Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Now on the go?

Noobs at moblogging here. See how reluctant I am to construct long sentences. If I can now just get to login facebook properly. Longer post tomorrow with proper keyboard.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Little bits of here and there

Ugh, Monday here.

Tapi there's only 2 people including moi in this training room today. Usually there are about 11 people. Half the people are in temporary night shift, another suku, on leave, the other suku is ere writing a post, pollutinz ur eyez!!! (Sorry, am currently browsing LOLCATS and getting carried away).

Okeh recapping a few things on weekend.

Oh yes, last weekend manage to get this!

Excellent, aight! Read a bit and will continue after sudah dibalut. Really enjoyed Vol 2. Can't wait to read Vol. 3 and so on. Though like a noob at graphic novels said (can't remember her name), MUST STOP SELF FROM JUST QUICKLY READING TEXTS BUT SLOWLY ENJOYING THE ARTWORK.

On Sunday lunch plak, telah menjamu food prepared by chef dari Carcosa. Hehe! Mekja did a little mini housewarming gathering at her new home and her husband who's a chef la memasak for us. Sedap? Mestilah sedap. Complete with dessert also okeh. Thanks mek. Lain kali buat lagi. Heh!

What else? Oh. My husband coming back from Labuan today after been gone for a week? 2 weeks? But Yeay! Laden with chocs. But the chocolates before this tak habis lagi. I am getting almost sick of chocolates actually. This is his last trip there however, so these are the last batch of cheap imported chocolates we could get in a while then.

And one last thing. Finally finished with watching Angel Season 4. Now in Season 5 and we have Spike! Blondie Bear! Did I tell you I just love James Marsters. (Not loving him so much in Dragonball okeh).

So wrapping up this recap of a weekend or whatevs and will be posting tomorrow. I think...

Good day, mate.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Don't Let the Cat Out of the Bag

Sekali lagi Fasha menjadi model unggul blog ini.

Husband bertanya "You tak nak letak gamba Fasha dah baik dalam belog you?"

Nah. Ni die Fasha. She likes plastic bags a lot. A problem when I am cleaning up my room and in need of a huge ass plastic garbage bag to throw away trash when your cat keeps wanting to dart in and out of your garbage bag. So I gave her another plastic bag for her entertainment.

A plastic fix and she's a happy kitty. Note that there is no longer a collar adorning her neck. We took it off last week and she spent the whole hour grooming and licking herself to oblivions.

Today also is this dude birthday.

Most recent yet blurred photo of the little dude.

You are 1! Yeay!

I am going out in a while to buy him a cake though the cake would mostly be enjoyed by his aunties, uncle and parents.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ranted List Make Simplified

  • I get irrationally angry when there's a group of people in front of me are walking slowly, loudly talking and laughing. I will be thinking "Hurry up or don't move in clusters and block other people's way!!!"

  • I get irrationally irritated when someone sending a screenshots through email or IM using .bmp files. I will be thinking "Are you that lazy to even change the file format".

  • I get irrationally irritated when somebody put a very loud and long ringtone for their incoming SMS for their phone.

  • I get irrationally angry when people ignored my message or calls. But I do that all the time too.

  • I get irrationally angry when I had been standing a while in front of a food stall like a moron while the shop assistants do not care to ask or 'layan' a potential customer but busying themselves with preparing food or walking around aimlessly. I will then walk away and furiously be thinking "Next, birds will be flying smack right into my head and fly away; confusedly wondering what the heck they just smashed into".

  • I get mildly irritated at people who kept on sending me video/Youtube attachments or links. I do not have the patience to wait to download the damn files or waiting it to load. Friends had now learnt it's useless sending those to me. I ignored it. So to others, take heed.

  • I get irrationally angry at those stupid people who keep on calling for us to take up offers to join their privileged/celebrity/exclusive cards thingies. I used to be polite but gave up because honestly, they are not being polite in the first place by obtaining people private phone number and cold calling them.

p/s: So itu je la kut. To be continued when the mood or needs strike.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tadek mood

Jangan kaco.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Food Diaries: JB

Went back to JB last weekend. Sahaja balik bersantai dan makan-makan.

If balik JB my mom will cook up a storm with sajian-sajian seperti rojak, ketam masak lemak, sambal udang, nasi tomato dan pelbagai lagi la. Berat jua akan naik. Tsk.

Also there are a few favorite places that I like to frequent to get my fix on certain food yang hanya ada di JB. Or more like aku rase paling sedap kat situ la. Among the places yang sempat dikunjungi or food yang sempat disantap are as below shown in pics.

The femes goreng pisang at Galeri Mawar. (Kim Florist tu tadek kena mengena). The goreng pisang is being sold at the pondok biru ituh. Nowadays there are also some chairs and tables setup just outside the pondok for people to enjoy their plate of goreng pisang with their favorite drinks ala-ala al fresco.

I think it was famous because the Sultanah like to singgah there to get her goreng pisang fix. It was good la. But not as good as the goreng pisang at the juction to Batu Gajah tu (dekat Tronoh). If that goreng pisang is combine with kuah cili kicap ... sangat best.

Best eaten while being accompanied with a book and teh ais. Heh. Sheema's book to be exact. Takpe Sheema, buku itu sudah dibalut.

At first I thought I would take a pass on the yong tau fu then my husband sound "Nanti bile dah balik KL bising-bising cakap tak bawak gi makan yong tau fu". Wahaha. So we went to Kampung Melayu and was delighted to find that maseh ade banyak lagi. Sangat suke.

ABC Ceklat. Wow wheee! Tapi best jika dikongsi as was too full. Both of us didn't manage to habiskan the ABC. So when we came back dari melantak ABC and yong tau fu adalah sangat kenyang.

Itu je la yang sempat di-snap. The others, makan home cooked meal sahaja.

Other than eating, manage to also catch the movie Dragonball at the Cathay Cineplex. Kinda blah! My viewing pleasure was also diminished by a person sitting in front where kepala die telah memblock 1/4 of my view of the screen. Also there was this obnoxious girl who keeps on giggling and mentioning to her boyfriend of all the stuffs that is also in the comic. Ugh, so you read the comics. So does half of the viewers in the cinema. I don't hear them mentioning it out aloud every 5 minutes. Tolonglah sepak diri sendiri if you are these type of person when watching a movie. Jika mahu berbincang, just wait after the movie and keluarkan all of your knowledge at makan-makan sessions.

All these stuffs just make you feel like buying pirated DVDs je ok. Sakit hati.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What tamadun?

I was hopping and surfing through MSN webs when my eye caught the below headline under a Science page. Wah wheee! Malaysians archaelogical finds highlighted in MSN.

So baca dulu kalau rajin. Saya sambung selepas quote ini.

Malaysian dig reveals ancients were high-tech
Uncovered remnants of an iron smelt dating back some 1,700 years

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Excavations at a site in northern Malaysia have uncovered the remnants of an iron smelt dating back to the third or fourth century A.D., a find that shows the area's early people were more advanced than previously thought, an archaeologist said Friday.

Parts of a furnace used to heat iron and a structure believed to be a house or storage area were found in northern Kedah state, an area that was once home to the Bujang Valley people, said Mokhtar Saidin, the director of the Center for Archaeological Research Malaysia at the University of Science Malaysia. He is in charge of the excavation.

He said a lab in Florida carbon dated some of the material taken from the ancient site and found the sample was about 1,700 years old. He said the margin of error for the test was 40 years.

"This result ... really shows that the Bujang Valley people during that time were very high-tech," Mokhtar said.

Mokhtar said archeologists found iron rods, debris and a nozzle to pump air inside the furnace. They also discovered beads, copper bracelets and pottery at the site.

He said the findings were "totally different" from earlier discoveries of temples in the area, which did not reveal much about the daily life and commerce in the area.

Other than the Hindu and Buddhist temples that have been uncovered, little is known about the people of the Bujang Valley. There is even debate over whether they were an actual civilization.

Harry Truman Simanjuntak, a researcher at the National Research Center of Archaeology in Jakarta who was not involved in the dig, said the dating of the iron smelt to the third or fourth century appears reasonable.

But he cautioned that more evidence must be unearthed before concluding the Bunjang Valley people were an actual civilization, defined by complex hierarchical social and other structures.

"It's too early to say it is a civilization," he said.

Mokhtar argues the Bujang people are a civilization because temples imply a social structure.

Mokhtar said archeologists still had to excavate about 30 other mounds, which were mapped out in a 2007 survey of the area. He said he expected work on the two current sites to take three more months. After that another two mounds may be excavated this year.

Ok. First of all this is all very Zahi Hawass to me. With the highlighted high tech headline news, I am assuming finds kinda like Baghdad Batteries discovery proportions. That you can say high tech. But the discovery of iron smelts which is when the Iron Age in India (I am putting my benchmark there) had already passed and go around 200BC and 200AD which well placed the 1700 years ago marks like... so-so la kan. Like the cautious Jakarta researcher said. Reasonable.

Of course I am not well versed in the ways of Bujang Valley histories and archaelogicals 'thingamajits'. So maybe that is a big thing in SE Asia? But if the people from Bujang Valley come or their cultural and religious views originates from India, then it would not be too far to assume that knowledge of iron used also travels here la kan.

Though I am also very amused when the Indonesian researcher asking the Malaysia's archaelogy director to not reach to a hasty conclusion that Bujang Valley can be constitute as a civilization.

Kinda like

" Eh so you got Bujang Valley and found iron. Big deals. Not a real civilization pon ok. Bukan macam Majapahit atau Srivijaya yang gah itu. "

And the Malaysia goes like

" Yes, it is!"

But like I said. Aku hanya noobs who only have a glimmer of interest in archaelogy. What do I know on the discovery of iron that date back to 1700 years ago or if Lembah Bujang is really a tamadun. Come to think of it I am kinda hazy if during History secondary schools, did the textbooks refer to it as tamadun or not.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fasha's Tail

This is Fasha

She had been brought to the vet to be spayed.

Bile balik die terkinja-kinja mencari pasir (cat litter sand) to do the no. 1. She is a well brought up cat who demanded her own toilet to do her business.

However she had been notti because she kept on licking her stitches so haruslah dikolar. Bile balik dari vet die merajuk and berbaringan di belakang dapur tidak mempedulikan makanan dan minuman faveret yang disediakan.

She hated her collar dan tidak sabar untuk melompat-lompat bersama hornets, wasps, bees, rama-rama di hadapan rumah dan jua frolicking bersama BFF si Tompok kurap di belakang. Sorry la Fasha, this is only for a while yek.

Selepas ini, saya sebagai master Fasha membenarkan kamu (Fasha) untuk membohsiakan diri kepada kucing-kucing jantan di belakang especially 2 ekor kucing oren yang montel yang senantiasa mencari mangsa untuk melepaskan kerakusan nafsu.

So jangan depressed-depressed ye.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Sunday Dissapointment

Am at work! Working on a public holiday.

No biggies really. As I would be getting my holiday 'ganti' on Friday. So Hello JB and delicious Yong Tau Fu!

Yesterday went to Amcorp Mall. Well actually, the real reason is for my husband (yes, he is now back from Labuan for a while) to teach me the routes to PJ area and Amcorp Mall. So the next time if there is a need to go there, I can drive myself without the service of my trusty driver.

So for a change, he was the passenger and I am the driver. As I need to drive my way there to not be lost in the future. Maps and directions don't work for me. I am hopeless with them. So kena la drive there and alang-alang tu singgah la Amcorp Mall to get my books fix at Book Xcess.

Boy, was I dissapointed. I was really hoping to get my hands into Holly Denham's book (the one from www.hollysinbox.com ) but its out of stock. I want to get my hands into Phillipa Gregory princesses and queens historical fictions book. Most of them are out of stocks too. There is also no Matthew Reilly's books. Gah! So there I am turribly dissapointed and my eyes then alighted on Georgette Heyer books! Wooots! 17.90 for one of Ms Heyer Regency Romance book! It cost RM40++ at Kinokuniya, ok. That is a whole lot of bargain!

But I am still raging that Holly's Inbox is not available. That means Kinokuniya. I also want to buy Persepolis really bad. And that cost a lot. Gah!

I may change my mind about the Watchmen comic. Like the movie. Still it didn't compel me enough to read the comic. Tho I had now just learnt that there is a reference to Kitty Genovese story that makes me interested enough to take a peek as I used to seethe reading about that case.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Up to a point

Yesterday morning, I was about to go to work. I was then at the traffic light just opposite my workplace waiting to cross the road and saw this old man pushing his wheelchair next to me. He was dressed in baju Melayu and his left leg is bandaged heavily. One of the little wheel on his wheelchair is kinda senget, so it took a considerable effort for him to push it forward.

It was 9.35 am. Late for work as usual. LOL.

Anyway, trying to not let all those hours long ago watching TV Pendidikan not go to waste, I offered to help the pakcik and pushed his wheelchair across the road. You know, so I wouldn't be traumatised when the light goes RED and cars honking or swerving around trying to not hit him.

When I was pushing the wheelchair I noticed that the bandage was dirty, from dragging his bandaged feet on the road or dirtied floor I think. His dress was dishevelled. He had the appearance and the smell of someone who had not bathe for a day or two. I swallowed my disgust and pushed him onwards.

After I pushed him across the road, he kept on pointing onwards. Obviously he wanted me to go on pushing his wheelchair. Maybe it is a relief for him finding somebody that can give him a break. I obliged and pushed him on while inwardly sighing that I am going to be more late to work. I kept on asking him where he wants to go, but his speech is hard to understand. He kept on pointing forward indicating that I should pushed him further onwards.

After a while I realized this is getting ridiculous. Frankly, I need to get to work as I had a lot of work to get started in and I was late. Also, I am beginning to wonder if the pakcik is going to ask me to keep on pushing him to whatever faraway destination he wants to head to. I asked him "Jauhnye pakcik nak pegi..." (Dalam hati daku berkata "Hint dah bagi dah la tu kan untuk pakcik cakap... tidak mengapa la nak, sampai sini saja.. "), he replied pitifully "Nak buat camne". And honest to God. That is the only thing I understood from him even though he was babbling non stop about taxi, and jalan and God knows what else.

About 10 minutes passed and I feel like being taken advantage of. There should be a clause in helping people! Damn you, TV Pendidikan for not showing what to do when a schoolboy who feel the need to help the helpless at the moment also needs to catch his last bus home or are late for school! Would the boy risked his last ride home and face walking kilometres away! Would he risked helping others when he know the punishment for datang lambat akan dirotan at assembly! Oh! How would he choose?

Though my options are not so direlah. Aku saje je nak drama lebih. But I am itching to get away because frankly the smell is beginning to bother me. And the wheelchair handle feels so melekit2 and icky. I kept on wishing I can go to the toilet and to scrub my hands clean with soap. Then I realized that he would keep on asking me to continue to push him on and frankly my revulsion coupled with the fact that I am already late to work wins through my sympathy and feelings of being a good citizen. Yes. Personal interest for the wins!

I stopped a while and said that I can only push him up just further up and I need to get back. So then I left and flees the scene without looking back! I did hope that another quite free good natured citizen would continue from there onwards and pushed his wheelchair to wherever his heart desire to. Sorrylah pakcik, saya dah lambat.

I did feel guilty for feeling repulsed by the pakcik personal hygiene and overall smells and also for just leaving him to push his own wheelchair. Guess I am just as selfish as any other people. Lepas tu berangan nak join Peace Corps la kan? And my mom wants me to be a nurse? Huhuhu... But... What would you have done? Would you continue onwards eh?

Monday, March 02, 2009

Rumah Patung

So now I had watched 3 episodes of Dollhouse.

So far so good I say.

Okay, for those not in the know. A little summary. Dollhouse is a new series from Joss Whedon (who created series like Firefly, Buffy and Angel). Its about an organization providing 'specialized' agents to clients who requires certain requests. These agents (called Actives) will be given various personalities and skills necessary to complete their assignments. After their assignments had been done, their personality, skills and memories of their assignments will be wiped clean. So the agents themselves when not in their assignments mode, is just a blank slate., escribed as innocent children walking around. (The Island clones come to mind when I heard it). Here, Eliza Dushku character is Echo.

The pilot episode was a bit underwhelming. You kinda goes like "Hmmmmm. Ok". The first eps deals with a distraught father whose daughter was kidnapped. So he hired one of this Actives (of course its Eliza Dushku) as a negotiator. The stories and all seems OK. But I was kinda pissed when the father kept on pushing the Actives and why should they be good enough, what is their emotional drive to be a negotiator. Gah! Kalo you keep on questionings, why not just pay for a real negotiators.

The 2nd episode was badass. It was a pretty thrilling episode. Love it. Reminds me a bit of "Wrong Turn". (A movie about cannibalistic family that hunts down E.D and friends). This episode supposedly was to be the pilot. But they were worried people might not totally understand the whole concept of Actives so they remake the pilot and this episode is shoved to number 2. Though it was a bit confusing trying to keep up with the characters and what they do or suppose to do, I have to say that this episode is actually far better served for a pilot.

The third episode is where Echo have to be a sort of bodyguard to a pop star singer. The weakest episode of the three, but it have one of the few best moments and really surprising revelation here. And I love it when a series had a totally "OMG that's what?" moments. Not many shows manage to do this convincingly.

The show is a bit shaky I'll say. But so far it is far better than a few new series these seasons. (This season is a pretty bad seasons for new series). A few of flawed writings. Like they set up an idea but it did not manage to pull through. And I am still waiting for Eliza Dushku to widen her range a bit than just badass mode. Her negotiator role is OK at best. However, I love the idea behind this show. So far the show is a procedural show, but I think it is in the stage of finding its footing. Just like Buffy did!

I do hope they would shown other Actives in their assignments. It would provide some variety to the show a bit.

Macam biasa, I will keep on watching until the end or its premature end. Whichever come first.

p/s: I love Boyd! (He is Echo's handler/bodyguard)

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