Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday is a shopping day

Am going to spew nonsense.

  • I kept on thinking that my husband is going to be back to Malaysia on next month, but actually he's only going to be back in March. Lama okeh. In the meantime, I am still ronery with the 2 cats, but weekend had been busy. Ni baru je buat plan shopping with office mate for the upcoming holiday. 
  • Since CNY celebrations is upcoming, there had been a lot of Yee Sang consumed. And I loved Yee Sang! I love those onions bits, the crunchy bits and tiny bits of carrots and whats not. A Yee Sang session had just finished and I had already tapaw the uneaten ones in a bekas to be eaten at home tonight. Hehe. 
  • Also what is happening with Lindsay Lohan face? She is younger than me but her face now looks old and busted. Why do people think that fat lips looks great on them. It obviously looks weird on her. The only person who have some success plasticfying herself I think is Ashlee Simpson. For the simple reason that she knows when to stop.
  • And tomorrow off to Penang for a girls weekend trip! Am so excited! Even if we don't get to do half the things that we planned, the journey alone is worth it. 
  • Oh (topic entry terlupa pulak) was out lunching and shopping with the office mates time Friday lunch hour. As usual, Friday nye lunch mesti lagi panjang dari biasa. Bile tak banyak keje rase seronok je jalan-jalan bukan? So we went to see the MNG and Zara clearance sales. Jacket yang dijual adalah sangatttttt lawa dan tempting, however I deferred from buying just because, there's a lot of things I need to buy first! Buying things for trip that I may or may not go to, macam tempting fates. Tunggu ticket di tangan! So only bought things for my sis, (and 1 thing for me) for cosmetics for Stage since they are currently selling lipsticks, foundation, lip gloss and various for only RM18. And tudung Arzu. I like Arzu. Ariani terlalu mencekik darah for me .
  • I'd been reading the Parti Kita matlamat and so forth and not exactly impressed yet, but when I saw who's the president I am intrigued. When I was stranded in The Curve without money at one time and no place to go, I parked myself at Borders and manage to finish I Am Malay, Too by Zaid Ibrahim at one go. I like what the book says since what I suspect of what Mahathir really was and Abdullah Badawi parallel with his thoughts and perception. If he manage to stay classy and not go through the PKR path, he might get my vote. Both PKR and BN antics these past 4 years had been really nauseating to watch, so we'll see.
Later. Work acoming.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Tuesday


I had just made an arrangement with the boarding to board the 2 cats for the CNY. The more expensive one sebab aku malas pikir. But for my other planned long holiday, dedua makhluk berbulu have to do with the least expensive one aje ok.


My arms adalah sakit sebab ghairah duk main Wii Tennis. I won a Wii in the office lucky draw last week. Squeal. Squee. Such good luck because I had just been contemplating to buy one. I was jumping up and down when receiving the prize. The grand prize was an Ipad. I could care less. But katakan if I won an Ipad, terima ajelah dengan hati terbuka bukan?. The Wii is the runner up. I had been eyeing it when I noticed it on the table. Imagine my glee when my number is called. Woot woot!

Dan dengan itu my brothers adalah also super excited and he will be house sitting and cat sitting this weekend while I am away to Penang for jimba-jimba. He can now spend uninterrupted hours playing Wii Tennis.

Cats and Wii!
Still in topic of Wii, kucing-kucing adalah annoying when I played. I put the coffee table away so I have ample space to move around. But when the cats saw the empty space, both of them lie spread eagled on the middle the floor. And so it is like I had not put away the table because in place of the table is now the 2 cats. Staring at me balefully while lying down. Daring me to step on them while swinging the hand console. Salah seekor sudah menjadi mangsa kena pijak. But she still do not want to move.


I am just about to finish the Grimms Fairy Tale. It'd been a long journey for me to read those. Since it is a collection of short stories, so you don't really care to finish it at one go. Also Grimm's is just nice for the before to bed read since one story length is just about one page and half in average. I couldn't review Grimm's because there are hundreds of story in there, and some I had already forgot. It all seems the same since many stories seems to repeat itself.

p/s: Sebab malas most of the pics is directly from my tumblr.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sundays at Tiffany's & Necrophenia

It'd been quite some time since I posted some poor ass excuse of a review for books I'd read.

Let's get rolling~

I will start with Sunday's at Tiffany's.

I started the book on Monday kut and finish today. Super fast because it is a light fluffy read. The story tagline is something like " What if your imaginary friend was your one true love."

The summary goes like Jane is a love deprived girl who used to have an imaginary friend name Michael. When she grew up, she meet her imaginary friend again and fall in love.  (the summary is longer than that, but that's the summary of the summary)

Now that tagline itself captured me because all of those planned novels I planned to write when I feel like writing them (which is like never), one of the novels reminisce to this. So I am intrigued. Will the story is similar to how I envision mine would be? Would the story be delightful, lovely, haunting? I bought the book without discounts and in full price of RM34.90. I wonder why the books that I bought without discounts usually turn out to be disappointing books while RM10 books seems to surprise me.

And I am getting ahead of myself here. Yes, I am disappointed by the story. Maybe because I had high expectations to it. I expected that a published writer would surpass my expectations on what I expected on how this kinda story unravels. That sounds complicated, but totally what I meant.

When my sister asked what I think of the book? I mentioned "Weird". It's weird. And when I finished reading the book another word came to mind : "Cheesy". I wondered if James Patterson or the co-author Gabrielle Charbonnet are suitable to write about romance. Because everything fell flat in the book. The characters, the descriptions, the feelings. Writing romance is different from crime procedurals I guess. There are so much lacking here.

I never have any sympathy for Jane or Michael. I don't feel the closeness of their bond even though it seems to stress upon this point consistently throughout the book. In fact I kept on thinking, 'ehh it seems like weird'. When they came together, it seems abrupt. Basically I don't feel butterflies or even a tinge of a single butterfly flap which makes the whole experience of reading romance novels as flat. I like reading romance. I like the tentative first kisses. I like the passionate clash of first kiss. Those makes me happy. Reading it here, I'm like 'meh'. 

The good point, the book does not meanders. It goes on. It knows the plot, it goes from one scene to another seamlessly. It asked you to suspend disbelief. Just go along with the ride. I am down with that. I can take a most ridiculous story with the most ludicrous plot and read it and believe it. And it is a light fluffy read. Great for the in between times when you are stressed out. However a romance novel that can make a reader goes "Meh" is not a good romance novel reading experience make.

Now for Necrophenia. How do I start.

I started to read the book in November. I finished it last week? Maybe it was due to my past hectic work in December but I was a slow reader for this book. I can only manage a page or two for a day.

A summary of the plot I carelessly lifted from some website that actually lifted it from the back of the book:

ONE IN EVERY THREE PEOPLE LIVING IS ACTUALLY DEAD! It is a matter of historical record that during the latter part of World War II, England's top-secret Ministry of Serendipity enlisted the services of arch-magician Aleister Crowley to create a Homunculus. Why? Well that's a long story, spanning almost seven decades as it follows the life and career of Tyler, rock star, private eye - and notable for the fact that he almost saved Mankind. The cast of millions also includes ukulele maestro George Formby, Mick Jagger, Mama Cass, Elvis Presley and Lazlo Woodbine. And Tyler's brother, Andy, who impersonates animals (and who single-handedly brought about the Swinging Sixties). And a lady named Clara from Croydon, who unlocked the meta-phenomena of the Multiverse. And a corner shopkeeper from Brentford, who created a sitting room for God. And a great many living dead. Oh yes, and it also involves a monster in human form whose intention it is to turn the Earth into a Necrosphere, a planet totally devoid of life

If you are bewildered reading the summary above, you should try reading the book. Many mentioned it as funny. It does have its funny moments occasionally. But the plot. Dear God, where do I start. 

Let me say this. I believed that the author write this book while he is all cracked out from cocaine and high from weeds and drunk from whiskey. All at the same time. Maybe he's not. Maybe when he type the story he wrote it in a posh office while smoking pipes during the winter with a hot tea beside the computer, but that is the impression that I got when reading it. 

It absolutely meanders. It goes from one point to another point, needlessly long. It rambles on and on and on. It started with Tyler when he was in school then without realizing it, you yourself are unsure how long the time had passed and Tyler are not too sure too. Tyler is not likable, but he is not meant to be likable, but there is no other characters for you to hang on to except Tyler. And Tyler himself is flung from one point to another helplessly to his and my indignation. And by the middle of the book, I myself am not sure what's going on and just give up and just read. I really can't describe the story because it really does goes from one place to another in a dizzying speed without reason or explanation.

It is not a traditional book. The writing is stellar but prepare to go on a ride. I was bewildered reading the book. Throughout the book. While I mentioned at my review for Sundays at Tiffany that I can take a ridiculous plot. I do, but maybe this is too much of a ridiculousness for me. I had not yet give up Robert Rankin yet. Maybe I'll try another book by him. This book; like the character love to say in the book, speaks too much toots for my taste. 

I am however intrigued for the male readers like rearrange or obefiend. If they read this book, can they go on reading it and would they enjoy it?

p/s: I edited somethings afterwards sebab ade macam ayat tertinggal. Maklumlah. Blogging senyap2 time opis hour.

Monday, January 17, 2011

An intro to ballet for Dils

Last Saturday, I got to watch ballet.

There were no picture of the performance because you are not suppose to take pics of course and aku pergi sensorang aku malas nak camwhore kat area Istana Budaya.

Nah gamba poster. Pic credit to :

It was amazing to see the ballerinas dance. It was not a full ballet performance act. More like a medley. We got several ballet solos taken from several performances from various people. One really long interpretative modern dance kinda thing which bored the hell out of me yet I've got to admit there are some really impressive dance works. I am never going to watch interpretative dance even if they're free. Also we got almost the complete performance of Cinderella, it is more of neoclassical which is kinda fun and beautiful and the heroine was played by a ballerina that kinda reminded me of Summer Glau (and if you nerds don't know, she used to be a ballerina and her first appearance in TV is in Angel playing a ghost ballerina).

All in all, I really enjoyed it. It was amazing. It is like I can't believe the amazing gracefulness, energy that they got to leap and prance and just dance. Even the male ballet dancers. (Are they called ballerinas, because if you say ballerinas stick thin girls with pink tutu came to mind). I mean looking at them, you can't say they look effeminate at all. In fact the tight. The tight. THE TIGHT! You can see every contour on the legs clearly (and my sit is like 5 rows from the stage), and when the guy went to the edge of the stage to play their character I am too embarassed to look because OMG I want to stare if they are wearing cup or if I can see their 'wood' clearly. The thing is male ballet dancers are incredibly hot, looked sexy and masculine, especially the tight wearing one. (ehem, especially the Japanese ballet dancer who is incredibly incredible and have the cutest buttock I ever seen. I imagine firm too. But enough objectifying, he is really talented even to my amateurish eyes. Based on the amazing applause he gets, I must be right or the women there agreed with me wholeheartedly with my other views). Haha. I sound like a horny audience, maybe I am, tapiiiiii bile di depan mata harus lah tengok. 

Ok. So end to my panting after hot ballet dancers. This now makes me a fan of ballet. I was never bored (except for the modern dance). It really was beautiful. I love it. I noticed at Istana Budaya calendar programme they got another ballet performance which is the popular Swan Lake on May. I am so there.

p/s: Mula2 ingatkan nak gabung sekali entry pasal buku dalam post ni, tapi tak sempat dan panjang dah post ni. Later. If I remembered or kerajinan melanda.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Maybe I'll  just put Friday for a day for me to be just be random. 

I like waking up today. I woke up and found the 2 makhluk berbulu lying nicely at the side of the bed, waiting for to wake up. I quickly closes my eyes, and found that they seems lazy to care if I woke up. It must be the gloomy cool morning weather. Since usually if they sense I had woken up they'll quickly pounce at me to bring them downstairs so they can eat and pooed and be merry.

Got a busy weekend ahead of me. Few errands to do, that required driving around the Ukay Perdana - Wangsa Maju area. And I hate errands that required me to drive. Aku malas pikir mana nak park. I still firmly believes that I am unable to park properly, even after all these years. And the only mishap I encountered was just with some poor unassuming pillars. Tak gores kete orang lagi setakat ni. So for that I'm thankful.

Going to see ballet tomorrow and gonna be alone. OMG. I hope it does not sucks and I hope people would not wondered why am I alone. Like people care. 

I have incredible amounts of laundry to go to. Washed and unwashed. And I sometimes I think I need to go over my wardrobe and rethink my style, but saying 'my style' is only forcing me to guffaw because I never had any style. I just wear whatever cheap or/and quirky. Or cheap and/or boring. Basically overhaul the wardrobe and try to get rid of clothes I rarely wear. Which is hardddd. I tried that once. It goes like out of 100 clothes in there, only 5 I chose to throw out or give away. And some of the clothes in there I haven't wore for years, but I goes like , I'll wear it. When Dila? When? 

And stop buying clothes as if I can go to a fabulous scenes with because I am facing reality here. I am old. I basically have like 5 friends I regularly go out with and we all like boring stuffs like eating at home and watch series/movies at home. But I like quirky clothes. Maybe I can wear these fabulous clothes at home while watching series while my fab cats spread their fur on my fabulous clothes. Kinda like Heather and Jessica at GoFugYourself always mentioned that they always want to wear floor length sparkling Taylor Swift dress while blogging. Honestly, that will be cooool. And slightly insane. But I totally approve...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random cerita dapur

So...( directly sambung dari post di bawah) due to my disastrous attempt at making wheat muffins on Friday , aku rase tak puas hati. Aku dah semangat nak makan baked good hasil buatan sendri ni. Tapi malas nak buat muffins lagi sebab aku dah run out of all purpose flour (yang disyaki telah melebihi expiration walaupon expiration date belom sampai lagi), so tinggal biskut. And nak aku bake biskut guna oven kecik memang la menguji kesabaran. Sanggup lagi aku mandikan kucing aku 2 kali. 

Tinggal la shortbread. Jeng, jeng, jeng. So I bake myself two batch on Sunday. First batch adalah hangus sama skali sebab letak temperature over 20C over the recommended dan lama lak tu. Second batch turned out all right, walaupon pada gambar adalah tidak unappetizing, tapi percayalah habis ditelan abang ipar dan anak buah. Alah.. bolehla makan.

It looked crumbly, but it's not.

Outcomenye: boleh buat lagi! Yeay. Cuma kena kurangkan gula sebab aku rase manis sangat. Tapi sebab itu I think the kids suke kut. Sebab manis. Yang husband rekemen suh buat stail yg coklat pulak bile die balik nanti.  

Oh and sepatutnye aku kena potong sebelom masukkan shortbread tu dalam oven tapi lupaa, dah masukkan seminit dua baru ingat. So lepas keluarkan dari oven sementara die masih soft, cepat2 potong.  

Ini jugak membuatkan aku trase macam nak beli oven yang besar so aku boleh buat cookies banyak2, so that aku boleh makan sambil tengok tv dan menjadi lagi bulat. 


Saturday, January 08, 2011

wheat muffin.

FTW? Not.

My muffins look exactly as in the pictures in the recipe book. But the taste? Ugh. I felt like gagging.

I don't know if using wheat flour it makes it taste cardboardy, or maybe perhaps I am doing it wrong (most probly). What I do know, i'm not attempting to bake cakes or muffin using wheat flour again even if the recipes called for it.

I should've gone with my first instinct and blended the apples to make it a filling to the muffins instead of just stirring the chopped apples in the flour ( as in the recipe ). What a waste of ingredients.

Hoh. Penat je baking.
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Friday, January 07, 2011


The title, so shout and short eh.

What I want to update about. Let's do it in bullet points. Easier to think that way! Hait2.
  • Been watching Hotaru no Hikari and loving it. Someone had recommended it to me years before, but I couldn't be arsed to 'dl' the stuffs, then I found the direct download link and been watching the whole series and LOL-ing hard throughout.
  • I am tremendously excited tomorrow because I'll be meeting up with the girlssss... I am always excited when meeting up these batch of friends. And hopefully exploring new place to eat, because we kept on always defaulting to D'Kayu untuk makan? Hoh. 
  • Found 2 manga site to replace onemanga for some of those manga that'd been licensed. The first one I found is ok enough, but the scans job is kinda poor, the other one is excellent all around. The scans is extremely clear. I love it. Nak tahu ? Sile DM saya di Twitter. 
  • And so I am reading Honey & Clover the manga. As per usual the manga isss wayyy better. Seperti Gokusen where the manga > crappy procedural jdo (except for first season). ( I seriously love Gokusen manga and will absolutely buy if I can find it since I'd read it like 3 times all over again ) And I like the heroines enough and I do not feel like slitting my wrist like the last shoujo manga I read ( I refused to remember the crap). 
  • And, I think I would like to buy an external hdd la. Probably next month. Senang untuk bertukar series. I am always behind when it comes to storage technology. When everybody is toting around USB, I am still using floppy disc. Sedih kan. Nowadays, everyone is using external HDD and I am still using USB?
 That's that. I think if sempat this weekend, I'll be searching for a case for my phone. I'd been carrying it around in my tote pouch. I got the pouch for free when I bought Kotex. Walaupon ade "Kotex" in front, (not so tellingly), tapi it is cute, so what the hell eh.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sudah beli phone baru

 Yosh, yosh.

Setelah seminggu duk pikir-pikir. Last2 the one that I decided upon was

 And since a few asked about the price, I bought it at Midvalley for RM2199.

Out of budget la kononnye kan (I mentioned this in my previous post). Tapi berkat duit overtime and my husband generously supporting half of the price, I thought what the heck, I like the phone enough, why not buy it. Terima kasih, kekanda suamiku yang jauh disana. And no, you may not trade your Iphone with my HTC.

I haven't got time nor have look through enough the phone to give a proper review. But so far I am loving the phone, (kalau dah price macam tu kena la suke kan). I like typing on the physical keyboard. 

Mende stiker kuning tu plastik kover keyboard aku malas buang.
Typing on the onscreen keyboard, in vertical mode is a dream too. So far no mistake yet when I type. The onscreen horizontal one is a bit leceh, but probably because I'd gotten used to the physical keyboard. 

So like I said before, not gonna do a whole lotsa review. I mean, you can just google it. Maybe just mentioned a few things. The notifications of the things gets some getting used. I was used with blackberry one, so at first I am kinda like wishing it is like blackberry. But so far its going ok. All notification is at the top of the screen, as usual per Android standard. I like the 7 home screen, which selepas menggodek2 baru aku taw camne nak customize it to make it my own. Aku memang blur like that. 

The email is a bit blah, but like I said, most probably just getting used to. But so far I like the features in there. It is easy. Configuring the Yahoo mail tho, is a bit of a pain. Have to google a bit to find what's wrong but I manage to setup it in no time. 

The only thing that I felt it is lacking is the FB app for Android, where I can't tag people with pics whereas I can do that easily on my BB. Other than that, I am satisfied. I'm sure I'm gonna find something that make me feel 'argh', but in the mean time I'll attribute it to, getting used to the phone.

One thing that I really like about the phone is the abilty to used the effects for picture taking

Now before taking pics, you can choose quite a number of  effects you want, and one of those is those cool "vintage" effects. It got 3 altogether. I had not been snap happy for the moments, but these are a few of the one I captured the other day.

This was taken with "Vintage" effect
This was with "Vintage warm".
Taken with "Vignette" mode

Also, there is a few other filters to choose too, if you want to edit the picture for later. The gallery pics is the one that is a bit annoying. I have to touch a particular pic lightly for a few sec, to get the list of options to do for the pics. Because sometimes if you tap it none too gently, it open the pic and you have to tap on the Back button again to bring up the 'Edit' mode. Tapi maybe after a while, I'll get accustomed to it.

So tak payah download Instagram for Android? Malas jugak nak mendownload extra apps ni. So in term of camera filters, this could do for a while. I like it. I had even setup a tumblr account for it. Ho yeah. 

What else? Oh, I'd been interestedly looking at the Android Market, since my last phone was a bit buggy with the "App World". During the first day I got the phone, I got confused and thought I have to go to "Applanet" which takes forever to load and when it does, it just gives me a load of porn apps to choose. So I steer clear of Applanet for a while, and stick with the Market for Android. So far been installing a few apps, and happy the choice I made. 

Also, in term of durability test, mcm dah impromptu test aje tadi. Since Kurap (yes, when got cats blame the cats!) telah menjatuhkan my new phone itu dan phone tu dari 1 menjadi 3. Kaver batteri, battery and the phone itself. Cuak jgn cakap la. Aku takut keyboard berkecai je. LOL. Lesson of the day : Bile mandikan kucing sile letak phone in safe place. The cats got frantic when I am drying them and try to grab on anything, and it got my phone that was sitting on something else. So far, no blemish or any damage to the phone from what I can see. Thank God. Durability test check!

Ohh, before ending this post, at first I was super interested with the SE Xperia X10. All because the phone is super sleek and lovely. Twice, I'd almost buy the phone. But the reviews hadn't been favorable, I really tak berkenan dengan Timescape and Splines itu and the OS updates had not been good, so I decided upon this phone instead. I mentioned before I am trying to make this phone last for at least 2 years. Let's hope I can make this into a reality.

That's that.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Macam nak demam

wooo wooo. Tak best demam while duduk rumah sensorang.

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