Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cheese McShaker Fries

Bought tickets to Resident Evil 3D for tomorrow and seperti biasa, if I singgah at the GSC in Midvalley mesti pegi McDonald. Macam tak cukup McDonald kat area KL ni.

Order the usual mcvalue lunch yada, yada. Then am somewhat surprised to see the Cheese McShaker fries. Aku tak pernah perasan promo pon?

Shake some of it on my fries and I kinda yelped a bit. Argh.... mcm cheetos.

See that orangey powdery stuffs. Pure powdered Cheetos there.

Taste the same and make your fingers go orange. I love Cheetos. It does taste ok together. Tapi it felt so unnatural and wrong... Macam too unhealthy. Haa! Too unhealthy konon. Padahal fries together with melted cheese and chillies (those grounded beefs with red sauce itu) boleh je makan. Though in my defense I ate it once and never attempted to order it again because I fear for my thighs and heart.

What is wrong here?

And when am I gonna start my healthy lunch time food again?

This blog post is not brought by McDonald.


FrH said...

yelah, apsal aku tak pernah tengok promo ni pon?!
kene try nih!

"too unhealthy" food ni xpelah for once in a while.. bukan selalu pon .. kan? kan? kan?

so please tell me, what is your normal-healthy-lunch? mak jugak tau. ngeeeeeeee.

ilyani said...

hari tu raya ke-2, family gi open house but malas ikut so I gi beraya kat McD :) dapat mcshaker ni.. liked it sebab something new! and it says cheese. tapik mmg a bit too salty + rasa mcm makan junk food.

Dils said...

Haha.. too unhealthy mmg best skali skala. Tapi trase Cheese McShaker tu macam overkill pulak. Huhu. Mungkin sebab trase mcm snek sangat kut. Suke calit dgn sos aje.

Hahaha. Tu igtkn nak buat post. Bile tah.

Ok jugak rase die. Tapi rase tak tambah lagi kut. Macam makan junk food. Ilang plak nikmat french fries tu.

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