Monday, September 29, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Orang Qatar!

Macam banyak je tahun ni kuih raya as ramai duk kasik... Tahun ni my brother and moi will be driving sendiri balik JB. Horrors! As I never drive more than an hour before and out of KL. Hehe...

Still at the office feeling immensely bored. Menaip blop sambil main game worms at my phone. Game Worms ni tak adil. Ade ke patut bile tiba nak kasik weapon je, my team punyer mesti masuk air. Hoh!

Still haven't paid my zakat fitrah yet. Will be doing this today, obviously. I like to procrastinate.

Selamat Hari Raya Alisha, akak and abang adam.

And to all others out there. Abid dah balik Changlun dah. Tsk. Tsk.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Le sigh

I had just finished watching Penelope.

Oh my, oh my. James McAvoy. I was insanely jealous of Christina Ricci. Hukhukhuk.

The movie was sweet. It wasn't great. There are something that I guess that can be improved. But I like the overall whimsical tone of the movie. Reminded me a bit of The Royal Tenenbaums meet Amelie. Love those movies. And this movie is so sweet that it brought a blush to my cheeks.

Heh. That is what I called it. The feeling of giddyness. Like when you finally meet the guy you had been wanting to meet and you could feel your cheeks getting hot. Its a little bit like this. So yes. I like this movie. Though there are scenes or plot-holes I found myself questioning.

Nevermind those. I guess perhaps I love it more cause of James McAvoy. But Christina Ricci is sweet, though her character is kinda weak. I found myself liking Reese Witherspoon character more. Heck. I even like that Edward Humphrey Vanderman III character more. But there's nothing really grating with Penelope character, only something that I feel lacking. But of course, let me just say his name once more. James McAvoy. Ah Ha.

Le sigh.

p/s: Oh yes. Selamat Hari Raya. Have a safe journey to wherever whenever. Mintak maaf jika ada silap (only).

Thursday, September 25, 2008

If you can't win. Don't even try.

A month or so back, I had an IM conversation with one of my ex. Before that, we split somewhat unamicably with me furiously wanting to leave him. And he furiously do not want me to leave him. Haha. I remembered that he said I would regret it. Bah! I hate it when a guy said that. I would proceeded to try my damnedest that I would not regret it. So even today I NEVER regret it :P

Anyway after a while he was cordial and friendly back to me. Because he found another lady that win his love. I couldn't care much less nor more. But its fine anyway and I rarely hold a grudge (rarely not never ok) so I am friendly enough. But our conversation are limited to like once or twice a year.

Back to the first sentence in this post, I can't remember if I IM him or not, usually we talk vaguely on how you doing and how's work before ending it with a 'later'. But that day we were a tad bit chatty per usual before he was asking me this question " So you are never going to get married eh?"

First of all, I was rather taken aback. I mean I got the usual question probing in the dark of "when are you getting married" from the exes or friends or scandal. Tapi ini macam memerli la weh. Hahaha. So I got my defenses up and just replied "What? You think I am not the type to get married ke"

Which he then quickly proceeded to make excuses for the questions and steering the conversation away from relationship questions. ( Kalau aku marah agak hebat jugak la kan) But from that question I got curious and asked him regarding his relationship status. See? Be direct. You will get an answer. And his answer is he is in a relationship but it seems like there seems to be some bump in the road. I listened and gave my worthless thoughts on it and don't think much of it later except he is rather too reminiscent during that conversation.

Anyway, a few weeks later we got back in the usual IM conversation on how things are blabbety blah blah, before he ask me a question

Him: "If you don't mind and free, maybe we could have a berbuka puasa together?"

Me: "Erm... well.. I wouldn't mind exactly if my fiance do not mind".

Adalah a very pregnant pause di situ. Hahaha... Honestly I have no qualms in meeting a guy or my ex for lunch or whatever unless my fiance have problems with it and of course preferably if he (fiance) would be there. Saya tunang yang baik ok! Wheeeeeee! I would mind if he would meet his ex hahaha, but do not mind as much if he meets other girls. Tetapi I DEMAND HADIAH BESAR if fiance do that ok.

Well, he then proceeded to reply back, " But you said the other day you are not getting married. I asked you!"

I was getting sizzlingly irritated because first of all, I do not like to answer probing question. I do not like to give them the satisfaction. I would usually evade the question unless you asked me directly. Contoh2 soalan yang agak puaka " Tadek cik abang ke yang pick you up after work?", "Weekend ni tadek plan ape2 with someone special ke?". Gah! Tanye je la single ke tak or if you got a boyfriend? Tak susah pon kan? And why should you be so accuse-y about it. Suke aku la nak ke tanak bagitahu kat sesape yang aku nak. Ade yang aku bagitahu. Ade yang buang masa je aku bagitaw.

I just replied that he didn't ask the question and I apologized for his assumption (aku malas nak memanjangkan cerita and I am basically a nice person. Hihu and still... he did asked me if I am never going to get married in a very hypothetical way which looks kinda insulting which insulted me tapi malas la nak bring that up)

He then proceeded to ask me when the wedding and I answered. He didn't ask to come, and I macam malas nak invite.

And after that, rather laughably he proceeded to tell me what he and his girlfriend will be doing in the next few months and how he missed his girlfriend. (Baru je 2 weeks before kau cakap kau ngan die bercakap pon jarang and you are getting sick of it and mahu end the relationship. Adakah ayat kaver line beginih!!!)

Hahaha. Guys are so transparent. Tak payah la cakap pasal how happy you are with your girlfriend if you had been talking problems about your relationship before kan? Macam dah agak terlewat? Bukan? Just say you are happy for her, offer your congratulations and ask the necessary question then move on to another more pleasant topic je la kan? Huhu... mengapa perlu transparent and top it off with your own relationship bliss when its not particularly blissful or its not going to happen (It is now Oct and I haven't heard a wedding yet. I would kill myself before asking his best friend if he is indeed getting married or not)

Ah well. Tah hape2 la kan. As for our next pleasant IM conversation? I predicted that he would IM me again.... never.

Update: Eh, I spoke too soon. He had just IM me. Heeeee!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The boring post on what I did yesterday that you can skip.

Well, well, yesterday was a half day for me. Got out of the office at 1pm and me and fiance proceeded to the nearest Klinik Kesihatan to test out if we are HIV positive or not. One less boring marriage form to finish! Happy to say, I can continue to spread bodily fluids around, if I choose so. Well, not to say that I would or people who do have HIV refrain from sharing their bodily fluids eh.

Apakah topik di atas ini???

Well (again), all is well and I finished all of those at 2.20-25 pm approx (gile awal) and we continue to pick up fiance kad kahwin. It was not exactly as what he wants because there were some silly mistake happening last week, but he seems happy with it. Lelaki memang begituh. And all that finished around 3pm.

Pastuh pikir2, balik je la kan. Alang2 dah dapat permission half day without kena isi borang. Bukan ade keje pon (cewah! Ade berbulu budak2 ofis baca). So I laze around while watching THS (True Hollywood Story) with my nephew happily rolling around beside me. He is soo darn happy that someone came home early to play with him. So cute like that. Then for the FIRST time, I went to the Melawati Pasar Ramadhan. Round 2 kali, last2 beli air cincau and lemon and 3 types of kueh. Gile tadek nafsu.

Well, the above paragraphs tu introduction je for another type of post I was about to type. Tapi macam malas nak clump it to one post. So if I am rajin, nantikan....

*edited to include the tag by Kak Mel* Alang2 kan... Hahaha

Rules are:Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 facts about myself:

1. I sneeze a lot. If there is a sudden dip or rise in temperature, I can tell it easily because I would sneeze. They say this is resdung and a previous boyfriend asked me to go to this ape homeopathy treatment? You know the one with smokes and ulat and such. Euw. No thanks.

2. I have a small birthmark that looks a whole lot like the letter "A" somewhere on my body. Fitting right as that is my first name initial.

3. I love to read so much that I plan to have a library in my home. Just a little nook here that have all my books and sofa that I can lie down to read, sambil tengok series? Hehehe... Eh, tapi itu bukan fact. Itu plan. Faktanya ialah I like to read.

4. I don't make friends easily. I look friendly enough, but I have problems to get close to someone and be friendly or ask a lot of question. I think this stem from my thoughts on not intruding people privacy by asking inappropriate questions. So usually I am a lone wolf unless someone tarik me into their group.

5. I like the color pink, red, brown, purple and black for my clothes and accessories. However I think maroon looks best on me. Navy Blue is kinda blah to me because usually I look kinda wash out in blue.

6. I hate numbers with a passion. I have problems understanding Maths quickly or remembering numbers. Because of this I got easily frustrated and give up on the subject. I only got good grades in Maths during UPSR and PMR seasons because I had good teachers. If the teacher is lousy, I would surely fail, as I almost did in SPM. (Though the Add Maths teacher I might add, is not too good at teaching but she is very passionate in trying to see me through past 10 marks. Huhuhu) . In college, by sheer determination alone, I manage to not fail though the subjects gave me nightmares.

7. I used to like bangles/bracelets excessively that I got crazy amount of bangles for my collection since people used to love giving me these as they can see I wear different one every day in college. But nowadays it is gathering dust inside the box because I do not have time to pretty up and wear it. And also, it get in the way especially when you need to type quickly or used the mouse. Nowadays I only wear 2 gold bangles/bracelet (all the time) which I wear for sentimental/personal reason. 1 is from my late father. The other one is the first gold bracelet I bought for myself. Hmmm, maybe I can start wearing bangles and bracelets again :)

7 people I would like to tag.
1. Chuck Bass
2. Serena Van der Woodsen
3. Nate Archibald.
4. Blair Waldorf.
5. Eric Van der Woodsen
6. Dan Humphrey
7. Nelly Yuki

p/s: Pssstt.... the other are welcome to use these tag for your own filler post.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finished !

with reading Middlemarch! Yeay! Like it. Will not read it again in a hurry. But I would like to pick it up again after a while.

Will update with the next reading list later.

A bit sleepy. At long last, I watched the Orphanage. Scary gile. Tengok cite sambil squint2 mata taknak kasik nampak sgt. Because I was so darned scared, I paused the movie sometimes during the most "dup dup dup" heart thumping times and watch ANTM in between to calm my nerves. Hahaha. Little children ghost scared me most of all, ok. Huhu.

Well, yesterday AKHIRNYA berbuka puasa jua with Sheema, Gon, Ja and Seri. Had a blast. I think we should just stay put with berbuka puasa di rumah je, lepas tuh je kuar lepak2 di McD. Huhuhu. Gamba2 ada di Seri and Sheema. Kat mana-mana aje nak camwhoring.

Oh, I was reading about ADHD diagnosed in women (even in their 30s and 40s) and got a scary thoughts that maybe I do have ADHD. Heh. Especially on this statement,
The daydreamers. The space cadets. The little girls who making eye contact with the teacher, but whose minds are 1,000 miles away.

Did I tell you that back in school my teacher used to lament on my supposedly inattentiveness? Saying that, whenever I looked at him when he was teaching, he felt like I was disconnected and my ears and eyes are somewhere else. He actually proceeded to draw how I look like in his mind ( face drawn in the middle of board with ears drawn disjointed and really far away from my face, at the edge of the chalkboard) to my embarassment. Gah! Suffice to say, I don't like that teacher all that much.

But maybe I am just inattentive but I actually does hear what he was teaching lor. Parts and stuffs. Bahasa Melayu was boring giler during Form 4 lor. *shrugs*

Hurmph, another round of 'burst blogging' eh?

Friday, September 19, 2008

I like the sound of rain against the window

I like rain. But I like it less if I am drenched and spattered with mud by nearby cars dashing to the car park.

BUSY again! Sumenye nak before lunch hour. Grrrr......

Tapi I blog. Well, just because of a need to vent on how angry I am everyday reading on the news about the food poisoning of the chemical melamine (malas nk cek ejaan) into baby formula in China. And this brand is a highly distributed brand in China. Mostly bought by middle - low income family. And their babies are terribly ill and dying.

I hate these type of species. I understand greed. I don't understand greed where it comes to a harm of another person. I am even more angry at the world when the victims are innocent children.

Well... sambung kerja balik.

"The need to blog is strong in tis one"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Macam Busy

Perlukah aku explain further?

Bukan ade interested pon nak tahu pasal aku kan? KAN?? KAN??? KAN???!!! (gile mood mendownkan diri). Wahahaha.

Will be back in time, or on time or in a timely event. Hahahaha.

Nak tidor la dan sambung baca Middlemarch (not necessarily in that order). Yes, am still reading Middlemarch, it took annoyingly long to finish, but I WILL FINISH it damnit! But I still maintain that it is an interesting read and give a glimpse to even our own character. I squirm reading it, sometimes.

p/s: This is a filler post. No, I do have some ideas on what to blog of. But no time. Later, I guess.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brief: Diary of the Dead


Just finished watching. Been watching movies this weekend. Yesterday was Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was funny but not great.

Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, we can draw some parallels on the subleties. But Land of the Dead is just fun to watch.

Diary of the Dead is a bit preachy in its 'subleties' (but really graphic). Drawing parallels on war in Iraq, 9/11 and of course human nature in general. But that my thoughts on it. I much prefer Dawn of the Dead. Night of the Living Dead is too depressing with its late 70s and early 80s fashion. 80s fashion depressed me.

Romero's movie never explain why this happens. Hoping that maybe he would make 1 last movie before he died, explaining. But kinda doubtful on that.

Ngantuk. Mari tidur... or p'raps for some of you bersahur. But I don't sahur. So tidur la. (Gah! Tidur ni mesti mimpi zombie)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Been busy for the past few days. I should be busy even now... tapi macam muak tengok documents and tables for the past 3 days, so I found a respite in blogging ok.

Had 'acquired' (as taken from eyeris's words of choice) few movies that I haven't manage to watch such as Night Watch, The Orphanage, and banyak lagi la. So since it is ramadhan month and I felt bored in lunchtime, I figured that I will try to watch one of the 'light' movie in my list. One of those are Outsourced. It took me 4 days of lunchtime viewing (tempat duduk gile tak strategik ok, and even though we have free reign in the internet, I do not think the bosses will smile on workers viewing movie during supposedly working hour). And it didn't take that long pon, about 20 minutes per view in a day. Ok la tu kan. This is why I opt for a simple light and funny movie that I could just stop and continue the next day.

(Missed the days in HP la sikit when we would watch ANTM and macam-macam movie secara online streaming. What I do not miss is having your off days interrupted by the boss calling, asking you to go to work).

I 'acquired' Outsourced because actually I was looking for another movie. Have you ever have a moment where you remember the trailer, but you don't know the actor or actress or the title of the movie pon and you want to watch it? Well... the story goes like, I was watching youtube videos of funny call center moments or conversation, which in turn make me remembers my second job, which then make me remembered a trailer I remembered seeing about a call center in India and a guy in US, which makes me to turn to google for any help of the supposed movie, but it seems with all my superior googling skills, I couldn't find it and found this instead.

Picture from Outsourced site

Panjang gile introduction. Now back to the movie. Outsourced. What's it about? Taken from
After his entire department is outsourced, an American novelty products salesman (Hamilton) heads to India to train his replacement.

And hijinks ensue, certainly. The movie is funny and it brings back memories when I was in the call center. It makes me remember on how call center is so impersonal and businesslike and how some of the Westerner hate it when they heard an accent on the line.

I also smiled when the film showed the workers gleefully 'hias' their workstation after their boss agreed to one of the suggestion to make the office more personalized and comfortable . One of the rule of call-center is that your desk need to be bare of any thing. Boleh tak beg pon suruh letak bawah. Nothing on the table but your computer and a piece of paper and occasionally your hand holding a pen.

It is basically a movie showing about self discovery, but it address many of the issues that grate on the call center workers or just me. The boss and company relentless pursuit of impossible KPI,MPI or service level. The management encouragement asking to take up a Western name, which I opposed of, or in this movie in encouraging callers to think they are talking to an Americans instead of Indians. The crazy working hours that the workers put up and the callers or management take for granted at. The evil corporation and unstableness of call center industry where you might have a job this month and the project can be suddenly outsourced the next.

What I wonder is their enthusiasm in their job, if its true they or the Indians really like working in call center. Or maybe I just hate talking on the phone to strangers.

This movie is nice enough for some light viewing. It doesn't try too hard to be funny nor too preachy. It is advertised as a romantic comedy, but it doesn't feel like a romantic comedy. I meant, it do have a love side story in it that can threaten the movie to Bollywood proportions, but they handled it nicely I guess. The Kama Sutra suite is a hoot, though I would have imagined something even more exotic to be sure. Hahaha. But I do like it especially when it gives us a view of the slums and the busy town and the various cliches in a movie of what a Westerner have to experience in India. And I do love a colorful movie.

So what's next eh... Work!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Amazing Race Asia for Ordinary Asians?

Yesterday I watched briefly the Amazing Race Asia nye pre-show. You know the episode where they introduce all their contestants/participants/racers.

And I couldn't help it but feeling like 'muntah darah'.

Almost all of them are either actors/host/models. There is only one pair that do not eke out their living from standing in front of the camera. The Singaporean couple. 

Don't the casting director know that doofus Marc & Rovilwalt from last season makes viewers like throwing stuffs on the screen. Whenever they are on, I am really not interested in watching. It's like watching a really forced bad gag. 

Now they have to go ahead and cast not a pair or two or 3 pairs or people that is a host or actor or whateverumaycallit. But (Ok... I am trying to calculate in my head and I am really bad at maths, so I maybe off), but from the 20++ contestant. 10 or more are actors/models/beauty queens or host. So you Amazing Race Asia casting director. Why don't you just drop the pretending and just call it Amazing Race with the Stars! 

And some of these people are not even Asian for god's sake. I am all about equality. But there is something wrong with the media and AXN and the casting director themselves, when it seems that half of the contestants seem more Caucasian than Asian. Thank God at least the Malaysian and Singaporean participants looked and sound like Malaysian and Singaporean. And do not get me started on that Thailand beauty queens. 

So what you casting bigwigs? Ordinary citizens who is not pretty or talented or lucky enough to be in front of the camera are not worth your time? So if we need to be in the race, we need to drag at least one measly actor/actress to be our partner. VJ or DJ pon ok la yek. I guess those actors/singers/models/host participation form are put in 1 bedazzled box while the other ordinary boring folk are into the dust bin? Ya lor. Ordinary folk do not tarik the rating ye. Sorry that we are an especial bother. Lain kali takyah advertise pon lah for the participants boleh? 

I am so disgusted (not to mention feeling like another bout of muntah hijau pulak after watching that really annoying Phillipines couple yang awek die pakai bikini tu... yeuch) watching yesterday introduction that I am quite put off in watching Amazing Race Asia. As much as I do like Ida Nerina, these whole process or pemilihan you might call it, just feel UGH! 

p/s: On an altogether totally different note (Shima, shield your eyes), GG 201 eps rocks! Nate and S fake kiss is one of the hottest in the show. Just third below B kissing with Nate on the night of the dance and first is of course the limo kiss okeh. They DO have chemistry. S and Dan are kinda blah, but I don't totally hate it. 

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tag 7. Kenapa 7?

Adek meng'tag'.

7 Fakta Mengenai Diri Saya (7 Facts about Me..)
1. Got little patience.
2. Sneeze a lot.
3. Dream a lot.
4. Like food and clothes and bags too much.
5. Proud Johorean.
6. Can be a tad bit obsessive
7. Like to babble. To people closest to me lor.

7 Perkara Yang Menakutkan Saya Di Dunia (7 Things that Scare Me in the World...)
1. Cicak (More like disgust me)
2. Death
3. Pyschotic Rapist / Killer (With the state of the world today, its something I fear everyday)
4. Creepy guys. (Mungkin sebab suspected termasuk di golongan di atas)
5. Lost of a loved one
6. Creepy crawlies underwater. There's a lot of disgusting things like snakes underwater okeh.
7. Creepy crawlies under a rock. I hate gardening. I always expected to find lipan, ulat or a toad somewhere when hunching over a plant.

7 Lagu Kegemaran Buat Masa Sekarang (7 Current Favourite Songs) - This is really hard as I don't hear radio that much and my songs are usually in loop from the same artistes
1. La Foule by Edith Piaf. And a few songs from Edith Piaf too, Mon Dieu, Milord, etc
2. Songs from Dil To Pagal Hai .. Hahahaha. Suke aku la nak suke Hindustan.
3. Despedida by Shakira
4. Mozart Symphony No 40. (All time favorite okeh). And just group Beethoven, Bach and Tchaikovsky into that too.
5. Soundtracks from Amelie.
(ok stakat ni knapa takde lagu dlm bahasa yang aku paham .....)
6. The Platters - Smoke gets in your eyes.
7. Secret - The Pierces

7 Perkataan Yang Selalu Saya Sebut (7 Words Mostly I Said..)
1. Busuk
2. ek...
3. hmmmmmm
4. Lembap betul taw {insert whoever or whatever} ni !!
5. Malasnye nak pegi keje esok.
6. Lapa
7. Ape?

7 Perkara Yang Bernilai Bagi Diri Saya (7 Valuable Things for Me)
1. My money. (I am materialistic that way)
2. My clothes. Again. Materialistic
3. My family. Haaa. Would be pon included.
4. My thoughts and memories
5. My friends
6. My computer and the hard drives that is in it.
7. My dvds.

7 Pertama Kali Dalam Hidup Saya (7 First Time in My Life) - This actually do not make sense, of course there are many first time, but what is about needs an explanation .
1. There's a lot of first time in my life I would never reveal. Just group that to no. 1.
2. The first time I felt snow when I was 8 - I feel like bolting back into the car.
3. The first time I smoke when I was 10 - I do not feel it is remotely interesting nor nice nor cool and do not care for it ever again.
4. The first time I puasa penuh when I was 11 - because I have to because dah wajib ok.
5. The first time I felt failure was during my time in boarding school - Everybody else is much much cleverer than me.
6. The first time I blog when I was finishing up my studies in uni - as with everybody else back then I want to rant and rave about love. Now the topic nauseate me.
7. The first time a complete stranger ( a grownup with a job) gave me his phone number when I was 13 - I looked at it confusedly and gave the number to my friend for them to have fun at.

7 Orang Menjawab Soalan-soalan Di Atas (7 People That can waste their time at this tag)
Tiada. Hihih. Kadang-kadang I tag ade orang-orang itu tak buat. (Tiada nada-nada tidak puas hati mahupon sinis di sini). Haha.. so its up to you eh. But my fiance bole je buat. Sebab I can bully him into doing the tag.

Ok. Sekian.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Puasa Today!

Gile tak best tajuk.

Well, didn't did anything particularly great this weekend. Sepatutnye have to continue to mengemas my room and the house, but I got distracted by THS Tyra Banks. LOL.

Didn't start puasa today like everybody else for obvious reason as per usual every year. So jab lagi nak goreng corn beef ok. Hehe.

Well.. merdeka come and goes. Almost every 31st August from the first year I started on this blog, I will write something. I was planning to, but of course that didn't happened. Honestly, there is nothing to say. This year I am not proud to be Malaysian. Oh, I am a Malaysian. I love Malaysia. There is no other place that smelt like home more than this country. However, with the political fiasco going all around for this year, and all the incredibly disgusting corruption news, stupid politicians giving stupid statements, inane parties forgetting ethics and sense itself... well. There is really nothing to be proud of this year. Yes, the people make their voices heard this year. However it seems, the voice is just a one day event and nothing really change. Or does the worse have to happen before it start getting better?

Ok. Getting to another non-too sad topic. I gotten my wedding cards yesterday. It was better than I anticipated. Not exactly perfect, but let's choose your war wisely eh. My wedding cards is just simple. Any one of you probably never save wedding invitation anyway, so I never think it wise to fork out so much. As long as all the information are there, I myself never badger for a card. Perhaps for invitation, yes. Haha. But not card. Just give me a map and the proper information, I'll try my best to be there. So you guys would receive my wedding invitation card after raya ok. Bagi awal-awal pon buat hilang kat rumah aje.

I like the wedding card. Its simple and nice and simple. Heh. And it didn't look like the usual card, so I like it even more. I had my reservation because during the time of the card preparation, I had to have this conversation with the rep from the company

" Why does the mock-up card you presented to me, is different from the one that I chose?"

" Arr.. you want it to be the same eh?"

Dalam kepala... apakah... of course lah it should be the same. "0_0"

"Erm.. arr.. ye." Quite speechless la at the time.

Anyway, its a relief to see that the card is exactly as the same as the one I chose. There are something which I think is not in sync (Hhihihi... bole ek guna tu), but its fine. Its just small details, and I am not that picky. Overall, I am satisfied.

Sooo.. there. Post should be ending, as I really need to kemas my rumah or nanti akak balik bising-bising. Blergh. I would like my own house for my own mini tornado makeover like.

Selamat berbuka puasa peeps. As I am not puasa-ing today, fiance tanak buka puasa bersama. Eiii... ade budak tu jahat.


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