Saturday, December 16, 2006


Well hello. This had been a tiring week. I been meaning to blog since ... Wednesday. But exhaustion and doing other stuffs and of course the idiotic Internet connection called Streamyx is acting up thus preventing me from opening up this. And Beta Blogger does get on my nerves.

The new job is going on OK at the moment, thank you all for asking. I am still in the training phase and don't know much what to expect. Therefore I can't really answer if everything would be fine and dandy. But the new girls and guys that are going to be my colleagues seems to be great. At least there is no guy that is looking over my shoulder ALL the time.

I was driving to work the first day. Gah. Me, driving to Damansara. Me who only driving range familiarity are limited from Ukay Perdana to KLCC. After the first day, I resolved to take the public transport. The parking price around there is bleeding me dry.

Yes. As so continue my adventures in the public transport PUTRA LRT, where people are expected to contort their bodies in unimaginable way in any available space in the sardine can.

Ride on the LRT is never boring. Of course my ride in there needs to have musical accompaniment, thus I can never be without my Sony player or my Sony walkman phone. Nonetheless I got a not so pleasant ride back to Ampang few days back. It started as usual with pushing through people and limited space in the carriage.

Somewhere between Pasar Seni and KLCC, there are this huge Singh middle age guy standing next to me. Fair enough. I was holding on for balance at the (what u call those thing dangling for our lil hand to hold on to) , in front of the seats. Then suddenly he was at my back being uncomfortably close. Since it is the rush hour, it was nothing weird.

Then those icky weirdness feeling comes back when I felt something brush my backside. Okay. Uncomfy. Push icky feeling aside since being up close and personal with a stranger in the LRT during rush hour are not unusual and not frown upon (you can sometimes thank your lucky stars if you are push upon the chest of some manly hunky cute dude too) . Then it happened again. And when it happened again the 3rd time, I look up to see the reflection (dah kat underground dah).

Ok. This guy is way taller and humongously bigger than me. He also have a enormous stomach. Okay. Maybe it is his stomach that kept on bumping my backside (still gross.. but wth) . But then I go like.. hello... I am short ok. In no way can his stomach be that low. Gaahhhhh!@#! Another brushing again and again. This time I had it, I meant I am almost spraining my leg getting out of his way but he still manage to brush against me. I don't care which part of his anatomy is being pressed briefly against me. I had had it. I got to go before I bawl right there. So I mumbled something about "I really got to go,' to the person next to me and pushed my way safely out of the vicinity of the guy.

Telling this to my friend and my friend tanye kenapa tak sound. Well... first of all for the benefit of the doubt. I am really not sure if I should be uncomfortable and if it is meant to be something like sexual harassment thingies since I don't really care to turn around and try to look at the guy. And the LRT was packed which maybe can be his excuse for being that damn close. (and I didn't get away very far since the humans wall are so thick and the Singh guy was throwing me weird?guilty?incomprehensible? look from my new equally oxygen choking but less sexual harassment feeling like standing position) But one thing I know, if you are uncomfortable, just get out of there.

I just had one word. Euw.

p/s: Dah panjang la plak post ni. Until here je la. Getting tired. Wanting rest.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Good Bye and Good Luck

Busy lor. Tapi tak berani la kan nak letak busy lebey2 kat sini. Kang kena ungkit plak... (eh.. tapi diri ini tengah mengungkit jua... takdulikblogakukan and akutulisapeapeakumaw dan bagaimanacarapon)

Ehem.. I am super busy today.. cause so many things to do, feeling so drowsy and have only less than 12 hour to pack my things, learn the violin, and do whatever stuffs I was suppose to do but apparently forgot. Instead I blog. Yes, thats absolutely the thing I do. Submit cheque, but HR is closed to regular employee and receptionist not there. Grrrr.

Need to train the new guy before I go back. Delete all incriminating evidence of not working while working in my work computers. Hahaha. Eik.. let me dash upstairs to see if HR or any working personas are up there.

Nope . Not there. Blergh. Got an email that need to send it to another person. Sigh. Email is the best communication. Imagine the time when there is no email when you are working. The horrors~

Well, I'll be going to Ipoh tonight. Probably while they are gossiping, I'll be snoring at the back. Your's truly didn't get a good night sleep plus also need to wake up at 3am in the freaking morning to go to work. I got another lost soul call ( Salah number ) at midnight.

This had been plaguing me since raya. Apparently, somewhere in Malaysia there is a group of Chinese guys believing me to be Ah Siew (as that is what I heard) .. or whatever they called him/her. This guy kept on calling me more than 10 times per day asking for whoever and speaking in Chinese. No amount of "Wrong Number or Salah Nombor laaa", can convince him that I am not the person he is looking for. It get so horrible that I just put my phone on silent and let him ring and ring and ring.

Until I had enough when he kept on calling me when I was shopping. I meant I am trying to find the best bargain here, , OK. Perusing with my hands fully occupied holding bags and also waiting for my brother to ring. Then to have to convince a nitcompoop that he is calling the wrong number, and I was irritated that this guy use another number to call me since I don't pick up the old number which he used to bug me with and he had the audacity to sound pissy. I snapped. So I actually ranted and shouted into the phone to never call me again in both BM and English, in various different ways and different tone and pitch in the middle of Padini, for him to finally understand that the girl that kept on picking up his call was now royally pissed off.

Then I think either the same idiot call again or some of his friends in the middle of the night..asking for Ah Siew. I groggily said "Wrong Number" and end the call. Tadek tenaga to shout to leave me alone. Siap la if he tried to play play lagi.

Ah well. I had cleaned all cache, cookies, incriminating files and emails. Submitted cheque. Hug or shake hand saying goodbye to almost everybody. Write my goodbye email. Try to clear out my own cases. Leave the company properties at TL desk. Look back one more time at my now old office.

Well, goodbye I guess. Sure had fun here at McAfee. Kinda bummed that I couldn't make it to the Annual Dinner for the company tomorrow night.

And will definitely miss my various characters of officemates dearly. Sure won't miss the customer though.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Red Kebaya

I got the chance to watch the above. Lawa tak the poster? You got to love the poster. Loveliness just ooozes out of the picture. Got interested seeing this movie cause of those beautiful red kebaya. Man. Those are lovely. Wish I could wear those. Or have those. Or have that kinda body. Ehem.. and of course period movie always got me interested. You know.. deep stuff like that.

Hah, kidding. But between love stories movies set now or love stories set in the 1800s. I say give me the then.

Whats the story all about?

Its about Latiff latest photography project. Latiff is a renowned photographer and his current project is on pictures of abandoned houses or buildings. During that journey, he uncovers memories from his long forgotten past. A love story of a Malay woman and a colonial English guy.

Various itty little bit of thoughts on it

After film end, I goes like.. hurmph. Okay. It was quite a beautiful little film. It's not a magnificent film. But it is a quaint lovely little film.

First and foremost I like to commend is on the music score and also cinematography (did I spell that right huh?). I always, always have something to criticize on our local film musical score. I don't understand that for a bangsa that is proud and attuned to its feeling and arts as what our forefathers proved, our musical score in movie always leave me dissastisfied.

The musical score is lovely. A bit haunting. (I love haunting score). It have a thoughtful lovely piano piece in it that is the essence of its score. The joget songs sung in Chempaka club is jolly and is a reminiscence of P Ramlee era. I just wish there were a little more songs or score in it.

I also love the opening credit. The glitters and shimers and flash of camera bulbs reflecting from the Red Kebaya beads. Did I mention how I would love to have one of those? I did. Yes.. I would love to have one of those.

Cinematography . Its not one of those sweeping panaromic view you see in a grand scale movie. But what pictures or scenery it offers is beautiful. I like it especially when it gradually shows what the old house looks before. From a garbage dump to a bright colonial house.

As for the cast, you have to agree this movie have a stellar casts. Most impressive performance have to go to Bob Mercer as John Reynolds. He was great in this movie. Yes, he's not handsome. Yes, he appears weak to these other strong women. But my heart goes out to him. His portrayal of a gentle man bullied by his wife and struck by the exotic beauty of Azizah is as such that me as an audience have such a strong sympathy to him despite him being a weak guy.

Somewhat dissapointed in Vanida Imran though. Was not sure if she was opting to go for the hard to read character or just plain quiet. I was expecting to be drawn to her character and not Bob Mercer. It was hard to figure out what Azizah was feeling most of the time. When Bob Mercer is professing his love, I was almost expecting Azizah to deny that she feels the same way. A bit taken aback that she says she do. (I know. What do you expect la Dila.. this is a love stories meh. )

The other casts are as what they are. Good supporting cast. Delicious on how Samantha Schubert played the evil Davinia. Very wicked. Paula Malai Ali as an European woman putting down the locals or the mixed (offspring of the English and the local), is amusing since she does still look Asian despite her European bone feature.

Now came the criticism part.

When the movie first start, was thinking that it is a bit pretentious. People milling around art/photo portrait laughing, women in long flowing evening dresses holding a cocktail glass. Very New York-ish upper society. But since I am in no upper class society clique either in New York or KL, hey... what do I know eh.

And I wish they were a bit more specific on Latiff line of work interest. We were brought to the scene where his photograph are on exhibition. We don't see the photographs. Then we got these ( very staid proper upright sitting ) reporters asking him that his next projects are very different from his usual theme of picture taking. Huh, much?

The continuity from some scene to scene are a bit jolting too. We were just beginning to be confused on what's going on the last century and then it quickly zooom in the next century.

Am also not sure if I am finding fault between the writing or Vanidah Imran acting in this role. I just don't feel.. the love. I don't see what make Azizah wanted to be with him for love.. and not for security reason. Kinda get the feeling that she is just hoarding free food and shelter from Reynolds willing hands. Yes, she is affected by his kindness. But I couldn't see the other wheels. You know.. the wheels on why do people do the things they do. She just smiles and generously agrees to everything. Man, that's galling. The affection between mother and son are apparent. But the love, the love that make another man to turn away from his wife (OK..granted that is not so hard to do for some men) and a woman who was raised with different values to accept this guy as the love of her life. They don't question that. I am then left questioning if they should do.

All in all, it is a lovely poignant little film reminding us of the past. Could be better. But a whole lot better than the usual fare of Malay movies but I am not rating this as another Malay movie either.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Busy Busy

Sorry guys.

I am too busy at the moment. Or just have no mood. Pick your pick.

Will update laers`.

On a side note, don't it pisses you off if you don't know what the hell going on and people are blaming you for not picking up the pieces.

If you want me to do something, be clear about it. I am not a pyschic to second guess what you need to do next.

Ah well.. happy weekend-ing. Mine is gonna be busy.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bored Now

How many post had I ever started with bored or boring. Countless. Dila... how unoriginal can you be.

Yada. Yada. I am never that creative. So don't really care right. Right.

Totally bored kelmarin while sitting eating alone, I was people watching the entire scene with interest. Not that there is any anything interesting happening. Nope. No couple fighting. No cute kids frolicking around. No cute girls guys to watch. Just a bunch of bored people trying to let off steam after work.

Then I remembered a picture moment collection by some photographer posted on MSN website. . The photographs shown a number of couple...supposedly bored. What the photographer caption is something like... "how the spark had gone out from their eyes... " something like that.

Mostly they show the middle age and elderly couple. Obviously sitting and not acknowledging one another. One of them shows couple who are too distracted with their children to notice their own spouse. As such as the picture depicts.

If then.. lead me to even more thinking. Not profound deep theological thoughts. Would this people actually like it that they are captioned or labeled as such. So you had one bad day and just don't feel like talking instead just sitting with each other. What right does a person to label you as such boring couple. Maybe they in other night when they are not staring through each other, they had activity such as salsa or even.. pole dancing.

Do they even agree to this picture? I mean.. its not like this guy are just gonna publish his photo at the Fotopages or Flickr to show off his prowess in taking pics. He was publishing it on MSNBC where it was featured prominently to other bored people around the planet. Their friends might look into these pictures and think.. "Yes, they do indeed look unhappy.. I mean just the other night the wife kinda smiled faintly when her husband burped at the table.. ".

Does the photographer goes like.. " Hi guys, I had just taken your pictures. So I am thinking that it would turn out really great, the lighting was spectacular. I was gonna feature this in a webpage. No biggies. Just some random MSN page. By the way, just a minor detail.. my pictures gonna be titled something like boring.. couple.. or something like that. "

Okay.. I am totally rambling. In my world news, my niece was admitted to the hospital yesterday because of pneumonia. She's okay. Just moody that she got admitted. Her mom informed her that she is gonna be going to a hotel.. and the hospital lobby is very nice and all so she got really excited. She realized that it is all just a ruse when they ask her to lie down for them to take x-ray. She was traumatic from her last hospital experience when she was admitted in some French hospital when she was in Vietnam. Can't blame a girl for the paranoia. I would be freak if I don't understand what the hell does the doctors and nurses are talking about when hovering around me.

I got the bit of the pneumonia blast. So I am quietly sitting at home tonight with a headache to cure and a sore throat to recover to. My voice had also changed drastically to something scary. So its really boring to talk to people at this moment. Some people might think I was a man who had not yet changed completely.

Well, I'm penning or typing off. Have a great weekend. Or what's left of it.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Birthday ke...

Yes.. I am turning 24 today. Or had been as in 3.19 am today . Gah. Its such a big number. I want to be 21... again. And again.

I am trying to be positive today. Trying is the operative word here. Someone remarked that I gotten a tad bit gloomy lately. (Okay.. okay.. more like very gloomy and Okay... Okay... more than one person remarked I am a gloomy person). So as a birthday treat.. I will try to be cheerful today.

Yes. Even if it means waking up at 3 am in the morning to prepare to go to work at 4 am. Even when speeding up the highway was startled by a horrible accident scene where you can see the driver is pinned down by his car and almost rammed into the scene of the car crash itself. .

So do not want to think of accident. Birthday , remember. My birthday this year should be filled with happy thoughts. Granted not many remember my birthday ( I am not saying this to remind those who don't remember).. just that.. I don't really blame them for not remembering. I am myself are bad at remembering birthday. Have to say am impressed at Nia (my lovely chat sis ) who always always remember my birthday without failed. Even though we had never met. Hey girl.. I am so dying to meet you taw.

Also quite giddily awaiting any offers that they might give to a shopaholic birthday gal. I already got 30% discount from PADINI which I gave generously to my sister. I know this would benefit us all since we are always borrowing each other clothes. I got those freebies from OGAWA, massage beanie thingies. Free ticket from GSC. The usual 50% bonus of reloading my DiGi. Why.... I love my birthday.

My birthday treat to myself. I am buying myself a ticket to watch Phantom of the Opera. Not quite a good seat.. but ok enough. Should be.. I am already abstaining from shopping until my trip to Singapore bulan 4 nanti. I know by April 2007, it wouldn't feel like birthday treat anymore. But whatever. I feel like jumping up and down thinking about watching Phantom of the Opera. I had been hankering to watch that since I was 12. That should be the best birthday gift ever for myself.. yet. And to think us girls (Gon, Shim-Shim, Serias) are planning to go to Singapore together. Wow.. due to my very persistent persuasion they agree. Great time ahead!

Okay. Must refrain self from being too happy too early on the day. You know what they say... well.. I don't know what they say. Something like you will get bad news or be sad later on.

But its my birthday.. its a reason for me myself to feel joyous for whatever reason birthday might give joy for. I don't know. Why do people celebrate the day they turn exactly a year older? Probably as someone said to me in one of the birthday wishes, I had reached a year milestone in life, I guess.

And you know what? 1 other thing I got to feel joyful about ... At least this year birthday I wouldn't have to listen to inane birthday song sang to me with guitar accompaniment, sentimentally wishing me happy birthday sent to me in Bubble Talk (kinda like free voice mail). If somehow I got it again, I will probably puke myself until I'm unconcious. (Yes.. I am an ungrateful girl)

Well, Happy Birthday to me.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Unchangeable but different

I went back to my hometown last weekend for one of my good friend wedding. Since the wedding reception is on Sunday and I need to work on Monday, I only spent a considerable amount of time on Saturday during the majlis akad nikah.

Glad that I went to the majlis akad nikah tho. It was more calmer and not many people popping in and out of the bride room. So we got some time to catch up with each other news. Looking around at my old gang of the school, I smiled inwardly. I can just remember each and every one of them with the old school uniform. In class. Talking. Doing homework. Now one of us are getting married. Its so surreal.

One of my friends even bring up the silly things we did at high school. On how we were fighting who will get married first. Yes.. now we know it would not be determined by your birth month. And the list of boyfriends (and those are such keepers...) and crushes that we had. Haha. And the things I did and say to the teacher that was pissing me off. We were such a jolly group at school. It seems just like yesterday that we were sitting together at the canteen eating nasik lemak or ayam goreng and sambal (Is it just me. . but does canteen food at school are just yummy and far surpassing some other high class restaurant. Man, I would kill to get that ayam goreng sambal now.)

My friend Sarah house is teeming with guests coming in for her marriage ceremony. My other friend Yam finger is now sparkling with her new engagement ring. Others are busily preparing for work related activities. But looking on, Dz still retain her good natured personality. Yam still very sensible, helpful, know exactly what to do attitude and yet still always manja-manjaing with her friends. And Farah still have her biting tongue. I said to them that some of us are exactly the same as when we left them 10 years ago. Manners, clothing, personality.

Yam replied, "Tapi kau pon macam dulu jugak. Tak berubah". I paused and smiled.

Sigh. Well... changed or not, it feel just like old time and I wonder that I no longer can keep up with them since the distance make it quite impossible for us to always keep in touch. Gossip just don't sound the same over sms yeah.

The wedding itself? The majlis akad nikah.. is pretty much as any other. Got roti jala tho. I didn't eat much. Too full eating nasi ambang for lunch. Also the pak kadi or tok imam as he called himself is a bit weird. My friends and I were trying to refrain from laughing out loud at his speeches. All very seemly... but just too chock-full of Pak Lah and politics. We were looking at each other and wondering if the Tok Imam had came to the wrong ceremony instead. The bride? Sarah was always the one with the beautiful clothes. So of course la she looks very pwitty in her wedding dress. No need to ask. After the ceremony the water tap were flowing freely on our part. Except for me and Dz. Both of us were never that emotional on this sorta things. We just raised our eyebrows humorously and 'usik' others whose eyes are red.

And its also the first time I met Sarah husband. He looked so young, but he is a year older than us. With his baju melayu and samping, he look like those boys we saw coming back from sekolah agama. But he seems nice and friendly enough which was a huge *cough* improvement *cough* *cough* than *cough again* 'others'.

Well.. that's one down and several to go. Its just gonna be strange. We were tasting the sound of Pn Sarah on our tongue. It sounded weird. So grown-uppish.

Selamat Pengantin Baru Sarah. We got one house to frequent for next raya.

p/s: Phantom of the Opera are coming to Singapore. Man... I am so pysch to watch that. Kengkawan...sila kompem bebtul ye. Weh... sape nak join tengok skali?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Another trip down memory lane with...

Yes, yes I will update. I know I got increasingly lazy. But its due to my schedule really. Still not very happy, taqi :P I woke up at 4 am now to get to work to 5am. So all days things just seems very blurry and very yawny. I am so not a morning person. But its kinda nice to get back at home early and I got to watch some Buffy action alone. (I am a HUGE Buffy fan, so don't keep on asking if I am still watching it..Because, yes I am still..)

Anyway few days back.. or last week, I suddenly had a dream about one guy. No one special. He used to my classmate when I was in school at Johor. We had been classmates for several years, but both of us rarely talk. He was the strong silent type. So its also one of the reason I rarely talk to him. Not to mention he was sitting at the opposite end of the class.

I got a little crush on him I think at the time. Not the real school girl crush where at few months or weeks time, you kinda pine on him or get excited and jump up and down telling your friends whenever he talk to you. Nah.. not that kinda crush. Its even lesser than the crush I have on my previous colleague. I just kinda wonders about him from time to time. And kinda like it when he talk to me.

Well... so its just about usual that I had forgetten about him when entering university. There's a lot of guys out there, damn it! It came as a surprise several years before, in your typical cold Tronoh night I received a sms from him. Don't expect me to remember the exact content of the sms. But I replied..(of course, duh..) and several weeks later we are in constant contact with each other via the wondrous technology we called the mobile phone.

During that time, he told me that he got a major crush on me when I was in school. My oh my, am I ever so flattered *flutter eyelashes in American Southern belle sorta way*. I even found out from my friends his ex girlfriend at his college uncannily look like me. And they say imitation is the best flattery.. We flirted a bit. Oh of course we do. Remember the itty tiny lil crush But its all very innocent via sms and phone call.

Few months down the line, the phone call lessened and as does the sms. He did asked me out in several time, however the time are inappropriate or not suitable. We keep in contact only a few time since that time.

So last week, with him suddenly popping up in my head. I pick up the phone and type down a few words. Click on Send. Several sms later, with my headphone clammed down my ears, I put down the phone on my desk with a smile.

Now I remember why the phone calls and sms lessened. He is a self-important jerk.

Friday, November 03, 2006

How was your Hari Raya?

That's the basic questions you got the first week you got back from Raya hols.

My Hari Raya was fine but boring. Things are quiet since all my sisters are now married and my youngest bro think it would be fine to raya-ing alone at Sabah (he was mistaken since he kept on whining to call us there is no food. Hah.. Padan Muka. Nak sangat rase Raya sensorang) . So it was only my Mother, me and my other brother. My brother also agreed to work for 1st to 3rd Raya. Things are even more quiet.

First Raya was spent with looking after my grandmother. She is wheelchair bound and there is nobody at the house she is staying. I spent the day lolling in idleness, eating kueh raya while reading a story book. Yeah.. how's that for a jolly raya.

Raya 2nd and onwards was more... bising with the arrival of the usual sdara mara and my sisters and their hubbies.

Food this year is not as abundant as last year. But I manage to put on weight even though that usually don't happen before these for Hari Raya ::scowl:: Bah..

I also manage to finish the Buffy CDs I brought back to JB. Reread again several books that I love. Repolish back skills on the organ. Going to the zoo (weird? No... great ways to get rid of pesky children) . Catch up with old friends (only few) and family gossips. I think the only reason I enjoy family gathering is the family juicy history and gossips. Its even better than drama swasta!

Also got the unpleasant realization all of the people in my family (distant or close) are getting thinner while I am consider the fattest. Am so wanting to join my brother raya-ing at Sabah at that moment. And not to forget, the incredibly boring questions shot down to me by sedara2: "WHEN ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED?". Man. If I would be married, then they would ask.. when would you have a child. If I already have a child, they would ask when the 2nd one would be coming. It is never going to end! I think my sisters smile was a bit tight whenever they answers the above questions (exception of getting married.. that is only for moi only. And my smile is just as tight).

*solemnly swearing to self* will not ask these questions to poor nieces and sdara mara when I will be a matronly kindly stoutish woman.

The aftermath of Raya... I am now officially sick. Gah. Flu and fever.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

No niceties

I am pissed today. I am not feeling well. I am just feeling pissed for no reason. So whatever.

And... Jeeezzz. I don't feel like blogging. I felt like ....

I don't know what to feel anymore. It is no use. Yups yups. Whatever the use of it.. what's the use of feeling.

Hahaha.. How morbid. I will laugh tomorrow. No doubt. But my laugh ... it wouldn't be the same right? Its not the same as my laugh... 2 or 3 years ago? And it is not the same laugh as you would laugh? Whatev. I would laugh. Everyone change. But instead of metamorphising to big beautiful multi colored dainty butterfly. I think of myself... of more of a big fat caterpillar munching on tasteless leaves looking at other butterflies going from flower to flower. Not changing. Not flying.

I see everyone is happy and content. Hurmph. I wish.. I could have that sense of contentment.. or happiness. Just a lil bit. But I do, of course... all I need to do is just watch TV.

Sometimes I wonder.. at the obvious lovey dovey feeling that my friends exhibit. You know.. the eye sparkle, the voice softer.. whenever they saw their loved one or talk to their loved one.

I wonder... how they could do that. How they could have that feeling. That floating elatedness thinking the world is beautiful , loving somebody that you knew without a doubt you want to spend the rest of their life with em . I envy them to the point of almost hating them. But trying so hard to be a relatively nice and good friend, I push that venomous thought aside and just not think about it. And continue to watch TV.

The thing is.. I see... things are not well. At all.

On a lighter note or compeletely sane and everyday topic, I would be going back to JB tomorrow. So Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Happy Stuffing yourselves with good many lemak-y , oily food and kueh / kek raya goodies and Happy Journeying back to kampung.

Anyway, I had not yet pack for balik kampung. Grrrrrr.. And I have to go back by bus via Pudu. I don't mind going via bus. I enjoy it in fact. The fact of sitting and not having to talk to anyone for 5 ++ hours thrill me to no end. But Pudu.. gaaahhhh.. I hate Pudu. The smoke. The freaky looking people. The dark and gloomy place.

And I need to stuff my baju kurung into my bag. My beautiful, crease free baju kurung....stuff into my bag. *GASP*. How cruel. Since all my sisters are married now, no one is going back to JB on first raya. So I need to bring all my chosen worldly possesion for raya-ing. I also am wavering on what DVD I should bring back. I can't bring them all... I got nothing to do on Raya and waiting for Raya. Might as well finish the many DVDs of series and Jdos bought but never watched.

Well.. no cards from me this year people. I am too lazy. Whatev.

Maaf Zahir Batin.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006



Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More Series

Hello. The haze is decidedly better than yesterday. And the road are less congested today since Selangor cuti. So it had been a pretty nice morning.

I was anticipating a few new series and of course some ol series back for the fall. I had started before on Greys Anatomy and Shark. God, I sound dull. Anyway....


This show is not very popular I think. But I quite like it. It is about a family on a run because their father is framed for murder and wanted by the police. The father wanting to prove his innocence, changed the whole family identity asking his children to chant their new identities while they make a run across the States to hide and also start a new but fake life. Doing this, he hoping that he could prove his innocence in time before they are found out.

It is basically a family drama and have it little plot and twist. Also with the kids starting in school it gave the drama its light hearted moment. Kinda like Everwood meet Prison Break: Manhunt.


Most of the guys I know like this series. The slight icky goriness factor , the multiple storylines, the questions arises after each episode end should appeal to some.

The stories is about few individuals, (strangely mostly at U.S) who recently discovered they have superpower. The power ranges from reading mind, flying and being indestructible. Kinda like these people had evolved into the next level, therefore they would have special abilities. A story on how the cope, adapt, accept and what they need to do with their power.

Each person have their own stories. And only two or three characters had now been communicating with each other. It would be interesting to see on how they would come together and what they need to do to prevent apocalypse or a bomb going off in New York.. (that is so apparent), and who is the perpetrator.

I have high hope on this series and was a bit letdown since this show is all gritty and I can hardly remember anyone with a sense of humour in this drama. But it is certainly very interesting. (And maybe I will wait to see if any one of them will develop a sense of humour).

Ugly Betty

This show is a surprising hit. Even for me. Sure I know its going to be corny as hell and as unbelievable as I will be a supermodel. But it is rather good and funny and heartwarming.

Betty work in this great Vogue-like magazine publishing company as the assistant to the editor in chief. She got her job, because of her look and of course the boss boss; which is also the boss father,at the company hired her since her boss is an ultimate player/womanizer. So Betty a plain (very plain) girl, with bad hair and dress disastrously, have to go through the very vicious office politics that is teeming with girls looking like models while helping her also newly position boss to make their magz "Mode" a success.

America Ferrera is a tremendous actress to make Betty as sympathetic, wonderful, sweet yet aggressive at times. And Daniel (Eric Mabius)is hawt! Yups yups. He is obviously hawt. The cast in the series give stellar performance. I can just imagine Vanessa Williams acting with glee on her villain role. They gave such over the top acting, that sometimes I am clutching my side cause of laughing.

And also the thing, I found myself kept watching out for.. is whenever Salma Hayek appears in the telenovela that Betty family always kept on watching. That is hilarious. I want more of that.... If Salma Hayek somehow are googling this. Continue the thing with the telenovela with you starring in it!! That itself push the show points in leaps. This should be the new drama-comedy.

Okay. I think.. is this the new series I found myself watching? Hmmm.. not much. But Ok enough. I don't have enough time to watch some of them anyway.

I continue briefly with 2 of MY most anticipated show season premiere of..

Veronica Mars

It come out as any other Veronica Mars episode. Great episode. I am kinda weirded out with the whole black eye shadow in sunny days thingies. But hey.. whatever suit you.

The first episode introduce us to some new cast. But let's not get ahead. In this episode, I am glad they threw away the concept of flashback such as episode 1 season 2. Those are kinda confusing.

Veronica Mars started out in college, all in lovey dovey embrace of Logan and with her Scooby gang in tow (Mac and Wallace). Just after the words "not pissed off anyone" are uttered, she manage to pissed off her T.A and got herself a brand new mystery. Wallace new roomie, Piz (Chris Lowell) had all his worldly possession stolen. Piz reluctantly at first (but reluctance disappear as soon as he sees Veronica), gave the case to Veronica. Her sleuthing skills yet again proving to the viewer had not gone amiss in college. First episode also launches the first big mystery where we saw last Mac roomie Parker(Julie Gonzalo), the boy crazy big time tease, are screaming and crying at the mirror finding herself bald. No.. she is not freaking out because she had become bald. (Though I would understand any girl would scream if that does happen too). She is now one of the victim of the on-going rape case in the college campus (as those who had seen Season 2).

Nothing much to comment. Everything in place. Stellar cast, witty , snarky comments, great characters. Got to say the newcomers rawks! I like Piz (Yes.. he is hawt). He reminded me of a puppy dog eager to please whenever he see Veronica. Logan will have a serious contender! Parker is cute, bubbly sweet, sunny beaming like girl. But I am sure as the show progress the cute bubbly sweet thang Parker would be replace with a darker personality seeing the first episode. Hope they would not change her persona that much. She brings different ....zing to the series.

Gilmore Girls

Ah.. Gilmore Girls.

Even more less to say.. With the exit of Amy Sherman Palladino, people are anxious to see if the show would still have its ...charisma.

We are back seeing Lorelai feeling immensely guilty and yet so wanting for it to be over after she slept with Christopher. (I am the minority who like Lorelai with Christopher. No. I don't like Luke.. and Yes. I know the show is bound to bind Lorelai and Luke together since this combination are so popular with everybody). Rory finds herself mulling over a gift Logan left. So basically in true Gilmore Girl style episode, its all about mulling and few side dramas provided by the resident of Star Hollow.

What? It sounds boring? Yeah.. it does eh a bit. And I have to agree that the dialogue, is somewhat, limpid. Yeps. Limpid is the word. Not totally weak. But it sounds... slow. This are what make the shows so endearing to their viewers. The dialogue that ricochets off the wall that you can hardly kept up. But this episode.. is like.. Humrph.

I am not ready to yet set Dan Rosenthal as being a complete moron at his job and not meeting up the standard as Amy Sherman Palladino did. I would still continue to watch with my fingers cross, hoping it would better and faster. It can be that it just an episode.. where they just mulls.

Owh. My fingers hurt. I haven't type so much in my blog for so long.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Apple and Apple and Rotten Apple

You know what pisses me off.

" Why does brand X product is much more cheaper than your product?"
How would I know. I am not the people "up there" who tentukan the price. If I do, I will not be sitting here answering your question.

" Between brand X and brand Y, which is better and what should I purchase?"
Why oh why are you asking me in the first place? I am working for brand Y company. OF COURSE I will say you need to purchase our product and our product can bring you thousand of pleasure.

" I lost my CD, how can I reinstall my product?"
Well.... the answer is in the question I am about to ask you.. if you bought a vacuum cleaner. And you lost it. Do you come back to the manufacturer demanded they do something about it?

" Your company had acted dishonestly. I was promised a discount!! I had purchased the product and manipulated into believing it will cost cheaper.. I want my discount now!!"
Buying discounted product anywhere lesson 101: For any purchase, online, money order, if in the page you are looking at the price have * or "note" next to it, and they are offering a discount, always look into any extra details or the Term and Condition and the expiry date. We hate to point out your stupidity.

" No. I want one <insert preferred nationality> help me ar. Do not wan <insert detested nationality>. That people are idiots and they spik vely bad English!! I don unddistan what the hell they tawk about one. Why can't I spik to <insert preferred nationality>? I wan help now!! or I spik to ur boss."
No. If we could we had help you despite your very bad English and deafening shout. Thus, we need to bring you to the correct place to get help. But we are so glad anyway that we can't help you.

No. That is not the response I would give. Even though those are the one that goes through my mind whenever I am face with this.

I feel tired.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The entry without my spec

I am now typing this without my spectacles. Well.. nooo.I haven't start wearing contact lense again. I lost my spectacles when I was sleeping. I fell asleep yesterday. SHeer exhaustion from overeating. Hahaha. Ehem. Anyway. So if I fell asleep without any of the necessary preparation of going to sleep... you know, eye cream, brush hair, glass of milo and a book on my lap. That means.. I fell asleep while still wearing the spectacles.

I woke up. It isn't there. I think my sis or mom maybe had taken em off. Ad put them somewhere where I can't see or find.

It make me think that this is the time I long for a contact lense. Iused to wear one. No fear. I am not such a geek. It was during my industrial internship. So I can afford to get one. But when I got back to UTP again, it get kinda tiring (having to continuously take it off and on since my sleep hour was erratic) and expensive.

Now, with a steady job (I hope), the thought had flit my mind once in a while. But I also have a condition called astigmatism which is a pain if wearing contact lense. The light at night will become so blurred and glaring that I doubt I can drive that much. But if I want to, I'm sure I can work something out.

Its boring nonetheless if I eery decide to wear contact lense.. Some people prefer me with my specs. I guess they are familiar with the ol look that endears me to them. Is it? Hahaha.. well, I don't know. Some people are pestering e to get contact, saying you will look so much better. without the spec. Some opinion you can laught it off. Some are just... at times.. you are left wondering if they are right.

I prefer wearing specs actually. Easy,/ No need to put a sheet of plastic thingies on my eyeball and peel it off everyday. Not to mention , such a pain if I want to take a catnap.

At times like this, though. I wish I have a contact lense. Maybe I will opt for a lasik surgery. So if I ever go snorkeling again, I won't have to see the coral under the sea looking like some blurred glob of white.

p/s: I apologize forany typo mistake. As you know.. this is the entry I so unimaginatively called..

Monday, September 25, 2006

Memories and Series

On Friday I greatly anticipate the new season of Greys Anatomy. Not dissapointed. Shonda Rimes is a great writer. And she put what we feel into words and expression exactly. Meredith can be quite tiring, especially whenever she got close with McDreamy. But got to love the interaction she have with the other cast, Izzie, George, Cristina.

And I love the last scene. When Izzie is being helped out of her prom dress by Meredith. (I thought the writers is about to let her wear that prom dress for several days). It translate to some what I sometimes felt. I have a thing on letting go or reminiscing. Yeah.. well (you know me).

Especially......OK. Say that.. if I had been to a really great date. When I got back home, I hate to get myself out of that clothes. Even if my clothes reek of cigarette smoke, I would love that smell. It gave me the heady sense of still being in that date. After the clothes was wash and I would fold it or hang it, I would smell the fresh laundry smell, a smile would hover. I would hesitate to wear it at times, not wanting any bad memory to tarnish it. So whenever I will put that clothes on again, the same shoes, the same handbag , it will usually bring out the best in me. I will laugh a bit more. I would be a little bit more dreamy. Little playful retort would bubbled out of me easily.

But, the same thing can be said when I am sad. When I got through a bad breakup or whatever. That same clothes would bring the opposite effect. I would bring it out with a resolve to wear it, but never could. Every time I lie my eyes on that clothes, it would bring me a bout of memories attack. When I hold it to store it back again, since I can't bear to wear it, twinge of sadness twisted my heart a bit. It brings little pain now.

Well, let's not get melancholy do we.

First time berbuka puasa di bulan Ramadhan in the office. Bit in a bad mood at first since there was free lunch at the office......, but as the day progressed, it is just like any other day. Eat a bit at office, then makan di rumah.

I also manage to download and watch the first episode of Shark. Its about this great D.A (Defense Attorney) who goes into the prosecuting side to win trials (the prosecuting side keeps on losing) and also train some of the junior attorney down there. A bit like House, but lawyers instead of doctors. One of the few series , I would like to try out and see on how well do I like it. Well.... its not great. But not too shabby either. Its quite enjoyable. Let's see on how well it turn out. And it got Sarah Carter. I kinda like her after seeing her in DOA. Not her acting chops (those are just tolerable) .. just that she's cute.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Well well. I wanna join in the bandwagon and blog Ramadhan too. Yeay.

Well.. everybody know what is drawing near. You know what time it is... Yes! Food galore. Food that usually only come up once a year appear. Yes! The time of year that all people think we can diet or lose weight in the fasting month... but how completely wrong we are since our berbuka puasa food is just too full of goodiess goodness thingies. The time of month where traffic jam is at the most worst after work hour.

Yes , yes , I am not completely sidetracked here. It is the time where all us sinners should take the opportunity to grovel and beg for Allah forgiveness for us wrongdoing and transgressions. It is the time where we need to shed our bad habit.. and try to keep it that way too. It is the time to multiply our good deeds and ibadah to Him.

Therefore being a person who is so flawed that she herself are sometimes ashamed of self, I want to seek forgiveness to those around me.

First of all to my family who have to attend to my freeloading ways at time and also still keep the meal on the table until 10 pm every day so I could have home cooked meal . I like to say please forgive me for all my thoughtlessness and also my careless way on handling thing. ( Even though my family don't read this blog... and I hope they never will. *shivers* .. ah well)

To all my friends, to also on my don't care attitude at times and sometimes biting remarks. And the forgetful of birthday thingies too.. I know I know.. I am a bad friend. But hey.. I am never good at numbers. Can't seem to keep them in my head.

To all my Corporate colleagues, for sometimes being lazy.. ah yess... ok ok.. a tad bit lazy many time.. but you know you still like to keep me around since I am such a walking dictionary and I laughed at those silly silly emails.

To all my other colleagues, ah well... sorry for the you know.. the don't care attitude (you see a pattern is emerging here) and the delay in sending out some emails.

To others, who I might had hurt their feeling or somewhat intentionally or non- intentionally. And to whoever might understand, that I never thought it would be like this or was like that. (Wait.. even I don't understand that. Well... think as you like.. I gotten tired of 'splaining myself).

To all my blog readers, sorry for having to put up with this *show hands around, nose crinkling in disgust*.

Now.. did I missed out anybody?

Monday, September 18, 2006

The diary note of dils

I was thinking.... that I don't really live my life quite healthily. I love good food. What I meant by good is.. those oily, extra fat, red meat, rich in cream and goodness food. So okay.. I need to exercise.... a bit.

Last weekend....

8.30 a.m: Gaaahh.. alarm clock. Head feel heavy. Cold. Rain had just stop. Want to sleep..and be fat until will grow disgusting to all creatures and men.

8.38 a.m: Peel self from blankie and other blankie. Rinse head in water for cold water shock treatment and brush teeth.

8.45 a.m: Went to room at top a.k.a storage room in search of decent shoes. Obviously cannot gad about exercising in sandals or high heels. Very unseemly.

8.55 a.m: Baaaahhh.. could not find shoes.. rummaging through piles brought from UTP that had not been opened 2 years ago. Could not find shoes. Found high heels. Found sandals. Ooohhhh.. I forgot I still have these sandals. But no shoes resembling shoes that are fit for cycling or running.

8.57 a.m: Found a neat red sneakers that wouldn't look out of place. Bounded downstairs.

8.59 a.m: Push bicycle out of house.

9.00 a.m: Forgot most important tool of exercising. My Sony Beanie MP3 player.

9.03 a.m: Hurmph. Battery is flat. Too lazy to recharge even though the manual state " Easy and fast rechargeable !!! Charge for 3 minutes to get up to 2 hours of listening.." . Grabbed Sony Walkman handphone instead .

9.05 a.m: Have a quick drink of water. Fluid very important, as those articles that were always being shoved to our face say.

9.08 a.m: Wheee~~~~ Ready to go.. Cool wind on my face.. cool crisp after-rain morning smell. Love morning smell.

9.10 a.m: Pedal, pedal uphill... to go up to the other side of taman. Greenery around. Love morning. Should had woke up earlier.

9.13 a.m: Opps. Song stop. Stop bicycle. Fiddle with handphone and earphone. Suddenly eyes are caught upon 2 stray chocolate color mangy dogs lying beside the road 20 m ahead.

The first dog suddenly stood up. Ears perked up. The dog tilt its head to its friend. The other more mangier and skeletal-like dog also bounded up.

Arrrgghhh.. stray dogs are trotting, almost running to meself. Push bicycle to opposite direction.

9.14 a.m: Whizzed through road in fear of rabid dogs.

9.16 a.m: Stood in front of scary 90 degrees hill , the road to go to the other side of taman. Either this or rabid dogs. Contemplate to go home and slept again. Push lazy thought aside as do not want to scorn self.

9.18 a.m: Have to push myself and bicycle up the hill. Pant. Pant. Could not cycle self uphill 90 degrees hill. Pant pant. Cursed stupid rabid dogs. Obviously the dogs are too lazy to come up to this road and chose the more scenic and more horizontal-like road for their haunt. Pant. Pant. Cursed lazy mangy rabid stray dogs again.

9.23 a.m: Hahaha. Am top of road. Am the King of the Hill. Or Queen. Whatever. Very tired but get on bicycle and cycle

9.35 a.m: Cycle and cycle around the houses. Got bored. Miss greenery thingies..

9.38 a.m: Went out to scary road leading to highway. Many cars. Cycle carefully with scary cars going past beside...while eyes glanced fearfully to very big drain beside road.

9.43 a.m: Back to greenery thingies again.. yeay.. with little squirrels scampering around.

9.51 a.m: Pant. Pant. Very tired now. Argh. Legs must keep on moving to avoid toppling over. Pant. Pant.

9.55 a.m: Feel like puking due to tiredness. Pant. Pedal. Pant. Pedal. Slightly green in face. Encountering a truck bearing large picture of ayam percik. Ayam percik does not look at all nice when feeling very nauseous.

9.59 a.m: Cycle . Pant pant. Pedal pedal. Pant pant.

10.03 a.m: Ahh.. home sweet home. Water....need water.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Losing it

Today I read about the killing spree at a college in Montreal. It bring back to mind again the events of another killing spree in a school in America almost 6 years back. And another one. And another.

The killer in Montreal cite his reason as problems with the women. Hence killing all he could find. The killer at the Columbine High School were believed was being bullied to no end and could not stand the peer pressure. Ted Bundy. The charming serial killer who chose his victim since they looks like his ex girlfriend who dumped him.

So? Why did 'cha do it? What reason indeed you can lamely tell somebody on why you choose to take the life of an innocent person.

Is it the one act of traumatic terror and events that can change you to take a gun and wildly shoots anyone around you? Or a quiet, persistent push and shove and constant pain, with silent sneer looking at you whenever you try to fought back that you just gave up and decide to let somebody else just feel that pain?

Some might argue this killing spree is becoming common in the Western world. I agree. But ... it is entirely possible you might see the same case to happen in our own country. Little mercy that can be counted upon is that at least at our country , guns are not sell in your own backyard or next to your friendly grocery store.

But hey.. let's not all clap hand and congrats ourselves. I hate the gang beating which is rampant in our local schools be it at the big town or the rural place too. So many of them can be seen so easily accessible via YouTube. Imagine the one you have not caught on tape. But that is another stories, another time.

If a father raping their own daughter. I would most certainly understand why you might want to plunge the knife into him. Again and again and again. Someone who hurt you. Understandable you want to kick and slap the person who hurt you back. You might even want to hurt yourself.

But those who are not related at all to your pain. Killing somebody daughter, son, wife and husband. Giving more sorrow that what your pathetic excuse of a sorrow. Madness perhaps?

Let see... if I wanted to kill. I would take my pick on the usual 4 : Greed, Love, Revenge, Fear... Probably not greed. No use killing a person over money and not enjoying the rewards. Revenge... probably .... yes. But Revenge is best serve cold and always. You don't quite satisfy your taste of S&M when they died immediately. is probably the same as revenge, you want them to suffer as much as you did. Not pain of death. Pain of living probably. Everyday feeling that pain they caused you. Everyday you feel that pain, you want that person to feel that too.

Thus, only leave fear. Fear is my valid reason if I wanted to kill somebody else. If I ever kill anybody, it would be out of fear. Fear of my own. Fear of somebody else.

What would push you over the edge?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Picking up the pieces

Some people knew I was in love. Some people guessed who is the lucky or unlucky guy. I knew of 2 of you out there who is still keeping the list on the possible guys on who I had set my eyes upon and are still guessing who is this guy are.

I hate talking about this now. As you might had noticed, I had grown cynical and somehow disillusioned about love. And I don't believe in love anymore. At least from my part, my life. I believe it happens to everyone else. I believe people could love me. I believe people could love each other. I don't believe the person that I love would love me back. I find it increasingly hard to believe I could love again. Maybe a different kind of love. Not that kind of love again.

It is sad. I first open this particular post wanting to say I wanted to move on. Just when I am about to type on how I wanted to move on, I got to know.. well something.... And I know I that I was wrong. I had not move on. I particularly hate myself now. I don't hate him, no, no, not at all. He had cleared himself of all blame. You know, put the "The management are not responsible for the loss of ....." before you park your car kinda notice. It is rather a good idea. I have to admit.

But whatever right? I am still young. I am sure this will pass. This got to pass. Or I would go mad trying to keep myself from feeling like an idiot. Your worst enemy is yourself. My low self esteem for this, I could only blame myself.

I just wish I could blame someone. Or something. Maybe ... herm.. but SssSShhhh~ some dreams are just too fragile and too beautiful to say out loud. If I disturbed it, it would then break apart in many pieces.

Important Note: I am not feeling particularly well the past days. So please do not blame/marah/felt dissapointed with me on this post since I am heavily under the influence of medicine and irritating bad health to post this without screaming how embarassed I am.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tidbits and Thoughts on Bridget

Today is such a sleepy day. I finished reading the Bridget Jones articles. Ended with her birthing a beautific baby boy while I am screaming (in my head of course), "I want more, I want more."

Its rather puzzling. I was reading all the columns from 1995 to 1997 .It ended abruptly in 1997 when Bridget was caught snoggin a 14 year old boy. Shocking, but quite accidental. Then it started suddenly in 2006 again with Bridget having a prenatal scan with Daniel. She obviously are pregnant with Daniel child. WHeeeEE! I am pleased. But the non-explanation on how she get pregnant and all is very confusing which makes me yearn for the book to come out faster. However the book and the column , not to mention film are very very different. The column, beforehand does have Mark asking Bridget to marry him and then chucking her. The film just ended up on the note of Bridget getting asked, but I couldn't for the life of me remembered the ending. The book, The Edge of Reason just ended with Bridget going to move to Thailand with Mark Darcy? V. confusing. Do not know which to believe since all are created by same author.

Now comparing Mark Darcy and Daniel, we all know Mark Darcy is all superiors in term of (can't say look because this is fictional characters therefore personal taste in looks could not be determined) wealth, manners, caring-ness, opinion and his personal qualities. While Daniel is shown as a sexist pig who can't commit and very shallow. (Somehow if both of these guys are real, I still got a sneaking suspicion that Daniel will be handsomer). But you know, I always kinda wish Bridget does end up together with Daniel. Don't know why. Probly both of them are such fun character to be thrown together, while if Bridget with Mark Darcy, Mark will just ended up looking very smug and bored.

Also got to admit, guys like Mark Darcy don't exist. While the worlds are overridden with guys like Daniel whom girls love to fall in love with , but these type of guys just continue to be commitment phobic bastards thus causing girls either to go mad or marry a pompous lesser in quality, look (much less in look), wealth, caring-ness Mark Darcy-like personas.

Also on another note, don't understand people(women) who detest Bridget Jones. Of course any sane person know that they must not act all whimsy-like and very blur like Bridget or you will get sacked and shunned by families, friends, acquantainces and communities at large. However, which women don't admittedly have these little shortcomings that are so garishly described in the book. Who don't postpone little resolutions to take diets, eat healty food, etc, etc till tomorrow or next year? How many of us in the world does indeed have the best jobs in the world, and do not have the pleasure of the predicament of those who are not that lucky and in the morning lies shivering in bed in fear of deadline/meeting/performance review? How many women who are a little bit overweight or reaching that quota,do not fervently looking into their weight scales and furiously thinking where does that extra pound (or kg) magically appears overnight when did not eat anything at all at dinner?

Chick Lit like Bridget, makes our little hang up seems much more amusing and a bit more endearing knowing that heroines do not necessarily have to look like supermodels.Those who do not agree, as what Bridget Jones might say, Baaahhh.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Project Happy Malaysia

I felt like crying hysterically today. But still I wish to blog today on Project Happy Malaysia since I do think its a great idea. But was thinking.. what kinda stories I can contribute, with my obviously crappy mood today..

What kinda stories I could write with my increasingly cynical outlook on life... on how great Malaysia or Malaysians are. Trying to figure out this piece of puzzle are not helping when you had just got out from a rainstorm; walking and clutching a tiny umbrella, mind you and the piece of arse standing in front of me, refuse to yield his position of a path not drowned by puddles of water. Him a man. Me a girl. So of course, I have to give this piece of arse way, and step into the puddle so he could walk and not dirty his shiny black shoes. I cursed you , man. May some kind of dirt or bird shit are stuck at his shoes and burnt a hole right into his stocking.

Right. I got that out of my chest. Now. What ? Project Happy Malaysia. Oh God. I felt like bawling out now. *blink* *blink*. It's a hard day already, not that anyone care. Right. Oh sod it, Dila. Cheers up.

I may not have a good happy story since I don't feel emotionally stable for that yet. I will give a really short story why I think we are not half bad as anyone else in the world.

Story 1

- My family was involved in a car accident. I was the only one not in the car, since I prefer to watch cartoon rather than go somewhere. My sister lose control of the car and then the car spunning out of control, crash into the nearby ditch, upside down. A guy in a motorcycle saw what's happening and quickly stop. Making sure everyone is not horribly hurt. He stopped passing motorists to help them. They quickly brought my family to the hospital. The guy helped on what to be done to the car and also help on to register my family. My mother did not manage to get in contact with the guy again. But thanks to him, for fast thinking in bringing my family for medical help.

My Comment: No. We Malaysians are not just capable of gaping and staring at number plates and the grotesque burnt flesh when an accident happened. We do care. We help.

Story 2

- I need to get back home at the time I was studying at UTP, Tronoh. Without car, we need to wait for the Perak Roadways bus which is always slow. A kindly couple in their 50s, pulled over and offered their van for a ride to the bus station. Living in the now, it is highly dangerous, however me and a couple of girls agreed. Nothing in particular happened. We manage to get to the bus station quickly and not miss our bus.

My Comment: Highly naive of us to take that offer. However, to think that nothing untoward happen. And somebody actually care enough to give a ride to a few girls and again nothing bad happened. I consider that.. as a plus sign indeed.

Story 3

- Nothing of a helpful Malaysian this time. I was a young student at a school in Australia. When the Principal of the school learnt I was from Malaysia, he became so excited. I remembered he told me how lovely Malaysia is, and he loved being there, and are saving up to go there again. One day at school, he came into my class bringing with him a big (really big, horizontal portrait size big) picture of.... the local fruits of Malaysia. I almost gape at him. I meant as young as I am, I know the quality of art. Heh. This is no art. This is just a simple picture of our local fruits against a dark background. And he said that he hung it at his dining room. He even forced me to write an essay on our local fruits. ( I was not at that particular time feeling very warm to his gesture on this added homework) .

My Comment: I was highly amused at my principal excitedness. And it does warmed the heart when I think about it later. We , locals, Malaysians, so love abusing our own country and countrymen, while another person, a foreigner is praising it to the sky.

So tomorrow being an independent day, I do agreed with Vincent gesture. Once in a while, let's feeds our readers and put our blog on a positive note of Malaysia and Malaysians. So there... with the exception of that man in the rain ( which I still seethe about while am still very damp when writing this), am now feeling almost lovable of all creatures.

Happy Independence Day Malaysia.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Abominable Snowman

I remembered when I was living in Australia. Sometimes us family love to poke our head in , rummaging through the goodies of the flea market. From that day, til today..went I went to a flea market or car boot or bazaar whatever you may call it. I always look for second hand books stall.

Okay, I think I left the point I'm gonna say here. During one of the trip to the flea market in Canberra, my father bought me an almost set of books. Game book as what I call it. I couldn't for the life of me, put my hand on what it is called. The book titled something like "Plane Crash", "Lost in whateverplaceitis". What different about these books from others are that... I can choose whatever ending I want! Its kinda like you are the character, and you get to make that choice. One of the example is kinda like.. You are lost and your car broke down. Ahead you see a big mansion and you knock to use the phone. Then someone open the door. Inside, you were offered a hot drink... Then at the end of the page, it gave you the alternative 1) Would you choose to drink that hot drink ..which are steaming from a chalice. OR 2) You choose to go to the other room to call immediately for help for your car. Answer? Options 1) Find you unconcious and you woke up in a dungeon with chains at your foot . Interesting aight.. My guys friend at school years back love it so much that they never return me back some of that books series.

So what I am going to say...the DVD is something like this! (Only less scary and my character haven't died yet playing this DVD). I got an opportunity to get this DVD. So I got the package specially sent to me, which I shamelessly didn't manage to watch since I got a tad bit busy for a few weeks after getting the DVD for the Choose Your Own Adventure series: The Abominable Snowman.

With nothing to do on Saturday, manage to finally got the time to pop in the DVD. The cartoon animation is nothing to shout about, but hey. I had been fed too much of the good stuff from new movies from Pixar and Disney. These are simple characters which I found nice with the smooth animation that today technology can create. Kinda bring me back memory of cartoons I used to love seeing when I am a mite little girl. (man, I missed Gummy Bears). All about the above? Oh yeah....

Basically its about 3 siblings who with not much persuasion from their uncle, agreed to trek about the Himalayan mountain in search of Yeti a.k.a The Abominable Snowman. The siblings are Crista (the eldest); who is an animal lover and have plenty of spunk, Benjamin; the nerd of the family with cool gadgets who is a bit paranoid, and Marco... who I can't seem to find any specialty yet..but he did get to say lots of cute comments. When they reach Nepal, they found out that their Uncle Rudy had gone! So off they goes in their little adventure in search of their uncle.

Now.. what I think about it. I found myself enjoying it! Though I have to say, got reservations about the story earlier. I even think it was very short and should be longer! Another plus point are: the dialogue are not lame!! Thank goodness for that, since I hate lame dialogue in any type of production. They are witty enough for a person with enough intelligennce to enjoy and chuckle along.

The choose own adventure part? The intructions are simple enough. It will give you which options you need to choose when the time for the alternatives come, and just hit on the right and left button of the remote control and then the scenario will play out. So any toddler with a basic knowledge of a DVD remote can do this easily. If you fall yourself on a dead end, it will bring up a screen on your past options. So you can rechoose again. Mighty goody than playing it all out from the beginning again.

The story are cute but I do wish the plot could be more intricate. My ending was.. well.. I never like to give the ending. This is a DVD for choosing your own adventure! The ending spoiler would spoilt it! But it was a great experience again. Make me miss my game book. Heyy.. I always like feeling childish again. My 2 year old niece do pointed at the screen excitedly too. (However since she always get randomly excited so I will ignore her point of view) . Recommended for children age 5 and above and adults who don't wanna grow up.

However, I did get a bit confused on the siblings history when they kept mentioning about their parent. It seems like there is some shady (okay, more like sad) history or something. But they didn't explained more. However from what I understand, it is actually more of a series of DVD, so probably there's a whole lot more out there... or coming soon. Well, I don't know. But no worries, it do not affect any of the plot(s).

After finishing it, I did notice that my ending does not include finding Uncle Rudy. Maybe I will play it all out again. Also exploring it a bit more, I found myself playing the little documentary they included in the DVD about Nepal. Hehehe. Me love documentary. So I love it! Tis a great idea. But the DVD also come up with a little journal 'splaining a little on Nepal for those who don't wish to seek much enlightenment on Nepal.

So? I kinda like it. Probably more people should come up making this kinda stories. Imagine what they we could do if I Know What You Did Last Summer first come up. Options 1) Jennifer Love Hewitt scream bloody murder and just stand there while the crazy person with the hook came after her OR 2) Jennifer Love Hewitt get *sign showing off with her head*, cause we just want the screaming to stop already.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Great Sale that was not that Great

Few days back, I walked around KLCC in search for... well nothing. Just a good bargain thingies I guess.

It is always very boring to scrounge for bargain in the 70% and 50% pile. Only once in a while you find a gem. That is a rare moment. Usually, those pile are hideous which I will never wore even if they gave it for free. I went into Esprit, Isetan, MNG (which have no more sale), FCUK, British India... boring, boring, boring. Either the hideous pile, or no offer. Well, I also out of things to buy. Got few clothes still have not worn yet in my closet. Shoes? I always prefer my ratty sandals anyway. OOoOohh.. and the new shoe I bought in Berjaya Times Square needs to taken to a cobbler. Why they always make girls sandal so slippery? They think we like to skate ourselves through the floor ar?

I was beside myself. I meant I am at a shopping mall. I must, must buy something. So I went to Kinokuniya. Nothing there too but I always prefer to buy secondhand book , being such a cheapskate.

In exasperation I brought myself into Mark and Spencer. Was hankering after a those soup that were sold somewhere out of the outside of London Underground. So I went in search for those kinda soup. Isn't it boring, if you went to a restaurant and all they list in the Soup section is "Mushroom Soup" or "Chicken Soup". Baah. I could get it from the aisle of Giant. Why would I want to go to a fancy restaurant and bought myself a soup that was taken from that same tin. I can still remembered the soupy delight which was Broccoli and Leek soup and Potato Soup. Man. Im hungry. So bouught myself a tin , to test it out and see if its any good and a jar of jam for my mother.

I got home and my sister said, behold the shopaholic who couldn't seem to find anything to her fancy, so even buying a can of soup and jam would satisfy her addiction. Realized, that perhaps I truly am a shopaholic. But not the extreme one. More like retail therapy. Yups, yups.

Okay.. I want to make a list on what I had bought. But actually I forgot what I bought. I think bought a new blouse, new work pants, new shoes........ and can't remember further.

Below is the list which I want to buy, but can't or still could not find it:
1. A dark red/maroon leather big handbag.
2. New lense for my new spek
3. Bicycle
4. A spanking brand new book.

Heyy.. is not that extensive of a list. Yippeee..

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Inner mind that inexpressible

You snooze, you lose . Well I have snost and lost. I'm pushing through. I'll disregard the cost. I hear the bells. So fascinating and I'll slug it out. I'm sick of waiting.

.... Excerpt from the song ( I Hear the Bells - Mike Doughty)

Arrghh. Kemalasan melanda. Don't you ever felt ever so incredibly lazy a day before your exam, your great deadline, your project presentation?

Well that's what I am feeling now. Not helping that I am feeling restless. Haih.

Sit still. Eyes shadowed. Fingers twitched. Strands of hair tucked neatly behind one ear. Deep breath. Concentrate.

Monday, August 14, 2006

..Its a many splendored thing

Yawn. Its Manic Monday. I always , always complaint when its Monday. Couldn't be help. We still have to go through Monday.

Got to see PGL last weekend at Istana Budaya. We got good seat (It should be. I'm bankrupt already) so it was really nice. And it was spectacular. The sets and lighting is very very very nice. I love it. Hang Tuah is not as handsome as what most girls fawned about, but what he lacked in look, he makes it up with his singing chops. PGL the movie was bland at times, however this musical certainly lively and beautiful.

But I must and must complaint. The music. This is a musical. I expect a majestic sweeping haunting lovely music to show its grand sad love story. All I get is a song somewhat like a pop song. The songs was disappointing. I didn't meant all the music. The majestic lively music where they dance about Majapahit and Melaka is a joy to hear and see. But its love song. I felt like ... blahh. I always wonder why our film don't have great music as it were in zaman P Ramlee. Haunting sweeping song that we identify as closely as the story in the movie. We have many influences of many cultures and many weird musical instrument that we have problem pronouncing that we can incorporate in a movie soundtrack. Why? Why? They always use a song somewhat sound like always sung by boy or girl band.

I have to say too that Gusti Puteri and Hang Tuah kinda irk me with their first love at first sight and Gusti Puteri lamenting on how shitty life is as a princess that wants to be loved. Have to guiltily confessed during all those lovey dovey scenes, I rolled my eyes a lot. What? You think I don't believe of love at first sight? Naah. I do. More like that its rarely true. Nor lovely. Or any grand love story in that matters. Does it always have to be first love first sight? And if it is a princess involved, it must involved a lot of singing.

It kinda make me think. Fairytale love story. My most familiar recollection of love stories, is of Disney stories of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid. The prince first met the princess while princess is singing -> mesmerized by the singing -> sing along -> fall in love while holding hands ( And don't get me even started on the Princess and the stupid Pea). Perhaps that's why our politicians and orang2 kaya is always entranced by singers and actresses. I put the blame on Disney. And must the princesses alwaysss whined about wanting to love and beloved. Hellooooo. There are peasants down there at your castle washing your potty basin while have barely enough to eat. But you must complaint that no one love you.

Want to know of a haunting love story involving a princess? Let me recollect. Long time ago, in a land not so far away, there live a princess who lived in a great big towering castle. She fall in love with a neighbouring rival knight. How they fell in love? I don't know, probably she sings a lot while gathering berries. However, they always met in secret. Proclaiming their undying love, they would one day run away together since both fathers would not approve of their secret relationship. You know, him being from a rival country and all.

One day, they promise to meet in secret in the princess castle. One dark night, the princess opened one of the castle window to let through his knight into her lair. The knight should climb up using a ladder. Awaiting for her true love, she heard a sound coming up to the window. With color seeping into her before much pale face (her father would kill her if he knew what she been up to that night, hence the pale-like pallor), she stand up suddenly with starry eyes. But climbing up the window is not her knight, but a stranger. Before she could uttered a scream she was silenced forever.

Those that came up was a stranger which then helped his comrades up to take siege of the castle. The knight is simply a very very devious and heartless medieval age 007, who helped his father to conquer their rival castle. And they said women of the history were great betrayer. Paaah.

Love must have sucks. Probably that was her last thought when she died at the rival soldier blade.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chick Flick Book

Don't you ever have so many interesting things you want to blog about when you were up and about gadding around town. Then you are perched on top of your chair in front of the computer and open up blogger. All your seemingly wonderful inspiration seems to always dissapear. My muse had forsaken me. Why? Tell me why?

Okay. No. I got no new things I bought that I must show off. Actually I am always buying thing, just the usual commonplace clothes that is no need to brag about. No place to go or planning to go. No new movies seen. Same old same old.

Currently feeling horrible because of the meds I am on now. Horrible. Baaahhh. Hate meds. Meds are suppose to make you better. Not make you felt like you must throw up or crawl under the earth and lie there. Its either this or the horrible itch. Somehow when you are suffering under one kind of pain, you felt that is the worst.

Then 2 of my corporate personas are on leave and MC today. One of them have a lower priority. So I have to take all the calls. So I am feeling too blah . Malas to describe further la.

Need to feel chirpy chirp. Come now. *slap slap face*. Okay, right now I am just starting to read the Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella (I know, I know , it is sooo 5 years ago). And it is funny. Almost as funny as Bridget Jones Diary. Although I still have to say that Bridget Jones is still the queen of all chick flick books. Simply funny and outrageous. This , this is first runner up.

I don't like all chick flick book. Bridget Jones is just too funny. Then I try to read the Nanny Diaries. Why it is sooo popular and being made into a movie, I have no idea. Need to even persuade myself to finish the book. It was yawner to me. Then I bought another chick flick book. But it was too vulgar for my taste that I don't wish to lay my eyes on it again. Its fate now? It is up there on the storeroom gathering dust.

So I end my chick flick book lookout that can tickle me senseless and just read my usual classic children book that I usually love or thrillers. Alternately reading children wanting ponies for birthdays and serial killer abusing and slaughtering their victims might just be the thing to save your mind from eternal sunshine of happiness and the abysmal pit of human suffering.

I am contemplating if I want to or not to buy "The Devil Wear Prada". Would it be as priceless as Bridget Jones, the book which I never fail to pick up and read all over again at least twice a year? I love if I found a book that I can read all over 2 times and still be tickle. Maybe I will. Hmmmm.
p/s: A lil update.
1) I am wrong. It is Chick Lit Book. I thought it sound similar. *scoff at self*
2) Bridget Jones stories will be compile to a book by the end of this year. ! Yeay.... so maybe I will have a new Bridget Jones part 3 by next year. So nice !!!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Frivolous, I am.

Hi, my name is Dila. I am frivolous.

It is to be applaud that I did not buy much during the recent sale. I bought one lousy shoe. Its even not that expensive. But I did splurged needlessly in one jewellery? Antique? item. I got carried away and splurged on a piece of broken crockery. You know the bowl and plate kinda one. Except this is in pieces. Well, but it is not exactly just any piece of crockery. Who can brag that they use to have a piece of something from a sunken ship! I can!

Am I mad? Well a tad bit. Someone ask me , isn't it a bit expensive for a piece of crockery. I know! But I don't mind. Really.

Initially, I want to buy a pendant. But since wearing tudung and the pendant is really big, and I don't really hanker going after the big-necklace-wore -out of tudung-Datin-look, I took a look at the bracelet. And wallaa. Mine look somewhat like this.

What? SO puny one? Of course la. You think I am so rich ar to get something like the picture below? Actually have to say, I salivate more of this. But must not spend so much on a piece of broken crockery. Have to save for trip overseas and more pieces of jewellery I can sell later when I am old and penniless, at a higher price.

The real picture of my bracelet? Probably I would post it as an update to this blog this night. Probably is the operative word here.

The one that I bought is from the Ming Dynasty era. Its from the Wanli collection, so it is salvaged from a sunken ship up at Terengganu coast. The ship was a Portugese ship which was believed to have been boarded by a rival company and they set alight the gunpowder room. Thus the ship blew up at sea, circa 1625 (Gunpowder room... doesn't it sound soo war-ish and pirate-ish) . More information are taken from: here. It is a creep factor to know that this used to be under the sea for hundred of years, but that what also make it the "ooohh" factor . My sister said , don't blame her if I got strangled by some Chinese or Portugese ghost later on :P . Let's hope I would not misplace this bracelet.

A lil more update, I got my pin number from HSBC today. I signed myself for another credit card. Sigh. I never learnt . I almost got "palpitation and nerves" as what the old English matron might say, when I saw my Visa bill online. I promise on my old credit card, this would be the last credit card I will sign up.

And to my dear beloveds out there, I dah pon book your PGL online. The extra charges bloody expensive. ( Yeah yea.. I am ranting the extra rm16++ I need to pay online , than the broken crock. I am just weird that way). But I paid my other tickets online, its not that expensive laa. So I just have to complain about it, here.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Wangi Jadi Saksi

I just got back from watching Wangi Jadi Saksi from Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

Being naturally lazy, and I don't think so I am adept in writing synopsis regarding theatre, this is the excerpt from Axcess website,

" the story of Hang Jebat's betrayal and murder, as told through the eyes of his young widow Dang Wangi, as she confronts those accountable for her husband's death. Using flashbacks and flash-forwards, Jebat's confrontations with his comrades and nemesis are revealed through a provocative new interpretation of this historical and legendary event."

Got all excited to watch this since I would love to see Vanida Imran up close (even though in a theatre and hundreds metres away) and I love the story of Jebat and Tuah. There is this one painting I always remembered, of Tuah and Jebat fighting and tombak and lembing are sticking out from the floor. So, my interest was piqued, thus I bought the tickets.

Manage to get to Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka in the nick of time to collect my ticket and bought the programme book. Those who plan to watch this, I would recommend you to get the programme book. It would clear out some of the dialogues that you don't manage to grasp.

Anyway, my thought on it? It was beautifully performed since you can see right away that the well known actors and actresses are very talented; among those apart from Vanida Imran is, Dato' Rahim Razali, Sabri Yunus and also worth mentioning are Khalid Salleh and Khir Rahman. Khir Rahman as Hang Tuah gave such dignified persona to Hang Tuah that I felt awe again of Hang Tuah as the great legend. Hang Jebat is cleverly played by Mohammad Shoffi Jikan, whose dialogue give an earthly feel to the theatre. However, since am not a professional reviewever and all, actually I just want to said, all of the actors and actress deserved the praise they get.

Everything went on beautifically I must say. Great performance. Good lighting. Vibrant, lilting 'score?' , just the right music (which I think was lacking in PGL the movie). Effective stage design, but some of the props have a hasty feel on it. Costume? Period costume in simple colors. I love it. Most of all, the script. Magnificent. Kudos to the scripwriters. The script is just lovely. The plot, give a new twist on the legend of Tuah and Jebat final fight.

At first, I struggled a bit to understand the dialogues since my Kesusasteraan Bahasa Melayu is a bit rusty. Not to mention Jawi reading too. LOL. The first scene is shown behind a see through 'tirai' with the prologue of the story shown in Jawi. Those are marvellous idea indeed. As the story played out, I then manage to grasp on what they are really saying and enjoyed myself wholeheartedly. My only (real) complaint of the performance is Vanida Imran should not be singing. Hehe. My very real complaint of the experience, is of 2 annoying persons, 1 who doesn't seems to get it that she or he needed to at least silent your phone. That annoying phone received messages 3 times, which all audiences in the dewan manage to hear. The no. 2 person , is the one who talk on the phone while the show played on. Sheesh, that's annoying and really inconsiderate.

Not wanting to end this post with a complaint , I will say.... wooohooo. : P
Will be busy for a few days.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dead Man Chest

I am feeling.. dumb today. I can almost feel my brain liquidifying and turning to mash? mesh? mush? What is the correct word? See see.. I told you I am feeling dumb today.

I felt used, tired and oh so jaded with people today. But not that dark yet. Just a wee bit step away to completely hating mankind, so I transfered my affection to a non-entity. Which is none. Now. I don't make any sense. Okay. Explaining mode on. Kinda like, Davy Jones-wise, I am putting my tiny beating heart into a chest and kept the key. Well, except I don't tore my heart away, since it can be a bore to track those who will steal my heart for an organ donor. More like freezing it so that it can non feeling but just let it live enough so I won't be completely dead. Herm, probably that is why a chest is called a chest. Because we stored something inside of chest. Thus our chest stored our heart too. Man. I am weird today.

Before I am spouting more nonsensical stuff, let's look at the state of the world today.

Dalam Negeri. I am getting quite bored with Mahathir, Khairy and Pak Lah berbalah. Get over it and do your job already. I think its almost over pon. Goodies. Its like watching school presidents club debating. Which I always found very boring since I am never confrontational nor am I a watcher on confrontation.

Dalam dan Luar Negara. World leaders everywhere are just starting to jump up and down pointing at the cruelty of raiding, shooting between each other between Lebanon and Israel. Come on people.. that is so 2 weeks ago. Get on with the schedule already. I read that Rice, (America Secretary of the State) is giving all these so called speeches on how war is needless and needs to end. And Middle East needs to be revamped. I believe her word is something like, "Its time for a new Middle East". Which brings a chill down my spine since immediately I can almost see Bush is clapping his hand thinking of all the profit he could gain. Funny that she never mention that they themselves are giving Israel the weapons that killed 300 civilians. Not saying that her words as bulls completely, it is time for this war to stop. But, at what cost?

Entertainment World. Our own country first. Allahyarham Hani Mohsein passed away yesterday from a heart attack. Tis sad. A guy on his prime age. Just 41. Totally unexpected. While 50 year old men are getting married left and right. That aside, I was thinking on how happy he must had felt that day to go to a holiday with his beloved daughter.

Entertainment World Everywhere. Arr.. I guess.... everything. Its the same. People breaking up, people mooching up, adopting kids, bringing out kids out for a day in the park, beaching. All very boring. Same ol same ol. Unless Brangelina takin vows, then I perk up a bit. Not to forget however that August bring back all the series up to keep us entertained. So I will be riveted in front of my computer and TV soon. I am slaves to the idiot box.

My tiny lil world news. Well, my old college housemates (well actually only some of us) and I went to Melaka for a brief trip to visit my friend last weekend. We had a jolly good time. I wanted to put a post at first regarding this, but there's not much on this lil trip anyway.

We basically just chilled at her house, ate the plentiful rambutan at her househanging out in a museum, refreshing our mind and our local history. And learnt new thing too! I never knew that Hang Tuah had a son. Hey, I am a history buff. But not that much is mention lor. Who is Hang Tuah wife? Anyone knew? Can't remembered the name, see see, I told you I am turning dumb. It is quite fun to take a turn around Melaka history . Remember this?

Basically we try to go the basic tourist, behaving like some foreign tourist *blush* and thus taking pictures with all the usual historical monuments. Heyyy.... why not eh. Visit own country tourist attraction first.

We don't have much time on our hand, so we then took a jaunty walk through Jonker Street which sells from foods to pretty lil trinkets. Its pretty much like Petaling Street. Minus the scary looking gangsters selling pirated DVDs. But it is very nice. All the shop is very nicely spruced up, and Malacca River view is very fetching at night with all these lights from the riverside cafe.

For dinner, we headed to Umbai (where else). Only we didn't go to the original Umbai. My friend brought us to Umbai Terapung. It suppose to have great view and all. But its all dark, I might as well be sitting in a cafe in the middle of a desert. But we have great feast! That is all that matter. After that really hot walk through Jonker St, I say we deserved ourselves a feast. We ordered so much that I wondered if we had gone a tad bit overboard.

The aftermath. Well... we were hungry.

Never underestimate the ol Standby^me gang I guess. It is delicious, but I think I still prefer the other Umbai I guess. My fondest regards still remain to thee.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

All pointing that..

I got too much time on my hand. Nah. I am just bored and discontented.

Anyway... being necessarily bored and fabulously nonchalant about it. (Just felt like throwing big words around even though it might be wrong) , I typed this and wallaa. All 10 signs pointing you are dating/seeing/marrying a sugar daddy-0. This is in no way related to any particular person *snickers*

1. Minus the 1 million in his bank account, you wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole.

2. Rummaging through your father closet for his digital camera, you found yourself staring at the same kemeja batik color and design your date wore to a formal dinner you both attend.

3. When both of you accidentally met his long lost friend, his friend remarked how fast and beautiful you had grown.

4. He have a bigger space in the bathroom shelves for his medication pills.

5. He knows more about anti aging cream than you do.

6. He woos you the old fashion way. Flowers. Jewellery. Fancy restaurant which other Datins don't frequent.

7. You have more gold trinkets from Habib Jewel than your mother.

8. You look forward the next after 20 years.

9. Snickers and titters can be heard around you when the "Who's your daddy" jokes come up.

10. When you read this you felt indignant and wanting to object.


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