Monday, March 31, 2008

Tis Cold Today While Sunshiny Outside

So that my friend is my weather report of the day.

The server is not doing its job properly. So... I can't enter the system we are working on. I can't go in SAP system for thingies. I can't basically do anything except blog. (Like I really work anyway)

A great day indeed.

Let's recount what I did in the weekend.

I went to Saisaki last Friday night for some Japanese buffet. I declared then by the end of the dinner, while doing some breathing exercises as to keep myself from vomiting due to overeating (heh), that I would not set foot to another Japanese buffet again. But after a few days when my stomach and appetite is back to normal, I guess it is quite all right to go back again. I am still lamenting the fact that I missed the baby octopuses. Gah! I was waiting for that and I forgot all about it after seeing the long array of sushi, tempuras and teppayakis ( my favorites).

The weekend was filled with guests to see the new baby. I was bone tired. My tapak kaki are tired from all those climbing up and down the stairs to get baby things or other errands and various other necessities that need for me to be in and out of the kitchen and house. My back actually aches that I winced in pain whenever I need to lean forward a bit. I am having osteoporosis in a ripe old age of 25.

The baby just got out from hospital and yesterday together with him (the little wee) , I had to also jemur myself in the sun. Bawak jalan2 out in the sun for the age old cure of 'demam kuning'. Today lah baru terpikir sepatutnyer letak je dalam kereta while I can languish in the aircond and the sound of the radio. Heee.

Last weekend since Gohan insisted, hehe.. the 4 "tertop" telah pon menjamu laksa johor, nasi lemak dan pelbagai jenis juadah in Sabtu. Well, its also for the other guests that came to see the baby. So tumpang sekaki la menjamu, right. It feel just like raya. Guests. Families that rarely seen. Heh. Laksa Johor. Dish washing incessantly. Yups. Memang like raya.

Thus I wake up on Monday feeling like .... I had worked a 5 days week. (Nampak sangat pemalas).

Hehe... I have no idea what to contribute. Later.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A New Tyke

Introducing a spanking brand new baby boy that the stork had just brought in today.

Muhammad Abid.

Inherit our family nose, but all else he looked like his dad. Adalah sungguh tembam. Hahaha. And I think he probably inherit our family plump cheeks too.

Eh. He's my nephew.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Preparations Pbbtthh

I got no work. Its raining. I am cold. I am sitting next to the pantry where every footstep is a deafening noise.

I want to complain!!! Naturally.

Its about my wedding prep. And I promised I won't complain much after this. And I won't blog much about the wedding preparation. Biar surprise. Though I doubt it is much of a surprise to my friends who have to hear to the tiniest of details. Tima kasih la Sheema and Lini kerna slalu dengar aku bitchin regarding wedding preparation.

The money is pouring out. I am on a strict diet (but tidak makin kurus. Makin gemok adalah. Stress eating kut?) due to my lack of monetary funds. No money to buy fun things = Very Sad Dila. So quit asking me to belanja la. I might just bite your head off.

My fiance adalah cepat stress apabila I talk to him regarding need to call this or that or need to do this or that. Gah!

I loathe people who gives advice AFTER I made a decision. OR People who wanted to advise me on certain things when I had informed that I wanted this to be done a certain way. I am stubborn mule. No matter how lovely it looks to your eyes, I will cringe whenever I see it. My wedding. Kalo nak sangat that thing to be done your way of loveliness, then get married yourself.

I got a headache whenever I mentioned the color of my wedding. They will go like "eh?" "really ar" "not dull ke" or "what about this color". First of all. I had dead set on the color. Second of all. It can be anything. If people wanted to ask me regarding freaking color theme of my wedding or what color is certain thing going to be, I am going to say "UNITED COLOR OF BENETTON" . Anything goes. Ikut suke aku. Perlu ke aku ulang? MY FREAKING WEDDING.

Family members. I don't know how it happened. I think those who are married will completely understand. And for those yang single and planning to one day, let me warn eh.... things would not go your way at all. One day you are planning for this kind of flower, the next day 8 family members (directly related or 2 or 3 remove) will vetoed you of your decisions while you meekly sit at corner twiddling the tip of a cushion while nodding and murmuring in agreement. Takpe. Kalau anyone will bitch that may wedding is not that pretty.. I will just salahkan orang lain. Or maybe you yourself.

That paragraph above is a complete opposite to the paragraphs before that. Hence the stress blog posting.

Baru bulan 3. My wedding is on bulan 11 (dearest friends and acquaintances, please clear your schedule around November eh ). But OK. At least if I am stressing out so early, mungkin tak gelabah by bulan 10. Tidak?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lazy Part Tah Berapa

Laziness pervades.

Various aches and pains.

One eye continuously to be red. Maybe something wrong on how I apply make up. Or clean em.

Still no baby. Nephew I meant. Anticipating one... any moments now.

Gotten a bit lazy playing Sims Hospital. But by God, I will finish em. Have been playing it on and off for 7 years and still didn't finish it. Due to various reasons.

Still haven't watched 27 Dresses. Planning to.

It is raining all the time. Freaking cold. Make you want to lie around all the time.

Seen Water Horse. DVD. Pretty good quality. Nice story. Kinda cheesy though.

This is a filler post if you still hadn't gotten that yet.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vices and Versus

For the first time ever in yearsss. I managed to watch an hour long drama Melayu and be thoroughly entertained. In a good way!

Now.. I do not know if this very rare occurrence take place due to Effi's MBI or his insult on my BM (LOL), or the dry up of series in the La La Land, but I found myself transfixed in front of the idiot box.

Oh the cerita? Its Vice Versa. And its just my luck to watch it on the first episode.

Taken from TV3 site, the sypnopsis:
Couple dynamics is given a whole new meaning in vice Versa. Things get interesting when the men get together..but that's nothing compared to when the ladies start talking when they meet. Perspective matters at the micro level as well as in the big picture. And when it comes to men and women, perspective is rarely the same.

Kinda like Lipstick Jungle, but with less the gloss and glamour and the added perspective of men. Actually its an interesting concept. The first half an hour, they show the women side of things, em bitching about men, basically what their say. Then the next half an hour, they show the men bitching and thoughts and stories which correlates with the event on the first half an hour, only looking on from their perspective.

I may even watch again. Gasp! My sister shouted at her husband that I am enamored with a Malay drama and I refused to budge in front of the TV. Basically making fun of me. I may never hear the last of it especially if my brother get hold of this fact. (The bro whom I love to torment with the theme song of "Gerak Khas". He is in absolute denial that he had ever argued with me years dahulu in the matter of him wanted to watch GK while I was watching Friends, which was in the same time slot)

I do however have some 'thorns' with some of the thing in this story, that seems persistently to be in almost every typical Malay drama. Grrr...

The script is still cringe worthy at times. But hey! I don't cringe as much as others. And to be fair some English series also have pretty cringey moments and lines.

Orange juice. I don't know if anyone else notice this, but almost all drama Melayu, in the restaurant scene ke ape ke... the drink of choice is always... always... freaking orange juice. I think this reason alone is why I abhor ordering orange juice. And don't think you Vice Versa can get away with this, since I could see briefly an orange juice the main character had with her meal.

When they dine, it is always at some swanky restaurant where there are very little people, with real cloth napkin, and 2 tablecloths. I totally get if you are on date or meeting a client, for dinner. Tapi lunch hour? For chit chatting?

Office yang... do not look much of any offices I ever encountered upon. I won't give so much crap on this since prolly my encounters with offices are only limited to boring depts only. Maybe filming company office does look swanky, clean, no files everywhere, have leather chair, lots of space and some exotic looking standing lamp to boot. But when would I get an office in a drama Melayu that look like any other crap offices that I seen so far?

The business dealings. Come on drama Melayu scriptwriters. Jangan malas2. Take pride in your work. We always get that Character A are handling some sorts of business. What kind of business? Why does these deals needs to be done in overseas? What kind of clients? Who are your mysterious clients? If you are doing a 'cerita' regarding career woman, a little insight on the career would be mighty helpful.

The argument between parents done in front of children. Now. To be fair again, this might be a part of the story on how parents should NOT argue in front of the children. But adalah cara ditunjukkan like its freaking okay for a parent to argue in front of their children pasal child support and on how the father is a lazy bum. Ini sampai anaknya tidak lalu makan roti canai la oi mengenangkan bapaknye tadek duit. I do hope they address this problem, which that its never OK to argue in front of your children. Inilah punca2 relationship and trust issues ok. And so I will wait for several episodes more before bitching on this again.

Well... these are the sorts of discrepancies that I found irritating in most Malay cerita or redundant and seems to be also prevalent in this one.

But I am also a kind and generous ruler criticizer. I will admit that
  • The story is engaging
  • The script is better than the usual craps
  • The actors and actresses are a great batch of talents.
  • Its funny that Aziz M Osman and Nur Aliah Lee are willing to play the part of the divorced couple. They seems to do it in great fun too
  • The fresh new outlook
  • The theme song and the 'joget' by the actresses at the beginning is so terrible and corny and not to be taken seriously that its enjoyably watchable

p/s: Egad! A blogworthy sorts of history where I posted a recap regarding Malay drama? Wow!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Only Six

I read this post from Vincent earlier this morning. Then as I browse the articles in the StarOnline, I came across this.

A 6 words memoir.

To quote Smith, " Everyone has a story. Can you tell yours in six words? "

After finishing up my puny works, I opened up .doc and began to think and type and backspacing and type and highlighting and deleting and typing.

They said be honest. But be honest in just 6 words.

After several more of this backspacing, and typing and deleting. The .doc now only have 2 lines.

Lemme cheat a bit. Between the 2 alternatives, I believe one if the line is not really a story. I looked at it and think, this is only a description of me, which is....

Am a ventriloquist without a dummy.

So ... what is my real story?

Constantly dreaming. Never reaching. Always pondering.

Summed me up pretty nicely aight. Now, what's yours six words story?

Friday, March 14, 2008


I am thinking hard. Its hard for me to find a really .... one opinion post... I meant you know. Type a story about jelly beans. JUST jelly beans, without getting off base and telling tall tales of bugs on the next paragraph.

I am used to the idea of my blog as a free expression of my mind as so I pity you my readers in asking you to read my thoughts as they jump from one place to the others. Also I do not have any witty post... to entertain y'all.

Whatever. Some of you are still sticking around for God's know what reason. Haha. But I do thank you for being my visitors and even to some that are my silent visitors.

Now.. the above paragraphs are actually me warming up to writing. Usually by this time my slow acting brain would had conceived a feeble plot for a blog post. Alas my feeble brain today failed you and me.

So now. You are left with this pointless post. Maybe you readers can give me suggestions or asked me what you want to know. But I shuddered at your suggestions before (ceritakan pasal my exes !! my many exes!! ..... now as amusing as that for an entertaining read... I still feel a little bit of respect to em and of course tis too embarrassing for me. And one or two of em might be even reading this blog. Ops.. and I may had slipped a story or two about em before) and I might not like some of your questions. Prolly I as a M'sian blog administrator, inadvertently mengamalkan dasar2 hipokrit Malaysia in moderating my posts and comments. Maybe. Still... my blog aight, my territory.

So... are you still reading readers? Maybe I am typing this alone... and no one is reading this anymore past the several pointless paragraphs. Not worrying. I would not waste your time nor mine any longer.

On a bright side, if I feel like it, I might post again later tonight.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Once Upon an ... Egad!

Do I even need to comment on the election result?

A lot had been said, many a jubilant, some with angry words. Me... I am sad. Haha. I don't know. I am a little sayu with BN many defeats. I do have to agree that a change is needed and BN need to recognize that somehow ruling by majority may not always worked or perhaps BN need to improve more within. But what's done is done eh and I am no certified observer or whatever to make an intelligent remarks out of this. However, it would make for an interesting years ahead (Hope the interesting would not translate to even more rants and difficulties).

And a little side note swipe: I stand behind Pak Lah decision to continue as PM, even though there are some things I don't agree on; what he did or his choices.

So my election comment would end here.

And I am coming up with nada a topic.

Ah yes... I am however coming up with a several persistent plots for a short stories. This usually came before sleep and ended up with me not remembering what it is all about the next morning.

It is usually of most horrible and vicious tale. I am seriously considering that I might be a little psychotic. And I am kinda of afraid my stories.

My thoughts ran full steam ahead of some murder child and child ghost stories type. Then I get too petrified to even think of it. My mind then start to conjure of white ghost child coming at me beside my bed staring with beseeching eyes. Gah!

Then I get to be a real loon for a while where I had a thought if I pen this story down and nurture it, give it a soul, a voice to speak to the world, it will then come to life and wants to keep me company. Then I begin to really thought that if 1 story can come to life, then all the other stories I had conjured up before this will then come to life and the monsters and killers and ghosts and restless spirits will always dance their merry ways all around me at all the freaking time!

What delicious thoughts to be having before going to dreamland! I then am too freaking terrified to sleep and begin to imagine of Care Bears and rainbows and many colorful flowers which obviously dull the mind senseless and lolled me to sleep!

All of the above do not make sense whatsoever. Well.. I am updating just for the sake of updating. Maybe I will have more ... coherent post later. We'll see. Damn, I am wanting some roast chicken.

Friday, March 07, 2008

I am so glad tomorrow is Election day


1. The newspaper will go back to report the usual morbid story of rape, killers, murders, robberies and grandma sending snatch thieves to hospital *kowtow to grandma* rather than the fake-smile bakal wakil and whatever shaking hands with orang kampung or reports on how utterly 'rawkin' Malaysia is.

2. I am tired of everyone voicing out their election thoughts. Sorry Effi, *grins*; but too many blogs are telling people who to vote or not to vote or why they are voting or not voting... or Govt sucks or the Govt is the power that should be... or .. I can go on and on and you can bet if you click any Malaysian's blogspot link, 1 out of 3 blogs you will find one of these topics... that I am like.. Gah! It got so tedious that I am thinking of all these talk are beginning to reminisce of 'kedai kopi' talk with no action.

But... if they think they are great, BN sucks and Opposition parties sucks more ... do like another grandma (I am however amazed and a lil doubtful on why she did this.. yeah I couldn't be arsed to read nor watch the whole thing. But still how amazing grandmas are nowadays.) .Also, I know, I know. Their blog. Their say. But my blog my say also what. Hah!

3. No more false promises. We can continue to live in our drab, complaining but expensive existence.

4. The goddamn posters are getting on my nerves. I have to walk around in circles at time to find a way out of these monstrosities of mountainous posters.... (I wish I took a picture to prove this point).

5. The sleep inducing commercials of people of various races telling how ... I don't know what they are informing actually since its the Most. Boring. Commercial. Ever. People just sit on a chair at study or living room. And talk. I was comatose with boredom to really hear what they are saying. Is this the same person behind the really boring commercial with MAS recently? Its the same concept of people sitting and talking about their experience that at first I thought they are talking about the airline. Fire that team!

p/s: will not be looking forward after the election for 1 thing. The inevitable increase in everyday price, no matter who won.

p/s: No hols? To make up for my impending encounter with the asses of many cars in NS highway?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Writing for Dummies

I am reading Neil Gaiman again. Smoke and Mirrors. A collection of his short stories. I never really liked short stories. I prefer to read short stories online. But his are particularly delicious and also sometimes scared me a little whenever I am tucking myself into bed. (Note to self: Don't read scary books before going to bed) . I might just buy another Neil Gaiman short stories M for Magic (is that right Jannah and Gon?)

Also there is not a writer in the world that can inspired me to write something down. He did tho. I am afraid I might unintentionally copied his style as am too amateurish to have a particular style (or perhaps talent). However.... the writing is all up in my head. I can't seem to find the time nor the heart to really sit down and write out the events that transpired through my head.

Thus I am convinced that I can never be a writer. Too pemalas and it takes such times and various brain waves (Let's not forgetting talent yar).

My days are spent gazing at computer for far too long that the thought of plunking down somewhere and typing... well it makes me just long for bed. Oh. Today I am not feeling that sleepy compared to yesterday and the day before that. I am however grumpy.

Idle chat is so not me so early in the morning. I will usually grunt with eyes half close whenever people talking to me.

What's the point of the pic above? The cat or the motorcycle? Or would I came up with some witty LOL line KITTEHZ WANT RIDE (what is the dratted site the one Zye like to go to :P) ?

I don't know but I just find it cute. Shoot me. I'm a girl.

Monday, March 03, 2008


Dils : Saye nak meal no. 3 ye.

DCGFF : Ok. Akak nak drink ape? Akak bole pilih dari options ni *while showing a menu for hot beverages consisting of only coffee*.

Dils : Erm... ade ape lagi selain coffee ye?

DCGFF : Kite ada selection ni *showing the menu again*. Akak boleh pilih mocha, capucchino , mochachino, freakin chino...

Dils : Arrr. Ye. Yang lain??

DCGFF : Kami ade choice yang ni *Gah! She's showing the stupid menu again!*

Dils : Ok. Tapi saya tak minum coffee. Ade drink ape lagi ye?

DCGFF : *still showing the stupid menu again!!! while prattling on about the goddamn coffee.*

Dils : *about to either strangle the girl with the stupid menu or spell out my question slowly*

Fiance : Erm.. teh ade?

DCGFF: *saying brightly* Ade.

Dils : OK. Saye ambik teh. *said in a tight voice and smile*

DCGFF: So ....*she continue on to proceed to rattle of our orders*

* DCGFF - Dim Cashier Girl working at Fast Food restaurant.

Fiance is defending her honor by saying she's blur since it is still pagi at the time (not that early pon) . Tapi janganlah blur camtuh skali kalau dah berkali-kali soalan yang sama you are still spouting off the same answer.

p/s the first : I had been known for being blur dulu.... tapi after 3 questions???? really??? Not that I have anything against blur people... tapi berkali-kali tu... soalan yg simple..non coffee drink (the line of questioning went on a bit longer, I think I asked her about 4 or 5 times. Gah!)

p/s the second: People might ask why didn't I just asked specifically for tea but that's because I want to know what other options are there... Milo, Hot Coco, Juice (the possibilities are endless here)...

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