Sunday, May 30, 2010


2 reasons of many others I am glad my husband is back from Turkemenistan (work thingies). He brought back goodiess!

Like :

Russian Chocolates.

The ones that I had eaten so far were very delish!

Dirt cheap Turkmenistan rug. 

Its about RM30 when converted to our currency. I have no idea where to put it at the moment. So dilipat dahulu and tuck away until I know where to put it.

Itu aje barang. My husband was travelling light.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wanted to buy... Got it.

Dila had posted a post on her wishlist today. I wish you got BOTH of your wish. Hehe. And I initiallly wanted to post what I wanted to buy also... (wishlist jugak la tu). Sumpah, I had an idea to make this post in the morning and found later you posted the same thing.

I started out really wanting to buy.

1. Sundays At Tiffany by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet.

I read the synopsis at the back and was a bit flustered to read that it is about a girl imaginary friend turn into her true love. Why was I flustered? Because in my head I had thought  out the same exact story long before, and wish one day to write it down. Damn you, James Patterson, beating me to it. Hahaha. (Perasan nak bertanding dengan world renowned author). So I am itching to read it to know how the story would played out.

I went into Borders almost every week and just look at the book and thought to myself "Hmmmmm... when would I buy this book. I really want to buy this... but this month macam a little broke".

which I then bought yesterday! Yeay! I thought to myself, eff it. Just beli je la kan.

2. Samsung Corby Pro.
Initially I scorned the idea of an Iphone or Blackberry even. I have a mantra that I say to myself... Iphone is for yuppies.  (Saje je nak menyakitkan hati orang yang ade Iphone) but I never care much about Blackberry. I think it looked boring. Then bile Nuffnang bloggers started promoting Blackberry, I almost can't stand it. Bah!

I wanted to change phone and initially wanted the Samsung Corby. I think it looked ok and got a few cool apps that I can get onboard with and it got colors!

Tapi as luck would have it, bile I said that I don't like one thing, mesti that thing will present itself to me and I will like it. Got the gist of what I am saying? 

So Serr, in spite of what I said in my comment in your blog, I am now an owner of a Blackberry. I know, I know. Hypocritical of me. Tapiiiiii in my defense I would never bought a Blackberry, but instead it was presented to my husband a broken BB, which he fixed and presented it to me since he already have a Blackberry. Tada! There it is my solid excuse. Of course I am not the person to say no to free things. So I took it.  So now I am one of the many millions of Blackberry users around the world. Gile tak special. 

My blackberry looked exactly like this but instead of the big cat wallpaper pic it is a small cat sleeping on a bed with its tail curled up around her.

And psssttt... I am secretly psyched with my BB, because I can play Sims 3 and Bezombied in it. So I sold my soul to a blackberry because it have a cool zombies game in it. But in order to make my phone less yuppie-fy ( I made a word and it failed), I stick a sticker of Donkey at the back of my casing. Kasik nampak lame.

Eh.. my sticker looked exactly like this.

p/s: Hoh, bukan patutnye ini adalah entry pasal wishlist ke. Kenapa jadik 'got' list. Takpe. Kita 'to be continued' later .

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Random post for Tuesday

in here

Ooooohhhhhh. I dreamt that I have to go to London for work, which in turns turned to covert CIA stuffs work which I am involved in with a team, and learnt that we are not prepare enough so we are going to dieeeeee because covert CIA spy stuffs work that needed to be done somehow involved a supernatural thingies in Brazil. 

I have no idea what it is all about

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nak tengok wayang.

Cite ape? Tak tahu lagi.

But then my sister said "Dah sakit tu ade hati lagi nak tengok wayang sensorang".

True that.

So I will postpone it on next Thursday! Sape nak join? Beli tiket sendiri.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am




And can't wait for my vacation. Oh vacation time, when would you come! In the mean time I have to settle another little project you might called it. And I feel dumb.

And pearls. I love my pearls. Its not those real high quality pearls. But those bought in KK, but I really do love pearls. I was thinking to get a wedding ring where instead of diamond, it is a pearl, but I changed my mind. Because with pearls you need to take extra care of the pearl and can't just rough it when you are feeling like it. So no pearls for me. And I am glad that my brother tahan dengan my ke-mengada-an and bought me pearls bracelet and necklace to be worn on my wedding days. 

While other girls go gaga over Tiffany or Cartier or whatever else brand name jewellery it is there out there, I really do wish I could own a Mikimoto. When I can well afford it. Make that a wish, eh. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I squeal and squee


Should've been yesterday, but didn't quite manage to finish it, so here it is today.

Also, I felt like whoever signed Ke$ha on as a singer deserves a round of slapping for unleashing an irritating singer to unsuspecting listeners. And really, what is with the $ sign?

Monday, May 17, 2010

A lesson in race

A while back, I was walking at Midvalley Jusco looking for home things. As I type that, I felt like I am feeling old, where before this shopping meant shoes and clothes and bags and not pots and curtains and baking stuffs.

I walked past a salesperson with a new trainee by her side and heard her said

* "Kalau kakak yang macam ni, yang pakai tudung ni, ni Melayu."  She pointed at me. And I also thought ' Kakakkkkkkkkk'.

** "Haa, tulis tu..." She motioned to the new trainee to write this important point in the notepad that the trainee is holding. 

I wondered what he would really write down in his notepad, if it would be something like 'scarf', 'not so dark skin' = Malay. 

I wondered what he would make of my husband who have slant eyes, curly hair, fair skin = Chinese? Even though he's not. 

I wonder if we are so easily defined in a few points.

I wondered too if he is Nepalese judging for his slightly dark skin, wavy hair and obvious ignorance of Malaysia race and culture. 

Malay to English translation
* If the woman looks like this and wear scarves, she is a Malay
** Haa, write it down.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Feeling crappy

But its Friday. I should be jubilant aight! 

Fuck it. So there. I swore. I felt slightly better. Never underestimate the power of swearing. So lets just let words flow.


I think I am giving up reading Inkheart trilogy for the moment. I ain't feeling it. I just do not emphathize nor like the characters. Maybe when I go to my vacation or had read a few books first then I can get into it again. Like when I went to Cambodia. I took a boring book that I'd found hard to finish. Because that is the only book I had, ( I also bought another frothy fun book as a backup book, but as usual, I would finish that book first in like 2 days ) I would be forced to read it. So there. Maybe in my next vacation eh. 

In the meantime since I am not feeling very up to it, I am reading Marian Keyes, series of 'shorts' "Under the Duvet". I love stuffs like that. Its a compilation of her columns and articles that she wrote for various newspapers or magazines over the year. I bought "Further Under the Duvet" (a sequel to the Under the Duvet) first at Penguin Warehouse Sale, then I bought the first book from a blogshop recently. And I think the next book I'll be reading after those 2 is the Lovely Bones. To balance out all those humour and good fun thingies. 

Plan for the weekend.

Nothing. I can't think of anything, but I am sure I will be busy nonetheless. Macam biasa. And shoot. I need to buy something for my violin. My violin is being crappy and is now in the possession of my music teacher so he can sand the bridge since he said it is too high( google Violin bridge if you wanna know what part it is. I can't be arsed to explain).. I hope after this my violin would not be so 'pitchy' because I did think the notes I played seems a bit high. He gave me another violin to practice upon and I am feeling guilty because I rarely ever do practice. Because...

1. I feel like I am a crappy wannabe violinist. See, I can't even admit to myself I am a violinist. I had not reach that stage yet. I will call myself that when I can hear myself play without wincing.

2. The music I played offend the cats and Fasha especially like to nip me on the feet when I start to play while Kurap will try to sit on my shoulder (even with all her fat arse), and mewed loudly asking me to stop. There was one time, Fasha was so offended she knocked down my music sheet and sat on the sheet, refusing to budge so I can't play. Now that just show you how smart and petty cat can be.

3. So I must be REALLY crappy or my cats just hate music. Yeah, I think the first choice is the one that make more sense.

4. Which defeats the point, (what point exactly?) which is in order to be good you need to practice daily. And time is the essence that I don't have. Also I maybe a tad bit lazy. And Farah might point this out. Yes, I am full of excuses!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Kembali ke DOS

Well, DOS game actually.

I think I mentioned before that I was in love with the old Theme Hospital game, and none other simulation game can compare to that delightful Theme Hospital game. I did swore to try to finish all the levels. Had not succeed yet. Got caught in life before I manage to finish all. However, the last time I played, I did manage to get to levels that I had not reached before. That's an accomplishment. ( But a totally geeky and non-accomplish accomplishment).

Right now, I got into my head to play another old game which is Holiday Island. 

So. Does this screenshot trigger any memory yet? It'd been a long while since I last played it, so I am starting out like when I had just played the game the first time. Badly.

But I remembered I was really addicted to this game and would not even go downstairs during the first day of Hari Raya, because I just couldn't tear myself away. Dah kena tenking dengan mak baru lar terkulat-kulat nak turun yek.

Ah well, don't think that I would be as addicted as last time. I think!

Later, nak gossiping session berfoya-foya with the girls.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

At Hj Sharin Low

First I need to load off these pics from our dinner last Sunday at Hj Sharin Low. Awesome place to go to because

1. Served pretty decent chinese seafood cuisine
2. Price is affordable and in par with the the quantity they thrown in
3. Very near to our house, since it is located at Bukit Antarabangsa.

Since my mom had just got back from Qatar that day, we decided to have a family dinner outing. This is the second time we had eaten there. The place was considerably not packed from the last time we went there. Probably because it was a long weekend for some, and many went out of KL.

We started the dinner with shark fin soup. The one we ordered is a medium portion and can serve to 6-7 people. Not bad la kan.

On the left is ayam marmite and right is tauhu goreng dengan ape tah. The ayam marmite is super delicious and would go there to try it again, the tauhu goreng my husband said is also delish. I can't comment much on that because I never really like tofu or any soy-based food.

Left is some sayur with oyster sauce, and at the top, atas ayam marmite itu adalah ketam masin, yang very ranggup. Tapi I don't find it to my preference. Not hot enough kut and the isi macam limited once you dah deep fried the ketam.

Udang nestum yang marvelous. Crunchy and salty enough to eat it again and again.

Ikan siakap stim. Nom,nom, nom. 

Not pictured was the fried rice because it came a bit later and was too busy eating to snap pics.

The price of the food ordered that night for 8 adults = RM290 including drinks. The udang and ketam pon ditapaw balik sebab most of us was too full to finish it.

I think the next time we came here, I would give a pass on the ketam though. We usually reserved and placed our order beforehand before coming in, since the place is usually packed.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Entri Malas Hari Selasa

I wish, wish, wish, I am somewhere else, at home with my cats, even though one is toxic while the other like to leave wastes in unexpected places.

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