Friday, April 30, 2004

Hello World

haha.. I remember that when I was typing my C++ programming. When I saw that example, I was thinking to myself why does the author come up with "Hello World". If it were me.. I guess the text books will not be fit to print. I kinda hate to tell other people that I had a blog. I did tell them, but I didn't ask them to look at my blog. Kinda like it to be this way.. Just my page for me to look at. Like when I am playing the organ and I don't only want other person in the room. Hell, i prefer if there is no one at home or in the neighbourhoood in fact.
Right now I am supposedly to be typing my Business and Cyber Law assignment, but it is boring. So I decided to drop by here and write something. (type more like it)
Erk but Exam is coming!!!! My dear neglected books and notes.. I will come,caress,fondle and be very attentive to you very soon!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

My Own New Blog

I got this template from a site
and it is really cool since purple is my favorite color..
the graphic kinda nice too
I want it to be nice and simple and I am pretty satisfied with this one..
Not the type of person who will be poring over code... so this as far as I get (I may get further but I doubt it)
thanks to the designer

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

My first one ~ not now though
sleep ....need sleep

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