Friday, April 24, 2015

When life gives you lemons

Yesterday was my husband birthday.

And I baked him brownies since my husband is more into brownies than cakes! It was not a very successful brownies. I should just stick to the basic, but I got a tad bit ambitious and try to make frosting. I think it would had been successful if I didnt mistook the sugar. It should be very fine or caster sugar. Instead I used fine granulated sugar. So it felt like a  eating amouthful of sugar when i tried the brownies with frosting.

Yeah. That does not looks good. I actually also overbeat it which is why it looks kinda glazed. From all that sugar that refused to be beat by submission by moi. Haha. So I scraped it off and now the brownies looks depressing.

But actually it looks kinda nice and crunchy before I put the dratted frosting tak jadi tu. I still have like half a bowl of frosting and felt macam rugiiinyee all those sugar and cocoa and butter. Takkan nak buang. I memang jenis susah buang barang sikit.

So I turned it into soft cookies. Aku main agak2 je the amount, but I put in 1 egg, 1 tspn of vanilla and beat the frosting again, then fold in a cup of flour and 1 tablespoon of corn flour.

Walla! Dark choc soft cookies. It tasted a little cakey and sweet but other than that it is GREAT. I think I may prefer the cookies more than the brownies. So instead of making frosting, if life or you got yourself a dreadful frosting, you can turn it into cookies! 

Oh the brownies is kinda nice too cuma manis. I should have lessen the sugar lagi sebab mat salleh punye taste ni memang manis gilo. Got the recipe for brownies at Sally's Addiction. But I like texture and all, and it is a very simple recipe to follow, so I may try again later later on. May omit the frosting kut lepas ni sebab macam don't need to sweeten it lagi.

Malam tu pergi Sixty9 Islamic Steakhouse. I think before this it was Wadihana Islamic Steakhouse. Not sure if they changed name or change management.

It was an OK meal lah.

My grilled lamb in black pepper sauce. I like the sauce, Rase if more pekat sikit lagi I suke, but still sedap. 

Husband burger. He felt it is a meh, 

Kids meal which have the grilled boneless chicken and sausages and fries, Aziz suke je.
Since I have no income, so didn't manage to buy him expensive gifts. Beli kemeja je. Sebab I rase kemeja die sikit je. Haha. Susah la nak beli hadiah for guy. (Tapi tahun lepas pon beli kemeja gak hahah. tapi tahun lepas beli 2 kemeja, tahun ni satu je ). Ok lahh tuuu..

Ni tengah pikir ape la lagi nak masak ni. No wonder selalu je I tengok perempuan duk komplen ape nak masak sebab memang susahh pon nak pikir. Haha. Probably something seafood based.

Talking about kitchen

This is how I organized the things in freezer. Put it in individual plastic bags and sometimes I labeled what is what. Senang. Sebab ade certain part ayam sesuai masak certain style je, so buat la label kari ke roast ke, fried ke. Hehe. 

The environmentalist in me really hated that I used plastic but it is the easiest. Sometimes I tried to reuse the plastic, tapi tak selalu la. Sebab leceh. Maybe later on I can be more organized! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Running ragged

My 4 soon to be 5 month old ... is really wearing me down this week. 

I am not gonna say acting up, because he don't really throw tantrums, but he do if I were to leave his side. So for the last week die sibuk nak jadi baby koala. Sampai ade sekali tu I was macam doing this and that and sambil tu tengah tie my Boba Wrap, then tup tup Saif jatuh katil. 

The sound of a baby jatuh is really macam a thud in your heart. Sampai hari ni ade lebam kat kepala. Poor thing. Stress. I letak all the bantal and built a 'fort' like , tapi he is a big boy so can roll over the bantal. Huhu. And that is not the first time, hence the 'fort'. Horror. Worst mother ever. So obvs the fort not working. 

So sekarang ni if I have to do stuffs and he is awake, I sometimes put him in the other room on the floor where he can roll around crying hysterically albeit safely because mommy isnt picking him up. 

So the house is a mess now is an understatement. I remembered reading about it in Baby MD on how the dishes and laundry may piled up, stuffs strewn about but sometimes it is worth it to just let it go. So yeah... takpeee.. setahun je lagi on this clinginess and before you knows it your children will slam the door to your face yelling "I hate you. You are the worst mother ever" because you refuse to buy them Iphone 15 Plus. 

Anywayy.. but its not so bad. If I forget the fact that they are chores needs to be done, meals to be cooked, he is contented to be just beside me, sucking on my kain batik. Kalau bagitahu my mom ni mesti die cakap "nak kena bagi makan dah kut". Yeah. I am not looking forward to the bagi makan part. The just milk part was nice. But hey gotta get the baby grows kan. And I don't want to be mother yang " I will give my child ONLY BM for 2 years because that is all he needs". 

Nasib baik jugak Aziz ni jenis senang jugak dijaga, though I have to say 2 3 hari ni banyak sikit throwdown tantrum die. But budak kecik senang dipujuk, unless baru bangun tido. Huhu. But again, Aziz is quite an easy toddler to manage. I let him play ke , watch TV ke to his heart content. Hehe. Kenkadang macam damn it, why I can't be like other mother yang duk duduk dengan anak die with flash card, but I did jugak la, but with a somewhat clingy baby yang you desperately tried to get to sleep, memang flash card dilupakan. Haha. Sigh. Poor baby. But then I got comforted when I read study that said early reading in child, does not affect the child IQ later in life. I am SURE if I search there are another that have the OPPOSITE view. BUT LET ME BELIEVE THAT VIEW! 

Oh and tadi we brought Saif again to the swim spa thingies tu. This time he macam malas nak paddle here and there. Die contented to angkat bontot and let the bubbles lead him the way. LOL. But had fun. We stopped halfway because he penat and nak susu. Then continue afterwards die lagi ceria. And at the very least manage to get him to sleep afterwards. Huhu. 

Best sangat. I pon rase nak masuk sekali. 

Can totally see his lebam. Ni masa die kat smaller pool dulu. Masuk sini dulu, bile dah comfy pegi bigger pool. 
Aziz excited nak main bola2 tu and campak kat adik die. LOL. I did asked him if he die nak mandi sama dengan adik, but he said . "Tanakkk,... takut".

Ok la. Harap esok Saif tido siang dengan jayanye!

Monday, April 13, 2015

First try failll

Last weekend we tried to potty train Aziz. With dismal results. Kept on asking him if he wants to pee and he said no. Then we kinda got busy and off he went at the living room. At least tak kena karpet. Then tuka seluar and still biarkn die without diapers. Then masa I nak naik atas tengok Saif , nampak Aziz tengah tertonggeng rupanye tengah berak tengah ruang tamu lagi. Bile I cakap suruh gi toilet, die berlari2 dan taik pon bertaburan. :D 

Ah well. Next weekend try lagi. 

Oh we went to Jakel Mall to get kain for baju Melayu . I malas nak beli kain for raya as I have loads of baju biru which is this year theme color at Sarawak side. So save sikit la tahun ni. Though I am not opposed of a jubah. Jakel got a few of nursing jubah but unfortch the mall does not offer alterations. I memang malas la kalau gitu, sebab tak kuasa nak mencari mana nak alter plak lepas ni. 

Then teringin nak try mee tarik pulak just behind Jakel Mall tu. I first ate mee tarik at a food court in Midvalley. I wonder if its still there. 

Anyway I ordered the cold mee because kat Midvalley that is my favorite and husband ordered mee sup that have telo dadar in it. He likes it. I don't really like mine. I think the Midvalley food court punye tu is vastly superior in taste. KENA PEGI LAGI NI NAK COMPARE. 

We also ordered the lambs on toothpick. It looked delicious, but it felt a bit bland and masin to me . Nicer if makan sekali dalam my mee tu I think.

Anyway I bought a new carrier because I want something that is easier to wear. Bought Pognae and loving it so far. I have to say the wrap is more comfortable, however the Pognae carrier is way more easier and less hot to wear. It have a zip that opened up an air mesh for the baby so he wouldn't be so hot. This to me is necessary especially for a hot humid country like ours. 

Bought it at Fabulousmom sebab I have vouchers courtesy of my lovely friends who asked me what I want for a present for this baby, I cakap bagi vouchers je. So I make use of this vouchers and I am happy! Memula I try jugak the ergobaby and boba 4g, but Saif punye melahau.. terus sales assistant tu datang tengok kenapakah. So we try several brands , the Pognae ni he seems to be most comfy. A bit disappointed that they doesn't have Jumpsac because I love Jumpsac masa I last tried it out masa pregnant dulu. Tapi I got these vouchers and I wanna test it out first before buying the carrier. So we settled on the Pognae as while I am not that crazy about the colors, the most important thing is the baby is comfy, so I took that. 

Verdict of the Pognae carrier - Loving it so far. 

Oh on Sunday, alang2 bawak kain to a tailor at Ampang Park,  We ate at Jaya Grocer punye food court El Fresco at Intermark tu. I love my pizza. And husband ordered the steak au gratin which he also liked. And it so very reasonably priced. Aziz pon bantai my pizza 

Pepperoni, though I am more inclined to order Margherita , tapi sebab nak share ngan Aziz amik la pepperoni.
Hmm.. nanti nak pergi lagi la to test out other stuffs and gawk at the stuffs at Jaya Grocer. 

Tuesday, April 07, 2015


Thinking I should update. At the very least because of how cute Saif is here

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We got the swim package for Saif boy. Which include 5 swim sessions. He obviously loves it. Though he did get tired after 20 mins. Lepas tu die macam nak duduk and just stared at the rubber duckie.

Yang ni kite orang amik the package at Wangsa Walk Mall. I like the girls working there. Saif baru pergi sekali. Sekarang ni die macam berhingus pulak. Kena tunggu cleared up baru pergi lagi. I think he would enjoy it more if he is the bigger tub which I think would be ok in his 3rd session there.


Ohh.. I had just getting the hang of recording stuff on Astro. Such an old geezer. My nephew can record cartoons ever since he was 3. Haha. Anyway. Sometimes Astro likes to play cool movies at an ungodly hour of the night. So which is why I recorded Notting Hill and The Breakfast Club. I never watched either if you can believe it.

Notting Hill - OMG no wonder people loves it. Hugh Grant was the sweetest leading guy ever. Gah. So. Bloody. Sweet with the horses and hounds. Though I am still meh about Julia Roberts. She feels very aloof here and actually I don't know what about her that makes him falls in love with her. But nonetheless it was still very sweet and no wonder people my age are always hankering to go to Portobello Road.

The Breakfast Club - So intense. The dialogues and acting was intense for a teen movie. If I were to watch it when I was a teen I would love it to bits so I understand why it was such a hit then.. Molly Ringwald was so pretty here. And of course.... hey hey hey hey.... don't you.. forget about me.


Could not get enough of ice cream these past few weeks. Maybe because it was so hot. 

Bought a Tim Tam ice cream from Cold Storage. And it was so gooood. I love it because it tasted like dark chocolate and not that sweet. And at RM12 murah la. Which is about the size of Baskin Robbins quart size. 

And last 31st March I beli jugak Baskin Robbins punye quart ice cream mementang it was 31st March. Dah lama rasenye tak makan mint choc chip ice cream. So I got that. Hmmm.. and of course Ampang Point baru bukak Sangkaya. Beli the Signature because I heard so many people raving about it. And memang SEDAP. I like it. I don't like the price but hey.. we can pay as much for Baskin Robbins apa salahnye for something local. I tried the teh tarik ice cream, rase macam makan susu pekat. Huhu. But I think I am gonna try it again, 1 scoop of teh tarik ice cream with 2 scoop of the coconut ice cream. 
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