Thursday, April 13, 2017

Bersiaran dari Gleneagles

This time it is Aziz again who have to be warded due to lymphadenitis.

Gambar on the first day at the ward before Saif kena shipped off to my sis.

He mentioned it to me last Friday he said his tengkuk sakit and the right side of his face I then noticed looks a bit swollen. Bawak to klinik biasa but the doctor have no idea and probably suggested might be mumps.

By Monday it had become more swollen looking and decided a visit to the paeds is necessary. Just to make sure if its really. So it is not mumps though it look like it and the paeds want to be cautious and decided to ward him so a steady course of antibiotics can be given using iv. A bit relief not mumps too because I never had mumps and not looking forward having the risk of it infecting others and pregnant me.

A bit harried gak because husband not around. Have to send Saif to my sister. Poor boy. And hVe to ask someone to come the first and third day to look after Aziz while I have to dash home to take care of stuffa. Today is day 4 at the hosp. But we can be discharged tomorrow so yeay! My poor cats jugak kesian. Asked my sis maid to bagi makan and already send a big basket of laundry to dobi. Maybe I will ask someone to come in next week to clean the house.

Anyway.. it is not so bad this hospital stay. Bored je la. Finish 2 books and reading the third one. Aziz is non stop asking for stuffs to buy at the kedai bawah hospital ni. Though I miss Saif but so far he is doing fine. Aziz also dah besar and he is not stuck to an iv drip so his mood is mostly jovial. Mcm holiday at hotel. Except for the cramped hospital bed and waking up every 3 4 hrs when temp needed to be taken. Lol.

Oklah. Need to wipe my kid down. 

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