Saturday, November 13, 2010

Big Bad Wolf Loot: Day 1

So I went pretty early in the morning (10.10 am) and leave early too (10.40 am), since its a working day and all.

Basically the below are what I bought. Around 16 books altogether, though one book, I put it in my husband piles so he paid for it. Hehe.

Julia Quinn books disappeared quickly like hot cakes. Its insane I tell you.  When I first spotted them, there's not many left, so I took all the titles (which I don't have), after 10 mins I walked past the table again, its almost gone.

Super happy that I got Ice Station and Area 7 by Matthew Reilly. I love his books. So thrilling. And can't wait to see what's Pompeii all about. I mistakenly thought Robert Harris = Thomas Harris. Different person, but still if the title is Pompeii, I will buy it.

Was looking for other title by Kate Mosse, but only found this. Bah. Maybe next time.

Do I spy Jodi Picault there? An author I swore I won't read because her books are always so dead depressing or so I heard? Buying it for my sister in Qatar. Hope she likes it. And probably I'll read Jodi Picault once and all, to see if her style suit my preference.

The above there is my piles. That's it.

Those are my husband's piles. Aside from the Bourne series, he picked up a few reference books too. So while I am only content to stay in the fiction realm, my husband is sensible enough to buy books that increase actual working knowledge. Some photoshop and engineering valve and pipes and thingamajits stuffs. He is such a nerd. And he got so excited by all those reference books that he was asking me when we can go back again.

My books = 15 books = RM120. 

Husband's loot = Tak kira sebab not my books I don't care + 1 of my book = RM106 ( I think).

And I am like... ITU AJE? Have to go back and BUY MOAR!

Also the below books are NOT from the BBW sales, but from some obscure sales in Ampang Point for some charity stuffs. You should go there if you like old books from old authors, some books ok jugak price. Not as cheap as BBW but still better than the usual.

Now, aside from the Matthew Reilly and some chick lit and Terry Pratchett there (which cost less than RM 8 I think), aren't those books such OLDIES. Just looked at the cover in Couples. I have a weakness for silly teen romance novels. Correction . 1980s silly romance novel. The one that the cover models usually have Farah Fawcett hair. It is such a joy to read, especially after a stressful week or day. And Doctor Zhivago ! ( I don't really mind if the books are torn as long as it is readable and the price matched the condition). God, I hope I CAN read it. It is such a classic, that I know I have to buy the book.

So that's that. After another trip to the BBW sales this weekend or Tuesday (of course I am going again, do you think 16 books can satisfy me?), I hope I can refrain myself from buying more books at least this year or at most the middle of next year. 

If not I have to check myself into some sorta Books Anonymous.

Note : BBW sales is at Souty City Plaza at Seri Kembangan (I think). More info about the sales, you can get here.


Obefiend Weiland said...

i see some good books

i wept coz i am skint no money to buy


Dils said...

Go there, roam and roam and buy 1 book. See if that would make people look at you twice.

I thought you might approve of the Black Sunday by Thomas Harris. Looks interesting.

Serr said...

aihhh... dah lama cari dr zhivago... tak jumpa2..

collection buku ko ada berapa skang? impressive. macam hoarders, mesti susah nak let go... tapi kumpul buku so takpe :)

Soraya Zainal said...

damn, sangat menyesal dtg after lunch. i want that bourne series and also julia quinnnn!!!

/me nangis

p/s: i will share my stash tomorrow :D

Anonymous said...

dils, jodi picoult plain truth? I hope you don't hate it. it might make u rage reading that topic. :)

Dils said...

You understand why I can't just let go of Dr Zhivago! Its not easy to find such books. When you stumbled upon them, you buy them.

I think I am a little afraid how much books I own. And I totally hoard them.

Aku pegi lagi tadi, ade aje Bourne series. Mungkin sebab dah ke mana2 kut. Susah nak perasan.

And Julia Quinn, were gone AWFULLY fast. Gile la.

I just hope its not too depressing. Because depressing books make me depressed! I can be down for days...

Yeah, maybe will try and see. Tah2 I change my mind and join the Picoult fans league.

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