Sunday, April 30, 2006


I just got back from my trip to Vietnam. Goodbye Vietnam, Hello Malaysia.

This is just a short note since I am a tad bit tired and also am not feeling well. Feverish and flu-like symptons; complete with runny nose,headache and sore throat. It is soooo like me to catch some type of disease when holidaying. My antibodies just always failed to bid my command. Which is to fall sick only during work days. Sigh~

It felt a little weird. Woke up in another country and am about to go to bed at home in KL. My feet are aching from all that walking during the trip but also had somehow managed to reach the weight of a baby mammoth. Damn holiday mood which make me tend to gorge in food. Hey, it rhyme!

Night. Or morning.

Oh yeah.Happy Liberation Day, Vietnam.

Monday, April 24, 2006


I will not be here for almost a week. Starting from tomorrow. Yeay~ Am going to a brief holiday trip. So will not be here to reply to your comments. Maybe I can, but we'll see. (Did you notice that I didn't say blog? Since I am not the type of person who writes daily updates anyway!)

Looking forward to the trip tomorrow, so I am being lazy at work today. Ok. I am always lazy. But who cares... its I am always without holiday, so this should be NICE. But I wish I can do without the airplane ride. I hate airplane. Its not the fear of my airplane crashing. Even though I should fear it, but the chances I would be murdered on my way back from work is far greater than an airplane crash.. So I don't give it much of a thought. Its only, well. Okay. I am prone to travel sickness/motion sickness. Really bad. It take me several days to recover sometimes. I love and love to travel though. So that prove to be a conflict with me. Sigh.

Isn't it cool if someone have the tool to transport human like Star Trek (what the exact name eh?). Zap! They're off to another place. That would sooo save fuel and imagine., no traffic jam. Can get into Orlando Bloom house without any problem. All guys too would suddenly appear in Pamela Anderson or (insert name of favorite celebrities to drool over) bathroom when they wanted to take a bath. But of course in reality, if that were to happen all of the molecules in our body would be disintegrate and we would probably arrived there in 1 billion pieces. Yeuch.

This goes the same for the roller coaster or any other thrill rides. The puking thing I meant. Not the Zap of you goes thing. 360 degrees turn, Solero Shot , defying gravity stunts rides and all is very exciting. I like that and I don't think I fear it. However the thought of it makes me green. Literally. I don't fancy to find myself throwing up all over my clothes and the seat of my roller coaster ride. No, sirree. I rather keep my throwing up habit very classy. In a toilet bowl where it should belong.

Soo.. laters!

Note: Nik Ruziawani (or as known in our batch as Gie) a dear friend was involved in a car accident yesterday. Please pray for her recovery. Also received words that she had now regained conciousness again after her operation and should be OK.

Monday, April 17, 2006

So lets shout out aloud

Lets blog.

Easier said than done since I am having a bloggers block. Bah. I hate when that happens.

Anyhow, while everybody else is having fun at Pesta Muda Mudi Indonesia which I opted not to go for no particular reason at all , cough , I went to KLCC to shop. I know it will be crazy with the PC Fair and all. But a girl got to do, what a girl got to do. Even if it means braving KL weekends traffic alone. I hate driving in the weekends. The peoples are either too fast or too slow. As that what happens when one small red car which drove 40kph in front of me at the MR2 . I have problems to overtake because 1) the cars on the right are speed happy and whizzing away like crazy 2) My eyes suddenly went berserk and started to blur and went watery. So between wiping tears that have no place to be there in the first place (since I am not at all sad or crying ) and trying to overtake an impaired car, I was really frustrated.

Went I managed to overtake, the damn red car had actually the impudence to suddenly speed ahead. Zoommm.. off he goes. While I found myself stuck at the middle lane with a really slow Mercedes this time. I was thinking. Karma. This must be karma. I want to cry out of the window.. "but you are Mercedes, damn it. Act like one". But I just went behind the red car again since it is obviously now are speeding on for God knows what reason. Probably his car is reaaaallllyy slow in picking up. Or probably he is just trying to piss me off.

I went to KLCC and parked inside since the car park outside is jam packed and the parking attendant is already shoo-ing peoples away. Don't have much difficulties finding a place to park inside. Suprisingly. Yups yups. FYI, tis my first time driving alone to a shopping mall and park my car. I am horribly inept at parking, so it is with trepidation I went there. See how powerful the needs to shop is to a girl. But everything went A OK

I won't bored you to bits on how I shop . Its the same with any other shopping trips. Buy things , waste money, am richer in worldy goods but poorer in bank balance.

Before I went back home, I went into the magazine shop next to Rotiboy to buy The Star newspaper. There was a portly man standing right in front of the newspaper rack. Hence blocking my views and access to the newspaper. I then said "Excuse me," hoping he would move his ass aside. He turned to looked at me, positively beaming. He apologized profusely and grinning while I pointedly ignored the creepy man and look for my newspaper. Then suddenly I felt a hand patting my arm saying "Sorry ar, sorry ar.. I am really sorry,"

I almost exploded at that since what's give him the right to touch me even though he is indeed sorry and are apologizing. Its not like I killed his pet kittens and feed it to the dogs. I looked around and noticed he had fled. He probably noticed the murderous glint in my eyes and opt to get away before I shouted at him.

Anyhow, nothing untoward happen afterwards. Everything is fine and I proceed to go back home ,open back my computer and replaying the scene from Greys Anatomy where it have Dr. McSteamy. Yups. He is indeed McYummy.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

2 years now

Well, blog. You are 2 year old. Yeay. Yeay.
Sidenote: I do not bought my blog a cake. This Birthday Cake was guiltlessly consumed by us during Gohan birthday actually

If it is alive and breathing, it had now learnt to run around semi naked at my house wearing my high heel shoes. Wait. My almost 2 year old niece , had just done that this morning.Well if my blog is my baby, it would do the same too.

It had been 2 years today since I started this blog. It goes from purple to pink then purple again, to briefly gray and now it is cyan. (As most of you manly guys called that. I just called it green-blue) . I changed the title so many times, I forgot what it is called initially. However Dils Stop had always remain the main one. I was not that creative when picking up a title. Dils Stop. Go Figure.

Well, I started this blog as a means to express my feeling out. You know.. I kinda like.. well. Blargh. Well let just say. The getting out to the open and expressing my feelings thing? Kinda sucks. So I like someone then. A lot. And yeah. Maybe I still do, even though it is kinda hard. Wait. What this gotta do with my blog? Well, duh~ This is suppose to be my outlet regarding that, at first. You know. Me being ditzy and stuff.

However being a complete ditz somehow don't quite suit me . So to preserve my sanity and some of my dignity when talking to the person, I typed about something else and then almost everything. Until now. And no. I am still not telling. So end of story there.

The blog was meant to be like an online journal. But peoples who write unrestrainedly are to be applaud. It is hard to write things that are painful to you. So I write in metaphors. Then it become just a simple pleasure, simply because I enjoyed blogging. And I enjoyed reading other blog oh so much.

It introduced me to new friends. It help strengthen some of my friendships. It made me much more aware on various peoples opinions. It is kinda like a forum since we thrived on silly lil comments and shoutbox. And in some ways, Friendster too. Where we know each other updates on life without the boring question, "How are you doing today?".

Remembered when at school, my teacher asked us to do like a journal on " My Homework and What I had learned today" . ::Gag & Puke:: Really ar. Some teachers who try to be too creative can just utterly failed. It is bad enough we have to do essays like " How global warming is affecting the world..." 5 times in 6 months (yawn... scribble ....fall asleep), but to actually write about what the many homeworks we got and what education facts that had been pushed down our throat for today?

I used that particular homework journal book to doodle and draw Walt Disney cartoon at the end.

Now blogging. That is just fun.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


So today I am fat. Oh yeah. Peoples tell me so many times I had lose some weight. Yet. In a few days , I can gained all the fat I had been trying to lose for a few weeks.

You know what? I blamed the media for this. Of course , every girl with a lil excess fat does. I just join in the bandwagon . Its definitely not my fault. No. No. So I indulged in KFC and other fast foods. Big deal. (Big? How ironic my choice of words).

I bet if this was 16th century, I am all the rage. Painters like Raphael and Michaelangelo would pay me obscene amount of money to model for them, I could be Mona Lisa. Yeah yeah. The sky is the limit, but my imagination knows no bounds. But anyhow, had you guys ever seen medieval or Renaissance nekkid chicks painting? I meant. They are huge. They are no object of beauty. To us. To guys 500 years ago, these women push their button. To them, they are beautiful. Of course then the men also only think that these beeg beeg girls wil produce em beeg beeg bebe boys to carry on thy family name . Maybe 21st century ain't that bad either.

But I think all this hype about being thin. It is all like trends. So 500 years ago, it was all trendy to have big hips, rounded waist, fat legs. They certainly don't look hourglass to me. Then the stick Twiggy came with her miniskirt and bikinis ,40 or 50 years ago. Boom!~ Downhill goes all the fat women. Today , to be beauti-fool you have to have legs like pole, sunken cheek, no waist, and rid of all fat. (Even the one that were suppose to keep you alive)

Does this stick thin figures wandering around red carpets ever like, eat. So many of them claimed to have really high metabolism. Most of the female artist chirps "Ohhh... I eat whatever I want. So nooo. I don't have any eating disorder. I meannt like, Hellooo? It is so uncool to have like erm.. bulimia." While of course we know they are lying since the paparazzis had taken so many pictures of them but the only pictures we saw when they are feeding themselves are only liquid or salad. It must be nice to have alllll those money but eat rabbit food at famous Italian restaurant. Probably they just went there for the view.

Shrugs. Given the choice, red meat or baby carrot for dinner? You know what? I rather have red meat. What can I say, I am just a sucker for good food. Being thin is I guess a no.2 priority. Yups. I will try to be thin, right after I finish this packet of Lays. Yups yups. Crunch crunch~~

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hello. Are you there?

Damn it. Sometimes some peoples just get on my nerves.

I feel too much of a rage today. So I just give an example below.

The Hello Are You There type. I had just picked up the phone.

" Hello, XXX speaking . Welcome ..."
" Hello! Hello!" . The customer from afar shouted
" Hello, yes. How may.." . I was cut off.
" Hello, Are you there? Hello?" . He shouted again.
Deep breath. Probably bad line. Probably a little deaf.
" Hello. Yes. I am here. " Rolled my eyes upwards. Not again.
" Hello, this is (some blardy name) from.. Hello. Are you there? Hello "
" Yes. I am still here" . Tapping my finger on the desk impatiently.
" Okay. Yes. I have a problem with... Hello. Hello." Does he have like a disease to say Hello for every one second? The line sounded good. And he can hear me. I don't even have the chance to speak much , since he is Hello-ing away so much.
" Yes. I am listening" . Gritting teeth now while saying this.
" Ah yes. Well.. I have problems with ... Hello... Hello" I am happily throttling him in my mind.

I swear. If he was in front me, I would have smashed his head into the floor.

K-ran is the champ with filler words. This is the case where I think you need to enter every oh ah and hmmm into every seconds of the conversation. Ever heard patience? How can I know what you want if I don't listen and talk at the same time?

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