Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A somewhat malas update.

Selamat Berpuasa. 

I may need to start taking vitamin. After the rotavirus, I am now down with flu/demam, who knows. 

Traffic is horrendous. 

Buka puasa yesterday was a feat in itself as I reached home near 7pm dan bile azan baru I masak dengan terketar2 because I am sick. 

Hence today no cooking. Beli lah ape2 kat bazaar. 

But not puasa-ing anyway because my period came early during the 3rd day of puasa. At 6.30 pm. 

We went to buka puasa at Thaba Village and they said this year is their last Ramadhan buffet. T_T 

Last weekend I was at the computer table next to the printer. Saif sidled up next to me, open up the printer output tray , take out a sliced bread I remember giving them the the previous weekend and start eating it. And I saw in the printer tray there is another bread. OMG. I can't stop laughing. 

There are currently A LOT of kittens pooping at my yard. The next door kittens. I just tak larat to clean or marah actually.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Rotavirus nightmare

It had been silent for a while because I had been tired.

My husband was out of town for about a month and a few days before he is due back, bile I nk pick up my kids from my sister's house she mentioned that Aziz keeps on puking everything.

Later that night, it was just not him, it was him and his brother. So on Thursday , took an EL and brought them to the hosp. Saif is cheerful even though with the puking and pooping but Aziz is wiped out. Their usual doctors is on leave so brought them to another doctor because I am concerned looking at Aziz who was actually puking at the hospital reception.

Perbezaan tenaga adik dan abang boleh nampak dari segi gaya. 

Doctor believed this might be a rotavirus going around because it seems like there is an epidemic going around at the moment, and have to watch Aziz closely. By the next day he was not any worse but not any better also. So I SMS his doctor and he asked me to bring him to the hospital. Leave Saif at my sister house with an overnight bag because I think Aziz is gonna be warded.

Another day of EL with various people asking when I am going to come back and solved their issue. No sympathy no nothing when I told I am right now admitting my son to the hospital. They just want to know when I am gonna come back and solve their issue. Last straw for me then.

I didn't bring any other stuffs for entertainment except for his dad Iphone which he is bored of in an hour time. Bought this cheap Lego at the hospital mart. He was happy for a couple of hours. Then nangis suh bukak balik iv drip die.

Anyway. He was warded due to rotavirus for a couple of days. Around Saturday evening he was looking very ok and alert so the doctor seems ok to let him go. It was a bit leceh when my husband was not around for a couple of days as they are some missing things, but got my sister to bring it and on Saturday afternoon my husband manage to reach the hospital and give me some respite.

So gi to my sister house kejab to ambik Saif who refused to look at me for about the first 10 minutes because I left him at my sister. Hehe. Comel je merajuk. So played with him for a while and feed him and took him to the hospital for my shift with Aziz pulak. So his father can go back and rest and bawak Saif sekali balik.

So Sunday afternoon la baru dapat discharged. Aziz was well behaved during his stay mostly. A little bit picky, but he always try to listed and ikut what I asked him to do. Masa nak bagi ubat yang tak sedap, I promised him a box of Lego. So he telan 2 syrine of yucky Smecta. By the 3rd syringe, he does not care of any Legos big and small. 

I was dead tired that weekend and not too keen to get back to work knowing all the work piled up. But masuk jugak lah kejer as I am 1 man team basically. Then start on Wednesday tu I was not feeling too well, and Thursday memang all out la cherry berry ( nama comelnye) , got to the doctor on Friday and she agreed that the symptons is consistent with rotavirus so, basically the house is a mess, because of the rotavirus and I am still not 100%. Husband also seems to be down with it but not too bad.

Still trying to puasa though today but I bring a bottle of water just in case if I feel a little faint later on. After all, I timbang myself yesterday, I lost around 4 kg in a couple of days. Gile lah. Imagine the amount of water lost, so yes, I believe this is one of those exception cases where if I really tak larat, it is not advisable to stay puasa.

The house is still a mess, and hopefully, next weekend rolling in , I might make it more live worthy.

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