Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year Alooming

I have to checked the date twice at my computer today for me to realize that its 31st December. The last day of 2007. It had been a whirlwind year.

Last year had been those with hoping and heartbreak for mine. I love and lost and fought to find that love is not what it cranks up to be. Work wise had been those with desperate pleas inside my head, I have to get out of here or I will be forever trapped. Friends wise, I meet the new and I past them by and never look back.

This year had been all about new beginning. I started my job at end of the year 2006. New job. New friends whom I hope I will never past them by. Relationship wise, I have a brand new fiance. A whole new beginning for me who before this will get all choked up if I tied myself to one guy for too long.

It is also a year where I say goodbye for the last time to my arwah grandmother and say goodbye to my eldest sister's family who had been moving to Qatar. A full year of ups and downs with friends and family and fiance.

And an ending with me resigning and beginning another job to put in my ever expanding CV just when the next year comes.

There is this whole brouhaha regarding me resigning again with my current company is still giving me shits on my resignation. For a thing that is so simple and clear cut, I wonder why they have to "putar belit" it so that it makes my head ache. May all will turn out well. I had done this correctly and as ethically as I could.

My new year will not start as smoothly as I hope. However hope it will be better by leaps and bounds from the previous years. 2008 will mark a whole lots of beginning for me too.

A lot had happened this year. I hope a lot better things will happen next year.

I have no resolution. Only wishes that I hope I would do great at new job and have MORE MONEY since I asyik broke.

Happy New Year to all of you. Best of luck and I hope to read a lot more blog posts next year .

p/s: Oh... This post is totally depressing and boring. I will also try to do better at posting next year. Haha..

another p/s: Maybe I will add just another tiny resolution. I will promise to update my fotopages/or which ever photo album I have more diligently.

Friday, December 28, 2007

A Janeite?

Have to confess. My love of Jane Austen at first do not spring from books. Rather, my sister brought home (at that time Video Cassette )the incredibly addicting mini-series of Pride and Prejudice by BBC.

I remembered that everytime after I got back from my boarding school, I would plonked down my bags, get some foods and prepare myself for a 9 hour marathon of Pride and Prejudice (the whole miniseries for what I remembered lasted that long, or less or more.. I may had forgotten). I may had done this monthly. The video cassette suffered incredibly through my repeated viewing (and perhaps my laziness by leaving it lying around ).

My sister bought a DVD collection of it now. It is left untouched. Maybe I will see it again.

From there on, it piqued my interest to pick up her books. Her first book I read was Emma. I thought it was good, funny and loveable. Though I don't like Emma one bit. I read Sense and Sensibility and I don't understand much of it. I read Northanger Abbey and found it a tad bit depressing and more flighty compared to her other work. I read Pride and Prejudice and loved it and wish I could be like Elizabeth Bennet and always wondering if Charlotte Lucas ever finds love. Every year I would reacquaint myself with it (as with Bridget Jones and Anne series). Persuasion is intriguing and I love the story, the heroine is what I should be grown up, staid, sensible. Mansfield Park is a bit overbearing in its morality, but I haven't finished reading it yet. Its my least favorite book by Jane Austen and the heroine have no... gumption.

With all this, does it make me a Janeite? I only knew such a term exist after reading a review of Becoming Jane. I love the movie. I cried buckets. I know. I usually cry at the most average looking movie while moving Oscar-worthy movie usually left me dry.

The story focused on the flirtation Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy had when they were young. It played about that they are in love with each other and suggested that the arrogant Mr Darcy is fashioned after Lefroy. I love James McAvoy (Ewan McGregor move over. I have a new Scottish love), so I love him here. Anna Hathaway is one of my favorite actress too, so the movie is enjoyable by their performance alone. Though it would fare better if I could be saved by the idea of Jane Austen parents having oral sex in the morning.

I also love the character Mr Wisley. He looked like someone *I* would fall head over heels for. Don't worry McAvoy, I would still throw myself at you whenever you are around. I love that Mr Darcy seems to be like a combination of these 2 men (Lefroy and Wisley). However, Mr Wisley maybe fictional, so we can only guess that Lefroy is perhaps the hero Jane Austen molded Darcy over.

We all knew Jane Austen died a spinster. So it is with great interest for many of her fans to know if she could write of love stories that are celebrated till today, she must had been in love. Personally I think she must had. If its with either Lefroy or the mysterious man she met by the sea... who knows. The story of Becoming Jane maybe somewhat of a fictional biopic, but somewhere there's a shred of truth in there. I would love the thought that she did have a deep, passionate and abiding love for someone though.

In keeping with the Jane Austen theme like of this post, I had finished reading the Jane Austen Book Club, by Karen Joy Fowles. I would like to know which critics lauded it as funny. Not. Funny. Not that it isn't any good. I guess its ok. But its just ok. The characters varies, but the secondary characters stories are sometimes left hanging or unsatisfactorily finished.

I wouldn't categorize this story as a light story, nor is it an epic saga. The characters tell their stories of childhood dreams dashed, parents who failed, innocence taken, separation and divorce. It is hardly stuff fluffy chick lit are made of, in spite of what the misleading "critics" quote put prominently at the book. However the characters are as ordinary as everybody else which make it an enjoyable read. Not everyone can get into a wonderful adventure or met a dashing handsome rich young man who fell head over heels for you without no reason at all. And I am glad that the characters do not fall into the same plots as Austen in her novels. That would be a cheap ploy.

It would helped that you had read all of Jane Austen novels before reading this book. Or you would be confused or disinterested in their discussion of Austen's work. I find myself looking forward to this part of the book. Interesting to know others insight of the characters. I myself like to pick apart a book or movies by how the characters are portrayed.

I guess, I would be interested in how the movie played out I suppose, but not enough to pay for it *evil grins*. (Oh yes, there is a movie that had been made of the "Jane Austen Book Club") A more prettier and younger version I suppose.

p/s: I am not a Janeite I guess. Maybe a little bit. A definite fan of her work, but hard core fan? I am not too sure. Am I ?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Daemon Adan

Browsing at the Golden Compass website. I came across this! A blogthings. Heh.

Anyway, this is quite cool I guess. Since other people can also determine my personality by just putting your mouse over the image below and it will gave you the next instructions to go forward. After all, we only see one part of ourselves, the other see the other half. Told fiance and he is pasting his at his blog, and I am doing the same.

He is hopping mad, (thehe!) since after I done his test, from a monkey his daemon had now turned into a crow. Mine so far was first a snow leopard, then a fox, now a ladybug. (Sumenye ker-aii macam tuannye. Hahahaha. I think heard a distant "perasan" from someone) Or is it a ladybug? Hell.. I am growing senile in my early years.

p/s: Eh dah turn balik to snow leopard. Still cumil. Anyhow it will be changeable sampai a few days had past (expiry date of the quiz I believe).

Friday, December 14, 2007

Engrossing World & Plain Gross

Ok. Quickly recapping the 2 movies I recently seen, Golden Compass and Heartbreak Kid. And touch on the movies that I really, really want to see.

Golden Compass is quite nice. Surpass my expectations really, though to be honest my expectations is actually quite low (I don't get the talking polar bear concept before seeing the movie). All the hoopla regarding Christians and atheism and organized religion is overshadowing the movie kewlness. However their argument maybe valid since when watching the movie, you can't helped but found the parallel meaning behind every point.

Those can also be true for the last year? or previous years Narnia. If Golden Compass seems to promote the idea of atheism, then Narnia have subtle hints regarding Bible and Christianity. However further along the movie, those notions are forgotten and what you are seeing is basically a fairytale movie of a girl with a big destiny to save her world.

Like many says, most of us couldn't give a rat ass what is being promoted in the movie, since any logical person could see that this is a movie, hence for entertainment purposes and fictions are ideas created by lowly person such as ourself. Setting that aside, I found it entertaining and am looking forward on how the story would spun to its new adventure. All those daemons animals looking cute prowling around their human, help to increase the enjoyment. So I wouldn't mind, wasting another RM10 to watch the sequel.

To touch upon another movie that seems to insult my sensibilities or sense or both is the Heartbreak Kid. Hanging out with Shima and Seri and Gons, we decided at the last minute to watch a late night movie. As the only options (aside from ghost stories which we are not interested), are that movie, tengok je la kan.

Reading previous reviews, I had to agree. A movie that make you laugh but offend as well. However I am not laughing as much as I am offended. Sound like a prude? Yes. And no. The Ben Stiller character in this movie, practically forced us to sympathize with him. But. I. Do. Not. Care.

The reasons which he was turn off by his wife is not enough for me to understand why he think it is wise to pursue another woman on his honeymoon. The wife is not even that bad anyway. *Groans* The only consolations I have when watching are that Michelle Monaghan character (I couldn't remember the character name, which just show how little I care of their plight), do not fly into his arm immediately and when the cousin whacked the hell out of this guy. I wish that cousin had beaten him up more.

I guess this is why I can't seem to force myself to watch There's Something About Mary and Knocked Up. I like comedy as much as the next person. This comedy doesn't do it for me. I liked Stiller previous romantic comedy , "Along Came Polly" much, much better.

That aside, I am now stoked to watch the year end blockbuster movies. I hope I Am Legend is good, even though I had accidentally read the ending. Gah! Am also waiting in glee for 27 Dresses (James Marsden... yeay!), Atonement, Alien Vs Predator (should be better than the first), Wanted (another Jolie kick ass sexy movie!) and The Other Boleyn Girl especially. I may want to pick up the novel too, but not till later I guess. I like the score from Love in the Time of Cholera and the song sang by Shakira "Despedida" is beautiful, but the movie is maybe dead depressing perhaps. Maybe I will read the book instead. Benjamin Bratt does makes it tempting though.

p/s: It is so cold that I am wishing that I had bought gloves to wear inside the office. I can hardly type comfortably. Explaining my reluctance to blog selalu.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Randomly I Put My Thoughts

  • Insanely tired and sleepy. Did I not say I have to work today? Pbbthhh to that!

  • Hate people who takes MC inconsiderately. Even when I am sick, still have to work. The guy who is taking MC almost every other week seems to have not been reprimanded whatsoever. Yang kena marah is the people who won't replaced him. Biaskah ini? Worst. Boss. Ever.

  • I am still angry with my boss inability to relay information regarding attendance but expect us to always keep updated when he wants to update things on his own time.

  • *Whacked head on table repeatedly* due to forgetting extension for earphone or cable. No decent songs to hear to keep me awake.

  • Really anticipating to watch Gossip Girl, once I got back home this morning.

  • There is 5 hours and more to go so I can be released the torture I called
    work and watch Gossip Girl.

  • Why am I using bullet points? It do not make sense.

  • Am. Too. Tired. To. String. Together. Coherent. Sentences.

  • Damn it. I do not have RM1 note for my bus fare. Am too poor to even afford public transportation.

  • When is "I Am Legend" coming out?

  • Keira Knightley is too thin. Methink she do not eat enough and is lying about her love for french fries.

  • I still heart Keira Knightley.

  • When will this night ever ends?

  • Thinking of UTP days is bittersweet. Will it ever ends too?

  • Oprah Book Club is overrated. Her taste do not coincide with mine.

  • I love my pillows.

  • I wonder why does the sheep cushion (bantal kecik) I am hugging state "Loveliness Tampon".

  • My fiance is nice.

  • Its nice to go lepaking with the girlfriends and pulling an all nighter last night. Its the last weekend with us as singles, before Shims can officially mark the box stated "Mrs" and looking all sage and wise being a married lady. *theehee*

  • Am bored stiff playing Dynomite. But damn, if its not addicting.

  • Stopping random ramblings now.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Morning wandering.. Eh.. It's already noon..

Am I not a morning person?

If I'm not, then why the hell do I kept on waking up early especially on my cuti days? Or if I am, why even after 5 hours waking up from a 7 hours sleep, am I still yawning and feel like my bed is the most to be at place in the world.

My body clock baffled me. I want that prescription drugs that Britney's taking; the one prescribed for those who work in erratic hours and shifts. But Britney's is waking up at 1pm everyday and her pimples are scaring the hell out of me. So prolly that's no good. Maybe I need to try espresso. But coffee in the morning usually makes me barf.

My mother is in town, preparing to go to perform Hajj. We will be seeing her off to Kelana Jaya, later tonight. Am taking leave tomorrow. Yeay! But got assessment tomorrow for one company. Gah! I wonder what they would be testing. *shudders*

Oh, I am currently loving this little shop in Alpha Angle that always sell some really cute clothes. Some of it are very ah lian-like. (My fiance shushes me when I comment this out loudly in this shop; me and my big mouth and the trouble it always brings me,but alaa.. that sales persons know already laa they are selling very ah lian clothes what). However, you can find a few nice selection that looked quite simple and nice. I love it. The price on the clothes I seen so far, all is below RM50. Which suited me just nicely since I am alwaysssss strapped for cash nowadays. And they always change their collection, so there is always something new whenever I pop in.

I am not wealthy enough to go shopping at shops such as in KLCC and The Curve always. Sobs. But I do love to look around.

Oh.. my brother have a girlfriend. Hehe.. Saje nak announce to the whole world. Since it tickled the whole family silly. My brother is such an unemotional freak. Or too emotional that emotion bounces him off. Who knows. My sister wonders out loud, how does he talk to his gf since he usually only gave us grunts or monosyllable mumbles whenever we ask him anything.

Well, my sister also wonders out loud too why does (ANY) guys like me (the thoughts that those guys must be dumb AND blind was blinking so brightly above her head...... *rues*). So who knows what our family is showing to the whole world and not to us.

Hehhe.. nak usha friendster adik aku la gini... *evil grins*

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