Monday, October 11, 2010

Why I love Sungai Wang

Cute dresses for less than RM50 for both. Less than RM40 even. Precisely RM31.80. (And I am totally loving the cute black and red dress there with the belt. Yes, the belt came together yet separate )

Not picture is a wifebeater shirt (RM5) for toiling away in the house. And why is it called a wifebeater? I always pictured K-Fed when I saw the word. Which comes to mind in the imagination that he hit Britney. But of course I know he don't. But the over-imaginative imagination is because of the wifebeater shirt he like wearing so much.

Maybe the clothes you wear does give the impression that you beat people up, even if you are just a big pu... erm wuss. 

p/s: I don't wear short dresses outside, but I like to layer them when I do.


harni said...

i love love love loveeeeeeee sg wang! ok over gila! bought a shirt around 35 rm then semua orang teka2 around 70+ gitu.. well i'm sungguh proud bangga diri if i managed to buy something so cheap but looks so expensive! ;p

oh rindu sg wang! rindu baju cute and baju cantek! duduk sini pakai baju burok & sopan santun! mostly baju2 dkt sg wang dtg from bangkok. so can't imagine kalau pegi bangkok and semua tu adalah below rm10. meroyan kot?

Dils said...


Memang best the feeling if you wear some thing that cost less than RM50 and people guess it is expensive, which just confirm my thinking that expensive things don't necessarily looked expensive. Heh.

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