Friday, April 25, 2014

Japan - Day 1

Mari la hadap Japan entry aku.

We decided to go to Japan sebab ... tah kenapa tetiba. Actually I was hell bent on visiting London and Scotland. Tapi sebab kewangan yang tidak mencukupi and I had been there before tapi gatal nak pergi lagi, so I chose Japan and it is cheaper.

I opt for the Masholiday punye package. My personal opinion if I took the flight and hotel option the price is ok la. Dan of course me being me, my place of stay is very important. Not exactly luxury la since I am no royalty nor millionaire, but comfortable enough for me to look forward to go back to the hotel. Also at first I tried to squeeze in Kyoto but found it is way too expensive and too hurried. I don't want to tire my baby out so I had to leave Kyoto out of the itinerary. Too bad. Maybe next time.

We took the night flight because I don't think so I can handle my son during all the 8 hours of flight time. So naik flight, bagi susu, main2 dengan die sat, he slept on my lap. Then I transferred him to the bassinet. More comfy for him and me.

Excited di pagi hari sampai Jepun.

So we arrived in Japan around 7 am kut. Terang benderang dah time tu. Since check in time hotel Jepun ni kul 2 pm so we took our time

Had breakfast. I usually bought this. A no frill snack. It is basically bread smeared with butter and strawberry. Had also bought the maple syrup and peanut butter one.  But my favorite and Aziz too, are the strawberry jam sandwich. 

And waited for the airport bus that will take us directly to hotel ( antara reason I chose this hotel is due to the airport bus dropoff and pickup  )

The hotel location itself is great. It got 7E downstairs. Also some shops, coffee place and restaurants, a halal turkish restaurant ( halal place in Japan usually mean only the chicken is halal, don't order the beef ). Next to 2 station with a lot of frequently used metro line, one of the station is just opposite the road ( and have elevator! Great for stroller!). It is also opposite to Bic Camera where if you are pressed in time to shop in Akihabara you can great the same things ( of course limited la) at almost the same price as in Akihabara.

Sampai reception.

We reached the hotel around 12 pm. Since it is too early for check in, we decided to walk around the area and have lunch in the form of pancakes at one of the coffee shop. It was a delicious pancake. Seems have forgotten to include the picture. Oh well. 

2 p.m. Check in to rest a while. This time I remembered to take picture of hotel room because I know people likes to know ( people as in me, lagi best tengok traveller themselves take the pic since you know the 'real' pic of the hotel instead of the professionally done in the website).

Bathroom is tiny but movable. Toilet ade washlet! I miss using the washlet to wash my hoohaa.

Pandangan depan bilik dengan Aziz sebagai model. Rarely used the TV since the only channel available is in Japanese and if you want other need to pay.

Pandangan belakang sikit.
 All in all was very satisfied with the room, not too tiny kalau ikut Tokyo punye hotel size, can open 2 suitcase easily without blocking any path. Very comfy which is important.

Anyway, our plan for that day was only to go to Disneysea. We bought the etickets siap-siap online dah a month before ( you can just go to the Japan Disney resort online and purchase there) and I chose the Starlight one ( entry from 3pm onwards). We arrived around 4 lebih kut.

Entrance going in Disneysea. Sejukk weh time ni

Mostly we just roam around and I think we manage to visit all the 'city' , and let Aziz have his fun especially at the Mermaid area. I didn't take any ride and my husband accompanied Aziz to only one much to my trepidation .. walaupon I yang push him to take Aziz for a ride. Aziz tadek perasaan pon. Ceh. 

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 The beautiful mermaid lagoon from outside. I think it looks amazing during night time.

Lawa kannn.... Aziz loves seeing the lights.

Main2 atas ship

Bought the milk tea popcorn and that must be my favorite popcorn ever. Rase macam minum a mild milk tea sambil makan popcorn. So weird but it works!

It is all around and I really want to buy the bucket tapi nanti gerenti bucket lawa tu sekadar menyemak je kat dapur.

We had pizza for dinner and for a theme park restaurant this is quite good!

Afterwards jalan-jalan kejab dan berkejar tengok night show. Gile ramai orang kumpul keliling lake tu, but it was quite good, then we also saw the fireworks jugak! Double show! I only miss the parades sebab I don't much like parade. But we let Aziz watch some dance number show which he loves. I think sebab die selalu tengok kat tab all these weird costume creature dancing in the screen, rase amazed tengok in real life. The show is all in Japanese but it was not boring. 

Dedua muka penat, but this Arabian Aladdin place is beautiful

Disneysea in summary is nice. You can opt to roam around ( which is why I opt the 3pm as it would be cheaper) but if you are aiming for the ride which I heard is the best in the world you should be there early morning and run like hell to the fast pass machine! 

 How we get around Tokyo using the metro : 

Credit : taken from

1. We used Suica card. You can see how you can purchase one here : . However to find that machine is also a pain in the ass, and from what I read you can find it a major train station that have JR line. We bought one on our way to Mitaka Station, we changed station at

2.  Google is our friend. I purposely find a hotel with a wifi so it is easier that we google stuffs up the night before. Especially helpful is google map of course. It will list down the train station you need to take or change to get to your destination.

Nanti update lagi ~

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Just got back from Tokyo holiday.

Loads of work. Tuesday blues in my case. Really not in the mood.

Nanti la update.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Aziz dan terselit sedikit pasal food.

Aziz is 20 months old

We bought him that cheap winded toy from some cheap store in Bangi selling kids and women accessories. I love those shop! Dengan itu happy la die kejab sementara menunggu makanan.

Big boy who likes to babble when he is happy. Babble in his own language la.Language is still so-so. He understands what we says but mulut bagaikan menyimpan emas . If he wants something, he will take your hand and direct you to whatever it is that you have to take it for him. 

 Dua ekor ni bergaduh nakkan laptop. Sekor nak tengok Mawa Kawa, sekor nak membuta situ. Kelakar pulak tengok die tolak2 Bobby sambil cakap " Babyyyy... angannn... angannn Babyyy". Pelat habes. Mawa Kawa tu favorite kartun die. He can either watch Mawa and Kawa, Elmo's World and Sesame Street. But Mawa Kawa tu die dah naik boring kut. Have to admit, kenkadang aku pon enjoy tengok Mawa Kawa ( I think it is actually called Misha and the Bear). Incredibly cute!


Last 2 weeks balik JB sat, brought him to the chinese senseh. Or is it sensei? I got tired of spooning him cough medicine dan kahak die masih tak baik. So the senseh gave him this medicine and in 3 to 4 days his kahak is gone! But it is back now.. tapi not as bad as before. I think if I go back to JB will brought him again. 

This senseh that we go to in JB is pretty famous kut. I heard the receptionist mentioning that after they were featured in the newspaper a lot of people flocked to his shop. There are the father and son team. We had came in before when we try to get pregnant. I guess it does work, because after 1 or 2 months drinking that vile herbal concoctions I was pregnant. The son does not specialized in fertility I think because he mentioned need to wait for his father if wants to speak about getting pregnant. Though my husband swears up and down the last time we goes we were attended to by a female. The younger doctor said nope, no female worked here... don't know. My memory not that good. Huhu. 

Baik je masa kena cukur bebudak ni semua.

Anyway we went back to JB sebab my cousin getting married and my niece ( Kak Lina new daughter!) punye majlis cukur jambul.

During the wedding. Ade budak ajak Aziz main tepuk tampar dan lari2 keliling meja. Die ikut ajeee.

Also for the first time ever dapat makan kat warung rumah Tok Mak ni, the whole family together. If you can see at the back there rumah papan tu is my late grandfather house. After he died in 2002 I think, my late grandmother moved in with us and the house was since disewakan. Then someone approached my mom to turn it into a warung, ( rumah sewa masih lagi di belakang, the girls don't want to move out and content to be near the warung. ) Warung tu bukak pagi je I think but business must be good. And the food was good! Especially suke roti arab die.  Anak aku main sana sini. Orang lain makan dengan aman. So terpaksa la take turn aku dan laki aku makan breakfast.

Tiba2 nak cakap pasal Korean food la kan. Tapi hoi sedap gile laaa sambal sotong atas tu. Dah la banyak gile. Sampai rase nak termuntah. But sambal sotong die style sambal sotong Korea la. Ape tah nama.. aku je panggil sambal. Masam2 manis sikit. Nasi tu is my favorite. Felt like brown rice + kacang sikit. It is just a small stall dekat Gardens ni. Opposite Cold Storage. Ramai frequent.

Another of my favorite Korean food is the yakgaejung at the Gardens food court. Betul kan tu. Spicy beef soup. Ini adalah makan yg lama untuk makan. Nak tunggu panas tu reda lagi. Nak menyuap nasi tu dan sup lagi. Cuma KENAPA BEEF KO ADE 4 HELAI YANG NIPIS JE.  Sejak dua menjak ni, kadar beef yang ade dalam sup tu makin lama makin sedikit. Tu je selekkkk die.

Post ni diakhiri dengan gambar Aziz yang super comel. Mak die suruh pergi kat panda tu tangkap gamba, pandai je posing. Sah bukan ikut aku bab2 kekurangan photogenic ni. Naseb baik.

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