Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Been Busy Reason #2

Been busy reading. I got started reading the second book of Betsy the Vampire Queen series and keep on going. I'd complained before that I don't like the first book. It was kind of crass and sometimes just makes me feel ickish. However the second and so got better and I kinda like the books now.

In spirit of my newly vigour in reading I gotten (well more like somebody else) myself the sequels to the Darkest Power trilogy by Kelley Armstrong. The first book kept me so interested that I can't wait to get my hands on its sequel. Oh and those are Young Adults books. That zombies book is also something I just needed to have. More about that later after I read it.

Which brings to mind that I'd finished quite a number of books and have not reviewed any of them for a while. Not like any of you care. Hermmm. Maybe I can muster a quick and brief reviews.

Well then I am going to immerse myself in the world of a silly and vain vampire. Which is why I am typing this quickly on my phone because if I stay in front of the computer, I'll be glued there for hours.
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Been Busy

With my brother wedding preparations. Selamat sudah. Habis aje wedding sume orang dalam family terus demam. Penat sangat I think.

The stress do not end. On the wedding day, orang yang mesin rumput around the home manage to break the my car window to a million pieces. Sigh. And just now, a young boy somehow lose control of his motorcycle and rammed into my husband car, denting it. Adakah kami atau kereta2 kami perlu dimandi bunga ini?

Bangkrap wehh

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Of Holiday

I need to blog about the holiday. Tapi masih rasa malas. I ain't feeling like working, and at least balik office ni tadekle keje menimbun.

My husband is on holiday at the moment and fixing various things that needed to be fixed at home. The cats are home at last, but sementara kucing2 masih tiada, I manage to feed some strays di belakang rumah. There's this small orange cat that always sit around at the back of the house looking so thin that I couldn't help myself but feed him/her. (My husband maintained its a her, I maintained its a him ). Currently he responded to the name "Oren". I am secretly hatching a plan to neuter or spay him. Someone made a resolution in the PF forum to spay or neuter a random cat at least once a year to help curb population and abandoned kitties, it is maybe a good way to start. Bile kucing ada di rumah, it is a bit of a hassle to feed the stray because they are not welcoming. Mengada-ngade sungguh. Dedua datang dari longkang jugak.

It had been a good holiday, but kinda tiring. When will a holiday be relaxing? I sometimes think, during work days lagi relaxing dari holiday. Bile holiday naik kereta berjam-jam, jalan sana-sini beli barang, staying at some uncomfortable hotel. Maybe holiday-ing at KL? Duduk di luxurious hotel being pampered by spa, massage and room service. But I am one of the few people who do not like spa. I don't like the thoughts of random stranger touching me. Husband boleh. When I went for a massage in Siem Reap dulu, the masseuse was kinda frustrated because I am too tense. Heh, this suddenly brings to mind "Creepy Massage Guy" from HIMYM.

When I was in some kayak club/exploration thingies back in school, after a session we were required to stand in line and massage the shoulder of the person in front of us. I volunteered to be at the back of the line every time. That was the ok part of the team activity. Once for team bonding, a group of 12 or so, was asked to share a Twiggies. Semua wajib to take a bite. Still ok, compare to another group of 12 that have to share one tiny M&M. Apa nak dishare dengan M&M? Boleh lick aje. Euw.

p/s: Topik sudah lari jauh dari ape yang dibelog

Monday, March 14, 2011

so lazy

I wish I could stay here forever, but only because I am not looking forward to the boat ride tomorrow.

You people who don't have motion sickness. You don't know how lucky you're.

Because of this unfortunate 'malady', I am giving the open sea snorkelling a miss because I don't think my stomach can take it. Stomach, you are such a bore.

In the mean time, I am enjoying the sea still. Seeing the rollicking waves, I can't help thinking how something this beautiful, could also be so deadly.
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Friday, March 04, 2011

You know what is a bitch

... when they close 1 road down in KL and the whole KL traffic goes to hell. I predict we ain't even gonna reach to our meeting place at 6pm this morning.

... when your skin is so sensitive that you can't wear the very expensive eye cream that you bought because it makes your eyes watery and the skins under the eyes itchy.

... you are late to work and your cat had just puke green slimy stuff all over the kitchen.

And eh, no other things to rant about. Because the above complains make me feel ungrateful, and in the spirit of TGIF, let's list the one thing I am grateful to counter the negative.

... KL traffic , I am grateful for - No. I can't think of any good things to say about KL traffic because I am dreading the way back home tonight.

... sensitive skins - while my skin is sensitive it is also quite hassle free. I don't have MUCH acne problems (tho it is starting to flare up now) and I can wear any products as long as I am careful, except for the eye areas.

... I am grateful that even though I am late to work, my working hour is so flexible that everybody came at 10 am anyway ( ehem.. I sometimes stroll in at 11, like today).

So that's that. Besok shopping! (Kalau husband baca mesti die trembling in terror. I promise not to over buy things. Kut )

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