Friday, October 26, 2012

Hampir sama tidak serupa sama sekali

Aku suke. The top one is the one I bought at Forever 21 ( rase remaja sangat ) before I bersalin. Bawah tu baru je beli dari one blogshop RM 45 aje few days back. Mulberry inspired alexa bag. Beg forever 21 tu I bought sebab macam ala2 Mulberry la.

So I have 2 macam sama sebab I love that style and nak bagi kat orang satu tapi HOIII, I love all my bags, the one yang I bought rm 10 mahu pon Rm1k. Forever 21 punye bag in the pic is 69rm aje. Ehem, setakat ni tadek lagi beg cecah ribu riban. Paling mahal pon I bought RM 300++. Tapi I am trying to extort Prada/MiuMiu untuk my birthday. Muahahahaha (gelak syaitan). I figured my husband totally owe me one.

Mulberry punye tahun ni macam tak cun, tahun lepas punye jugak yg lawa esp the style macam I bought ni. So I am not buying label because of just label dapat 'inspired' pon jadikla ye. Angan2 Prada pon macam ye tak ye je, sebab once bile masuk kedai rase macam nak jerut diri je bile pikir how much money one spend on a branded bag, that in that amount you boleh beli berpuluh bag pelbagai saiz dan warna dari Zara, MNG dan kedai cokia kat Sg Wang.

Monday, October 22, 2012

I wish he was with me longer

Puteh the sweetest cat alive. It had been a year since he left us. With Fasha, I miss her every day, with Puteh, there is a sadness that I didn't have him with me for long before he left. 

He was a gentle soul. You can look it in his eyes. Kadang-kadang if I saw a cat like Fasha, I want that cat, but if I saw a cat like Puteh I want it more. However I am doubtful if I can find a cat like Puteh. Puteh is a one in a million cat. He loves to be around you. Love cuddles. Without realizing, he will plop beside you teman tengok tv. 

I miss you Puteh. I am glad he came into my life. I did saved his life ( ok the vet did, but I bawak and bear the cost). He had severe UTI and was convulsing and unconcious sampainye, and I managed to save him in the nick of time. But it turned out I only prolong his life for a few months because another illness claim him. Also Puteh sampai sekarang hold the record for the most I paid in vet bills in one visit. (Close to 1k ok)

I always consoled myself when I thought of him that ... I did gave him a better life in the last few months. I did saved him for a little longer for him to enjoy a family and a home. 

Sampai ke hari terakhir die mati pon, Kurap tak suke die. Kesian Puteh. However I know he knows I loved him. 

Again he was the sweetest cat. There is no other cat like him, but I sure would like to continue to find. 

Tak berapa nak Puteh,

RIP Puteh.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quick Entry


I haven't done a book review in a while right? That is because I am stuck reading The Bourne Supremacy by Robert Ludlum. The annoying thing about my reading habit is that, USUALLY I will try to persist and finish reading one book first no matter how boring it is before proceeding to the next. The problem with the book is because I don't like the characters.  In the movie the wife was suppose to die kan. I never watch the Bourne movie so I don't know, all I know is that the wife died during the 2nd movie.

So I am now reading the 2nd book and the wife refused to die and damn that wife is irritating as hell, and I cheated and looked at the end of the 2nd book and found out that the wife is still alive (!!!!) and I am like GAH WHY YOU NO DIE BITCH! That bitch basically makes my reading the Bourne series so unpleasant. The character is so ludicrous and you just know it is the type of woman that can only be conjured up by a man. Gah! (but I will reserved more ranting on my reviews nanti).

Of Various Stuffs 

Been reading a lot of mommy blogs sebab macam best la nak tahu perkembangan baby masing-masing and to compare if our experiences are the same. A lot of them do product reviews, and sebab aku malas ni are some of the stuffs I bought during my pregnancy and now.

For stretch marks - I bought Burt Bees Belly Balm. Best woo. I can't stand the smell of food during my pregnancy and do not fancy smelling like cocoa butter (Palmer), used Bio Oil and it was good, though I don't fancy the ingredients ( too much chemical stuffs), L'Occitane one I tested briefly on my hand was too oily and the almond smell (can almond have a smell?) made me scrub my hands raw afterwards so I won't gag. The Burt Bees one is not scented, it feels really good bile sapu it on, and it stays on your skin but does not leave your skin feeling oily. From what I can see I don't have stretch mark well except for tepi area sebab I keep on forgetting to sapu that area. Haha. So, it works, and untuk for it to work, you have to sapu it very early on during your pregnancy ok.

Baby eczema - Not sure if it is really eczema, tapi my little boy skin tepi2 mata die feels rough and looks all red and kinda splotchy (if that even a word?). So I bought Pot of Gold Skin Balm, and try to sapu it on his skin, and to my joy it works! No more redness and his skin is less coarse now. Kalau tak work I am planning to just use olive oil je, so yeay!

Baru beli bengkung kutt, tapi aku malas pakai, bile pagi I am in a rush! So memang tadek masa nak pakai, dengan itu bile nak pakainye la wehh.

Being a klutz

Aku yet again, terjatuh di Midvalley di tengah orang ramai. Member aku cakap, tataw la kenapa dengan aku ni.

Before this my wrist was kinda hurting bile jatuh terduduk di tengah2 Robinson, I broke my fall with my right hand that have the slightly painful wrist. Now lagilah sakit. Bile menaip tak sakit pulak, it hurts if I try to move around my wrist. Super annoying when driving.


Going to bring Gollywolly to the vet soon untuk dikembirikan. Usually untuk kena spayed ni kan, kena shaved bulu perut kat bawah tu. Kurap and Fasha bukan main fluffy lagi bulu perut afterwards. Ni Gollywolly ni dah memang terlebih2 fluffy, tak terbayang aku extra fluffiness bawah tu nanti.

So alang2 bawak the black and white kitty tu untuk spay, I will bring along Bobby to make sure yang betul ke die ade fungus infection. Aku tataw la ape masalah Bobby ni, sentiasa je ade sakit. Ade kucing yang tak puas hati dengan die and hantar santau kut. Jumpa one vet dah, bagi macam ubat anti fungal, tapi macam extra merah and bertambah botak lagi tepi tengkuk and atas kepala die. Cuak kejab so I stop the ubat and will bring to another vet for 2nd opinion.

Nanti gueh update lagi okeh.

Friday, October 12, 2012

1 year

Today is exactly 1 year since this lovely fluffy tabby cat had left us. 
Today also would be exactly 4 years she would be with us, if she is alive. 

She came to our life on October 12th. She left us October 12th. 

Yesterday I was a little melancholy and hugged Kurap and asked if she missed Fasha as well. Kurap mewed back. I think she missed me more. Heh. 

Fasha was my first real cat. Actually it was our cat, my husband and I. It will become my or his cat if she had done something bad, which if you had followed my blog from way back was frequent. Aku masih tak habis lagi letak all those posts related to Fasha under 1 tag, but it was too painful to go through. 

If Fasha was found by me peeing on something I will bebel to my husband " Kucing YOU tuuu, pegi kencing lagi tepi dinding. " Vice versa if he found something. He mentioned once that bile Fasha buat jahat je, it his cat, bile nak manja-manja jadi my cat. 

Fasha taught us a lot. How to really care for a cat. I think I was neglectful in looking out for signs that she was sick, which is how she can't be saved because it was too late when I realized how gravely ill she was. From then on, at the first sign of illness my cats shown, I am super aware. Apart from that, she taught us patience. She was a handful. Many times people around me urged to throw her out sebab die suke kencing merata without any apparent reason. Tapi aku tetap sayang. 

She don't show affection much, but if she's tired and when she was sick she will sought me out at night. 

I miss Fasha every day. Even after a year, my family all remember her antics and speaks about her with affection even though they themselves yang pening dengan perangai Fasha dulu. She was an unforgettable cat. 

Sometimes I dreamt of her, running joyfully into my arm back. Though thinking back on that dream I have to laugh because Fasha always run FROM me rathen than TO me. Bile memalam dulu-dulu selalu kena cari die balik sebab die keluar and whenever I carry her home, she always make that grunting sound cats made when dissatisfied, but she still let me carry her home. She was my grumpy cat. 

I am trying to think of incident that I haven't cerita in this blog, but can't remember any. :( My memories maybe diminishing, however my affection to her have not lessen even in her death.

Love you Fasha. Hope to see you again in Jannah, if God's willing. 

p/s: I will make a separate post for Puteh next week. 

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

First day back

Semalam tadek keje tak sibuk nak blogging. Hari ni ade keje sibuk nak blogging. Apakah penyakit ini..

Yesterday was my first day back to the office, after 2 months ++ of maternity leave and annual leave. Gile liat jangan cakap. Liat-liat pon, sesudah subuh aku dah bangun which is an unheard of things before I have a child. 

Tak kira la before this ko tidur ganas ke, tidur tak kira siang or malam, but once I have little one tu, I can sleep with him next to my chest really close and not move an inch the whole night walhal dulu aku lah champion tidur ganas. Dulu alarm rumah berbunyi macam nak pecah gegendang telinga, I am the only one in the house will not wake up. Ni anak aku dah ekkk ekkk aku dah bangun. Aku pon amazed la. 

Anyway, memula I thought to let the maid mandikan Ajis boy in the mornng. Tapi new maid tu macam kasar sikit handle Ajis bile mandi. Bukan kasar as hurtful, but not gentle, more in a hurry. Aku cakap "lembuttt... lembut-lembut sahaja" .. maid tu sengih je sambil terbalik-balikkn anak aku untuk bersihkan die at the same time anak aku is howling at the top of his lung. (Maid aku tu ada sedikit bengap. Harsh! But true!). Kesian woo. Taknak la baby Ajis terkejut terus dari his mother arm yang aku perlahan-lahan pusing-pusingkan die sambil nyanyi so he won't be startled dari bibik yang dah biasa dgn cara die yang laju terus dimandikan dek bibik hari-hari. At the very least , once a day aku akan mandikan die bile pagi, and only petang je maid mandikan my boy. And bile weekend aku take over. 

I left him around 20 oz of milk, and he drank 16 oz. So in the mean time, harap-harap cukup. In 2 weeks time pon aku akan cuti 1 week, so that time aku akan buat stok jugak. Aminnn.. janganlah rumah aku blackout (kalau ye pon sekejab ajee). 

Anyway the first day for the baby went OK. I sent him, the maid and his buai (dan lain2 brg yg necessary) to my sister house first so my sister maid boleh help out a bit.  I got home bile maghrib and my boy still not asleep. Sampai rumah, maghrib and all...then nak tidurkan die balik, it took me an hour to nurse him. He wouldn't let go. Kesian die but mommy is all tired out! 

As for pumping at the workplace, I was a bit worried because the office don't have that facility. Nasib baik ade new fridge near my cubicle, so that it is easier for me to store the stock. Bile pagi I went to surau (which is empty) for the first pump session. Next is a bit headachey, sebab I dont want to use the surau time zuhur / asar, because the surau is really small and usually it is packed. So I asked around the options are disabled toilet in the office atau toilet at gardens. Ugh, I really do not want that. I went to the Gardens and found their baby changing room, there are 3 rooms. Each have a sink, changing table, jamban and a seat. So that's where I do it. I don't have to be near the jamban and the changing table is the perfect place to lay out all my stuffs while pumping and I can do it while seating (and not sitting on a toilet!). 

So those people yang office die provide those facility, good on ya! 

Today I am really hoping to be home before 7, tapi berangan la dengan traffic. Haha (sobs!)

Ehh.. nak sambung buat keje la.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

2 months sudah

On one hand I cant believe how fast time flies ( back to work soon! Gah! ), on the other... it seems like I had tiny kenit forever. Sebab the only free time is very rarely had, rasenye easier to type in short form. My boy will wake up anytime soon, lepas tu memang tadek la nak blogging.

So what I seen of tiny kenit...

- aku rase die jarang senyum laaa. But the first time he really smiled AT me was last week. That was once and setakat ni tak lagi. Kalo senyum pon senyum pon senyum kat dinding je.

- gelak pon once only setakat ni at something I sing about.

- he still sleep berbuai. Boleh nak tdo without buai but most of the time I have to be beside him. Aku bangun die bangun. He is my shadow la, replacing Kurap. Kesian Kurap, kenot manja macam dulu.

- he sleeps longer now during the night. Thank God. Hope it gets better so mommy can get some rest.

- lepas cukur 31 Aug lepas, rambut die tumbuh dgn lebatnye. Though mafia style cukur bantal die still ade. Kelaka betul la cukur bantal die

- he currently have the sniffles. It is ongoing now amongst all his cousins and die la yg paling last kena. Kesian dak kenit. Brought him to a paeds and it seems he is ok. The doc just gave me a nasal spray if his nose is really congested.

- timbang tadi is now around 5.5 kg. Pantas siot membesar. Bermuscle la lengan aku nanti

- he no longer howls when dimandikan. But that because if I did it. Gently. He dont like to be handle roughly. He still menangis macam kena pukul if I start to pakaikan die baju. Suke bogel2. Penat aku lectured to him that civilized people wear clothes but he still howls in disagreement.

- sedih la nanti die kena jaga dengan bibik and not fully by me anymore. I like it that only I know everything there is to know about him. After this, I have to relinquish control so to speak. Other people hand will help to raise my child. I dont like that notion. Ye. Aku memang posessive..

Ok. Baby ajis still tido. Fuhhh.. memintak la his sniffles is gone, soon and he no longer coughs. Fuhh fuhh. Mintak2 also I also baik from my own sniffles.

Monday, October 01, 2012


Went to a secondhand furniture at JB semalam with the whole family. My momla tu. She just gave away a humongous intricate kayu jati punye almari kaca so rumah macam lapang, aka alasan cari furniture baru. Hikhik. Yg this shop sells furniture secondhand from hotel. My mom berkenan this one sofa bed and she bought it for RM300. Nanti tuka fabric je which I think will cost more than the sofa itself.

Anyway, while there kat luar kedai tu I noticed ade 2 cats. One is a tabby stripe but mcm warna calico another is a black and white kitty who is more white than black. The tabby calico tu nampak like usual stray cat kurus a bit, but other than that seems healthy. The white & black one tu is the most pathetic of all, kurus sesangat. Before I noticed the cats, my sister pointed out a family that have 2 boys and one of the boy was seen kicking the cat. Then anak sedara yang 3 year old tu datang kat I bercerita the same thing. My sister said my nephew saw the boy kicking the cat, lari to the boy and cried out "Janganlahhh". am proud of my nephew who have more humanity in him than the whole family combined.

I had seen the family earlier, the husband and wife are wearing in what I call a douche attire. Polo shirts and sunglasses. And I guess sometimes, kids don't know any better, but if this things happened I will blame the parents who dont set a good example, who dont correct a wrong. And for Muslim especially kena ingat, di akhirat nanti all the binatang whom we mistreated will arise and given voice to say what you had done to them. I guess a reminder to me also to be more sabar with my cats. And I hope I can teach my kids to be compassionate to animals.

Sedih taw hati tengok strays. Especially the blacn and white cat I mentioned earlier. Didnt know which one yang tendang but feeling like the kitteh deserves something better than a kicking that morning, nampak ade kedai runcit depan sikit bought whiskas sekotak and gave them the kibbles, the cat especially yang skinny tu rupa macam tak percaya je they got food. The black and white cat tu makan perlahan sambil pandang kiri kanan, even masa I naik kereta untuk balik they're still eating. Dalam hati I pon berharap la some people there will have a good heart and feed them. Takkan la takde hati and perasaan kut tengok kucing jalan terketar-ketar depan mata and you buat dek je. I guess at the very least if they're made of stone, jangan la pulak tendang the cats. And parents kena ajar their kids to be a good human being to animals, tak kisah la if you like them or not.

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