Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cheese McShaker Fries

Bought tickets to Resident Evil 3D for tomorrow and seperti biasa, if I singgah at the GSC in Midvalley mesti pegi McDonald. Macam tak cukup McDonald kat area KL ni.

Order the usual mcvalue lunch yada, yada. Then am somewhat surprised to see the Cheese McShaker fries. Aku tak pernah perasan promo pon?

Shake some of it on my fries and I kinda yelped a bit. Argh.... mcm cheetos.

See that orangey powdery stuffs. Pure powdered Cheetos there.

Taste the same and make your fingers go orange. I love Cheetos. It does taste ok together. Tapi it felt so unnatural and wrong... Macam too unhealthy. Haa! Too unhealthy konon. Padahal fries together with melted cheese and chillies (those grounded beefs with red sauce itu) boleh je makan. Though in my defense I ate it once and never attempted to order it again because I fear for my thighs and heart.

What is wrong here?

And when am I gonna start my healthy lunch time food again?

This blog post is not brought by McDonald.

Monday, September 27, 2010

From the office to home

Things I spotted. Or heard. 

1. On the way to the car in the car park at Gardens, I heard a cat mewing. Looked for it everywhere, but can't find it. If found, rumah ni will have an additional cat pulak. Hope it was just someone ringtone, but if someone left a cat in a car park, I'll be pissed. 

2. While switching lane to go to another lane, seekor BMW who was driving on a emergency lane (it was not jam pon, setakat 30-40kmph punyer slow aje) duk sibuk high beam so that he does not have to go through the hassle of slowing down and go fast instead into the lane I am coming into. Menyampah siots. I don't know if he had an emergency ongoing, but somehow I doubt so. So I ignore him. People like that can lick their own asses. 

3. Saw a guy on a motorcycle in a rain with cardboard box wrapped around his body with duct tapes. Awesome. Then saw another guy riding in the rain with a clear umbrella zigzagging on an empty street. It is almost romantic.

Ready, Set, Blog!



Well, I tried. Monday.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


It takes some time to readjust to working non-bulan puasa again. You're not as hungry as during lunch, but you're sure as heck wanting to get a big dinner after work. The mentality to always go home early is still there, while I manage to get out of the office door at 6.45pm, today I am resolute to go back at 6.15pm since I think I had closed down a respectable amount of defects and I have some shopping to do. And I still loathe to go back late. Not unless the bosses goes "The DEADLINE is NEAR. FINISH yer work, yer lazy lass". Tah bile boss aku jadi Scottish pon aku tataw. 

However I sure missed having breakfast, and chowing down on some kueh keria or home made peanut butter sandwich with my cup of coffee or tea and reading blogs, sure is a great start of the day. Bliss is the simple things in life. And one of those things is breakfast. For weekend, I like to munch my heavy breakfast (if I am incline to go out and tapau) or my light breakfast (if I can only muster to pour myself a cereal) or my so-so breakfast (fried sausages, scrambled eggs, the usual) while watching my teen-angst series in the morning. 

Well, that's that. Now I had filled my head with delicious breakfast foods, I am itching to get some food for teas pulak. I am thinking keropok lekor. Used to be when my office was at Maju Junction, senang je nak pergi beli keropok lekor since dekat dengan Jalan TAR. Keropok lekor kat Midvalley? Boleh save bayar duit parking kut untuk puas hati makan.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A cat bag is fine too.

A cat bag actually. My mom recently asked if I wanted to kirim a Prada bag since it is on sale in Qatar and my sis can get it cheap. While I love Prada, the shoes, clothes, bags... All are amazing and lovely. But even at 60% off I've to fork out half my month salary to something like that.
I lagi rela beli beg yg ade motif kucing rege RM20 from Bintulu y'all. My husband offer untuk belanja a big pink plastic Swatch watch that I'd been eyeing tapi rase bersalah pulak. So I hunt up a big pink plastic watch everywhere and found one at Wangsa Walk mall that cost only RM15. Lagipun I can also buy a big yellow watch later guilt free kan.
So the point of this post: adakah aku magnanimous, economical ataupon a cheapo?

p/s: am back at kl!

Sent on the go. Or on bed.

Friday, September 03, 2010

I really had not been updating much aight?

Like I said before, bile puasa ni malas je nak belog. Either I am too busy or too sleepy. Pick your pick. 

Anyway, selamat menyambut Aidilfitri (just in case I stay silent for the whole 2 weeks pulak). 

This year, I am finally going to Sarawak for the raya celebration. It's going to be a whole new experience to a city girl like me. So this weekend am going to be packing my things for balik kampung. So tomorrow I'll be setting up a list how many jeans, pants, undies, baju kurung that can last me for around a week. My husband is half complaining that is too short for a holiday raya? Too short? Ade sekali tu aku tak cuti raya lagi ok. Malam sebelum raya balik, and raya ketiga dah go back to KL dah. 

The kittehs would be sent to pet boarding. The pet boarding near our house is very,very good, but expensive. We need to spend RM400 if we opt for the place. Urgh, pengsan. So we found someone farther away who can board the kittehs for half the price and from what we see and the information given, it seems ok. Also they have pick up service. Awesome. Tengok Kurap and Fasha lepas raya depressed ke tidak.

As for other persiapan raya, beli la je la ape yang patut. Baju I am going to pick it up this weekend. Entah macam mana la rupanye since its the first time hantar baju di situ. But I am not the type to FREAK.OUT. if there is any minor mistake in the dress. Time kahwin lain ok. I or YOU need to FREAK. OUT if they mess up your wedding dress . Or like in my case, my tailor suddenly went AWOL and tutup kedai and uncontactable. Gile stress time tu, if you old readers can remember eh? Nasib baik things turned out fine after that.

As for the makan-makan for raya. Aku sempat baked cookies wooo. Sedap tu sedap. Tapiiii . Yes tapi tu mesti ada bile bab cooking ni. Ade je part tak jadik. The cookies tak brape naik. So jadi la cookies yang leper. Hahaha. Takpe. Asal boleh makan. I don't know yet if I have the energy to go another round of baking this weekend. My husaband the kuih we had is enough already.  In term of Raya dishes, God, I hope my MIL would not expect me to cook for the raya dishes? Nasi goreng boleh lah? Heck, aku rase kalau aku raya sensorang, nasi goreng kampung is awesome enough to be my raya dish. I heart nasi goreng kampung. Close second is nasi goreng ikan masin (if they also put some kailan in it). Hoi, sudah2 cerita pasal nasi goreng pukul 9 pagi time puasa ni boleh?

Hmmm. Ok lah. Nak kena buat kerja. Malas betul. It'd always been like this. Bile dekat cuti je, kerja sume jadi banyak and super important.

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