a bit costly and I don't fancy trudging heavy luggage. I leave it be.

The ceramic potteries is also very unique and cheap. Depending on the places you go of course. My sister favorite haunt is Song Be. However as I said, I am no housewife. So I was like whut? Pottery? Pasu? I'll pass. Even my lil niece managed to bought herself 3 cute ceramic duckies which is now swimming in my sis lil garden pot. And she is 2!! The women in the house is certainly bringing this child down. But she managed to break one of them, moments after it was take out from the plastic bag, so the 3 little duckies now left 2.

My most shamefully spending money when we were stopping at Hong Anh boutique. This boutique have a collection of really lovely baju kurung and kebaya with a cheap price. The design is simple , and I love the little beads they sew it on. I won't get that kinda clothes with that kinda price here.

The ehem, CDs are even much cheaper. With great quality too. Needs to be careful though. Brad Pitt maybe speaking Vietnamese. I bought the whole season of SATC. What? Download? Blargh. Easier. And way, way, way cheaper. Almost the same price as wasting money on Stimix a month.

The Tunnels.

Since I informed my sister, I want to go and see some Viet Cong tunnels, us family went to the Chu Chi Tunnels (I think...) . It takes 2 hour very bumpy journey to get there. My 2 year old niece was looking very green by the end of the ride.

We went into tour on how the Viet Cong village was like during the wars. Entering the village, we are greeted with sharp bamboo sticking out from the ground. I am sure if that is not a trap, more like showing we-are-scary-so-better-not mess-around-with-us. However during the tour, we got around the tour of typical Vietnamese village yesteryears.

It pretty much look like our village in the 50s might look. But with some pretty interesting details here and there. It is impressive to see what they did in those days to survive and fight. That even young slip of girls take up their gun to fight off soldiers coming their way. Makes you think eh, if you were to live at that particular place and time, will you be a coward or a hero? And what makes a person hero? Is it through the eyes of the others who suffered the same fate as you or to the objective person on the other side of the world who leisurely judged you at the comfort of their own cool home if you are wrong or not ?

Our guide explained, the adults fight by day, and farm by night. The women of course stay at home to cook for the dear men who need to fight. Chivalry ? But if it came to a truly dire time, then the womenfolk too need to take up their weapons. Children are required to go to school to learn to read and write and learn and be bomb carriers.

Come rain, shine or wars; learning must go on.

The dummy farms. This is a dummy. It showed well, peoples need to feed themselves even though during hard time. So thus needs to be self sufficient by farming.

It also show some of the traps still lurking about. Gah, I really don't fancy these sharp sticks to be the end of anyone.

The sign which says; "Die you soldier." Kidding. I have no idea what the heck the sign is saying.

We then went to the ever famous tunnels for the next tour. The Viet Cong soldiers dig these tunnels basically to hide out, operate and attack their enemies. Its very hot. They said only their people can fit into this tunnel back in those days. It won't fit a foreigner. Psstt, I think they meant pesky American soldiers. The lower level of the tunnels can only just fit a small lithe Asian, lying down. Of course back in those days everyone was slim. If they stay in the tunnel , always hot and all sweating from all the lack of oxygen and of course warring, it would slim anyone down. I think this tend to be the best slimming method of all. Except the part where you are always in mortal danger of course.

These second part of the tour showed the past tunnels, how it was dig and some of the 'rooms' that were used before such as its meeting room, the operating room and recovery tunnel.

The tunnels go as deep as 8 metres to 10 metres. They used a small hoe. One tunnel which were dug were usually be handled by only 4 person. My, you down there. How big muscly arm you have~

In the tunnels, there are also trap laid out for those who are unfamiliar with the layout or location. If an enemy chose to go in, they are pretty much a goner. I went into the tunnels and it was freaking dark, managed to bump my head (which I still have the bruise a week after) and soiled my clothes. Never had I ever felt so claustrophobic. But it was a good experience nonetheless. I was in the peak of a really bad cold at the time, so I was not up to feeling that adventurous and just went into a few tunnels showed. My mom, aunty and sis just opted to stay firmly above ground. While we were exploring underground, our second in command tour guide showed my family where my brother and I below were headed. So if we went into one tunnel and emerged at another, she will showed the rest of the family the way above.

The she which led us to the correct path. I meant tunnels. Seems to be a strong silent type. She just wag her tail and joyfully trotted down to the next tunnel showing us where we need to go next. Never heard a bark from her once.

By the end of the tour we were served by a plateful of hot steaming tapioca and their very own special Vietnam tea. My throat was so sore from the flu , it was such a relief to pour some hot liquid down one throat.

We went back tired, hungry and with some knowledge on how M-16 look and felt like.

Thats my bro. With guns. Obviously.

The Currency

I never have a head for numbers. At first the currency difference is baffling for a person who look at Maths like some kind of disease. Their currency deal in 000 000 . They have like 300 000 dong which drives me nuts at first in trying to figure it out. Then I got the hang of it. To know if its worth it, E.g. if the thing cost like 500 000 dong, take out the three 000 at the back, divide 500 by 4, and you get your estimate in RM. Tada, thats dila teaching Maths , noobs! My dividing and multiplying mathematical skills sucks, so it does take me sometimes when buying things. I think they pretty much saw that, and screwed me dry.

The Food? Well. We only went to eat outside once. A Malaysian restaurant. Its pretty hard to find halal food. So I only ate home cooked food.

Well. I think thats it. I pretty much run out of things to tell. Its not much tho. But I did enjoyed it. Ho Chi Minh is a nice thriving peaceful city to me. The peoples are very very nice, friendly and polite. The goods are lovely and relatively cheap. Wouldn't mind going again, I should say.

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