Monday, November 26, 2012

Random Stuffs

- I am drinking this nursing tea ni. Ala tea yang penuh dengan fenugreek dan tah hape rempah ratus to increase milk production. I rase la macam berkurangan, so before this I bought the Milkmaid Tea yang highly recommended, tapi tu kat rumah je. So at the office ni I bought Joy tea. Now I know why Milkmaid Tea is highly recommended walaupon expensive (RM40++ for I think 10 satchets. Ke 8 Aku reuse and reuse sampai dah tadek rase dah satchet tu baru buang. Haiii... saya kedekut ). I love Milkmaid Tea punye taste and smell. Very soothing. Not unlike usual herbal tea. This Joy one is HORRIBLE. It felt like I bancuh rempah kari instead. I put loads of honey in it, which only made it worse. Bahh. I think I will be sticking with the Milkmaid Tea. However I still got 4 more bag of the vile tea left. It is not in my kedekut nature to waste it, thus I must drink it. 

- This Saturday husband is home. This meannn, I can go out shopping with Ajis during the weekend! Without much hassle! We'll be going to Bintulu for Ajis to see his grandfather and grandma soon. Rase gundah gulana pikirkan how to survive with a 4 mth old baby on a 2 ++ hrs flight. 

- I had been trimming my series watch. Need to be picky. I no longer care to watch Nikita ( is it still on?), and 90210. Also I left out Parenthood, but I like to marathon Parenthood, so maybe I left it sampai end of the season then watch at one go. Senang. Walking Dead pon dah malas after the sucky FARM stories in season 2. I much rather just stick reading the graphic novel. Much more satisfying and less angsty. Andrea is so much more cooler in written/drawing form than in the series. So does Michonne. I am very very glad that Gossip Girl and Fringe is ending this season too. I dont like the Observer story. And Gossip Girl, you just wanna finish it. It is getting ridiculous by the day, but hey, it had always been ridiculous. 

My favorite new show now is Emily Owens M.D. Love Mamie Gummer. The Mindy Project is ok too, but ..hmm what can I say, I felt like it is a poorer version of New Girl. Also added 666 Park Avenue to my series list. It is ok enough. Not too fucked up like American Horror Story so I can watch it and just be mildly scared and not at all turn off. And of course my favorite show will always be The Good Wife. I love it. Husband mention I should watch Suit, I tried to, but I feel like I much prefer The Good Wife court room and political drama. 

- Hari isnin adalah hari yang sangat mengantuk. Sekian.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Akhirnya 30. Cewah. Macam tertunggu-tunggu pulak. 

Surprisingly it is not that depressing. 30 is still young, but not naive. That is what I thought of 30++ people. There's nothing much I can say about today. I turned 30, big whoop. ( Am currently rewatching a lot of Sex and the City at the moment, so I maybe quoting a lot from that series). After all Sex and the City characters, I think all of the characters start their story there when 31 or 32 kan. 

Husband tried to call me yesterday at midnight but I was busy also Ajis was sleeping. I am not too keen on people calling me nowadays. I prefer all contacts go through Whatsapp. Hahaha. Aku punye aversion to phone conversation ni memang tersangatla kronik. Maybe I come from the generation that first created txtspeakz or my 2 years stint at a call center put me off telephone call foreverrr. 

There's nothing much I want from my birthday. Maybe Prada (sile tampar aku sendiri sebab earlier I said nothing much iteeww) . But actually the thought of new bag pon aku macam suam-suam kuku gitu. Interested nak tengok , tapi tengok la if I decided to get one. I am more interested in planning my London - Scotland trip 2 years from now. Hahahaha. I decided in 2 years time (kalau gua tak pregnant lagi), I wanted to go to London to see back The Tower of London, tengok Harry Potter punye tempat tuu and taste Butterbeer and shopping2. Then go to Scotland for some cross country trip via car/mobile home/train. We'll seee. ( I think this is the first time husband heard of this full plan, he may fainted for a while thinking of the cost). 

Pagi tadi I asked Ajis to say Happy Birthday but he will not obliged. Pffftt. Kecik-kecik taknak mendengar kata. He was in a good mood even when I shampooed his hair, so selepas mandi tu I manage to snap this when he was at his cutest 

Ko tengok tangan tembammm ituuu. And he now likes to suck on his index finger. Actually not such, he likes to munch on them. Bukak tutup mulut, munch2 on finger. 

Oh berat now at 3 months 3rd week is 6.6 kg. His paed said are you sure he is 3months not 5. Haha. Tangan mummy selalu lenguh la tapi. Huh. 

Well anyway, eh alang-alang tu I share this story. Sometimes at night, when I put Ajis to sleep at my room, I always sit around downstairs watching tv but I bring along the baby monitor punye walkie talkie itu. Sebab kalau pasang tv, Ajis melahau memang takkan dengar. So time-time tengah tengok tv tu , I dengar macam bunyi merengek, then dengar bebetul macam bunyi kucing. Blur kejabb, sambil pikir "Bile anak aku nangis bunyi macam kucing", then the meowing gets louder. Naik atas bukak pintu rupanye Gollywolly meowing wanting to get out of the room. Bile tahhh die masuk bilik. Nasib baik Ajis tak bangun

2 ekor best friend. If you found 1 you can usually find the other nearby. Suke groom each other. I had put back Bobby collar. Loceng die besar gabak. Kelakar je bile die main kejar2, bunyi loceng kollar tu. Sounded like lembu berlari. Hehe

Friday, November 09, 2012

Tiny tot at 3 months

Baru 3 monthsss???

Rase macam dah lama.

Anyway wanna update it but had been crazy busy. Aku benciii. So ni ade sedikit free time meh update sikit. 

So what is new? Point form again yeaahh

Tatkala malam dah ngantuk, tengkuk pon dah tak nampak. 

 - He now likes to meniarap. Bukan dengan sendirinye. Oh tidak sama sekali. Tadek tanda2 langsung nak move his butt, but if I tiarapkan die, he likes to look around with interest dan dalam 10 mins lepas tu die meraung. Tengok2 rupanye muntah. Bile meniarap je muntah. But it was a big step, than before this I tiarapkan die at 2 mths dulu, meraung tak suke. 

- He does not like to sleep time siang sangat. Which made night time easier for me. Tapi kalau ade la mood die tu meragam, sakit nyawa jugak. But bile weekend memang aku penat la. If die dah boring main2 baring2 (which amount to like 10 mins, 20 mins max) then nangis la die mintak kena dukung. 

- Bath time is still hit and miss. I think only TWO time je I manage to bathe AND dress him without him screaming his lungs out. Nowadays usually it is just the dressing he does not like. Aku start letak baby oil je , die dah tak suke. Bathing time, he find it enjoyable, tapi ikut mood. And if kena syampu rambut, mood pon jatuh. Haha. Crankypants. 

Sometimes when he is crying, I took a step back and just look at him. It kinda make you less stressed. This time I took a pic. 

- He lovesss watching his cousin plays. Bile cousin2 die jumping up and down, he will look in glee, hands and feet flailing macam nak lompat dari dukungan dan join sama. Which is why we said, he doesnt look like he want to belajar to roll sebab die nak terus berlari. 

- Badan montelism, next week baru tahu berapa berat, tapi i rase my left arms is muscly dah kuttt. I agak lebih 6 kg. 

- He loves to be outside. So usually sebelom pegi keje, I bawak die jalan luar. Tak lama mana pon. Just enough kasik die nampak udara luar sikit, kena cahaya matahari sikit. Masuk rumah balik. If he is crying time siang and I have no idea what to do, I usually bring him outside. That usually quiets him down. 

- Eh oklah. I nak siap2 blah dan singgah mothercare to buy tiny tot Bumbo Seat! Tak sabar you. Nanti I update more about tiny tot. Macam banyak nak update tapi biasala blank bile bukak entry post. 

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Gollywolly got spayed and other things (pemalas gile punye tajuk)

Gollywolly is now around 7 months and as the vet reminded us when we went to her last vaccination time puasa dulu, to bring her around to be spayed. 

Aku lemah sikit nak bawak sebab nak kena kurung die ni and perhati sikit, tapi last week pikir2 alang2 I got a week holiday, I might as well got it done. 

Walaupon kepala berkon, tapi tetap nakal.

di depan ade wolly, di dalam buai ade Ajis

Kemudian gigih aku keliling area Keramat, Wangsa Maju and Bukit Antarabangsa cari kon yang comel sikit. My maid pegi hilangkan the existing kon yang Kurap dulu pakai ( hanginnnn ). Last2 jumpa at Pet Save at Jusco AU2 tu. 

So pakaikan yang ni. I like this kon because senang nak bukak and bersihkan kon tu. Macam first night tu, pagi besok tu bukak cage tengok Wolly muntah keliling cage, habis kon die kotor. Kesian die. Tak ke senang aku nak cabut dan bersihkan and it is just velcro. 

Kenkadang I will clean the kon and give Wolly sometimes to jilat2 bulu die. Die kan pembersih amat, so memang die rimas la tak dapat jilat bulu. Tapi kena perhati la sebab tak sampai 5 mins die sibuk nak membuka bandage perut die nak jilat situ pulak. 

Masa nak pickup si Wolly alang-alang I brought along the tubby Bobby sebab perasan bulu die macam capuk2 bald sana sini. Banyak penyakit kan Bobby ni. 

Dekat vet tengok tadek ape pon tapi ade kesan cakar kucing kat bald spot die, tak tahu la sape mencakarnye. Kat tempat kena cakar kucing tu ade pulak bacteria infection sebab tu bulu tak tumbuh. Bagila a course of antibiotic and antiseptic shampoo. 

Aku gigih la bz bz tak cukup makan ni gi mandikan Bobby, and alang2 tu mandikan sekali Kurap. Sebab kucing2 I ni penakut tahap gile babas pada hair dryer, lepas dikeringkan dengan towel, I letak the cats outside tengah2 panas tu dalam 15 - 30 mins. Ingatkan cukup la tu, tapi Bobby ni kan saje cari penyakit,  sekarang die selsema pulakkk. Bersin-bersin, bunyi macam orang semput. Hish la kan. Ni aku bagi jugak antibiotic tu, which is aku rase sama je kalau aku pergi vet die akan bagi antibiotic jugak bile kucing aku ni selsema. Tengok end of this week, dah selesai ke tak selsema die. 

Bobby2. Kurang immunity badan sungguh. Tapi badan boleh tahan. Bile bawak carrier kiri Bobby, kanan Gollywolly... terasa berat dan sakit sungguh tangan kiri aku bawak Bobby ni. Rupanye berat 4.4 kg kau. Nampak je kecik. Tapi tengok je la gamba kat atas kebuncitan die tu kan. Gollywolly ni nampak je besa, tapi bole je nak lambung2 guna 1 tangan. Fluffy je lebih,

So semua jadikla macam kakak Kurap yang montel dan sihat sentiasa. Kecuali penyakit pelik2 seperti telinga bernanah sebab gusti dengan kucing liar, jarang nak tengok Kurap ni demam or selsema. Aminnn. Jangan pulak aku puji2 ni die selsema pulak. 

Kakak Gollywolly, Kakak Kurap semua sedia menjadi tilam pelindung di bawah buai Ajis. 
Kucing-kucing aku ni dari zaman anak sedara aku lagi , I perasan yang they like to tidur bawah buai. Lagi2 buai tu duduk tepi sliding door , memang suke betul la lepak situ. Lepak je aku ok lagi. Ni main kejar2 area situ la. Ok. Fine. Boleh lagi. Gollywolly pulak kalau boring pegi main buai tu. Die letak paw die kat jaring2 situ stopkan buai tu. Angin aku.  

Anak aku ni pulak kalau berbuai tak boleh stop. Nanti dengar meronta-ronta dalam tu disusuli bunyi Ekkk Ekkkk, kemudian vokal terus nyaring. Dahlah nak tidurkan baby Ajis ni lama amat. Fuhh, fuhh nak aje aku rotan kakak2 nakal ni. Bobby je baik suke tidur belakang dapur. Kesian, macam kucing terbuang pon ye gak. Kucing2 betina ni (esp ko tengok Kurap nak berbantal bagai tu) mesti nak tidur tempat2 empuk, Bobby gi tidur atas tiles je kat dapur. 

Gollywolly ni memang mengugat kesabaran, tak cerita lagi.. aku kalau pam susu kat rumah, tetiba die ade kat tepi nak mintak diusap, nak hidu2 badan aku. Pelik dengar bunyi pump kut. Tapi time pump jeee die nak bermanja, kalau time lain tadek pulak nak dekat. Tension gueehhh. 

Anyway... itu sahaja update kucing. Nanti aku update pasal Ajis pulak. Cewah. Macam orang tertunggu sangat. 

Ciao bella. 

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