Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Tuka gambar to dusk in Tokyo sebab epilepsy aku tengok gamba sebelom ni. 

It had been an eventful year. 

For the world. The Gaza terror ( war is too bias because only the Gazans suffered the most), the Sewol South Korea ferry where a lot of school teens are the major  casualty, the Peshawar school massacre where a lot of children died needlessly on some misguided ideas of revenge, also the year most of the world are introduced to Boko Haram and their despicable acts of kidnapping school girls, the Sydney cafe siege where Muslims every where despaired when one lone man tarnished the name of Islam and the death of two innocents. 

And I am not getting to Malaysia yet. Of course MH370 and MH17. Even remembering it is painful, I can't imagine the pain of family and loved ones of the passengers.  The loss of Air Asia plane recently while it is an Indonesian plane, but it still hit too close to home. Cameron Highlands ravaged lands. The floods in East Coast that is still ongoing. The water crisis in Selangor.

In short it was a bad year all around. 

Personally it have its ups and down. 

The birth of my second son. Rezeki enough to have 2 renovations in a year. Our Japan trip. The addition of the 2 cats. 

My resigning from the company after close to 7 years. Kurap gone from our lives. 

I dont know what 2015 will hold. I am not sure where my career will head or if I will have any in light of this economic downturn. Aziz starting a new playschool. Juggling 2 kids. So much uncertainties and for someone who hated change I guess I feel as if I am in a limbo. 

Lets hope the best for us and Malaysia. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kitchen makeover gitu

Makeover sangat. We were renovating the kitchen this year and bilik air bawah masa bulan 2 dulu. Punye la lamaaa baru aku nak update..  It took around a month and half to siap.

Dari masuk rumah tu we didnt do anything to the dry kitchen. We only added a wet kitchen at the back. Just some space to chop onions and cook, tapi tu lama dah. The dry kitchen we only ripped out some moldy cabinets and left some other moldy cabinets to be used.

The old cabinets

The back of the kitchen and our old meja makan. The meja makan set tu pon is actually from the old owners. You can see the pintu there that led out to the wet area of the kitchen.

During the middle of renovation. You can see the sink there. We put it there initially masa first masuk rumah, then we decided to yank it away for this renovation sebab we hardly use it. 

The floor tu it is not wood. Tiles actually. My husband nak tiles yang rupa wood tu. I ok je

Rindu la Kurap. No moar kucing yang jalan sana sini jauntily with tail up in the air.
Time masa renovate belakang ni since the cat area was used to store all workmen stuffs for about a month tetiga ekor kena boarding. Time ni ade Bobby , Gollywolly and Kurap je. Kucing2 ni lepas kite orang bawak balik terus sibuk nak hidu2 area 'baru' Tu tengah mode kepoci la tu. 

This is what it looks like after it had just finished, yang gamba last tu is our store room atau maid room. 

Kabinet belakang ni is where I stored all my electrical gadgets stuff and periuk or baking ware. We didnt yanked out the tiles at dinding sebab save budget and also eh ok je aku rase.

The see through cabinet tu, I also put IKEA stacking shelf tu so I could maximize the space for glasses and everyday plates. 

That 3 shelf tu I memula mintak 2, tapi contractor lupa. Aku pon malas bising, and there is A LOT of medicine box there. I kept on cleaning up and it still kept on being added there. Balik rumah nanti cleaned lagi area tu. 

What it looked like now when we are actually using the kitchen. Could stand for a less cluttered look tapi tu nanti la. Haha. Meja makan pon we bought new but pakai balik the old kerusi. Meja yang lama tu very bulky and heavy and dah nak tertanggal pon certain part. The kerusi tu ok je lagi. Repaint balik je. Fridge beli baru because old fridge tu tak cukup la. Tah hape harta simpan dalam fridge pon tak tahu. Masak sekali sekala gak. Haha/. 

I didn't take the old picture of the old bathroom sebab tak ingat also it was too dismal looking. 

I  really love the tiles. It is a small bathroom and the white tiles makes it look bigger. 

Kaler kabinet and tiles tu pon I purposely chose a bright color sebab dapor ni tak cukup pencahayaan so dark color makes it depressing. 

Ok ni gambar bunga, tapi sebab aku tak amik gambar plug tu and this picture just happened to have the plug up close, I put it up here. My mom suke the idea of this plug. Macam if you squint at previous pic it is act like an extension. Suke sebab tak payah nak tarik semua electric stuffs to one place. And I love tiles biru tu, it is actually tiles you use for swimming pool. Hehe. 

Sekarang we are renovating the kids room and the front of the house and the library a bit. Tu new year la baru update. Harap bukan end of year 2015 baru aku letak kat blog ni. Hehe. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Of War criminals, Magicians and Lawyers

The Dark Room

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Dark Room tells the stories of three ordinary Germans: Helmut, a young photographer in Berlin in the 1930s who uses his craft to express his patriotic fervour; Lore, a twelve-year-old girl who in 1945 guides her young siblings across a devastated Germany after her Nazi parents are seized by the Allies; and, fifty years later, Micha, a young teacher obsessed with what his loving grandfather did in the war, struggling to deal with the past of his family and his country.

3 stories in one novel. If there are some similar theme with all of these stories is that there are all related to a Nazi sympathizer/officer or are ones.

The first stories was simple and sad. The second of the starving children story on a journey to their grandmother are the one I most can't stand. It is too heartbreaking. I kinda like skim read it. Not that I skip here and there. But I kinda scanned the words without delving much into it. Too painful. The third story is the one I kinda most exasperated with. I guess I don't get the guilt. I get survivor guilt. But the obsession with your ancestors sin is your sin is not something I get behind.

However I might feel about the stories the writing is simple and powerful. For a debut novel, this is a well thought of book. Most of the time I can't identify with the characters but maybe because I can't imagine being in their spot. I hated the way she written the dialogue though.

The Prestige

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A story 2 magicians obsession in trying to outperform each other.

I never watch the movie as I never got the time. Every time it is on I seems to miss it. But I was intrigued enough to pick up the book.

First going in the narrative of Andrew I am impatient on how it will play out. but once it start with Borden I was entertained. Then Angier narrative makes the book even more intriguing and want me to reread again Borden narrative on what I had missed. I love the twist at the end. I am haunted by the ending and wondered what really ending.

If there is one complain I could find is that the ending leave me wanting and with more questions. (Slight spoiler ahead) What happened to Angier? Why there are so many prestige of him?. What Andrew going to do with his brother?

A very entertaining and intriguing story with unsatisfactory ending though it maybe what the author wishes. I did read that Christopher Priest thinks the movie is brilliant and wishes he apply the same way on how it goes in the movie to the book. So I am now wishing I could watch the movie.

The Street Lawyer

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

About: A lawyer violent encounters with a homeless man who held him hostage sets him on a path of self discovery and a coverup at his firm.

Grisham books to me is like a snack. not filling, but a fast, enjoyable and light reading. This book is exactly that. Though I gave it a 2 because it feels a bit preachy.

Felt throughout the book that I am being fed statistic and facts about homelessness but nothing on the emotion side of it. I never get a clear picture on what kind of person Michael is and that makes him boring, even during the most exciting point of his life he seems to be disassociated.

The summary is that while I enjoyed the book , the story feels hollowed.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Budak dah Botak

On the Saturday morning after Saif was born, the 7th day, I said to my mum that kalau kat JB I would asked my mother to call Ustazah Masyitah who used to do cukur rambut for the cucu babies in my mom circle of kelas agama friends to come and do Saif. Not a big thing, just a few people and just some simple makan-makan after. 

But my abang ipar friend who is an Ustaz is here on KL so he called the young Ustaz up ( ustaz ranggi.. ) and mentioned my intention. My mom decided to cook nasi lemak and we just invited very few people for the makan. 

So on the 8th day, Saif punye rambut cacak2 tu dah tadek. 
I pump milk the night before so budak kecik will lessen his fussing time tu 

My baby memang suke buat duckface

Abang Aziz kat belakang tu berlari sana sini, tak kesahkan adik die kena cukur.

I think the young ustaz kurang sikit pengalaman cukur so lama sikit nak habis cukur. Rambut Saif pon banyak. Afterwards Saif was a bit freakout die kena manhandle camtu so it took some time to calm him down, but he was ok je. We kumpul2 the rambut afterwards dan laki aku I think maseh belom bawak timbang to kira the weight in gold. Nanti kena ingatkan. 

Ni rambut die nak tumbuh balik dah in weird fiery pattern. Laki aku cakap macam dalam watak anime. 

Latest photo of budak botak yang you can see rambut tumbuh di atas je setakat ni. Hehe. 

In term of growth I think it is ok. He feels heavier, seluar masa die mula2 pakai keluar hosp no longer muat, the last checkup his weight naik tremendously and the pediatrician could not be more pleased. Yesterday pon baru bawak Saif for follow up check die punye circumcision. Like Aziz we decided to do the circumcision masa die umur 3 hari. We know how easy it was to care when they are that young so which is why we do it. Tali pusat die tanggal on his 12th day and the circumcision ring tu lagiii lamaa. Almost hari ke 17 ke 18 baru nak tanggal. Laki aku dah risau. My sister advised to soak in the bathtub masa mandi tu lama than usual kasi anu die kecut sikit and ease the ring off. And by easing it off, meaning mende tu sendiri tanggal sendiri la, the extra effort needed from our end is just soaking him. And memang masa tengah die berendam tu la the ring came off. Sekian protip untuk ibu2 yang tidak tahu. 

Oklah. Ape nak blog lagi pon dah tak ingat. Baby tengah menjerit. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Post recovery bits and coping with new life - somewhat

People always said every child birth is different and this is true! Let see what gonna happened if I am to have a 3rd child pulak. 

This time the post recovery is very painful one. I didn't remembered when I had given birth to Aziz it was this painful. That first 2 nights I was racked with sweats and contraction pain. I felt so hot that 2 days and was sweating a lot that my hair was disgusting while everyone in the room was feeling cold. It was made even worse because cesarean post op meant no bath for at least 2 or 3 days! But I didn't dare to let the temp drop even further in the room because I don't want my newborn baby sick because of the cold. And the contraction pain this time is really intense. I could cry, it is almost as bad as during labour contractions. I asked the nurse and she said memang normal, usually those who had undergone cesarean the second time will feel the pain even more. She said the third usually not that bad. Mesti cakap camtu supaya mak2 tak stop at 2. Haha. But sometimes the contraction pain was so bad that I am tempted to stop at 2 jugak! I can still feel it on and off during this past weeks but not so bad. 

So I guess the decision I made to not have visitors during the first few days after my operation was the right one for me. I only want family to visit. With breastfeeding and my pee bag at the side of the bed and just laying on the bed too much in pain even to laugh, my heart is not just in it for visitors. I apologized to my friends and not asked them to come while I am at the hospital and am glad of it. 

This time, breastfeeding come much smoothly, I have plenty of milk by the second day and do not struggle much. There are some sore nipples because baby still trying to learn how to latch, but nothing as bad as the one I had with Aziz.  After the first week, the soreness had went away with the help of Lansinoh. Even sleeping with the baby is not much of a hassle, kecuali that one time where I drink a lot of teh tarik ( I couldnt help it. It was there! And it was hot! ) baby meragam, most of the time Saif is a little angel. He woke up every 2 or 3 hours for milk, and I am ok with it. Staying at my sis mostly helped a lot. I can't imagine kena buat semua mende sendiri. Salute to those mothers who did. 

My husband and Aziz spent the nights at the hospital. At first Aziz was upset that he can't sleep next to me. My stomach was too sore to handle his jumping and limbs flying around! Even now. So he have to make do sleeping next to his father.  Alamat Aziz jatuh dari sofa bed pon bapak die tak sedar. Kena la I kejut my husband by calling him out. Kesian Aziz. 

Awal2 tu sibuk nak dukung adik die. 

This is a big adjustment to him. So far there is no jealousy though there is a lot of hurt feelings when we are not paying attention to him.  Up until now I am still struggling to find a balance between attending to the need of a newborn baby and my somewhat limited mobility and Aziz needs for his mom. Still struggling. I sometimes snap at him, especially when he is being his Terrible Two self. Then I will be racked in guilt when he goes a few steps away saying "tanak kawan! " while crying . Sedih taw. So I try to will myself to be more patient.  In the mean time, I can only hope that Aziz will continue to not lose faith in his mommy and are able to understand that his mommy attention is now split in two. It is made somewhat easier being in my sister house because he have his cousin to play with, so I hope when we are back at our home I will have a better grasp on how to manage STUFFS. 

Though I do say, Aziz do love his brother. Always wanting to be next to the baby, and alerting me if baby is crying when I am dead asleep from tiredness, wants to kiss him and what I am always alarmed of, wants to dukung baby. I am sometimes scared that he will pick up his brother unattended so I tried to not leave those 2 alone. So far anything that concerned his little brother, he will heed our warning. Part suruh makan tu jeee buat aku still bengang. "Tanak makannn." .. pastu buat muka gonna puke. Haha. Kelakar memang kelakar, tapi tanak makan dan tanak susu memang la mak die nak naik meroyan la. Fuh. Bagilah kesabaran pada ibu ni.. Amin. 

He wants to sleep next to his brother tapi aku cuak la if I tak sedar tertidur , die roll over on his brother ke. So I manage to persuade him to sleep further off.  Aziz kinda now have grasped that things are different now. Sometimes he still wants to sleep on my arms, but nowadays it is ok for him to fall asleep on his own as long as I am nearby. Like I said it is a big adjustment for all of us and day by day we are looking for ways to ease into a new life and routine. 

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Latest book reviews

Wuthering HeightsWuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The passion of Catherine and Heathcliff. A love so strong that it defy conventionality. That is what I usually heard when people refer to Wuthering Heights. And it was . Passion. Wild unbridled raw love. 

For this book, I was tempted to put only 1 star but!!, there was something powerful in this book towards the end that makes me feel morbid and despondent and fearful. All of the characters are unlikable but they remain true to their self even towards the end. It is as if she wrote it because she was compelled to get these horrible character out, like exorcising demons out of the system and are completely helpless in how they turned out to be because they will not be thwarted even in their author's hand.

David Golder, The Ball, Snow in Autumn, The Courilof AffairDavid Golder, The Ball, Snow in Autumn, The Courilof Affair by Irène Némirovsky
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I already read and reviewed David Golder so not gonna comment here.

The Ball - the POV of this story is from this girl who longs to be a part of her mother attention and glitz and glamour. This story is about shifting of power. Of when you were a child and suddenly you realized your parents do not hold all the answers or wisdom and they are sometimes as childish as the child they are bringing up in the world. This is a wonderful short story.

Snow in Autumn - A servant story on the collapse of her master family in the Russian Revolution. I don't really like this story. Bit too depressing and it kinda goes on and on a bit without a point, but it was still very sad.

The Courilof Affair - Is my favorite of it all. The story of its assasin and its victim. I love their relationship in this. Though I was a bit lost at first, but after the narrative became a bit clearer , the narrator and its victim, their relationship is beautiful and tragic.

Love the stories though you need to push through some of the descriptions a bit.

Searching For PemberleySearching For Pemberley by Mary Lydon Simonsen
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In this story, Maggie worked for the US war office at London and while there in England, she chanced upon a family whose ancestors was based on Pride and Prejudice , Elizabeth and Darcy. While in England in researching this family, she also found love(s).

Okay. To me there are two stories here. One of the Lacey family whose supposedly is the inspiration for Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy. The other is Maggie stories.

If I can give a star, the Lacey family I will give one, which is somewhat enjoyable, but I am kinda embarassed to read and annoyed. Because there are so many references to Pride and Prejudice , where for one, I think most of people who picked up this book know Pride and Prejudice inside and out. Secondly, while I believed the author love Jane Austen wholeheartedly which is why she penned this novel, if I am Miss Austen herself I would be insulted since the story seems to insinuate that she borrows her stories and characters heavily from other people lives rather than weaved her own.

As for Maggie story herself, it was ok but kinda weak. If it was just her story the book will not hold up on her own. I never quite get it why Jack and Beth just suddenly open up to Maggie and not to other people about their ancestors. It was never conveyed but just accepted.

I do wish we had more of Maggie story and her family in Minooka rather than an unnecessary long windedness of the Laceys which we all know what happened since it does not differ much from Pride and Prejudice one.

Monday, December 08, 2014

2nd Labour Experience

I had already mentioned to my gynae before that I am gonna try VBAC. So I was on my 39th week Jumaat, 21st Nov tu and it also happened to be my birthday. Memula I macam cita2 nak guilt trip laki ke Majestic Hotel punye buffet, tapi I during my last weeks of pregnancy tu I don't have a lot of appetite pon actually. So after a week or more of not cooking sebab tak larat or pening I cooked dinner. After washing up, dan rase moody for no reason ( I am always moody during my birthday), rase macam perut jatuh je. 

At that time husband pon baru bagi my present. Then after putting Aziz to bed , went to the toilet and felt like something came out from down there, if you know what I mean. Nothing so dramatic. Not even air ketuban pon pecah. Only the mucus plug, some bloody bit. Told husband that I maybe will be in labour tomorrow so I start to put the last things I need in my hospital bag and husband packed up Aziz bag since we akan letak him at my sister house when I am in labour. Sebab nanti kalau die nampak mak die in pain die akan nangis so better he will not be at the hospital. 

Tido la dalam sejam camtuh and woke up at around 1 or 2 am because it is becoming painful. Tak berapa kira sangat la dalam 10 mins apart and bile dah 5 am tu dah macam 5 6 mins apart. Sakit woo. I can't sleep the whole night and I was waiting impatiently till 7 am so I can go to the hospital. By 5.30 am aku dah tak kuasa, so pergi mandi and solat. 6.30 am camtu kejut my husband cakap suh bawak ke hospital. Die macam "sekarang ke?" . Hoh. I cakap sekarang la sebab I dah tak tahan sakit. We dropped Aziz at my sis house. Die muka bleary eyes just kiss and salam before my husband dukung die keluar rumah.

Otw to husband tanye nak makan ape2 ke. I cakap I teringin nak tosei. Tapi bile tiba contractions sampai, rase macam tak sanggup je nak makan. T_T Bile sampai hospital, pergi labour room, nurse check baru 1.5 cm you bukak T_T . Sedihnye ai. Ingatkan dah 5 ke 6 . 

My drip

So I pon decided on to take epidural. And tunggu la lagi. Kali ni amik epidural tu punye le sakit sampai the anesthetist asked I ni athlete ke masa sekolah sebab my pinggang muscle taut. I jokingly said mopping the house je la athletic activity yang I do. Haha. He said probably I am too tense kut. Most probably sebab I have a habit of not able to relax my body when other people touched me. So after relaxing my body a bit, baru the second needle of epi to boleh masuk. And after epi masuk, then the catheter for peeing also masuk. 

I tried to sleep but can't sebab macam excited lak nak beranak. Nak meetup anak satu lagi . After the epi I suruh my husband to go sebab my opening was then at 3 cm and it looks like a long way to go and die pon kena jumpa his sister who was here at KL during that Saturday. 

Pemandangan sepanjang menunggu

My gyane pecahkan my air ketuban around 11 am so things can speed up a bit and the nurse cakap if rase nak berak then panggil the nurse. Aku tunggu tunggu la rase nak berak. For once or twice I do feel like the baby is trying to push down but only briefly je. Lama kut melanguk. Sampai I think around 2.00 pm camtu my gynae checked again and I am still at 3cm. The epi was now almost at an end and I was becoming a bit alarmed. Haha. Sebab I know the pain would be tremendous afterwards and being still at 3cm ... I am not looking forward to that. 

But then my gynae mentioned that she doesnt think I can progress further than 3cm as my cervix is becoming swollen due to baby trying to push through but was not successful. I think I kinda know that I am gonna get cut open again the second time around, and my gynae said she doesnt think there would be any options pon. So I signed all the necessary documents and asked my husband to come since he was not back yet from meeting his sister. 

I think dalam 2.40 I am wheeled in to the OT and husband tak sampai2 lagi. Nurse yang risau because she doesn't want to hold on to my belongings. Heh. I think she just does not want to be hold responsible if anything goes missing, but there is nothing in the bag pon. Duit pon nan hado sangat. 

So I got to be wheeled in , husband tak sampai lagi. I just said to the nurse I think he knows where to go la but he can always asked. 

In the OT. I was half afraid that my last experience where I boleh rase the pain of being sliced repeating, but nan hado. It all goes smoothly. I was fully aware though somewhat in a drugged state and I can feel vaguely the opening of my belly and flipping the layer to get to the uterus. And both doctor having to push at my abdomen to get the baby out. 

So this time it is like a new experience. I can hear the baby cries. Dr Anthony was the receiving paed, and he cleaned the baby, and my son was letting out some really loud cries all throughout the whole ordeal and all the people in the room laughed saying that he is very loud. And he hold up my son afterwards to me saying " Look at your child, boy kan.. " I said "Yes" and he said " Yes and he is all perfect.". And I felt relieved. Because throughout the whole pregnancy there was always a tiny bit of worries if he is not ... which I believed all mom feels. 

The baby came out from me I think in a little less than half an hour from whence I was wheeled in, as he was recorded as being born at 3.12 pm. After the stitching up and all . I do have to stay a little longer than usual in the recovery room because I can't stop puking. They mentioned it was a bad reaction to the painkiller. I even threw up all over the nurse. Kesian nurse tu. I kept on apologizing but she said no matter she have another set of clothes . Huhu. The anesthetist have to give me another ubat to keep me from throwing up. 

Bile dah dapat ubat tu, no more rase nak muntah at the slightest of movement. Baru la I boleh masuk bilik. Husband muka nampak lega sebab he said I was in there a long time. Masa ni badan menggigil2 sejuk due to the ubat spinal tu . And not long after I kena wheeled in , they wheeled in my baby too sebab they said he kept on crying sebab lapar. So need to BF him immediately. 

Dengan terketar2 tu I breastfeed him and immediately the menggigil feeling go away. Memang rase macam wow. Mentioned to husband sebab 22nd November tu was our 6th year anniversary , that this is my present to him la so mana my present? Hehe... ( tadek present pon you.. die cakap phone tu kira termasuk sekali. Haha ) 

Oh. Nanti I sambung pasal post recovery lak.  

Friday, December 05, 2014

Big Bad Wolf Sale 2014 - Preview Pass

Got meself a preview pass way back in February.

Dan being in pantang I still manage to buy some. Malas cakap banyak. Below are the pics of the book I bought. A lot of em are childrens book for my kids and my nephews and nieces. Also general fiction for meself. Things I am thrilled about is that my Sookie Stackhouse series is now complete.

As per usual the book pics are my reference usually on what books I have yet to read.

My preview pass
Aziz pouncing on the dino coloring book after I told him there are new books for him
That medical dictionary is for my sister. I am not that curious to learn.
My stash for this year
Also bought the Stiegg Larsson famous trilogy. I was reluctant to buy it because of the violence, but meh, I can always skip the violence. The movie was great. Both of the Dilbert books are my husband
For my nephews and niece. Tetiba aku pon jeles and wish I have that Hello Kitty sweet treats. A lot of people was asking where I picked this up. I am predicting this will be a hot item tomorrow.
That Toy Story coloring and sticker book IS HUGE. The huge one for my nephews and Aziz got the slightly smaller one. 
Books for the young uns. I love Sesame Street. 
Moar children books. I especially like the bath time book. I bought that for Saif though I think Aziz will claimed it as his own. Takpe. Saif tak paham laie.

Well then, it was a good stash. And a whole lot of children books. I am a bit sad because for several years my stash of books usually have Kurap around in the photos. This year tadek : (  I miss my fat cat. 

My fiction stash is kinda small but husband said next year la kite tengok lagi. In the mean time, there are still a lot of books I have yet to read pon . During pantang memang pantas reading. Havent post book reviews for the longest time, tapi macam malas pon ye. Tengok la. Maybe for those that are really worth it, yang lain2 I put it to Goodreads . 

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

New phone - my Find 7 review.

Beria kan aku cakap aku taknak new phone, or considering new one but then I got one for my birthday ( which was on the 21st Nov tu ). While my heart was set on Xiaomi 4 or OnePlus One but nak dapatkan phone tu macam sama susah nak kahwin dengan anak raja tahapnye, my husband bought me the Oppo Find7. Memula aku macam merajuk sebab ingatkan die tak belikan ape2 for my birthday. Dah la kek pon lupa beli. Hiba ibu mengandung. 

Naseb baik lepas I tanye maghrib tu mana my kek die terus beli. Kalau tak ade aku pegi batu belah batu bertangkup... sebab malam tu je terus contractions in labour. Hahaha. 

I was very specific on the specifications I want in a phone. I wanted a 3GB RAM, and at least 32 GB worth of internal phone storage. 16GB no longer cuts it. Also the screen is as big as Note 2 as I am used to that. So that does not left a whole lot of choice. 

So my phone looks kinda like this 

I think the back looks kinda like that because the phone come with a faux leather casing and you need to tanggalkan the back of the phone and attached it to the casing, where I kinda dig because it does not add unnecessary thickness to the phone. 

While I am still wondering if the OnePlus One is any good, I kinda glad I didnt buy it because there seems to be some issues with Cyanogenmod and OnePlus One . I was hoping to test the Cyanogenmod CM11 , though not that I can't still test it out by rooting any Android phone. Tapi aku memang cautious la nak root phone. So that's that. The Find uses the Color OS and I am not too thrilled with the idea of using Color OS at first but after trying it out, at least it is better than Samsung punye Touchwiz or the bloatwares Sony likes to put on their phones. I am getting used to it and kinda liking it. 

I also like that I can change the theme of the phone and currently I set it to Arale or to avoid copyright issues the designer put it as Qrale. Hehe. My husband used to say that Arale reminded him of me. 

The only downside to this phone is due to its upside. The OPPO Quad HD display screen is stunningly crisp and clear. Gambar2 in the phone memang nampak awesome. But sebab tu jugak battery die memang cepat habis la walaupon capacity battery die quite tinggi. I usually gets around 5 or 6 hours with the phone before I need to charge, tapi tu jugak sebab bile dah nyusu budak memang pegang phone je la selalu. 

My lockscreen. And I love how it looks.

But I think because they know that their phone just eats up the battery, they provide it with the fast charger tu. In the box we will get 2 chargers. One slightly bulkier than the other. The bulkier one can charge your phone from 0 to 100% in under an hour. And I found out the regular charger charge pretty quickly too. If my phone tinggal 40% like that, it will get 90% if I charge it to a little bit over an hour. 

So while the battery drain is kinda annoying I guess the fast charger kinda counterbalance it. Though not a good options if you happens to be travelling. And I don't really like using powerbank. Aku rase macam leceh, kena buat keje 2 kali gitu. Tapi kite tengok nanti sebab so far I am stuck at home with the phone and can charge whenever I want, so if keluar nak tengok gak berapa lama boleh bertahan. 

The phone is fast and smooth though there is some slight delay but not noticeable. I also like that I can unlock the phone by double tapping the home button though at first aku blindly tapped je mana2 kat bawah sebab tak biasa lagi. 

Oh and for the camera quality so far so good. Especially kalau tangkap selfie. Hahaha. I hate taking selfie because I am very self concious on how I look for the camera. Tapi die ade options Beautify dan gile flawless la kulit ai bile guna option ni

Selfie dengan Aziz with the Beautify option. 

Haha. I think I will be using this options only for selfie. Muka pon nampak kurus sikitttt. 

Thank you to husband sebab beli phone as hadiah walaupon at first I macam resisting the idea. Tapi bile dah pakai not bad gak. Hoping this Oppo phone will withstand rain and shine for at least the next 2 years. 

Sekian review picisan dari pemilik Oppo yang baru pegang ni for more than a week .

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