Monday, May 09, 2016

Money can't buy everything

So I was ironing some clothes last night while Aziz is watching Phineas and Ferb. Last night episode was where the gangs were travelling to outer space in their rockets. 

So after the episode finished Aziz sidled up to me and said 

"Mommy, Aziz nak roket. Aziz nak naik roket". 

I asked him, " Mana nak cari roket." 

" Mommy pergi lah kedai roket." Ah. To his almost 4 year old brain, everything came ready made in a shop. 

" Tadek orang jual roket, Aziz kalau nak naik rocket kena belajar pandai2, pandai baca, pandai tulis.." 

Well.. couldn't really finish off extremely important life lesson to my first born because he had wandered off to watch tv because if you can't buy it, he is not interested anymore. 

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Kami ke Langkawi sat

I was really hankering for a holiday, so we decided on a short one at Langkawi. I have to say it is much too short. Maybe I should have make it longer, but my leave is not that much so macam malas nak amik.

This time we flew to Langkawi by Malindo Air. We got a good deal at around RM500 for all. We decided for just a short 3 days 2 nights. Not enough!



We stay at Frangipani, because I love the Pantai Cenang and Tengah area. It would not bore me to death say if I were to stuck in a big resort and walkable.

We were fortunate that when we arrived, husband requested for Viva and we got an Alza, nasib baik sebab bag besar kut. Campor stroller lagi. Kalau tak terpaksa la kami meriba stroller.

Then we arrived at the hotel and got upgraded from a deluxe room to a garden villa. Soo happy! Because that means the kids can be loud and we don't have to worry so much on the noise. Heh.

We didn't do much. The first day I directly went shopping because I want to get over the shopping first. Kalau tak rase nak shopping je. So on the day we arrived ,  lepak jab kat hotel, then ke Kuah.

Memula macam nak beli Vision, then i pikir and pikir and pikir, I don't see what I want to use it for. I just like the idea that I can use it directly on the stove. So I tuka, kehendak Vision  ke Pyrex because I want an oven proof glassware for my baking needs. Pyrex is a bit too expensive and I found Arcuisine is really cheap and most of the one I seen for this brand is oven safe. I got the sets one where I have 3 rectangular ware with covered lids and one normal ware, at less than RM150. Am happy!

Yang lain2 tu biasa la, coklat and biscuits. Am regretting that I do not buy more of Jules Destrooper biscuits because it seems like.. macam tak banyak biscuits for moi! Sedih. I love that brand biscuits. Simply the best I ever tasted.

Then on the next day we brought the kids for the cable car ride and I am weak hearted and keep on thinking if we were to plunge to our deaths, people would need to pick us in pieces but at least we will die as family. Gile morbid. Haha. The only one yang tak muka pucat naik kabel car adalah Aziz je. Saif memula nak throw tantrum terus senyap peluk bapak die sepanjang in the cable car.
Aziz absolutely loves it up there. 

Budak cuak dalam kabel car. But at least he just stay quiet.

But the geopark at Langkawi was fun. It is gonna be my last time though. Dengan Saif trying to run around at the top of the viewing place , Aziz trying to climb all over the place. My heart just can't take it. I am assured of my own mortality, but when it comes to the kids , it is just so stressful.

After the cable car ride, we want to get on the Duck tour but alas, boat tu rosak lak. So we headed for the Skyrex, where it is a new ride, yang type 6D tu. It is ala if we are stranded in Jurassic World. Super fun! Yang tu Aziz tak suke plak. Heh. Ade one of this animatronic dino kat luar tu. Memula terkujat i , tetiba die gerak. Then bebudak ni campo this one middle eastern looking girl also refused to budge from there. Bile suruh bergambar taknak dekat pulak. 

As for other activities, just mandi manda di laut and swimming pool je. I rase macam I and the kids tak puas lagi main air and pasir at the beach. I also wished I had the time to take up mangrove kayak! Tah ade ke tak stamina. A girl can dream.

He was a bit unsure about all these sands at first.

Then they are having fun
Memula both are not happy being in the sea bile we try to persuade them to basahkan kaki amongst the waves, bile petang turun ke laut, they are ok with the idea, but still not a big fan of waves. Mungkin sebab bile petang ramai orang and the sea seems a bit calmer. Baru la tak ketakutan mandi laut. 

After mandi laut tu, we will let them in the kiddie pool for a while. 

I can't stand it . LOL

Kekonon nak belajar swimming.

Also went for a walk along the Chenang and Pantai Tengah area bile malam tu. And sekarang lagi modernized la situ. A bit too commercialized but a lot of people would like it. Tak boring la jalan situ.

As for tempat makan, I rase ade banyak gile people saying the same thing like Laksa Kaw Ikan Sekoq. As we didn't find anything quite noteworthy to add more, ( and most of it I uploaded in IG pon). Our dinner is a pretty ok seafood dinner. Just went to some random place. Not too bad and I have to say better than say dropping by on some random restaurant in KL. We were planning to go to Wan Thai, however bile sampai fully booked ok. We sampai awal, and there were a lot of empty tables, but all of them are reserved. Heh. So we singgah je mana2 kedai makan.

One of our dinner. Kami tak berapa nak buruk lantak sebab yang makannye 2 orang, perut 2 budak kecik takleh nak amik kira sangat. 

It was a good vacation. Everything went smoothly and no on is making a fuss. Kesian to my husband je la sebab tak boleh nak dine at a nicer place masa birthday die on that first nightat Langkawi, but I ordered a cake from the hotel and the cake is really nice so he ok je I think. Heh.

Anyway rase rugi pulak tak lagi lama. Macam still tak puas holiday la rasenye. Hehehe. 

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