Wednesday, August 04, 2010

About the 2 cats

 Gamba Kurap sebagai penyeri entri walhal the star of the entri adalah Fasha. Fasha pic is at the other camera ok. Ni aku amik dari twitpic je. Senang.

My husband and I had decided to lock up the kittehs at the back of the house. We had set aside at the back a place for the kittehs.Since the grills are not enough to lock them away my husband had nailed some iron wire mesh. The reason why is because Fasha is becoming a menace to society. Basically she likes to pee everywhere else except the litterbox or even grass. On my shoes, on the side of the fan. And we are a bit (very) afraid if she peed in the neighbours house. So before the neighborhoods rally, put Fasha in a sack and throw her somewhere else, something needed to be done. For her own benefit.

So the main thing is the peeing and the other thing is the bad habit in going through other neighbor kitchen trash ( we tried feeding her everything else, she still like human food that is bad for her. Don't even try to eat any bakeries stuff in front of her, she will try to sit on your shoulder to munch on your muffins . My sister suspect she was a human and cursed to be a cat). We manage to break the rampant peeing temporarily and it came back again. And we are trying to break her habit by locking her up with the litter box right in front of her. Kurap is just guilty by association.

And the kittehs do not like it. 

The first day being locked up at the back of the house I think they got a tad bit depressed. When my husband came back, they refused to budge from their cage. 

The second day, Kurap manage to get away by wriggling out of a small opening while Fasha made a mistake by wriggling out to the kitchen instead and she's trapped there. 

The third day is non existent because my husband forgot to close the window and Fasha manage to sniff out the fresh air outside. Hah! And now Fasha refused to come back until she feels like it. 

Kurap is of course very manja, is contented to follow us around. Only if we went to work, she got a little bit restless being left all alone. But at 5 to 6 pm, she will be waiting at the front door, waiting to get into the house. Fasha will not step into the house unless she have a new gecko lizard she wants to show us.

(Did I mentioned that last weekend, I had just cleaned up Fasha puke consisting of mushy stuff and one lizard head. Fun stuffs)

So now ... well let see how well it turned out. If all else fail, I can always put Fasha in diapers. 

p/s: And yes, I tried punishment, treats, putting 2 litter boxes to separate them, but everything seems to fail. And the problem not physical either. So that leave behavioral.


Asrol said...

Selalunye kalo budak kecik buat perangai, org akan salahkan didikan dr parents die. Haha

Serr said...

Dils, I read your previous post that you're from JB? Where in JB ek? I'm from JB too.

Dils said...

Adalah diterima pakai bahawa anak imam sekali pon boleh ternoda. Hahahaha. So teori itu kenot pakai.

Yups2. I know you're from JB. Don't know exactly where. Aku hail from Bandar Baru Uda.

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