Friday, October 26, 2007

Raya Surprise

Well.. this is a tad bit late for Raya post. Tapi takpe.

Nothing very special happened on Raya or joyous either. I found out that this Raya, I am even more broke. Ugh. Hate the feeling of being penniless.. I like the thoughts of money always at my disposal to buy pretty things.

The Raya visit to various family members are exactly as it was this year and most of the years before this.

Surprise awaiting however at 7 am on Raya 3rd when my ex from around 5 or 6 years time ago, sms me wanting to Raya at me house. 7 pagi? Loons manekah beraya rumah orang kul 7 pagi? I asked again, and he actually wanting to drop by at 10.30 am. Acceptable time then and I can't very well say not. Not wanting to go into details on the visit... only its awkward. It had been such a long time and the last word we say to each other (not via sms) is how best it is not to see each other.

Conversation mostly focusing on work, and the rest are pretty forgettable really and before leaving I blurted out my engagement which he responded by him getting married on March. Herm.... Well, next year will be a whole lot of wedding engagement needed to be attended to. Though I seriously doubt I am attending his. And for the curious, its not because there is leftover feeling or whatevs, more like.. eh.. malas la and malas jua nak bagi reason to the curious (Esp for those mysterious sms I received on my engagement day... apekah dan siapakah itu???). Not that I dig nasik minyak that much pon. It had been quite some time for me to say anything about my love life in my blog eh? I don't quite relish it nowadays.

What is the other thing that I don't relish much? Announcing my engagement. Yeah, yeah. I am not like other people. I am not the kinda person who is like Wheee~~~ I am so happy y'all type. I'm more like.. I'm engaged, yeah, thanks, So what/where you wanna eat tonight?

Anyhow, giving this piece of news to a few of my school buddies (and one of em I used to have tiniest lil crush on) is a tad bit uncomfortable, since seeing one face drop and continue to not look at me at least for 10 mins, one face looking warily at the couch (I don't think there is any stain on the couch) and 2 face is basically neutral and just blink , makes one rakes brain up to say anything witty ok.

To be fair, only my closest friend in JB knew this and well, she's not in JB anymore and I don't give personal life info to most of my buddies willingly. Heh. I miss her turribly much. Nak jumpa baby Iman and baby baru, Imran!

So people.. any surprise engagement... please give news via IM or email. We won't have the pleasure to see some of the reaction. Life is much simpler.

Oh.. I also manage to see Resident Evil: Extinction on Raya 3rd. Bwahahaha. My friend yang maw beraya complain on adakah ini beraya. Well.. I did really was waiting patiently for Resident Evil, and didn't manage to see it beforehand. Its my only time! Love zombies movie, tho I think RE3 is less disgusting than the other 2 and a bit lembap in term of storyline. And apekah mutant zombie last itu? I totally don't dig that. Waiting for 30 days of Night pulak (vampire lore, better even than zombie). The only lore I don't like is Werewolves. Boring.

Mengantuk la. Oh, I changed the template. Yeps , yeps. Most seems to like the previous one. Tapi takpeler, I think this one is easier to read the blog post and I opted for more simple design nowadays (I think forever pon). Also could not find a nice 3 column template that suit me.

Well then, selamat makan puas-puas di open house. In the office, we are gathering a little raya delights to be eaten (own expense of course) tomorrow, saje2 since we are the type of people who will not get to many open house. If you can join em, make em I say.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Radiohead Makes Me Orgasmiscally Happy

I kinda like Radiohead nowadays. Their music suits me in this particular stage of life. Their new album is out and you can get them for free or choose to pay in whatever amount you think its worth at

Its a new strategy they are trying out, and personally I think its kinda great. I don't know if I am taking it up for free or will pay as seeing I really like their music. As the question going around nowadays, How much are you willing to pay for the music?

In another note, I was browsing around articles regarding science and such (Ugh.. bunyi macam intellectually-fakin it, but I'm not, I was merely bored) , and comes upon the article in Wiki, A life in science sometimes becomes a death, too.

Go ahead and read it. Its great to read about the feats of real scientist (*cough* as oppose to celeb one *cough*) and the sacrifice that come upon every single thing that we took for granted on.

Short post. Just a quick note I thought I quickly type before turning to bed. Nighty nite.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sod it with the witty title today

KL is getting back to its jam packed state. Even more so than usual with the throngs of people going everywhere for Raya visit and open house. Sigh.

Raya is okay. Jalan tidak jam. I don't know if its because we went back so late or the extra lane, but its great. Back to KL also tidak jam, which is a first for me for few years now. Wow whee.. Sucks for those who lived on the north tho.

God. Work seems to sucks even more. What more to complain la kan? Ticket is coming in macam water, cuti is unattainable as going to the moon, the pay is blergh. I have a half mind to just throw in the towel, travel to faraway country and work as dishwasher.

Erk. Lil rant there. Wait. Oh.. I was wanting to write about Raya on this post. But I am nursing a major headache and just blergh la. COZ I WANT NASIK LEMAK! I have to wait for a few more hours, and I felt like if I don't eat nasik lemak soon I may burst into tears shamelessly.

Then I felt like I am suppose to write this ditty about Raya, but I kept on swaying off base writing nonsensical things.

I also felt like I am stuck in a rut and all I want to do is to scream and scream and scream. However, I always suck in a breathe and smile and ask on whatever useless thing I can't seem to remember about to anybody nearby as so they wouldn't see that I am actually having a menopausal symptons of rage and mood swings while my period just always coming in twice a month like clockwork.

I always felt like I want to travel the world and live in another country and felt like its unfair indeed that other undeserving people get this chance. In rare moments, I manage to shake myself free of this thoughts by remembering I had actually travel to at least 5 countries and lived briefly overseas in 1 of these countries while there are people who had never set foot out of their state.

I also found out recently I harbor grudges and I don't forgive and forget. I found out to the surprise of myself and others, that even after years that a wrong had been made, even after discussing things out, even after other people thinking its ancient history and forgetting that ancient history, the thing that had hurt me seems as fresh as this morning dew whenever I remembered it and rehashing on the people, I am as polite as ever.. and just that. Just polite and I never refer them as my friend, even if they refer me as such.

I obviously sucks. However I don't really care about it since life is short and work is gonna take a long toll in your life, so I don't really need to see and mince my words for people who I don't think is worth my time.

Okay. Obviously an emotional, senseless rant from a female who have a major headache due to lack of sleep because stupid neighborly kiddies find it amusing to play mercun endlessly for 2 hours straight di belakang rumah yang sempit while some people need to sleep.


p/s: Maybe I'll write a semi sensible post about Raya tomorrow.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hari Raya Esok

Ala kira je la ini Raya post.

This Raya is getting to be even more bland. My only grandmother had passed away earlier this year. My grandfather had passed away several years before. I never knew the other grandparents on my father side. My sister and her family will be celebrating in Qatar this year. I will miss the sight of Little Kenit frolicking around with kueh raya always in hand. So this Raya, will not be spent sightseeing in zoo. What? Don't judge. Bukan hari raya first pon.. more like 2nd or 3rd Raya.

I never seems to feel the Raya festive airs nowadays. My grandparents used to love Raya so much. My grandmother is looking forward to the food. My grandfather looking forward of his friends visiting. During first raya dulu2, he love to invite his friends (of all races....) to come and enjoy the various food my mom and grandmother prepared. Ketupat, nasi impit, nasi beriani, laksa, soto, sayur lodeh, rendang kering, rendang basah, sate.... (the table used to groan holding all these).

The tetamu would start to come and continue and continue to come until.. almost 11pm. We would then return home, tired of carrying upstairs and downstairs lauk pauk, dishes and cups non stop. Later after he died, I was always confused why the Raya doesn't feel like Raya. I guess its stop feeling like a festive Raya after my grandfather passed away.

Not to be super gloomy y'all. I just found myself on this year coming Raya, I kept on remembering Tok Mak and Tok Ayah.

Favorite moments:
1. Isi ketupat beramai2. I suck but I still like it. He like to asingkan ketupat yg org lain buat. Macam this batch Kak Lina yang buat. This batch Kintan. This batch moi. I personally thought then so that people wouldn't get confused on his superior ketupat compared to us lousy one. Heee. Bile dah makan ade aje komen.." Ini lembik semacam ni.. haa ni mesti Lina nye..", "Ketupat Watie ni macam batu..."

2. Membawa cucu2 and whomever yang jua masih kanak2 beraya di rumah2 rakannye as so we can collect even more duit raya.

3. Have to beratur in a straight line to salam2 and receive our duit raya. Selagi tak cukup forum, cannot receive those green packets from him.

(kenapakah.. banyak favorit moments time dapat duit raya ni. LOL..)

Cringing moments:
1. Dipaksa berkaraoke semasa pegi beraya setelah dibawa oleh Tok Ayah . The things we do...... Probably this is why I have such deep, unhealthy, revulsion towards karaoke?

(Ok.. I don't have many cringing moments ok since I like to repress memory. This memory however can't be repressed due to my mother glee in bringing it up ...)

So peeps, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Drive safe. Don't be a glutton. Kasik lah duit raya lebih sikit pada moi walaupon moi tiada anak lagi dan jua bukan kanak-kanak.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sgt Malas

Gile malas. Sangat sejuk. And hey.. berblogging in BM.

Actually blogging in BM is more tedious for me, because if I blogged in BM I got a tendency to go for ayat2 skima dan sungguh panjang.. dan.. memerlukan penjelasan yg panjang.

Shallow girl. Takpe, try BM rojak-blog tanpa skima. Agak2 buleh?

Rase bloated sebab smalam makan dgn greedynye and minum pon banyak. Makan sup kesukaan.. sup campor yg ade perut. Whee!!! I likey perut! Nampak disgusting, tapi sungguh enak bila dikunyah. Then, in a attempt to clear out content of the fridge, kluarkan ayam Ayamas from last week and panaskan dan proceed to make sandwich of shredded chicken slathered with mustard and chillies sauce. Erk.. lapanyeeee bile menaip.

Semalam went to Jalan TAR with colleagues. Nothing to buy. Hanyaaa beli brooch saje stelah berjalan beberapa jam di tghhari panas!! Tapi malas nak beli baju raya, sebab ade banyak baju kurung yg tak pakai lagi atau pakai hanya sekali dan kain2 yang dulu2 beli kat Tampin dan orang bagi still lagi dalam plastik di hujung bilik. Tudung pon macam blergh.. Nothing interesting. Wanting to buy selendang, tiada yang tertarik dan menarik. Prolly will look at the Curve (lambat lagi la gamaknye) since nak selendang yg dark color untuk matching.. tah la, Ape2 la pon yang perlu dimatching. As for Kueh raya, dah banyak pon and our house actually prefers to server karipap or murtabak (depends on availability) bile ade guest.

Mintak cuti raya sehari sahje which is on Raya itself (yeah yeah.. orang kerja shift, so shut up those normal working hour people pasal knape raya susah dpt cuti ). Don't really mind since tumpang my sis. Her husband have to work until late pon, dan bertolak for JB probably on a very early morning itself. Sampai2 JB agaknya my mom tengah masak beriani. Nyum2.. ayam merah.

Gah.. I am obsess with food tatkala di bulan puasa ini. Sambung baca TWOP. Will blog again, promise, just not coherent post since dalam kepala hanya ada image foodies je!!!

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