Friday, August 20, 2010

Bla bla bla

I got the most undesirable itch to shop.

Its like once I had unleash the will to shop, I could not contain it. It had consumed me.I was doing considerably well before. Never really caring to shop but nowadays, I feel like I need to spend.

Before this I mentioned I want to buy some shoes. I manage to stop myself, though the head keep telling that shoes must be bought. Nothing seems to match with the shoes I have now. The shoes must be bought! I manage to contain the shoe temptations, but the other day foray to the Curve is too much for me to resist temptations to buy a new bag I had been eyeing before (what is the correct spelling for eyeing? Or is that not a word?). It is like you suppress one leak and another sprung up from another hole. Hermm... that can be taken wrongly, but apt enough. So got a bag, much to the annoyance of my husband who is thinking that the house can only contain so much bags. At least he doesn't have to pay for them eh. 

Also I am not the only one who love bags in the house. Fasha like them too. I left one of those reusable shopping bag on the floor and she had a great time going in and out of the bag and twisting her head around the bag handles. 

Hmmm. Yesterday, I went through the whole day thinking it was Wednesday. Only time buka puasa that it dawned on me that it was Thursday. I got quite giddy then on the thought that today is Friday! Woohoo! But that's that. Friday, then come Monday again. But what to do then the weekend? I guess household chores! Since tidak berpuasa, inilah masanye kan. And perhaps baking some raya cookies. Kalau jadi. The last raya cookies I try to make, the cookies was so hard it can be made into a weapon.

I am feeling a bit out of it the past week. I think even the past few weeks. I guess it shows in the entries. Unless I got my rage on eh? Even books pon I am only reading it disinterestedly. Apekahhh maknanye ini??? 

Sooo getting out of the me, me, me in this post (what else I ever talk pon).... I am coming up with nada. Even the news I am reading make me yawn. The kes buang bayi ni pon, while I hated the pictures, many people certainly have better views and words on them. I think it stems from culture. Our culture who frowns upon unwed mothers. Our culture who would like the youth to think that children is only possible after marriage. Our culture who oppose the sex education and in turn failing to educate and protect the youth.

I remembered a guy in my secondary school who was supposedly called by the teachers because a teacher found a condom in his wallet. I was thinking then, hey, at least he knows the risk enough to wear a condom and not embarrassed to buy one. I also remembered a few months back, I went into a pharmacy and I was standing next to 2 boys in their late teens (I think they're in college or at the very least form 5) looking through the condoms and feeling bewildered by the wide selection. Hehehe.

Tiba-tiba mahu char kuey teow. Tadek kaitan langsung.


Kasapsky said...

ini mesti kes terlebih tepung... tu yg biskut keras berdentum... haha lama gak xwat kuih raya since 2003. (Sebab tension gak bila penat2 buat kuih raya lepas tu org cakap beli dekat supermaket...! wth).... for my opinion this culture happen cause our parent also. Sebab nabi s.a.w ade bersabda bayi yg baru lahir umpama kain putih. Ibubapanya yg akan mencoraknya. Semua punca dr parent. 1) didikan agama serah kat ustaz/ustazah. Mak bapak lepas tangan. 2) yg jaga dr kecik adalah pengasuh @ bibik, bukan mak bapak. 3) bila dah besar anak antar skolah, cikgu yg asuh, bukan mak bapak. kesimpulannya anak jadi setan pun sebab mak bapak. Reason dia nak tarik perhatian. Sebab bila wat benda baik cam score 8A dlm SPM mak bapak xambil kisah. Tapi bila dah jadi setan baru nak nangis2 nyesal lahirkan anak derhaka. panjang plak komen... hehe cam biasa.

[re-arrange] said...

dils, take a breathe pls. your thoughts are going around. I LOL to the thoughts of condom > char kuey teow? HAHAHAHAHA :P

Dils said...

Biasa la tuh. Didikan agama, tapi kenkadang berlaku jugak. And satu lagi kena support anak jugak kalo anak buat silap, kalau tak supportive jadi la gitu.

Ha ah. Biskut dulu buat tu lebih tepung.

All thoughts must end with food.

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