Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Writing here Tuesday:

So just for fun, we posted up entries at this blog on a particular day. Mine is Tuesday, so today my post is here: http://multipleeyes.blogspot.com/2010/03/pretty-short-review-for-meh-book.html.

I was planning to write a review of that book here actually, but couldn't find a time to come with another post. But its fine anyway.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Late post for Sheema's Birthday Events

Macam biasa aku memang lembap bab-bab upload gamba ni. So here some chosen pics to go into this blog, and later in Facebook perhaps!

Last Saturday was Sheema's birthday. So we started our outing with Redbox karaoke. Di mana, mesti posing dulu amik gamba sebelum start menyanyi

Selepas puas melalak and an unsatisfactory meal at Redbox, we headed to Toastbox ke Mytoast for munchies and drinks to replenish our voice. Seriously we were kinda wiped out.

Then we headed to ice skating! But no pics! Boo! I am kicking myself that I do not at least take pics semasa kami-kami memakai skate. There were many, many, many slippery and unforgettable moments at the ice rink, which resulted in a few falls and wet jeans. Bah!

And later for dinnertime, Sheema telah membelanja kami at Fish & Co which is delicious. Terima Kasih, Sheema.

Oh, the ice skating experience leave a prolong mark' or injury to one of us, when Seri ended up in a hospital due to fractured bones sebab jatuh terjelepuk di ice rink . Tapiiii Seri, you have to admit that the ice skating is not a complete waste of time kan, kan, kan?

Seri says hi!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My new favorite site

Funny Facebook Fails
see more funny facebook stuff!

I would think if you are typing while masturbating, it would be a masturbate fail. But then I had never participate in a sex chat.

Did I ever tell you how I try to participate in a sex chat, but failed because I was laughing so hard while shuddering? I don't know, if I ever did, but let me rehash the story. (I think I must have told to some of my friends)

I got into the internet back in 1998. It was fairly new at the time, and the thought that I can communicate with people from all around the world thrills me. Yes. I am not a boy, so I never care much about porn. But getting into the scary world of the WWW, you will be exposed to it anyway. Especially if you are new and a teenager.

Digressing. Like I said I like to chat. While everyone else was getting fired up on MiRC, at the time I got into Yahoo Chat and chatted with many, many people around the world. And I assure you, not only the Malaysian men/boys kept on asking for sex chat. Of course the phrase used then is cybersex. Is it still used now? I am no longer hip and cool. There was one time; an American, I think used the term " Do you want to Yahoo?" . Which meant cybersex. And I declined like all the other requests before me.

One bored day I got a little curious. I was wondering, how one actually 'do' a cybersex? I just want to see how it goes. So it goes something like

Boy in some part of the world: Hey you wanna cyber?

Me: Sure!

Boy: Great!

Me: Hmmm. This is my first time, so you need to teach me.
(Hmmm...I wonder if that got him fired up )

Boy: No worries. I will tell you what to do. First, go to your refrigerator and take a zucchini or a carrot.

Me: Why?

Boy: So you can slide it into your p****y ( There are some word that I just refused to type).

DilsUsernameAtTheTime had now logged out. 

I was aghast. I remembered thinking "Do people actually do that?" "Gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah!" while laughing hysterically. It just seems painful to me. And a gross misconduct and abuse to a vegetable. While it was tempting to let him go on and on but even now being 27 and married, I don't really want to know what people would suggest another person do to a zucchini.

But hey, I kinda missed chatting with random people around the world. But from what I know with webcams and everything, the chat world had gotten a whole lot more scarier. Its not all bad then. I used to get a Christmas card from some random dude I used to chat regularly with living in London. He is either a gym instructor or a gym enthusiast because he kept on mentioning doing weights. He got the most abysmal handwriting I had ever seen but still it was nice of him.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ranting, meandering...the usual

I am drawing at a blank to blog. So random time! Just felt the need to blog because last post is too depressing to be left for long. 

Gossip Girl rant

Season 3 is so lacklustre. I am not sure because Blair and Chuck is together, but maybe because they have not tap into Blair and Chuck awesomeness. I am also quite sick of Serena sleeping around. Whenever people asked her to stop having sex, she will go all doe eyed and pouty and agreed but in the next 30 secs lost her pant in the process. Why are you writing her as such a dumb slut, show? Does Serena have absolutely no control over her libido?


Kurap sekarang sudah sangat gemok. I need to show some pics, but really she is becoming obese. I guess I didn't played with her enough which is why I let her play with Fasha, still I guess she needed more exercise. And Fasha looks so emaciated, I am planning to coop her up this weekend to fatten her up a bit. She looked like nobody is feeding her. I looked at the stray cats around the backyard, they are even fatter than Fasha. If it continues, a trip to the vet is needed.


I am feeling like membeli some shoes, hermmmm... it had been a while since a need to shop for shoes and handbags are lit up inside me. It felt foreign, yet welcoming but frightening. Haha! I also need to stop buying books and wait until I finish reading what I bought then continue to buy them again. I used to re-read Anne series every year, without fail! Because I don't have any money to buy books then back in college days (but I can still buy clothes), I re-read many books that I had. I am feeling like I missed my Anne books. The books are a bit preachy, but it does keep me inspired. 

And the thing aside from the multitudes of clothes that I have, ( my husband lament that I took 3/4 of the big closet and left him with a tiny space. Eh, you are a dude ) I realized that most clothes that I had are oldddd. Seriously they are even some shirts from when I was 14, that I am still wearing at least to the grocery stores. Hoh! And most of the clothes there, I have had them since the end of Form 5. My baju kurung, my jalan-jalan clothes, my jeans. And the thing is I noticed that I usually kept on wearing these old clothes and loathe to wear my new one. And my jeans, I seriously need to buy new jeans. The last time I bought a jeans was when I was 8 kg heavier. If I wear them now, I only needed to unbelt it and it would drop to the floor. But I still keep it because I am not delusional to think that I will be kurus (ok, moderately less tembam) forever.. Damn! That make the fried chicken I wanting to buy today for lunch as a bad idea.

Monday, March 15, 2010

the "What If" of today

Supposedly my EDD was today. ( To the uninformed, it is Expected Delivery Date).

You know that we should not really think about the "What If's", but it seems such a good activity to be doing while spacing out, especially when stuck in jam. Curses the jam!

I don't feel bitter that I lost the pregnancy. I think I took it pretty well. Something are just not meant to be.

But it feels weird nonetheless, sometimes I like to sound it out to my husband. Like, at this particular time, if "that" didn't happened, I will probably be bitching to him about how fat I look. ( Not that I still don't bitch about how I think I look fat). Or if "that" didn't happened, I would probably have a kid around the same age as this and this. Or how changed our life would be.

Dangerous, these "what if" is. Like I said, its a bit weird.

Anyway, I am not particularly sad , I am just feeling like today could turn out differently but it do not. Maybe a tad bit melancholy. .

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The past request you as a friend

Ya know, an old scandal/crush,( I don't even know how to categorize it)  requested me as a friend on FB recently. 

I know it had been years since we last talk but the last time we had our interaction, he left me with a bad taste in my mouth. And I DO NOT meant that literally. And to see that he also sent me a message with a jovial-like tone to it like nothing is wrong and not that he was a jerk to me, make me feels mad. I blogged about my last interaction with him somewhere in my blog. Back then, 'category/labels' had not been invented yet, (or I haven't start using it) so it is going to be time consuming digging through all the entries.

Anyway, I do not feel like adding him to my list of friends. However I hit the "Accept" button anyway. Or is it "confirm"? Can't really confirm since Facebook is block at the office. 

But I am not worrying. I also know why I accept the request anyway. 

1. I am curious what he is doing now and if he is married/engaged/single.

2. Curious what he looks like nowadays. And am feeling satisfied that we lost contact for a few years because he looks like a douche now.  I may stand a jerk or a douche. But not both. 

3. He would cease communication with me once he know that I am married.

So I believe that's that for this story.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Oscars thoughts churned out loud

Because the Oscars had just passed by so am feeling a bit excited. A little bit about the Oscars.

The awards ceremony

Missed the NPH opening songs, which is a shame!

It was a WTF-had-happened moment, when the Best Documentary Short speech was "Kanye West" (everyone seems to be calling it that). It was incredibly funny seeing the guy standing there with a look like " I would strangle this woman but I'm on TV" and the woman continue to yammer on.

I like that "Paranormal Activity" spoof. I think it was hilarious. 

While it was certainly nice to see the horror montage, I questioned why Jaws, Silence of the Lambs and Edward Scissorhands are thrown in the mix. And Twilight is not a horror movie!!! Calling it a supernatural love story is more appropriate. I most certainly love seeing The Blob montage. That movie was awesomely B-movieish. As also The Slugs. And The Hand. Which comes to another point, that I am most certainly ANTICIPATING the new Freddy Krueger movie.

I covet that woman who won Costume Design award, look. I love, love, love her hat/headpiece. I think its a hat. But on second thought it maybe a headpiece because it seems so stuck to her hair? But I love it anyway Ok. Its a shiny beret and its awesome! .

While I do reasonably like Barbara Streisand, I hate her last night when she presents the Best Director .. "for the first time ever...it could be a woman, it could be a African-American", so the other people don't matter? 

Up is deserving of its Best Original Score. Whenever I heard that song, I feel like ballroom dancing, even though I don't know how.

The fashion. 

People may hate on Zoe Saldana dress. But I. LOVE. IT. I wish there were more fluffy balls of pouffi-ness around her dress! I would totally wear that going up and down the stairs 30 times just to see it bounce around me. AND THAT WOULD TOTALLY MAKE A GOOD WORKOUT REGIME!

The trends on a strapless dress is really making me weary. Especially for wedding dresses. Most wedding dresses that I seen in blogs and weddings (western style I meant) always push for strapless. And some of the women choosing to wear this strapless dress, their breasts looks sad and droopy (yes, I can call it because it does seems to look that way). An example of an Oscar strapless dress that is a a bit ugh

 Not that it is terrible, it just seems unsuitable for her.

And I kinda am digging Diane Kruger ruffles and chiffon dress.. 

The movies itself. 

I usually watch the movies after the award itself. But the only movies I really want to watch are The Hurt Locker, An Education and Up In The Air. So tengok la bile I got the chance.

Zoe Saldana: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/07/zoe-saldana-oscars-2010-p_n_489298.html
Miley Cyrus: http://www.popeater.com/2010/03/07/miley-cyrus-oscars-dress/ 
Diane Kruger:  http://www.usmagazine.com/stylebeauty/news/love-it-or-hate-it-diane-krugers-oscar-gown-201083

Friday, March 05, 2010

In summary: Jdo

A few days back, I had finally finished watching a jdorama titled Around 40. Took me several months to finish it. I started with Around 40, but then I started watching Mei-Chan no Shitsuji and was distracted by Mizushima Hiro cuteness and abandoned Around 40 and watched Mei-Chan no Shitsuji. 

So I am now itching to find a new jdo to watch. I don't have any point of reference, and I couldn't be bothered to google which is the best and so and so. My never fail method is DramaWiki the name of the actor or actress that I enjoyed watching in past jdo and downloaded it and hope it don't sucks.

Then I find myself bothered by a niggling little detail. The boys that I like to watch in jdo nowadays, mostly their birth year is after 1982. And the girls! Don't let me start on that. Some are even born on the 90s. Gah! I feel old! I am old! I am too old to be drooling over Mizushima Hiro or Yamapi.

I looked at the 'older girls' of jdo that I like to watch like Nakama Yukie and Esumi Makiko, and some of their jdo are about relationship about wife and their mom-in-law. Bah! Is there no interesting roles to give to older women in Japan?

And I don't like Kyoko Fukada ever since that God Gives Me More Time debacle of a jdo. Hate, hate, hate that jdo. I tried to like her in S.O.S. but found myself wishing that the character had been frostbitten to death at the end of the series. (there was a scene where the characters are stuck in a snowstorm, I think. I may had gotten confused with HYD 2. )

So I made it a point nowadays to check out the jdo that have Nakama Yukie, Naohito Fujiki and Esumi Makiko on them. I love anything that have Nakama Yukie (she's so pretty even if she's a bit kayu) and Esumi Makiko (she have such grace and elegance to her that I find attractive) and of course Naohito Fujiki, whom I first watched on Love Revolution. At least I can gaze dreamily on Naohito Fujiki appropriately without a sudden start in realization that the guy is wayyy younger than me.

Whenever I think of Naohito Fujiki, I always remembered Love Revolution. That is my absolute fav show ever. Ohhh. That show gives me goosebumps and butterflies even to this day. There is something so sweet about the jdo. And I fell head over heels with Naohito Fujiki. Especially the part when he called out the heroine name, all lilting and teasing. I swear I could have swoon, if I let myself.

Hmmm. Initially was planning to dedicate a whole post about Love Revolution, however all I could think about is love, butterflies, amazing, love, love, love.

So I am wrapping up this mess of a post about jdo, by saying I am downloading Untouchable starring Nakama Yukie and waiting for Naka nai to Kimeta Hi ( already out but no subs, starring Eikura Nana who is so cute and Naohito Fujiki !!! Both of them better not hook up in this jdo or I would be pissed. ) and Wagaya no Rekishi that have a lot of actors and actresses that I like. 

p/s: Well, this post is most certainly link busy. I couldn't be bothered to download pics for your amusement. There were too many jdos, actors and actresses that I had mentioned. 

p/s 2: Maybe I can do a bit of a post on Hana Yori Dango later. Hurmmmm. 

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Really short updates

I really wants to blog. But I am really super sleepy so will post random short stuffs instead. Did they put some sleeping drugs in this Shilin Taiwan XXL Fried Chicken. I ate only half of it, because I am too kenyang to finish it. It is really big! Will leave it for dinner.

Just started to watch How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) And it is freaking hilarious! That lady in Siem Reap (I bought the dvd there) was right, it is really funny and her words were "I couldn't stop watching". True, true. Before going to work today, I manage to watch 2 eps even.

Fables Vol 13 is now out! Am so excited! And it looks thick! I saw it at Borders today, but bought something else

Why is it soo hard to get avocado juice ar? Is it a seasonal fruit or what?

The book that I bought from Borders today. Tada!

I am going to balut it, and caress it, and read it! By the way, the price at the back was 63.80RM, but with 20% off if bought another thing, (which I bought Cleo as a frivolous purchase), both magazine and book cost RM48.88. Cheaper than the Alice in Wonderland tickets I bought. Hoh!

Oh yeah, I had bought Alice in Wonderland movie tickets to watch this Friday. In 3D somemore. Never watch a 3D thingies before so I'm a bit jakun. However, I hope I will not puke like my colleague did (seems like she can't stand 3D when watching Avatar and ran out to the bathroom to puke).

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